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  1. He apparently pushed and struck a police officer who didn't let him on to the court after the Raptors won because he didn't display his access pass
  2. Today I learned that the lead singer of The Offspring is a doctor fighting to cure HIV
  3. If it makes anyone feel better. a Canadian fan sent KD flowers and apologized on behalf of all Canadian fans
  4. TIL that dogs can tell time by smell. They can smell different times of the day, and how long you've been gone by how much your(owner's) smell has dissipated since you've left.
  5. TIL Bill Murray hired an assistant who 'was profoundly deaf and spoke only in sign language' to make communication as difficult as possible between him, the director and the studio during the filming of 'Groundhog Day'
  6. TIL China owns all of the pandas in the world and rents them out to other countries for $1,000,000 dollars a year. The only exception to this is the 2 pandas that China gifted to Mexico in the 70's but with agreement that if they had offspring China would own them.
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