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  1. Pretty sure he will be gone before the Bills pick, and I don’t see Beane using a first round pick on a RB anyway.
  2. I remember this commercial, in fact I just quoted it to a friend of mine at the start of the playoffs when he asked me how it would feel if the Bills won the Super Bowl this year! IIRC, it was a commercial actually done by the NFL itself during the playoffs several years ago...I hope you find it, and if you do, post it here. If I have time later, I’ll see if I can find it anywhere.
  3. I wanted to post this....I know we love to get on Twitter and call out those that disrespect the Bills, but I think we should do the same in this situation and show Reali some love on his Twitter feed for his support of the Bills!
  4. Our two favorite clowns 🤡 on Highly Questionable, Foxworth and Bomani, spent the whole segment about the game making excuses for Jackson, and saying he was just about to turn around the game when he got hurt....give me a break. No credit whatsoever to the Bills for winning. The only smart thing that Foxworth said was that we should be talking about how great both defenses played instead of the QB’s.
  5. You can only hire someone who is willing to be hired. Why would any of the good coaching candidates want to go to the Lions?? They have to take what they can get. We experienced this in the lean years.
  6. Did anyone else see the stat that Diggs has 6+ receptions in 15 consecutive games!!! That’s an amazing stat!!
  7. I think the fact that the hit didn't look that bad, but he still looked like he had just been punched by Mike Tyson leads me to believe it could be something more serious than it appeared.
  8. That had to be his worst game as a commentator. He must have been hitting the booze in the second half!!
  9. We knew that too, but I guess you mean that now the rest of the country knows as well!!
  10. I don’t think we needed this game to know Baker is trash compared to Josh Allen.
  11. Going from Mahomes to Henne is like going from dating Natalie Portman to dating the homeless cat lady that lives in the park!!
  12. It all depends if he can pass the tests.....if he can’t pass the tests he won’t play next week.
  13. I bet the Cowboys will franchise Dak Prescott, then trade him and their first round pick to Houston for Watson....I guarantee you Watson wants to be a Cowboy.
  14. Did anyone else notice that when they were showing the PFF rankings of the Offensive Line, all five of them were ranked in the top twenty at their positions, and at least two of them were ranked in the top ten. Their pass blocking is one of the main reasons for the offensive dominance this year!!
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