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  1. I have to confess my fellow Bills fans... I left to take my kids to the park when the Rams went up late in the 4th. I am so sorry and hope you can forgive me. In my defense, I felt like I was their bad luck charm so in a way, I did us all a favor Go Bills!!
  2. Wonder why he didn't throw for 600
  3. Please God let MIlano and Edmunds be back
  4. What about if we cut Star and Trent? would that save us more?
  5. never mind  Chandler locked it LOL


  6. Do your JOB  ;)  


    can you move that KC Boo thread to where it belongs?   PPP


    Or does it have to be reported first? 


  7. haha no I just came up with it like 16 years ago lol
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