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  1. Tka-chuk is a Tka-turd!! VGK!! VGK!! VGK!!
  2. Also, the league actually wants to showcase the Bills on National TV...10 out of 17 games on National TV will do a lot to bring in guys on a 1 year rental as well, IMO.
  3. A "Game Day Thread" about a game from 8 months ago....that's why you've gotta love us Bills fans!👍
  4. My girlfriend's cousin's neighbor's aunt works for the Atlanta Falcons, and per her, the Falcons are not signing D-Hop................so take it for what it's worth.............. (Seriously, I hope you are wrong!)
  5. Yep. Both Diggs and Davis played through injuries that they would have been able to rest and heal up if the Bills had a guy like Hopkins in the mix
  6. More like Shakir will be wearing number 6 after he politely gives his number 10 jersey to Hopkins!👍
  7. I know.....at least Tony Reali made fun of the guy for suggesting he would want to go to the Pats.
  8. Just watched Around the Horn, and when they talked possible landing spots for Hopkins, no one even mentioned the Bills....they brought up the Cowboys, Chiefs, Patriots, but no Bills....won’t they be surprised when he becomes a Buffalo Bill
  9. They might be interested in him, but why would Hopkins be interested in noodle-arm Mac Jones as his QB???
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