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  1. Very interesting.......I like this theory!👍
  2. I heard this really interesting song featured in a Bryson DeChambeau Cobra Golf commercial, so I looked into the origin of the song to find out if it was an old song, new song, who sings it, etc. It turns out the singer is an artist named Stella Reine, who I never heard of, and the song was written specifically for the commercial. According to the artist, there is a full version of the song, but Cobra Golf owns the rights to it, and won't allow her to release the full version of the song....what is the deal with that?? I think that's a shame for the artist, and I am surprised something like that could happen. Anyway, here is the Commercial if you haven't seen it:
  3. The A from the Vonte's name must have retired halfway through the minicamp practice.😄
  4. That might be true, but it’s pretty sad that there is more moral outrage for a guy that kneels for the anthem, then for the multitude of players, black and white, who beat their wives/girlfriends/kids, rape women, or threaten people with guns.......just sayin’.
  5. I agree that Josh should have been out there as soon as he was ready, but I’m sure McBeane would have preferred to get at least 4 games into the season before putting Josh into the starting lineup. Why they thought they could get 4 games out of Peterman is beyond me. It’s one of the weirdest and most naive decisions of the McBeane era. Thankfully, Josh Allen became the Josh Allen we see today, and the Bills don’t have to worry about the QB position for years to come!!
  6. My comment was more of a nod to how pathetic Peterman was than anything else, however thinking back to Josh’s rookie year, don’t you think it would have been better to have Kaep as a bridge QB until Josh was ready than having Peterman suck for a half of one game, then have to throw Josh out there right away? At that time Kaep was a way better option than Peterman IMO. Kaep was blackballed by the NFL not because of racism, it’s because he knelt for the National Anthem...now is kneeling for the anthem the best way to get your point across.....probably not, but it also doesn’t deserve the punishment of being completely shut out by the NFL.
  7. Colin Kaepernick’s attorneys could use the many chances and contracts Peterman has gotten coupled with a video of Petermans first half of his first start as a Bill as Exhibit A in a lawsuit against the NFL.
  8. One of the interesting things in this episode was actually seeing the “Chicken Man” Gus spooked and scared.....never saw him like that in Breaking Bad(until a second before the wheelchair bomb explodes!!)....I’m sure this is tied to the fact that Gus will handle the Lalo problem before BCS ends.
  9. I welcome anything that gets Troy Aikman off my TV screen....except putting TB12 on it instead!!🤮
  10. Fair enough.....not a player, but I'll say OC Ken Dorsey.....his ability or inability to call and coordinate a dynamic offense will truly be the determining factor in the Bills success this year.
  11. Exactly. The success of this team lies squarely on the shoulders of Josh Allen. It is no coincidence that the worst game Josh played last year was against Jacksonville, and the Bills lost....TO JACKSONVILLE!!....the absolute worst team in the league last year. Enough said.
  12. It was smart on his part to wait until he signed his next big contract to admit his mistake.....he has nothing to lose at this point. I have nothing against Wallace, but it’s clear Elam should be an upgrade to Wallace.
  13. Kim and Mike meet for the first time! Worlds are colliding!! When I saw a bald guy sitting at the diner counter out of focus, I knew it was going to be Mike. That was a really cool scene between the two of them...I like when Kim realized "You're the guy from the desert." Good stuff. The funniest part of the scheme to discredit Howard part of the episode was the fact that Saul got mad that someone moved the cone from the parking space...."What kind of an a**hole moves a cone??!! No Saul, what kind of an a-hole steals a man's car so he can impersonate him and kick a prostitute out of his car in front of his co-worker?🤣🤣
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