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  1. It was more trying to get information about somewhere I have never been, that I figured some on here could help with..Thanks for always being “that guy”.. I would have been disappointed if everyone was friendly and someone didn’t do it.. lol
  2. Do you have to have certain tickets to go to the bar where the players come out? Thanks for the information!
  3. Anyone have in tailgating information?? Want sure if they have lots you can just pay for a spot or if you have to have a parking pass ?
  4. I paid $325 for 2 upper level tickets... cheapest I had found so I went ahead and bought them.., we are driving 16 hours from WV cause the flights were ridiculous..
  5. Pretty pumped to buy our Dallas tickets.. Now I have to get our Cleveland tickets! Anyone been to Dallas stadium?? If so how is it? Also how is the tailgating? Do I have to have a parking pass or can you park in any pay lot?? Who all is going to Dallas corn Thanksgiving??
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