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  1. I used the Chiefs this week...I backed out of picking the Chargers, and for a while it looked like that might have been a wise choice...I bet people who picked the Chargers were sweating out that game. On a side note, what happens if there are still people left playing when the regular season ends, and you have already picked all the playoff teams? Does the game reset for the playoffs for everyone that's left, or are you just eliminated if you can't make a pick?
  2. Me too....I will admit I expected more from him straight out of the gate, but we have to remember that there were no preseason games to help him adjust to the NFL game. There is no reason to think that it isn’t possible to happen by the end of the year, and yesterday was a good first step.
  3. Thinking about it, but right now leaning towards Titans over Bengals....we'll see how the week unfolds before making a definite decision.
  4. On to week 8!! Looks like only one person eliminated...down to the final 20.
  5. Already used the Bills in week 1....so I'm deciding if I want to be safe and go Chiefs over Broncos, or if I want to be a little more risky and go Chargers over Jags and save the Chiefs for later in the season.
  6. Troy Aikman has had so many concussions, I’m surprised he is able to remember his own name....totally useless as an analyst. Joe Buck got his job because his father was a great announcer....he, on the other hand, is as bad an announcer as there is.
  7. Unfortunately for Yeldon, he doesn’t contribute on special teams, which is something this staff expects out of its RB3.
  8. Denver in FG range after a Newton Int....one more FG and it will look like they scored 3 TD’s!!!!
  9. Another Denver FG....they lead 18-3
  10. Broncos appear to be allergic to the end zone!! Another FG.
  11. I took GB two weeks ago... I’ve got Miami this week. I think there might be two different survivor pool threads on here.
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