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  1. If season tickets havnt went out is it possible to buy tickets from some of these companies and the already send you tickets??
  2. Ok good cause when I bought the tickets today it went ahead and sent me my tickets almost immediately... so I was hoping that meant it means that person already had season tickets ..
  3. Has season tickets already went out to those who have season tickets??
  4. Good because I just bought 4 tickets for the Sunday night game against the steelers in December... got endzone seats row 3... so hopefully this all works out 😂😂.. I guess I was just too excited to wait! Lol
  5. Have you had any tickets at Tickpick before?? If so have you had good experience with it?
  6. That is what I was thinking too... the game I would be buying would be for December.. right now the tickets are obviously much cheaper... The prices are great.. I think it’s just how excited I am but probably should just wait..
  7. Excited for the season and want to buy tickets cause they are a little cheaper now on sites... But with all the uncertainty this is tough to make that decision.. Anyone decide to buy them yet who doesn’t have season tickets??
  8. Yes I have...Thanks for input on the topic...
  9. Has he been drafted?? Been trying to figure it out but can’t find it.. would he be worth drafting here in the 6th if he hasn’t been drafted yet?
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