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  1. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/nation-world/national/article266502671.html
  2. Say what you want about the picture, but the information is true....Our local meteorologist said this on the news. Speaking as someone who lived through both storms, I can tell you that the core of Charley took about 30 minutes to pass over my area, whereas the core of Ian took over 30 hours to pass over my area.
  3. What do you guys think is the reason for his decreased playing time? Is Ken Dorsey not a fan of him? Is it due to the fact he is in the final year of his contract, and he is not in the Bills future plans? Is there a three way running back competition going on to determine who will be the eventual primary back? Or is it something else? Thoughts?
  4. Funny how Ian and Charley took such similar paths, but here's a little piece of trivia for you: As you can see from the picture above, the Hurricane wind field of Charley could fit inside of the eye of Ian!! Thats just how massive a storm Ian was.
  5. I live one county north of Orlando.....I thought Irma 5 years ago was the worst thing I've ever gone through......until now! Irma took twelve hours to pass me, and I got about 10 inches of rain with no power for 5 days. This storm took nearly 36 hours from start to finish with 18-20 inches of rain....so many roads and neighborhoods flooded out...I hope I never go through anything like it again in my life, but I think if I choose to stay in the state storms like this will become commonplace in the future😢
  6. I can't believe that North and South Carolina are going to get the same flooding rains from this stupid hurricane that we got here in Florida!! Ian is a storm to remember for all the wrong reasons. Good luck NC and SC.
  7. Somehow, I am one of the few people in my county(about 25%) who didn’t lose power.....came close to going out about ten times, but it held on. Now the bad news: the lake I live nearby overtopped it’s banks after about 18 inches of rain....the water is halfway down my street, but hasn’t entered any homes, unlike the thousands of other houses in the county. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I have NEVER seen anything like what has happened. It just would not stop raining!! I considered moving out out of Florida after hurricane Irma five years ago, now I really, really have to consider getting out of here before this happens again.
  8. Somehow, I still have power, but doubt I will have it for the game on Sunday.......Go Bills!!
  9. I'm expecting my power and internet to go out sometime tomorrow, plus dealing with 15+ inches of rain in my area, so I doubt you will be hearing from me or many of our Bills fan brothers and sisters in the Florida area for at least a week. Wish all your Florida Bills fans luck as we ride out the storm. Go Bills!!
  10. There were a lot of "if's" in this game, any one of them going the other way would have meant a W for the Bills. One thing is for sure, if the Bills were to pull that game out at the end, it would have been a soul-crushing defeat for Miami.....one that could have affected them for the rest of the season. I actually found it very admirable how hard the under-manned Bills fought just to have a chance to steal it at the end. The Bills would have crushed Miami if they were fully healthy, and not playing in 100+ degree heat index weather. Lets hope the Bills get healthy quickly, and get back to dominating teams as soon as possible!! Go Bills!!
  11. This is really going to be a "put the team on your back" game for Josh. I believe he is up to the task!! 400 yards and 5 TD's!! Tua craps the bed after his 4th quarter explosion(he looked very ordinary as usual the first three quarters). Go Bills!!
  12. Crazy that two players got hurt in "friendly fire" incidents!🤢
  13. did he hurt it running to celebrate the Milano pick six??
  14. You happy now?!?!? 1 Josh run 0 Turnovers 41 points This team is stacked!! Go Bills!!!!!
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