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  1. C'mon Lawrence, live up to that number one overall status lol. He shows flashes but man is he inconsistent. He'll nail a tight window throw and then sail one ten yards over his target on a routine out pattern to the sideline.
  2. Good catch and a nice little push off by Higgins on that TD catch. He's quietly put together a really good year so far. Bengals are a sloppy undisciplined team, IMO. They kinda slog thru a game and then eventually hit on a big play. They kinda look like crap the rest of the time. Even with the retooled OL and more time to throw, lil Joey B still holds the ball too long and eats too many sacks. Titans kinda seem the same way. Sloppy until they hit on that screen to Henry which he fumbled and was lucky to have a teammate recover in the end zone for the TD. I dunno maybe it's just me but I feel like this entire season has had some incredibly sloppy football.
  3. Yep. That terrible, awful, no good top five offense they have. They definitely didn't draft James Cook or Khalil Shakir...didn't sign Jamison Crowder, didn't trade for Nyheim Hines, none of that happened. But a 31 year old diva receiver coming off a shredded knee (second time on the same knee, yeah?) is gonna swing into action ten or twelve games into the season and just go off.
  4. The expectations some people put on the team this season were astronomical and largely unattainable. Gabe is doing...alright. I think the ankle slowed him down more than he'd admit. Hopefully it's all good now. It's a bummer to see him drop a catchable ball once a game, but he's still a young player working his way into a bigger role with the offense. Stats and numbers are only one part of the equation, of course. We have no idea how many times plays have been dialed up for him or whatever. They're still figuring things out on offense as a whole. First year OC with Dorsey, a new OL coach with an OL that has had to constantly shuffle players due to injury. A third year player (Gabe) trying to take that next step. Dawson Knox's involvement has faded a bit because he's the best all around TE on the roster and has been asked to do a lot more than run routes and catch the ball. Throw in an inconsistent run game (which feels like it's working itself out) and a boatload of injuries and yeah, there are gonna be some bumps in the road. 8-3, though. And the losses only came after they shot themselves in the foot and didn't execute like they know they can. But this team is slogging through some hard times and quite honestly it's a bit of a bummer to see so many folks doggin' them for it. What'd you expect? 20-0 with every win by at least 30? Hopefully it all comes together down the stretch here.
  5. He won't be relied on like he was when he was here a couple seasons ago, so hopefully they'll be able to draw some stuff up for him in certain situations. Josh trusts him too.
  6. Not having Edmunds out there has been huge. He makes such a difference in the middle. I know many expect him to rack up big sack numbers and picks and all the splash plays, but he's just a steady, consistent presence in that defense. He has a quite a few TFLs this season and had been flying around pretty good out there until the injury. I'm in the camp that says pay the man. They've spent five seasons bringing him along and he's still just what, 24, 25? He's also been a captain three seasons running and the QB of the defense since his rookie year. I'd like to see him stick around.
  7. They did offer him a deal and he said he was just about to re-sign with them when he looked down and realized he was wearing black and yellow shorts and this somehow was a sign from the universe that he should sign with Pittsburgh so that's what he did. This is all true.
  8. I've said it before but some folks put absolutely ridonkulous expectations on the players and team as a whole. Then combine that with their willful ignorance of how the other team is also made of professionals and will make plays during the game despite what the Bills do. A play from, I think, Cleveland, comes to mind where they completed a pass for a touchdown with either Dane or Taron in perfect position and playing excellent coverage and it just comes down to a matter of inches and the other player making a good play on the ball. People go blue in the face debating play calls and coaching decisions. Even if they got their way and the team suddenly had all the players and coaches this person thinks they needed, they'd just find new reasons to get all antsy in their pantsy. I enjoy discussing and debating the team but these last few weeks on both here and the Bills sub over on Reddit have been kind of a bummer. I checked in on the board yesterday and had you not seen the score from Thursday you would've thought this team had lost and lost bad. It's been a tough season. They came firing outta the gate and met the crazy expectations for those first few weeks. But stuff happens. The Injury Bug has evolved into the Injury Devil and he is cursing this team and it sucks lol. I think something that gets lost on some people is the fact that going down a starter on either side of the ball can alter the game plan. If they have to shuffle the OL then Dorsey is up in the booth looking at what they can still run based on the personnel they now have out there. Same on defense. And guys who are backups are backups for a reason. I don't know how anyone can see a player like Von Miller go out then look at Mike Love and say "next man up, don't miss a beat!" Obviously the execution and results aren't going to be as good. That's not to say there isn't room for improvement. Criticism is fine, it just gets old when it's done to such a degree that, like I said, based on the topics on the board you would've thought they lost on Thursday. 8-3 is great for all they've been through. This last stretch of ten days or whatever has been pretty rough on them so hopefully they can get things back to normal here and we start seeing more players return down the stretch. I love this team, love the coaches, love the front office. Trust the process and go Bills.
  9. I thought he was alright when he first started out. It was neat to see him basically predict what offenses were gonna run in certain situations. Beyond that tho, his tendency to overexaggerate mundane things gets pretty irritating. I dunno if his ADHD kicks in or what but he gets a little hyperactive and emphasizes on everything. But most of the talking heads are like that. They're all directed to emphasize and create drama, excitement, spectacle, blah blah blah. It just gets so friggin' old after hearing it for so many years. Mute!
  10. A win is a win. The injuries keep piling up for this team, it's ridiculous. I've never seen such a rash of injuries. Game after game. Sucks. That said, when they're in there playing with backups that can cause changes in the game plan on both sides of the ball. They had all of two starters playing on the OL, one playing out of position. Pile that on with the six feet of snow, tons of players having to dig out then get robbed of a home game, then turn around and play on a short week. Always room for improvement but I'll take 8-3. Hopefully they get Tremaine and Groot back soon.
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