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  1. Not really that concerned. He still needs receivers to catch the ball and Cam cant seem to stay healthy. Add in the fact that Cam has an attitude problem that may not sit well with BB and Im not that worried
  2. [This is an automated response] This topic is no longer contributing positively to the community and therefore the discussion has been closed. Thank you.
  3. I hate needles too and honestly, it's not even close to the same thing. Best way to describe it is someone drawing on a sunburn with a toothpick.
  4. Haha my tattoo guy is a huge Broncos fan. When I told him I wanted a Bills tattoo, his response was "you sure?" Haha
  5. Just got it done this morning. I have been thinking about getting this for a long time. This team means so much to me and like many of you all, I live and breathe this team. Go Bills!!
  6. This may be the only time I listen to John Murphy
  7. Wow... I don't think he is worth more than $30M a year and that's being generous
  8. Ugh... I thought he only rode horses!!
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