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  1. Diggs wanted out of Minnesota because he wanted to play with a good QB on a Super Bowl contending team. He won’t be able to get top dollar here because we have to pay our franchise QB first. If he wants Hopkins level money then he’ll need to goto Washington, Jax, NYJ or another team that has oodles of cap room but no franchise QB, but I don’t think that’s Diggs’ #1 objective.
  2. I hope we don’t turn into Green Bay. Regular season warriors but can’t get it done in the playoffs. What’s their record in NFC championships over the past 10 years, like 1-7?
  3. Imagine how scary they would be if they drafted Herbert instead of Tua? Yikes. Bullet=dodged
  4. I think it’s a no brainer to move on from Hughes this year. Would save 7.5m in cap room. Good guy and player but the production isn’t there anymore. Need better pass rushers.
  5. Agree, DL is the highest paid position group collectively on this team, but IMO, they are the weakest part of the team. Need to revamp this position in the offseason for sure.
  6. Edmunds definitely regressed since last year. Maybe battling an injury? Oliver doesn’t really impress me much. I think as a whole, the entire front 7 just leaves a lot to be desired. Biggest weakness is in the trenches. We just lack physicality up front. No pressure on QB, can’t stop the run. As a result that puts a lot of pressure on good LB play to hit the gaps, make tackles and cover guys in the middle. Beane needs to prioritize the Dline this offseason. Total revamp needed. Draft/sign some big, mean dudes in the middle. A good pass rusher is a must. Maybe mov
  7. Because it’s not just up to team to decide when the negotiations happen. Josh had a great year and probably wants new deal now before risking something happening next year. He has leverage now.
  8. Lol, anyone who thought our secondary was the issue doesn’t know football. We have one of the best secondary in the league. The issue is we have one of the worst pass rushes in the league and to stop Mahomes you need to rough him up. He had all day to throw. Give a superstar QB time to throw and he will find the open man. We know this all too well as Brady picked us apart for years because we could not get to him.
  9. Agree. Chris Jones is exactly who we are missing on D. A Big, Mean D Tackle that gets to the QB. We really need to prioritize the Dline this offseason. It’s our weak point. It also makes our LBs look worse than they really are.
  10. The only silver-lining after tonight’s outcome is we won’t have to give Allen a Mahomes level deal now. He’ll probably get something just north of what Watson got.
  11. The Super Bowl is going through KC the next 10 or so years so we better get used to having to beat KC if we want to win a Super Bowl. We have some clear weaknesses on this team that need to be addressed this offseason: PASSRUSH TOUGHER DLINE RUNNINGBACK BETTER LINEBACKERS
  12. Manhomes vs Brady Super Bowl. Just what the NFL wanted/scripted. 🤮
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