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  1. All Time: John Madden. Pat Summerall and Madden in booth were the best tandem in all of sports. Current: Romo
  2. Lots of offensive fire power in this game. Good luck to our D trying to stop either of these teams.
  3. Herbert looks like a stud. I wonder if that’s why Miami is in such a hurry to play Tua, to make themselves feel better about not drafting Herbert?
  4. Line just came out. Buffalo -3
  5. 5-2!!!!! super bowl here we come!!!!!!
  6. More just the Jets offense blows and it’s easy to make adjustments against them. Also, pretty clear they were tanking this game.
  7. The Jets took their foot off peddle in 2nd half. Tankers
  8. The Jets are actively trying to lose this game. So sad. This team flat out sucks.
  9. Jets FO probably telling Gase to take foot off gas. Don’t want to lose out on the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes
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