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  1. I’ve pointed this out before. Just look at all of the coordinator hires from within. In and of itself a hire from within is not a bad thing, but the situation with McDermott has been nothing but hires from within (plus him taking on DC duties himself). It smacks of tighter control and micromanagement. The lack of interest by those outside the Bills to want to work for him is also a very bad sign. It’s not like the coaching staff could not have used some fresh talent and ideas.
  2. Sticking with an inadequate HC because of fear of choosing worse the next time around is a coward’s mentality. It imposes a ceiling of above average on a championship caliber roster.
  3. I have dreamt of an OL with Torrence and Dawand Jones on the right side. Now I am adding Humphrey at C to that dream OL. What could have been…..
  4. I feel ya. I’m frustrated. I can no longer hope against reason that McDermott can lead this team to the promised land. If I’m honest, I knew after 13 seconds. No big Von Miller addition this season to give hope that we have the talent - and confidence - on the roster to overcome his coaching either. This team has played like they know they can’t win it all with this HC. It’s no surprise that many of the fans feel the same. That sucks particularly badly this season since the AFC is so ripe for the taking.
  5. The business side of this issue is straightforward. If the league does nothing, then the Bills are stuck with Miller due to the guarantees in his contract. If the league suspends him and his guarantees void, then the Bills can move on from him. The Bills have little choice but to let it play out.
  6. The cap is not a myth, it’s just that most people do t understand how it works. Many just look at the bottom line number for next season and nothing else so their understanding is very incomplete. I think it is worth looking a little deeper into Tompsett’s work. Let’s take the $56M under point. The Bills would have 33 players under contract - 9 of whom play on the OL. Our roster would be: QB -Allen RB - Cook FB - Gilliam WR - Diggs, Shakir, Shorter TE - Knox, Kincaid, Davidson OT - Dawkins, Brown, Doyle, Van Demark, Anderson OG - McGovern, Torrence, Bates C - Morse DE - Rousseau, Miller, Jonathan DT - Oliver LB - Milano, Bernard, Williams, Spector CB - Douglas, Elam, Benford, Johnson S - Hamlin K - Bass P - LS - Ferguson There is a lot of work to be done there to field a competitive team. Even with kicking the bigger cap hits down the road on the bigger FA signings we will have to spend wisely and get at least a little lucky.
  7. Personally I would not go so far as to say salacious…….
  8. Me either. Good to see you, Yolo. Glad all is well with you.
  9. Jack Duffin, a sports writer who does a lot of cap and contract analysis, put this together for Desean Watson’s contract. I would expect something similar with Allen’s:
  10. Been thinking about this too. Pegula will do whatever he needs to do to keep interest high for the initial PSL sale.
  11. While the Bills aren’t flush with cap space to burn they aren’t in that bad of shape either. 2024 is easily put into order. I’d start with the following: Restructure: - Allen - Diggs - Oliver Release: - White (w/post 6/1 designation) - Hardy - Poyer Per overthecap that would put the Bills $31.17M under the cap. That doesn’t include any rollover or additional moves.
  12. I would count on White and another player being designated 6/1 cuts. That will kick some of their hits out another year. They will restructure Allen and others to create more space. It’s not great, but it is a lot more manageable than it looks at first glance.
  13. If he violates his contract and it voids the guarantees then the Bills can get out after March 1st by designating him a 6/1 cut. We would no longer be on the hook for any of the 2024 compensation. They might even be able to suspend him for the remainder of this season, which would be another $430k. Next season he already has $10.71M guaranteed with another $6.435M guaranteeing on March 21st. He has another $255k in active roster bonuses in 2024. That adds up to quite the savings - over $17M. I’ll take it if we can get it.
  14. Kelce moved before Phillips did. I think he was reacting to that. For the record, I do not know for sure that it was a false start as he may have still been settling into his stance. But it was at least borderline if not a false start.
  15. You never want to see something like what is alleged happen. But it would be quite the lucky break for the Bills if they can void the rest of his guaranteed money, including the remaining salary this year and next season.
  16. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-ranking-the-nfls-top-12-most-valuable-quarterbacks-of-the-2023-season “3. JOSH ALLEN, BUFFALO BILLS Wins above replacement: 2.57 The primary reason why the Bills still have anyhope of success this season is that Allen is currently on pace for a career-high PFF passing grade. He has significantly reduced his turnover-worthy play rate, which now sits at 2.3%, with his previous career-best coming in at 3.2%. Josh Allen: PFF grades and passing metrics since 2018 — available with PFF Premium Stats” PFF has Allen ranked the third most valuable QB this season and with the lowest Turnover Worthy Play Rate of his career. I’ve heard them speak about that this season and they have talked about how unlucky he has been in that regard. At one point he had 12 TOW plays and 13 TOs. They compared that to CJ Stroud who at the time also had the same 12 TOW plays, but only 2 TOs. While I’m certain that there’s some bad luck involved, I think Allen is also getting baited into some predictable throws - notably the “honey hole” shot vs Cover 2. I’m not sure how much is on Allen versus his OC, but either way that’s something that he/they can clean up.
  17. And quite frankly so what if we manage to squeak into the playoffs? We aren't going anywhere. This season was supposed to be about a lot more than just getting in.
  18. Not one that he won’t override in critical situations so it really doesn’t matter.
  19. One of those pesky hamstring injuries that lingers for an entire rookie season. Or until other injuries mean he’s needed. Or until the team is eliminated from the playoffs. One of those.
  20. McDermott keeps telling us who he is. More and more fans are finally starting to believe him.
  21. Make the playoffs and then fold to the first quality team we play, thus preserving McDermott’s tenure.
  22. That's why it was ridiculous for the Bills to draft a QB from Wyoming 7th overall, right?
  23. I think that this is the best we can reasonably hope for.
  24. Did you actually read my post? That literally is the reason I said it is unlikely a realistic option. Still, if I were the owner then I’d have a good read on Brady and would have a good opinion on whether he’d be up to it. Still, it’s a very tall task. Ofc we already know exactly what will go wrong if we stick with McDermott. So there’s that.
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