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  1. I probably say this every year, but I really miss Doc Emrick as the voice of the NHL. No one could bring more excitement to a Hockey game than Doc!!
  2. I'm sure there is a little bit of blame on both sides.....Scheffler acting a little too entitled and the cop being a little overzealous. This will never see the inside of a courtroom, IMO, and Scheffler will have to pay a sizeable fine. The same result could have been gained in a more private manner if the cops just wrote him a few tickets and moved on.
  3. They say "if you look good, you play good." Having said that, these uniforms should coincide perfectly with the quality of play the G-men have been putting out on the field recently!🙂
  4. So less than 3 months before we see Buffalo Bills players actually on the field.......can't come soon enough!
  5. Colbert had a good joke about the "Portal" art installation in New York. If you don't know, the Portal is basically a livestream camera between New York City and Dublin, Ireland. Unfortunately, people have been doing lewd and unseemly things in front of the camera in both cities. Colbert's joke was: I could've told you this wasn't going to go well.......everybody knows what you get when you mix New York City and Dublin Ireland......you get Boston!!!🤣
  6. That's the only kind of Hurricane I want to see in Florida this year!!
  7. Unfortunately, Sept 12 is basically the statistical peak of Hurricane season...(Sept 10 is the peak). Hopefully, we can keep all of those rascals away from the state of Florida this year.......we could use a break!!
  8. I live in Florida, but its an easy answer that I would rather live in the Buffalo area over the Detroit area
  9. Instead of the hometown discount, these guys are getting the "sorry for living in Detroit" bonus!😁
  10. Who on the Bills roster will come out of the shadows and have a huge impact on the coming season?? I don't know the answer, but I know who the Bills need it to be.....Shakir. If he can have a Bernard-like impact on the Offense this year, the Bills O will not miss a beat after the departure of Diggs. What other players do you think have the potential to make the leap from nobody to somebody this season??
  11. He's in the Pantheon of great Bills stars like Zach Ertz, Jeremy Maclin and DeAndre Hopkins!!😁
  12. I'm sure somewhere in this long thread, a Tee Higgins comparison was made: Higgins: 33rd pick in the draft, 6 foot 3 and 5/8th's 216 lbs. , 4.59 40 time Coleman: 33rd pick in the draft, 6 foot 4 216 lbs. 4.61 40 time I'd be quite happy if Coleman can approach Higgins-level production.
  13. I'd bet all of Buffalo was rejoicing when Eichel missed a wide open net for the game tying goal. What a horrible miss in such an important moment. Side note: VGK and my Orlando Magic both losing Game 7's on the same day.....not gonna lie, that stings quite a bit! 4 months until the Bills season....it can't get here fast enough!!
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