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  1. Special K

    My Hypothetical Julio Jones Trade....Yes or No?

    Thought I would bring this one back now that we are closer to the draft. Since the Bills filled so many holes through FA, would this type of trade make more sense now? If the Bills could move down in the first round, pick up an extra second rounder, and trade both 2nd round picks for Julio Jones, would you do it? What are the trade scenarios that you think could land Julio?
  2. Special K

    Buffalo Bills 2018 MVP... Whitney Mercilus

    🥇Nice one!
  3. Special K

    Commercial Women I Find Attractive Part ???

    I just looked it up and found this: http://celebrityethnicity.blogspot.com/2011/08/xian-mikol.html It says she has Chinese, Norwegian, German and Irish roots.
  4. Special K

    Commercial Women I Find Attractive Part ???

    I’m guessing from her name she is part Asian, part Scandinavian.....that’s a strong combination for sure!
  5. I like UK detective shows as well, and Broadchurch and Happy Valley are two of my favorites. Another one that's worth checking out would be Shetland...its a Scottish detective show set on the Shetland islands in Scotland.....the scenery alone is great on that show. I also enjoyed Ripper Street....obviously set in Victorian England just after the Jack the Ripper murders. I also suggest using the closed captioning for anyone who finds British or Scottish accents challenging to understand.
  6. Special K

    With all the moves, I'm now conflicted at 9

    I'd like to see a trade back as well....if they stay put, the pick will likely be TE. If they trade back, a surprise pick could be Alabama RB Josh Jacobs....Daboll connections, plus why bring in Gore if not to mentor a rookie RB along with Shady then turn the position over to him the following year??….Just something to think about.
  7. Special K

    Commercial Women I Find Attractive Part ???

    I was pretty sure I mentioned her before, so I checked upthread and I was right. Saw this one today:
  8. Special K

    What's your 2019 projected offensive line

    LT - Jonah Williams LG - Dion Dawkins C - Mitch Morse RG - Wyatt Teller RT - Daryl Williams The Bills have to replenish their supply of Williamses!👍
  9. Special K

    My Hypothetical Julio Jones Trade....Yes or No?

    You might be right, but if they are trading up for a QB, teams tend to overpay to do so.
  10. If the Bills could find a trade down partner, such as the Redskins or Steelers, and net a 2nd round pick this year and a 2020 1st round pick, then send those two picks to Atlanta for Julio Jones(assuming he would be willing to stay long term with the Bills), would you be willing to do this. Essentially, the Bills would be getting Jones in return for moving down 10-15 spots in the first round of this years draft. Do you think a move like this would be possible? Would you do it if it was?