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  1. I’m not a fan of how protected QBs are, but by the rule book that should have been 15. Also I’m happy to see McDermott advocating for his QB. Might get a call sometime for that.
  2. I understand how a team can do that if they lose a pass rusher, but I don’t see how it could work when you lose a CB like Tre. We are not a blitz heavy team so he should have help. But that’s still something that Tre doesn’t need a lot of. I think it limits our scheme because we no longer have a CB we can leave on an island. It’ll be interesting to see how we adapt.
  3. Wallace is on a 1 year deal so something needs to be done regardless of Tre’s prognosis. Probably more than one thing between FA and the draft. But as @EmotionallyUnstable stated, it’s too early to worry about it. That’s what the off-season is for. And who knows? Maybe a depth player surprises and we don’t have as great a need as we think right now.
  4. Yup. Wallace or Jackson lining up against #1 WRs will be telling. That’s gonna hurt.
  5. He is becoming who we thought he could be. Which is fantastic.
  6. I am very interested to see how NE attacks our defense now. Do they line up heavy and run the ball? Do they go light with a bunch of WRs and line up 3,4&5 wide to stress our secondary? I’d think the former is more likely, but IDK.
  7. It’s certainly a fear. As for the OP’s suggestion of moving Brown to LT, you can’t do that mid season. There’s a leaning curve when flipping sides. And I think Dawkins will be back to form next season. Unfortunately this season he’s only going to be about 75% due to how badly Covid hit him.
  8. I agree on Johnson and I advocated for extending him before that happened. My point on Klein was that he’s expensive but not very good depth. He also limits our ability to put a 3rd LB on the field when teams are loading up an running the ball. I have covered some of the possible depth additions in the past. I’m. It going to do that again. Do your own homework. Just look at free agency signings this past off-season and you can see that good depth was not that expensive.
  9. Okay, but I’d say there’s a difference between being frustrated by multiple mistakes and calling a guy trash and calling for his job. No one expects Beane and McDermott to be perfect. I think most of us are thankful that they’ve turned this team around - and they’ve gotten a lot of love for that already. But they should be accountable for their mistakes too.
  10. Again, my issues aren’t with starters. I’m very happy with them. Better depth players would not have been expensive and should’ve been acquired. Klein is limited and massively overpaid. He is not good in coverage and he’s not good against the run. About the only thing I want to see him do is rush the passer - and we have plenty of those players already. If you don’t believe me, then believe McD. There is a reason that even against offenses trotting out run packages they have been playing nickel and keeping Johnson on the field and Klein on the bench.
  11. It would be terrible for the game of football. Defenders would be dropping like flies. There are so many potential issues if it were ever allowed. Luckily that won’t ever happen.
  12. CB depth is my primary concern. Or rather coverage depth in general. If there was some depth at S or even LB that could help in coverage, it would help. But we have 2 of each that I want to see defending the pass. I think there might be some disagreement on Jackson. I’m not comfortable with him as a starter, which is the likely scenario now. I hope he steps up. There were CBs getting low level contracts that were close to Wallace’s level of play. One of those plus another safety that could start and not be a liability is what I wanted. Neal is not that guy. Add in a LB who is good in coverage and I would’ve been very content. All of that wouldn’t have been expensive. It wasn’t just a lack of depth at CB that was the issue. We have no safety depth and no depth at LB. Heck we don’t even have a decent 3rd LB. It was easy to see how any injury to any one of our top 3 CBs, top 2 LBs or top 2 safeties was going to really hurt this team. A second injury would be very damaging. But hey, we have like a 12 man rotation on the DL.
  13. Because teams would have free offensive linemen running full speed downfield and laying out DBs and LBs as soon as passes got completed. You could run shallow crosses and have OL plaster defenders coming across as soon as the ball was caught. It would be crazy.
  14. Seriously? The Bills defense held up against Trevor Siemian (NO’s third string QB) and an offense that was on its third string RB and was missing its best WR, starting RT, best TE and even best FB. Yes, we held up against that juggernaut without Tre. I think it might be tougher to do so in the coming weeks though. No one said we needed two Tre Whites. But a fourth CB who isn’t a total liability seems like a pretty reasonable ask. The FO chose to address other areas - including putting a ton of resources toward depth on the DL - but CB depth was largely ignored. It seemed like a poor decision this off-season and it looks like it just caught up with us.
  15. Yes, because people saying that Beane made a mistake (including some of us that s pointed out this exact issue in the off-season) is the same thing as us calling for his firing or saying he’s terrible at his job. Such weak sauce here.
