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  1. Huge fan in WV who I am trying to convert my nephew into a Bills fan! Sent you a pm!
  2. Seahawks 1 year 7 million 5.5 million guaranteed
  3. I am surprised there hasn’t been any updates from either team.. figured something would leak out on when Olsen was closer to signing to a team...
  4. My wife and I to be headed to the stadium in about 20 minutes or so! Go Bills!
  5. When they play on Thursday will they stay and practice Monday and a Tuesday then do the travel game on Wednesday for the game?? That’s the only thing I don’t like Thursday’s cause they don’t have much recovery time and prepare time.. Bit I guess it’s for both teams..
  6. Anyone there to watch the Bills game in Waco? I’ll be in Waco and would love to meet up with some people to watch the game.. Not sure where else to post this topic so thought I would give it a chance..
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