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  1. Thanks so much OP! Man I am worried about Edge in this draft. Seems there is a lot of high risk/high reward. Maybe with the exception of Rousseau, every other DE seems 50/50
  2. be a better way to get more fans and bring money into the league
  3. LOL wow. Listen I am not a CFL fan at all. I wouldnt care if the league folds. IN fact, it would probably be better if it merged with XFL All I am saying is I think there are enough fans and people of influence that would prevent the league from folding Thats all
  4. I agree that the CFL is declining but all I am saying is there are enough die hard fans to keep the league from closing
  5. Im From Canada too and while I am not a big CFL fan, I know there are so many people who are passionate about it. CFL history runs deep and I know if they were to ever scrap the league, it would make a lot of people very upset and would not be a popular choice I mean, I have seen soooooooooooo many people who still wear the shirt that says "CFL...our balls are bigger" Yeah, there are a ton of die hard CFL fans here
  6. Thanks Gunner! I love the idea of an Edge rusher with #30 but I am worried that Ossai is more built like an OLB and will struggle against OL that are more than 60 LBS heavier than him. I would love a true, hand in the dirt type of Edge
  7. Would it make our offense elite? Hell ya it would. Would it also hamstring us for years to come with what we would have to give up to get him? You betcha
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