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  1. A special off-the-ball LB can make a very valuable impact on a defense. The Luke Keuchley’s of the world are certainly worth paying. The problem is that there are very few of those kinds of players and Edmunds is not one of them.
  2. You bring up an interesting question. What does everyone think the arbiter’s verdict will be? Clarification: I am looking for a specific number of games and how you think she will rule, not how you’d rule. I say 6 games. Bonus question: Will there be a challenge from either side? No. Both sides will accept that.
  3. Lamar Jackson, who is set to play on his 5th year option, chooses not to attend voluntary OTAs. Everyone’s reaction but you: It’s almost certainly a negotiation tactic for that nine figure contract he’s trying to work out with the Ravens. Your take: It’s not that, it’s for some other reason I can’t think of. And he’s not in contract negotiations with the Ravens. I have given this argument far more time than it deserves. I’ll leave it there.
  4. It’s all your delusional posts are worth. I learned a long time ago that talking sense to crazy is nothing but a waste of time and energy.
  5. You gotta give Buzbee credit for his overall strategy and his tactics. He’s working over everyone.
  6. Lol. Yeah, I do think it would be helpful for Jackson to be at OTAs. He lost his favorite WR this off-season and never got in the same page as last year’s 1st round pick WR. As for putting him in the same class as Brady and Rodgers - it just shows how far you’re reaching here. He held out of voluntary OTAs because it’s part of contract negotiations. Everyone else understands that.
  7. No, no, no. I absolutely never said that there wouldn’t be people that would be upset by that outcome. Or that it would be unreasonable to feel that way. I said that it would be a dead end. What could people who are still upset do?
  8. No way do sponsors walk in this scenario. The NFL literally would be unable to suspend or otherwise penalize Watson. What could a sponsor say? That they are cutting ties with the NFL because a neutral arbiter didn’t suspend Watson? Or that they will cut ties with the NFL unless the NFL meets what demands exactly? Since they legally could not penalize Watson in this case, what would the sponsors demand?
  9. “If Sue Robinson rules that Deshaun Watson did not violate the conduct policy, the case is done; there is no appeal possible.” It has occurred to me that this is as good of an outcome as the league could hope for, not to mention Watson and the NFLPA. The NFL would be able to save face by declaring that they were trying to throw the book at Watson by handing out an indefinite suspension that would last at least a year, but that their hands were tied because of the ruling from the neutral arbiter. That this third party arbiter is an accomplished judge and a woman would not hurt the optics one bit. It would end this mess - probably very conveniently just before the July 4th weekend. The NFL could throw out a statement of disappointment, outrage, etc., etc. along with something to the effect that if more information comes out in the remaining cases, Watson could still be suspended. But that would be incredibly unlikely. It would be over and everyone would have to move on.
  10. You can’t be serious. Please list all of the starting QBs without contract issues that did this. From what I can find that list for this off-season is Brady and Rodgers, who obviously do not need the practice. Also QBs Kyler Murray (contract issues) and Baker Mayfield (excused, team trying to trade). https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/which-nfl-players-are-sitting-out-otas-lamar-jackson-kyler-murray-among-stars-not-at-offseason-activities/amp/
  11. Good recommendations. If you go to Cleveland for the Rock Hall I’d also recommend going to the West Side Market (Steve’s Gyros is great) and the Cleveland Museum of Art, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  12. This can’t be the case. Besides reports of negotiations between him and the team, why would Lamar have held himself out of voluntary OTAs if he wasn’t even negotiating yet? That makes no sense at all.
  13. The brewer is very good technically, which is huge. No flaws in any of the beers I’ve had there. Nice place for a flight and some food. I’ve eaten there several times. I liked the food.
  14. I’d add Prescott’s Provisions and Giancarlo’s to your restaurant list. Also you might want to cross the border and check out Niagara on the Lake, the Canadian Falls, Toronto, etc. Good wineries and breweries up there if that’s your thing. Inniskillin and Jackson Triggs both have excellent ice wine. Probably the best region in the world for that style. I like Exchange Brewing in Niagara on the Lake for some well crafted beers you don’t find many other places.
  15. Anything is possible, but I seriously doubt it goes that far. She’d have to consider the possibility that Watson could win the case and there would be no a big award or accountability. Just because many have already decided Watson’s guilt, a court case with a jury is a very different matter.
  16. Sure Buzbee can. But so could have Watson. He did have a choice. If he really thought he could beat the cases he could’ve taken their best one to court. If he won that or it returned a minimal judgement, then the plaintiffs in the other (lesser) cases might not be so confident. These last four cases will almost certainly be settled. Juries are just too unpredictable. Both sides know what this is really worth. Buzbee is maximizing his leverage on his best cases by stringing this out to the last minute.
  17. Just like a Watson said he wouldn’t settle any of the cases. That posturing is usually just negotiation. Not saying that there aren’t times that people try to make a point or make those decisions emotionally.
  18. Buzbee is the richest person involved in this. His estimated net worth is $700M.
  19. Plus a cost controlled rotational/backup DE has much more value than a rotational/backup RB or backup OG.
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