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  1. 30. Iffy Melifonwu CB Syracuse 61. Brevin Jordan TE Miami Fl 93. Chazz Suratt LB UNC 161. Robert Hainsey OH ND 174. Chris Rumph II Edge Duke 213. Landon Young OT Kentucky 236. Khyiris Tonga DT BYU
  2. Yes, but at Alabama you have the best players playing around you inflating your value. He was not playing with P5 level players at BYU.
  3. Probably would’ve won the heisman. Every QB looks good behind those olines and all the weapons they have.
  4. Does this mean Barkley is gone?
  5. This explains why Pegulas plane was en route to Chi yesterday
  6. It’s def not Mack. If its anyone, it might me Kyle Fuller. I think the Bears might be releasing him.
  7. In before we end up with Trubisky. Our new back-up!
  8. We had our chance to get Mack but doofus Whaley dropped the ball big time.
  9. It’s amazing Ryan Pace still has a job. He went all in on Trubisky and it was an epic fail.
  10. Wow, philly must’ve not had that many offers for him.
  11. I mean how many people are actually in attendance at the combine? I think there’s 330 players plus 100 or so coaches and staff plus some people coordinating the event , so maybe 500 total? They can’t do testing of these people and form a bubble for the week?
  12. Seriously. Of all the the S&C coaches to pick from, he picks the one with the most baggage.
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