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  1. Opted out of last season due to Covid, which might slide him down to the late second/early third round area. He seems like a real Swiss-Army Knife type player for the secondary this season, and an eventual Micah Hyde replacement in the future. Pending on who is on the board at the time, I would like to see the Bills grab him at 61, or trade back from 61 a few spots, pick up an extra pick, then draft Holland. Any thoughts on if he is a McBeane type player, or a good fit for the D?? Jevon Holland brings talent, capitalized by stellar instincts
  2. Traded 30, 61, and 174 for 36, 50, and 85. Traded 93 for 104 and 131. 36. Carlos Basham Jr. Edge Wake Forest 50. Rondale Moore WR Purdue 85. Jevon Holland S/CB Oregon 104. Tommy Tremble TE Norte Dame 131. Daelin Hayes Edge Norte Dame 161. Marvin Wilson DT FSU
  3. 30. Zaven Collins LB Tulsa 71. Rondale Moore WR Purdue 93. Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame 106. Paulson Adebo CB Stanford 130. Daelin Hayes Edge Notre Dame 161. Marvin Wilson DT Florida State
  4. I'm guessing he would have to be picked with pick 93, but I wouldn't have a problem with the Bills taking him there.
  5. Only did a 4 rounder.....a couple trades to make this happen: 36. Teven Jenkins OT Oklahoma St. (to play RG) 61. Dylan Moses LB Alabama 77. Tyler Shelvin DT LSU 93. Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame
  6. Well, here we are on Sunday night with no side effects for me! Aside from the day I got the shot, where my arm felt like someone hit me in the shoulder with a baseball bat, it looks like I came through unscathed. However, I believe the chance for side effects is higher after the second shot....am I right on that?
  7. This is my thought. He starts at RG immediately, and if Williams happens to get hurt, he could slide out to RT, and Feliciano would come in at RG.
  8. I got my first dose of the Pfizer shot this morning at a FEMA-run site in my area. The site is capable of doing 3000 shots a day.....what a well-run site. Very efficient, and did a great job of keeping everybody separated even though there were so many people there. If it wasn't for the 15 minute waiting time after the shot, I would have been in and out in 10-12 minutes. My mother got the 2 doses of the Pfizer shot in February, and didn't have a single side effect, so I hope it goes the same way for me...so far so good!!
  9. That’s got to be a new record for an April Fools post!!
  10. Why? He’s not Travis Kelce, but he’s a nasty run blocker, can play TE or H-back, and is a capable pass catcher....worth a mid-round pick, IMO.
  11. Any news if the Bills were looking at Tommy Tremble or Daelin Hayes?? I’d rather have those two on the Bills.
  12. I bet we all looked a lot like this guy during the play, I know I did!!!
  13. one trade down, one trade up: 39. Teven Jenkins OT Oklahoma St.(to play RG) 52. Carlos Basham Jr. Edge Wake Forest 83. Tyler Shelvin DT LSU 110. Tommy Tremble TE Notre Dame 161. JaCoby Stevens S/Big Nickel LSU
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