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  1. I actually think he gets an extension after this season
  2. Thanks. The pic above is what I really really want but no matter how I try and edit it, it just wont fit. This is what I am using for now...
  3. That's the problem I have. I Googled a bunch but they are all wide pics. I really liked this one below but its too wide
  4. Does anyone have any good ones? I'm looking for some but cant seem to find the right ones. Any suggestions would be awesome!
  5. TIL: Marvel owned the rights to the name Hulk Hogan from '84-'04. For each match Hogan wrestled, Marvel was paid $100. Marvel also made royalties on merch and every project involving his name. When he dropped "Hulk" and started going by "Hollywood" Hogan in '96, he was able to avoid paying the fees.
  6. I am also worried. Worried that I'm going to run out of paper in my notebook from doodling his name so many times with hearts around it
  7. He has just now filed a SECOND grievance with the NFL about not being able to wear his old helmet
  8. Assuming Barkley goes #1, I am thinking McCaffrey or Kamara. Thoughts? Leaning more towards McCaffrey
  9. I am in support of Tyree being amongst the set of first cuts. I was really pulling for him to make the team but he just doesnt seem to have it and we could use the roster spot elsewhere.
  10. Am I horrible that the first thing I thought after reading this is how our cap space is affected if Morse retires?
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