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  1. To me, this was the turning point of the game. If that INT wasn’t called back on a phantom penalty, the momentum would have been completely on their side...the score right before the half, then the INT......drive down and score a TD....17-0.....game over IMO.
  2. At least there were no major injuries......if you don’t count their pride and ego.
  3. That was the absolute worst playcall of the Daboll era....a stunning level of stupidity.
  4. I'm in for the Survivor League!
  5. 4 teams in three years..................that's Josh Rosen territory!!!
  6. Tried to watch the rebroadcast of Pitt/Carolina on NFL Network, but couldn’t last more than five minutes thanks to the brutally bad Steve Smith at analyst. I truly think they could pull somebody out of the stands, and they would do a better job than him.....he’s that bad!!
  7. Too bad Diggs couldn't slide in to the top ten.....it would have been cool to say the Bills have 2 of the top ten players in the NFL.....I guess we will have to settle for two in the top eleven!!
  8. A Sills V TD for NYG!! He wouldn’t have a shot to make the Bills roster, but maybe he gets a shot with the Giants.
  9. Jake Fromm has a better chance of working at State Farm than working in the NFL.
  10. My man Tommy Tremble looking good today.....just caught a TD pass for Carolina.....would have loved to see him in a Bills uniform.
  11. Tua's arm strength is below average, his durability is below average....he just doesn't impress me much. I bet Brissett will be starting at some point this season either due to ineffectiveness or injury from Tua, IMO.
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