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  1. Another year, another storm pointing itself at Florida. At least this one is a weakling compared to the storms we've had coming near or on land here in Florida over the past few years. Prior to the last 4 years, I would say the Central Florida area wasn't even in the "cone" for a storm for a good 10 years. Its getting annoying. 2+ months of the Hurricane season to go..... This is not the year to have a major hurricane hit your area(not that there ever is a good time for one!!). Covid +🌀 Major Hurricane🌀 = RIP Florida
  2. Sounds like the DJ’s from a morning drive-time radio show!😎
  3. In case you hadn't heard, Chiefs lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif earned his medical degree and requested to add “M.D.” to the nameplate on his jersey. The NFL reportedly denied his request. It started with a simple tweet saying the NFL rejected his request, and buzz and reaction continued to grow.Jun 27, 2018 I remember when the above happened a couple years ago, and thought the NFL missed a real opportunity(as usual) to promote a player with a great story by allowing the MD on his nameplate. I'm sure the league regrets that decision now, as he's showing himself to be a high-character individual, worthy of recognition.
  4. Come on, guys.....save it for the AFC Championship!!
  5. I remember this line from the movie the 300, and I'm surprised I've never heard it used in the sports world. I think it would be a perfect slogan for an NFL defense:
  6. I’ve been watching Snowpiercer on TNT....the season finale is this Sunday, and it’s been pretty interesting thus far...definitely like the TV show more than the movie. Also, I just started watching The OA on Netflix. I’ve heard good things about it, and the first episode was intriguing for sure.
  7. Yes, but not even the hottest UK pop star, IMO.....how about Marina Diamandis... or Lauren Mayberry from CHVRCHES..... or Anne-Marie.....
  8. The PGA tour has restarted its season two weeks ago with no fans, and I believe three golfers and three caddies have already tested positive in the first two weeks....and this is golf...the most socially-distanced sport possible. I hate to imagine how many players will test positive on a weekly basis if the NFL begins its season. The NBA restart will be a good barometer for how an NFL season might fare, however, I believe the NBA has a much more stringent plan and a "bubble" in place....something that the NFL does not seem to have.
  9. +1 For anyone who thinks these protesters aren't being policed differently, consider this: A month or so ago, white protesters stormed the Michigan capitol with long guns and screamed in the faces of cops like this: and the cops stood silently and took their abuse while dressed like this: However, when people are peacefully protesting an actual crime, they encounter police dressed like this: and are tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed and attacked. Does that seem equal to you??
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