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  1. I decided to wait before posting so I didn't have some dumb knee jerk reaction. I'm worried about our defense. We desperately need our starters back and that includes White. I know they aren't bring held out on purpose or that they are "saving them" for meaningful games but man, we can only do so much with 6 starters out and 6th round picks making up our DBs. Not taking anything away from them. They've pretty much have done better than a your can ask but, we are getting closer to December football and we need our guys back. I hope it's soon
  2. We need to get our D healthy ASAP. We desperately need Tre back God did we ever miss Millano today We need to pray that Poyer can get healthy and return...and stay healthy. Josh needs to fix his turnovers. I miss the aggressive play calling. Where has it been the past 2 weeks? Feels like we didn't pressure much today and that Frazier called a passive/Safe game. Seems uncharacteristic of him. We also need Spencer Brown back....like yesterday
  3. https://www.tmz.com/2022/11/05/aaron-carter-dead-dies/
  4. Nice! I'm southern Ontario too. I'm about 30 minutes south of Hamilton
  5. Hey man. this cost me $250 and its a local guy in my hometown who did it
  6. I drafted him in my dynasty league. About time something good came from it lol
  7. It's really to complex to even try and explain....
  8. I wonder if some "analysts" purposely take moronic views on things like this for the sole purpose of their articles or videos getting clicks/views
  9. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/pagesix.com/2022/09/28/rapper-coolio-dead-at-59/amp/
  10. I actually think it's pretty amazing that it was only a 3 point loss given how decimated we were today
  11. I wish we could move up our bye week. These injuries are killing us
  12. Run,run, pass Could have sworn I was watching the Dick Jauron Bills
  13. Guys....we are fine....I just went and put money on the Dolphins to win tomorrow. You're welcome. Enjoy the Bills win
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