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  1. At this point, i'd rank the 2018 QB draft class like this: 1: Jackson 2: Allen 3: Baker 4: Darnold 5: Rosen
  2. Imagine how good the Bears would be right now had they picked Mahomes or Watson instead of Trubisky
  3. Coin flip. The D will need to be better. The Eagles put up a lot of points.
  4. Milano cant get back soon enough. Missed him in the Run D.
  5. Not surprised by this really. Coming off a bye week, overconfident, overlooking this team. We really arent that good; we've just had a really easy schedule so far.
  6. Milano bring out is huge loss. Dude is a tank at LB
  7. Am I the only one worried about this game? I’m worried the team is rusty coming of a bye week + overlooking the dolphins. Yes, Miami is bad, but they are good enough to beat any team that doesn’t show up. They want to get the monkey off their backs and pick up a W to avoid going 0-16 again.
  8. Definitely cannot lose this game. Would be the laughing stock of the league if we lose today. Bills 37 Fish 17
  9. Pats going to run away with the AFC championship. I seriously dont see a team that can take them down... maybe Houston?
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