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  1. agree. Browns are set-up to contend for Super Bowl. They certainly have enough on defense side of ball, question is can Baker play at the level needed to win a SB.
  2. Imagine Mike Evans opposite Diggs in this offense? FU WHALEY!!
  3. Solid B+ Took care of our biggest need (pass rush). Added depth oline. No major complaints from my end. Would’ve liked to see us draft one of those TEs in the early rounds but appears the staff is good with Knox/Holister. Also, wish we would’ve added another CB.
  4. Probably will be converted to DE. Only thing that would make sense.
  5. I can’t believe Perkins is still on the board. We better take him.
  6. Jay Tufele or Iffy Meli please i think we go offense tho
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