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  1. I think Lawrence and Herbert are better NFL prospects than Tua. I still like Tua but think he’ll be taken top 10 maybe even 5.
  2. I didn’t do this but when I was in the Navy we were in ITS C School (a class room learning format) and the group that was one class ahead of mine got one of the tests to the final exam we had to take. The exam got passed around the class and one person got it 20 minutes or so before the exam and didn’t have time to memorize the answers so he just wrote them down and tried to hide it in class. Well he got caught. They did an investigation where the confiscated cell phones and found out that over half the class cheated. After the investigation all the cheaters went went to Captains Mass and were kicked out of the Navy. They got luck and were only given a general discharge since the COs were changing over and anything worse they would be able to appeal. At that point they were all in the Navy training for a year in a half Oddly the one that got caught first 3 months later got a civilian job in the Navy on that base doing IT work for more money with what he was taught and the security clearance he had for the school.
  3. RIP Poncho. This is a sad reminder of how short and precious life is. You will not be forgotten with how many peoples lives you touched.
  4. I do really love DinoBBQ and I know they have on here in Stamford CT just outside of NYC.
  5. O well would of liked him but not the end of the world. I really liked our other UDFAs
  6. It gives me an idea to see who I should watch next year. But how in the hell do they think we will draft 5th we are better than that probably in the middle 11-20 range.
  7. Nice I like this and with his athleticism maybe TE
  8. The first round went great for one of the most talented players in the draft to fall to us and the second round is set up to do the same. We will either get a great G in ford or a OT with Taylor or Risner or a WR in DK Butler and a couple others, then their is Irv Smith at TE or the best cb in Greedy. Anyway you look at it we ate probably getting a guy we looked at taking at 9 or with a trade in the 15-25 range of this draft. This is shaping up to be another great draft like last year. So Excited!!!!
  9. I’m so happy with this pick Hell’s yea
  10. It’s Oliver time or trade down I want Oliver so bad thou.
  11. I’ll admit I was super excited when we “stole” him for a 3rd from the Panthers. He was one of the teams needs at the time and had shown he could be a number one with potential. As the say hindsight is 20/20 and he failed here in Buffalo. I don’t wish him ill will and hope he can turn his career around as long as it’s not with the Pats. I highly doubt he will though.
  12. The way I look at the Wonderlic today for a Qb as long as you score a 25 or higher you have a chance at being a starter in the NFL as long as the rest of the skills and brains add up. If you are under 25 it is a lot harder but doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Like what was said up stream it’s just one of many measures that you use to drafting a Qb.
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