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  1. Hey at least our D looked good and we could/should of won the game. We also covered the spread
  2. Singletary is too slow. Jk he’s looking legit.
  3. Oliver been getting pressure all game. Just needs to wrap up better.
  4. Only down six d keeps it going and the O starts clicking we win this game easy
  5. So did Bo Jackson and Jim Kelly tried also... What’s your point.
  6. I also enjoy living in New London CT myself and if I want to watch the game at a bar I went to Hot Rods since they had all the games but it’s not a Bills place and it’s to far. I have Sunday Ticket since I moved back so I don’t go anymore.
  7. When me and my wife go out with friends we usually split the bill unless it’s us and we go out with a single person then we just do 2/3 1/3 split.
  8. I am not really sure never tried watching it later.
  9. If you or someone you know is in college you can get the streaming ST for $100. I did it last year when I was in school and this year they let me renew for the same price.
  10. I used Harry’s for a bit when I was on deployment since they were free. I stopped when I was shaving my head and it took a huge chunk of my scalp and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. So for me Harry’s is trash.
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