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  1. They're so wrapped up in their own scoring systems and numbers it's ridiculous. They'll write whatever they have to in order to justify their BS. They're smug and arrogant. They truly believe they know what every player is supposed to do on every play. They don't. They also have a lot of stupid metrics that spit out negative numbers despite a positive play. In short, they're fulla s#*t and I hope they all get pinged upside the head by a rogue shuttlecock.
  2. Thanks for everyone answering my question, appreciate it. I guess I'd wonder as to why Buffalo couldn't do major renovations like those other teams did, but I'm sure that would take quite a while and I can't think of any alternate places they could play in the meantime. I mean, UB, but the capacity there tops out at a little over 25k. I feel like it'd be a waste to have built all those new facilities last year and then just abandon them within less than a decade or whatever. Unless they decided that practice would still be at New Era and games at the new spot? I dunno much about this stadium bidness.
  3. Why don't teams like Chicago, Green Bay, New Orleans, and Kansas City get hassled for new stadiums? All of those places are just as old or older than New Era, yet you never really hear about those teams being pressed to build a new place. I get that they consider Chicago and Green Bay "historic landmark" stadiums or whatever, but even so, Soldier Field has been open since 1924 and Lambeau Field since 1957. Seems like every other team, though, has opened a new stadium within the last 20-25 years, some within the last 10 or so. I really don't mind New Era. And they've put a lot of money into the renovations and the new training facilities that just opened. Now they're just supposed to abandon that and set up shop somewhere else? Guess it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Do Chicago, GB, etc. have some sort of exempt status?
  4. I think I'mma call him Pudge Mayfield after that picture of him on vacation with some other players came out. Everyone except Baker is more shredded than a Julienne salad in that pic and then there's the doughy numbnuts from Cleebland.
  5. This is certainly very Jetsy. Those a-holes deserve every sh*t-show they're gonna have to deal with this season and probably in following seasons. I'm pretty sure I despise them more than ol' Timmy B and the Patsies at this point. Side note: That meathead Manish is a frickin' weasel, I don't buy into a lot of what he says since he's been shown to make crap up and even create fake Twitter accounts to try to amplify his "Adam Gase has a burner Twitter account" story. What a loser.
  6. What the heck is Breer babbling about here? Rosen has been in the league for two seasons, not five, and I'm not sure, but I'm *pretty* sure he hasn't had five offensive coordinators. I take it ol' Alberto was tired when writing this.... wait a tick, maybe I'm the idiot. *Does the Google* Yep. He was counting college. My bad, everybody. Move along, nothing to see here... I mean, there could literally be nothing to see as I don't *have* to click "Submit Reply" but dapgummit (Phillip Rivers style) I typed all this crap so here we are.
  7. Pff, horrible. I'mma have to bust outta this cell first!
  8. His numbers were pretty average in comparison to his other seasons. He had the lowest completion percentage he's had since 2004 (both '04 and '19 he was at 60.8%). I watched probably five or six Pats games this season and to me, he looks more rattled by pressure than ever before. He's very quick to chuck the ball in the dirt when he's being rushed. I also saw him miss on routine throws that he just never misses on. I suppose something could be said of his receiver group, but he's lit it up in the past with second/third tier players so, not sure how much effect that had. Regardless, he's still a guy you can never count out. Father Time is undefeated, though. Sooner or later he'll tell him that he can't play anymore... probably in 2140 when Bionic Brady's batteries finally give out. I think I mentioned in another thread that I have a hard time seeing him becoming as successful somewhere else. He's worked in the same offensive system for at least a decade, had the same OC for a long time, etc. Not saying he wouldn't be able to learn another system but his bread and butter has always been a West Coast based offense. Short, quick passes on horizontal routes. Gets the ball out quicker than anyone which is why it's such a pain in the neck to sack him. If he goes anywhere besides New England there would be some adjustments that would need to be made to accommodate him, I think. Lastly, he ain't playing in no GD Super Bowl next year. I will Nancy Kerrigan his a$$! I will clock that surgically repaired knee with a GD lawnmower if I have to. He will not pass Go, he will not collect $200, he will not collect ring #7. ....Or maybe he will, who knows, I'm not a foosball scientist.
  9. Fear not, fellas, I'm in training as we speak. I can fire this pigskin a good quarter yard or three. They call me Ol' Noodle-Arm.
  10. Moore, along with McCaffrey, is one of their young building block type of players. He's not going anywhere.
  11. Yeah, well, I heard Matt Parrino punches babies and shoves old ladies in the grocery store.
  12. I think Josh will be fine. I think we're all gonna have to live with some of his heroball stuff from time to time, that's just a part of him. And he might not ever be a guy who completes 67% of his passes. But as one of his coaches at Wyoming said, that stuff is offset by his playmaking ability and the fact that I truly feel like he gives the team a chance to win every game. It might not be too pretty through three quarters but it seems like a switch gets flipped in the fourth and he shows what he can really do. And this here is a personal gripe about the media but I hate narratives, all of 'em! With Lamar, every dingbat with a microphone is raving about his running ability, getting all giddy whenever he takes off, woo hoo, yay, so awesome! Josh does it and he's just as effective but they'll piss and moan and say, "Oh dear golly gee whizz, Cotton! He gots to be careful! His coaches don't want him getting the ouchies out there! He's a reckless player and he's putting himself and his team at risk. What a selfish poop-weasel! How dare he! Oh what's this? Lamar Jackson just ran 9000 yards and took 42 career-ending hits but BAH GAWD KING HE IS AMAZING!!!" I hate the GD media.
  13. F the Jets, I hate them. May they suffer for eternity.
  14. It's a GD travesty that Drew Brees was not included on that all time 100 list. And OJ was... probably threatening people on Twitter.
  15. What defines aggressive in this sense? I mean, I get keeping your foot on the gas and trying to put the nail in the coffin, but who's to say that the Niners didn't try that? After that second interception they went out there and missed on a few throws and punted the ball back to KC after, what, a minute and a half? Is that aggressive? Or... should they have stuck with their bread and butter and ran the ball and drained the clock? The best defense against Mahomes is keeping your offense on the field and him on the sideline. So why wouldn't you want to grind it out like that? Of course you're looking to score more points, that's a given. But it really seems like coaches get caught between a rock and a hard place. Decide to "be aggressive" and start slinging it around and if it doesn't work, you're three and out with barely any time taken off the clock and no points. Decide to grind it out, drain the clock and keep the opposing offense off the field, but can't convert on a third and three, maybe a few extra ticks are off the clock, but no points. So they're pretty much screwed either way. Call a bunch of pass plays and whiff on them and the fans are screaming, "They should be running the ball!" Run the ball and get stuffed and fans be screaming, "Why aren't they throwing it?!" Sometimes, and hear me out, the opposing defense makes plays and shuts an offense down for a series or two. And sure, sometimes your guys just don't execute. If Kyle Shanahan orchestrates a clock-killing, ground and pound drive after that second INT and keeps Mahomes on the sidelines and goes down and gets at least another three points and gives them the ball back with 1:42 to go or something, they win the game and people are calling him a genius. If he does the same thing with pass plays but leaves 7:40 on the clock, he's a moron, "They're giving Mahomes too much time!" So which is it? It all works... until it doesn't, and then everyone thinks you suck.
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