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  1. I guess it's pretty tough to blossom into a high-end number 1 receiver when you are awaiting jail time for Aggravated Vehicular Homicide.
  2. I want the Bills to draft O-line, but I couldn’t pass up the players that were available to me in this mock! 1st: Michael Mayer TE Notre Dame 2nd: Jalin Hiatt WR Tennessee 3rd: Israel Abanikanda RB Pitt Talk about adding weapons for Josh Allen!!
  3. Has anyone watched the Netflix documentary “The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker”?? What a crazy story!
  4. Yep....the Bengals certainly received the "Buffalo Bills" treatment from the Refs today.
  5. 1st: O'Cyrus Torrence G Florida 2nd: Darnell Washington TE Georgia 3rd: Israel Abanikanda RB Pitt These three players would really improve the run game for the Bills....the most powerful Guard in the draft, a 6 foot 7 monster TE that is a strong run-blocker, and a RB that is a much faster version of Devin Singletary.
  6. Not being in the playoffs at all for 17 straight years was worse than any individual playoff loss could be!
  7. I can't sit and watch the pregame shows....too many blowhards.....its gonna be a long two hour wait for me! Go Bills!!!
  8. Time to TRY to get some sleep tonight.....haven’t been this pumped up for a game since last year’s Chiefs playoff game. The Bills will be ready to play, and will win this game tomorrow.......Go Bills!!!!!!!!
  9. Yep....all this talk is for nothing if the Bills don’t win tomorrow. Lets Go Bills!!!!!!!
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