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  1. I was struggling with this one. Chargers are great but I think the AFC west will cannibalize each other and only 2 will get in. disagree. Russ will elevate that entire team. They already were pretty solid on D. Adding Wilson to that offense (solid WRs and RB) they will be a wildcard. I also think Carolina will be a wildcard. Baker is an upgrade over Darnald. Plus Cmac is back and healthy. Carolina D is very good.
  2. AFC: 1. Bills 2. Tenn 3. KC 4. Baltimore 5. Indy 6. Den 7. Cincy NFC: 1. TB 2. LA 3. Dallas 4. GB 5. Niners 6. Vikings 7. Panthers
  3. When do super bowl tickets go on sale?
  4. We’re going to have so many primetime games this year
  5. Someone aware me on why Nakobe Dean is still on the board? This guy was a consensus top 20 pick a month ago.
  6. Lol. This is going to be a flop. I don’t see it with Pickett.
  7. Wow. Willis is going to be better than Pickett. Pickett is a career backup.
  8. ***** I hope Pit doesn’t get Willis
  9. Media circus in Cleveland forthcoming this makes Cleveland super good now. They were a QB away from being a super bowl team
  10. Good. Creates additional cap space for Chandler Jones
  11. Denver gave up A LOT for a QB on the back end of his career.
  12. 4 years 200 mill thats a lot of guac for a guy that can’t get the job done in the playoffs.
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