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  1. Anything is possible, but I seriously doubt it goes that far. She’d have to consider the possibility that Watson could win the case and there would be no a big award or accountability. Just because many have already decided Watson’s guilt, a court case with a jury is a very different matter.
  2. Sure Buzbee can. But so could have Watson. He did have a choice. If he really thought he could beat the cases he could’ve taken their best one to court. If he won that or it returned a minimal judgement, then the plaintiffs in the other (lesser) cases might not be so confident. These last four cases will almost certainly be settled. Juries are just too unpredictable. Both sides know what this is really worth. Buzbee is maximizing his leverage on his best cases by stringing this out to the last minute.
  3. Just like a Watson said he wouldn’t settle any of the cases. That posturing is usually just negotiation. Not saying that there aren’t times that people try to make a point or make those decisions emotionally.
  4. Buzbee is the richest person involved in this. His estimated net worth is $700M.
  5. Plus a cost controlled rotational/backup DE has much more value than a rotational/backup RB or backup OG.
  6. Yes. I live and work close to the North one so I usually go there. And it’s good. My friends didn’t believe me when I said the one in East Aurora was much better. Then they went there. They said as much to the bartender and he agreed. He said they’d been doing it so long in EA that everything was completely dialed in. There just isn’t a comparison. North is good, EA is a destination wing and beef on weck restaurant. I usually go with medium in EA. Or medium-hot at the North location. The sauces have been hotter in EA. It’s a great classic wing. People rave about the Cajun dry rub and the dill pickle rub. Both are good, but I prefer something more classic.
  7. That was pretty much the whole analysis on the video too. Unless you want to see the guy’s floor joists you can all keep those 3 or 4 minutes of your lives.
  8. I’d be surprised if Ford made the team. Moss is likely to stick amd think he makes it, but he isn’t a lock. Epenesa is very close to a lock though IMO. None of the three have done anything to earn a second contract however.
  9. Regarding suspension, the reported taking point from the NFL is that they’ve looking for a year. At least! Unprecedented punishment! The NFLPA says 0 games or owners will be getting dragged. At least 3 of them. And court, if necessary. So that’s how the two sides are grandstanding. They’re probably good parameters: 0-17 games. That range shouldn’t be a surprise. My guess is that it’ll be about half a season along with a fine. Maybe less games if the fine is big. I think the fine will be important to the league so that they can throw around how unprecedented the penalty is. Plus they can point out that he hasn’t played in a year so they can say he was out a year and a half or something to that effect.
  10. So close to what I was thinking. Marshawn Fitz Bill Murray
  11. How about this? Half the league gets a bye on week 7, the other half week 8. Do it again weeks 14 & 15. Or something like that.
  12. I agree with you. The only thing I’d nitpick is that you use the word unique. I think the Bills are in the upper echelon of teams, but there are some others right there with us and maybe one or two that have us by a hair. Franchise QB, roster, front office, coaching, facilities, culture and more play into it. About the only thing that teams like the Rams and KC have on us is that they’ve won a SB recently. That carries some weight. The Bills are favorites to do that this year and if they pull it off, then they’ll be second to no team.
  13. Why would someone chose to pay more in legal costs than for settlements only to spend countless hours in legal proceedings and risk decisions by juries?
  14. That's certainly possible. I do think that Buzbee would have led with one of the strongest cases though. The Solis case is the first and did not get settled.
  15. Cases get settled every day because it costs more to fight them. I’m not saying that he’s innocent, just that the legal system often rewards people who bring suits that have little or no merit. My guess on why there are 4 remaining cases is that they have the most merit and/or angriest plaintiffs. The rest accepted $X each to go away. The last 4 are looking for more than that.
  16. I disagree with that. Carolina has had 5 wins in each of the last 3 seasons. Their best case at QB this season is Baker Mayfield. WRs would much rather play with Watson than Mayfield. While Jacoby Brissett is a step down from Mayfield’, that’s not long term. Also Anderson isn’t really a WR “of significance”. He’s more of a competent WR2. He also said he doesn’t want to play with Mayfield so Carolina might want to ship him out for that reason alone. If that happens, what’s he going to do? Try to force the Panthers to keep him so he can play with a QB he publicly ripped?
  17. Individuals do not bring criminal charges against others, they can only bring civil suits. Criminal indictments are brought by grand juries or prosecutors As discussed, it was brought up by the NFLPA and is pertinent because of the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy’s direction on punishments for owners and players. I’m not going to repeat it all, but it’s in this thread. Also why bring up civil suits? The PCP doesn’t even mention them.
  18. Anyone can be sued by anyone else regardless of merit. That isn’t a reliable litmus test for anything. Charges were not filed against Watson. Charges were filed against Kraft, but they were later dropped because it was determined by an appeals court that the video footage of him at the massage parlor was obtained unconstitutionality and would be inadmissible.
  19. I agree with all of that except the single allegations part. I’m not sure about Jones, but Kraft made multiple visits to that massage parlor and there were a multitude of women making allegations against Snyder. Those might’ve gotten rolled up into a single charge or class action suit, but there was more than one event and woman involved in both.
  20. I agree with all of that. I’m just surprised they’d agree to a clause in the Personal Conduct Policy that states that they have to be more strict with owners than they do with players. Oops.
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