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  1. Whaley didn't do too bad in terms of building the roster, it was the contracts he dealt out that kinda ruined his tenure. And if you hold up Beane's misses against his hits right now, you can see that he's hitting way more than missing. First, it's obvious that no GM is going to succeed on every single decision. Second, the chatter about Morse being paid (or any other FA) too much is weak. If you flip it around and the Bills *didn't* sign Morse, the same people complaining about his deal would be the first ones to call out Beane and the team for being "too cheap." I mean, people understand that the Bills are always gonna have to overpay a little bit for the FA's they really want, right? Although many players who come through here praise the fans and the game-day atmosphere, on paper, the Bills have been missing the playoffs, losing more than they win, all with a near-constant state of upheaval and turnover in the front office/coaching department for the last 20 seasons (save for one flukey playoff appearance). That's going to turn off most any player from wanting to come here. That's why the Bills always have to up the ante with the contract a bit. Same story year after year. Some fans are just always gonna find a way to gripe or think they're the only real genius of the Armchair GM Club. It's always, "They need to do this, and then that, and then this other thing!" *Team proceeds to do this, that, and the other thing.* Some fans: "No, no, no! Not like that! UGH! Fire Beane!" Also - this wasn't directed at you, unbillevable, I was more responding to the quote from your original post.
  2. First one was a pre-season game in '96 against Minnesota. Next one was a regular season game against the Raiders in '98. Home opener vs. Pats in '03. Home opener vs. Jags in '04. Home opener vs. Pats in '13. Week 15 vs. Packers in '14. Home opener vs. Colts in '15. I think that's it. I know I've been to a few other pre-season games but I can't recall those off the top of my head at the moment. I'd have to dig through the ol' ticket stub box at home. I only remember the Minnesota game in '96 because it was the very first game I'd ever been to. The best one was the '03 opener against the Pats. The big win over the Packers in 2014 is a close second, crowd may have been louder during that one.
  3. Sweeney is really growing on me. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes the 53.
  4. I normally like what Lance Zierlein writes but he kinda lost a few points with me based on these grades. He knocked Carson Wentz for missing games due to injury yet he ignored another player missing games due to suspension and focused only on the on-field performance. Kind of a double standard.
  5. That's a nice breakdown. Bummed me right out that Zay didn't catch that, I mean, I can get how Allen sometimes puts the ball in not so great a spot but this one hit him right in the face and he dropped it like a hot potato. I wanna see Zay succeed, I think he has talent, and, well, if he succeeds it helps the team, so... but the drops (especially these ones) can't happen.
  6. Dude literally wants to do whatever he wants and basically have the team thank him for it. I'm pretty sure he'd love to skip every practice and meeting and just show up for games on Sundays. Complaining about the helmet is real amateur hour stuff. He has to know he comes off looking like a jackass, but whatever, in his mind he can do anything he wants.
  7. Beane and McDermott just have a much clearer blueprint of the type of players they want on this team. Whereas Doug Whaley's philosophy was, "I'll just draft from Clemson, 'Bama, and Ohio State and because those programs win so much, these picks will come in here and permeate the locker room with that winning attitude!" It seems McBeane does a lot more homework on prospects, and they're paying more attention to smaller schools as well. I think it's a testament to the job Beane has done in putting together his scouting staff/player personnel departments.
  8. That was my thought, too. I was like, "How the heck did this dude start for four straight years in Cincy?" I assume they had somewhat of a different blocking scheme or perhaps the guards on either side of him made him look alright.
  9. He's got that old school TE thing going for him. I can't remember who it was but it was one of the more prominent draft nerds, he said if this was the 70s, Sweeney would've been a second round pick.
  10. That part right there, IMO, has definitely become a habit of more than just recent graduates. I see all sorts of errors in articles written by veteran journalists. Either that or they become super repetitive and use the same phrases and terms over and over.
  11. Probably, but I still think he might land on the PS, because they really seem to like him. Considered drafting him several times, made a big push to reel him in as a UDFA. I think they see something there and may wanna develop him. But he's definitely gonna need to have some flashes or, as you said, he gone.
  12. Thought for sure Bills were gonna win SBXXV because, "they beat 'em in the regular season!" Ah, poor 8 year old me.
  13. That's a good point on the Dancing with the Stars thing. Probably fed into his ego. I get it, he can be arrogant because he can back it up but he's made it pretty clear over the last few seasons that he doesn't give a crap about anyone but himself. Teammates or not, dude doesn't care. I can't wait until we're at midseason and he starts going ballistic because he isn't getting enough targets. And having Carr is probably gonna be difficult for him. Word on Carr is that he clams up and shuts down anytime negative criticism is thrown his way. It's either gonna be great for them or it's gonna be a complete disaster.
  14. This dude is strange. Something tells me he's never really had someone put his ego in check. And if they've tried, he'd probably just take his ball and go home.
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