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  1. Well that sounds kinda selfish
  2. Is the individual competition over?
  3. I crashed Jim Kelly's tailgate party outside the Bills stadium one year. Not really crashing it as you could just easily walk up. He was drunk I think because when I asked him to sign my hat, he said no you are wearing a #13 jersey (SJ at the time) he then said he was only kidding and gave me his drink to hold which smelled very strong lol My dad then asked him if he could sign his hat and he said no you're not wearing a Kelly jersey. My dad said ok and turned to walk away and Jim yelled "I'm just kidding old man get over here!" it was funny. He posed for a picture with my father a
  4. Says will take a 1st to get him plus a new contract
  5. I cursed players as soon as I got their jersey.... Losman...enough said Spikes--tore his Achilles that season..in fact, it was the day after I met him at the Sundowner strip club in Niagara Falls Alonso--was traded months later posluszny--Left in free agency after that year Spiller..After his 1 good season I just ordered an Allen jersey...I hope I have let enough time to pass to break the curse
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