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  1. Not sure if he has been mentioned in this long thread, but I like Gabriel Davis from UCF...... big, strong, hands-catcher, great route runner....not the fastest, but fast enough and he’s around 6-4. I believe he’s expected to go late first round...the kind of weapon this offense needs!!
  2. In the grand scheme of things, 31/32 teams fans are let down every season, some teams may let their fans down more than others in any given season, but if this season crushes you this hard, how the heck did you make it through the last couple decades? This team has made great strides to return the franchise to respectability this season, and they are trending in the right direction....keep your chin up! I think when you have had a couple of days to decompress from this tough loss, you will see that as well.
  3. It highlights the need to add bigger receivers to this roster in the offseason one through the draft and one through FA. FA big WR(AJ Green if healthy?) Draft big WR Brown Beasley Duke McKenzie
  4. I think we got a glimpse of what that would look like Sunday vs. the Jets.
  5. Sweeney didn’t get out of bounds on the final drive like he needed to(McD was coaching him up after that mistake), but other than that, he had a solid game. I like the TE group the Bills have as well.
  6. It'S nOt AnnoYinG aT AlL!! Am I doing it right??
  7. Can someone explain why I’ve been seeing posts that mix capital and lowercase letters like this? Just curious.
  8. Well the Redskins just had a chance to go for two to win the game but elected to kick the extra point and tie it in a very meaningless game....if you don’t go for two in that situation then you never will. Edit: Washington just lost in OT without ever touching the ball in OT.
  9. I asked this question after the Ravens game, and since the score and scenario were exactly the same in this game, I thought it would be fun. In the Ravens game, I was a definite yes, however in this game I was leaning towards no, but could see the merits of doing so, especially if there was very little time left in regulation(not enough time for the Cheats to drive and score). What say you???
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