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  1. That's all fair and I don’t watch that stuff anyway so I don’t have firsthand knowledge. But I am sure that teams have very tight control over their reporters. It’s certainly possible that she doesn’t know much about football. But it’s also possible that the Bills have her limited to doing more fluff.
  2. I don’t think that the “no insights” criticism is valid. She is employed by the Bills, so she reports what they tell her to report. She would not make any insightful comments unless directed to do so. The further away from the Bills someone is, the better they can discuss such things. She’s as close as you can get.
  3. Yup, they should have tested him. But that would have been tough to do days after he signed his record breaking contract. I’m sure he wanted to play, but I don’t think his throwing motion is right.
  4. I agree. He is not a “bend the edge” DE. He’s exactly the guy you want to move inside. Maybe when Miller gets back.
  5. It was also my first thought when I read the OP.
  6. Agreed. Most fans project how they’d feel. They don’t understand that players who let fan criticism negatively affect them are quickly out of the league. If Allen doesn’t succeed it won’t be because of anything said by fans on a message board or the media.
  7. Agreed. Getting criticized is part of the package deal that also includes incredible wealth and fame.
  8. They can, but they have to improve. I’m not saying they can or they can’t make the necessary changes, but there is a cap on their level of success until they do.
  9. agree on the dogfights in the AFCE & AFCN. That’s lessened in the E with the demise of Rogers though.
  10. The Ravens are another team that could lose its QB. While the Chargers always seem to disappoint I think they make the playoffs as a WC. As for Jets and Pats, how many AFCE teams do you think can make it? Wouldn’t that make it all 4? That’s not going to happen. Also if another team loses its QB for the season, it’ll obviously have a domino effect. If Tua goes down then sure; maybe the Pats squeak in. 7 have to make it. Look at the NFC. There weren’t 7 worthy teams last season (and probably won’t be this season), but they’ll take 7.
  11. LOL. No. My list coming into the season was the same 8 AFC teams vying for 7 playoff spots. I figured one or two teams would drop off due to injury - Miami and NYJ being the most likely. The Jets are now that first one off. I’ll reconsider if they acquire a quality QB. Further movement will take either another major injury or some other big development. No single team is a 100% lock though. so I don’t assume the teams you listed are locks. I’m just looking at the AFC and trying to figure out which teams are the best. Any team could lose its QB or have some other major issue, including the Bills. So it’s not that I wouldn’t change my list, but it’ll take more than a bad week or two by a team to change my opinion.
  12. I’m sure the Jets are making calls to find another QB. I doubt they roll with Zach Wilson all season, but I don’t know that they’re getting a QB who’s good enough to get them where they want to go. If the Jets don’t find a decent replacement at QB then we scrape them off the probable AFC playoff contenders list and we have our likely 7. This is playoff contenders, not SB contenders. We’re left with: Bills Phins Bengals Browns Ravens Jags Chefs Chargers Something will likely change due to another major QB injury or the like, but I’d bet that list isn’t off by more than one team.
  13. I just watched the condensed version of the game. I wonder if the Raiders lack of inside run defense was because they were playing to stop long passes. I know Russel Wilson has fallen off considerably, but he always had a very good deep ball. I don’t remember seeing him attempt anything downfield in that game. If that was by design, then I expect the Raiders to do the same on Sunday. That would require Allen to hit a lot of check downs and play small ball. Dorsey would have to call a lot of inside runs too. The Raidersp also have very good talent at DE. Crosby is a stud who I expect to go against the Bills weak link at RT. That might not go great. On offense the Raiders are better than the Jets without Rodgers. Grapes is way better than Zach Wilson. Both WR rooms have a stud, but the Raiders are deeper there. Their OL is better than the Jets too - especially at OT (where the Jets are trash). Combine all that with a short week and I see a much tougher game than the 9 point betting line. The Bills should be able to eke out a W at home, but they ALL need to come to play.
  14. The best QBs properly regulate their risk taking. If they’re comfortably ahead, they get more and more conservative as the game winds down. If they are behind in the game, then they take more risks as time runs out. Analytics folks have risk taking by QBs plotted out versus time remaining and score differential. That’s overlayed with expected win percentage. Brady’s risk curve was a freaking perfect match to EWP. Also this was a (valid IMO) criticism of Rodgers - he did not take enough risks when his team was down big and/or late. I can only imagine what Allen’s looks like. It’s going to be embarrassing for her for sure. But it’s a hot mic that picked up a person who is knowledgeable speaking honestly.
  15. this is not new or surprising, but thanks for posting
  16. That’s understandable. I’ve been saying this for quite a long time: Allen needs to be held accountable for disregarding directives from his coaches. Reckless plays like that one should have repercussions. Sitting Allen for a series or two in response to actions like that would hurt the team in the moment, but if it changed his behavior it would be better for everyone in the long run. It should be simple: If he doesn’t listen to his coaches, then he will hurt the team by getting benched. It’s better than him hurting the team by getting injured or having more games like Monday. The problem is that we don’t have coaches that will do something like this.
  17. In no particular order: Ravens - Bengals Chefs - Jags Dolphins - Pats 49ers - Rams (shanny vs mcveigh) Browns - Steelers 6 NFL games total. TG I can watch most of them in condensed format.
  18. To anyone who watched the OL closely: was Torrence and Morse typically doubling Williams? I assumed that would be the case going into the game. I also expected McGovern to have a tough time with Jefferson since that would mean he’s the one on one with him most of the time. edited to add: I was going to look for this on the all 22, but I don’t think I can stomach it.
  19. He wasn’t the only option for addressing competition at RT. I never said he was my preferred option. He’s just the kind of option left now.
  20. I disagree. There’s nothing borderline about his delusion.
  21. Just because QB was the biggest problem on the field Monday night doesn’t mean that RT wasn’t also a problem. Or that RT hasn’t been a problem for quite some time.
  22. Interesting narrative. It’s not remotely close to reality, but there are probably some fanboys you can sell it to.
  23. Funny. I just made that point in a different thread.
  24. Most people would refer to what Orlovsky is talking about as ”being a professional”. GTFO of here with the high school “fun” bs.
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