  16. You’re correct, but I feel like maybe we should be hitting that panic button right now. The depth of players who can cover is pretty nonexistent. Coming in we had Milano and Edmunds at LB, Poyer and Hyde at safety and Tre, Wallace and Johnson at CB. I am not a Neal fan. He might be next man up, but I think that will be a problem. The other options are Jackson and then Lewis. Or a signing. Of those I think Jackson might be the best option so that Johnson can stay in the slot. Otherwise it’s Johnson moving outside and Neal as a third safety with one of our three safeties taking the slot WR. Ugh. I don’t love shuffling multiple players around.
  17. Walking after is not a significant sign. In my younger days I fought full contact taekwondo. My roommate and I were both fighting and he walked up to me at a tournament after an early bout and said he was done. He looked fine and was walking fine. I thought he lost his first match (which would’ve been a surprise). He’s just said “no, my knee.” Completely torn ACL. No pain at all afterward, just when it tore. He showed me how loose it was, so it was obvious something was really wrong with it. So while I am hoping for the best for Tre, a complete ACL tear looks like the likely situation. I hope that it’s not worse than that (additional damage). If that is what it is, then best wishes for him to be fully recovered by week 1 next season. Other than Allen, Tre is probably tied with Diggs as the second most important player on this team. This sucks and it’s going to hurt.
  18. Well, I have already heard two former NFL QBs say otherwise. Both Palmer and Simms talked about how poor of a decision it was. Seemed very obvious to me too.
  19. That’s a terrible argument. Especially considering it was 3rd down. No need to get all 18 on that play. I think the crossing pattern would’ve had a chance if hit in stride though - and it was single coverage there. I know Allen is capable of playing much better than he demonstrated on that one play. It was a terrible decision, but it was one play. I don’t expect to see that kind of mistake become a regular thing for him. Simms chalked it up to impatience and he’s probably right.
  20. Yes, Gamepass really sucks this year. That play was at about 4 min left in the first quarter I think. The play had receivers in both flats, one running an intermediate depth cross, one deep left and one deep right (where it was thrown. I think I saw the All-22 in the thread with Chris Simms talking about the play.
  21. That is not what Palmer said about that throw. He said that the decision to make that particular throw was the problem. And it certainly was. Cover 2 with very good coverage by the CB and a S on that side in great position and with no other possible responsibility. Allen literally threw the ball to the receiver who was the most well covered out of 5. It was an awful decision with a predictable result. Note: Allen did get pressure from a spy right before the throw and I think that might have had a lot to do with it.
  22. I would think that removing a player from a given role for repeated, costly mistakes would be looked at as holding that player accountable for his poor play. I am not sure that this situation is quite to that point, but I’d think it would at least be close. Saying that McKenzie is 6th in the NFL is misleading. Of the 19 kickoff returners who qualified with enough returns to be counted, he is sixth. Link But he would drop on that list if you included everyone. Also if you look at team KOR stats, 24.9 yards would rank pretty well, but it is still only 3 yards better than the average team’s KOR. That isn’t worth the turnovers.
  23. The Bills had trended up under McD so the easy narrative was that it would continue. It’s what people wanted to believe. Even those of us that that saw flaws, worried that other teams would find ways to slow our offense and saw how the team made no real progress in the off-season toward improvement still hoped for the best. But it’s the NFL. Teams are pretty closely matched. That can cause teams to slide back, but it also gives teams like the Bills a chance. I know their odds are not as good as they were, but you never know. We aren’t SB favorites anymore, but you never know. Stranger things have happened. I’m just going to try to enjoy every game as long as we are in the hunt.
  24. The thing is - Star wasn’t playing the run very well this season. He didn’t play it well two years ago either. Or really since he’s been here. And he didn’t take up many double teams in the run game either. But he was good rushing the passer this season. And two seasons ago he did not get much pass pressure but he was double teamed when offenses pass protect a lot. Like a surprisingly high percentage of the time. Still, he’s our best option at 1 tech this season. I have not been a fan of his contract, though the restructure helped some. He’s not going to fix our run defense woes, but he is better than Phillips and he may actually be an asset rushing the passer. I can’t believe I just wrote that last part, but it’s true. Maybe losing some weight was the best thing he could’ve done for himself. Of course I have no idea how he is doing health wise with Covid. If it hits him hard, then he won’t be back to 100% this season. Here’s hoping he gets lucky with that.
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