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  1. I'll feel bad for Becton but not the Jets. Eat all the crap, Jets. All of it.
  2. It's gonna be... David Nelson Sam Aiken Marcus Easley TJ Graham Kolby Listenbee Dezmin Lewis Brandon Reilly
  3. Sounds like the Bears low-balled him. I read that they actually inserted deescalators in his contract that would penalize him for certain things, which is something that typically isn't included in player contracts. He was offended by it, rightfully. The feeling in Chicago right now seems to be the new FO wants to tank this year and completely gut the team in 2023, Fields included. And Beane ain't trading for him. They love Edmunds.
  4. "Be who I am." If he thinks "being who he is" exempts him from policies and rules set forth by his employer then I dunno wtf to tell him. Dude comes off really entitled. Probably "suffers" from that affluenza horsesh*t and can't relate to us normal peasants down here.
  5. It’s all good, man. My uncle Huey says it’s hip to be square.
  6. Looks like a drill to keep the DB's hands away when they try to jam the receiver at the line.
  7. That's pretty much all it is, part of his job is producing content. He's a numbers guy as far as I've seen, he's made some decent points but this one...yeah the schedule is tougher but I dunno, I honestly think they're good enough to hang with anyone.
  8. Beane said the same thing in the final press conference for last season. Or maybe it was the first presser for this season. I can't remember, I got two rugrats under two over here and I have lost all semblance of time. Anywho, Beane mentioned that Moss had ankle surgery before last season and it never got back to 100% so he couldn't cut or pivot off his left leg very well. He started out alright last year, had like four TDs in five games and ran over a Dolphins defender one week and then he kinda trailed off because Singletary was playing too well to tinker with a rotation. Hopefully they find a way to carve out roles for all three backs, which, I think will be Singletary, Moss, and Cook. The whole "whoever has the hot hand" thing never seemed to work so maybe design specific packages for each back.
  9. I just don't understand people like Jerry. It's like he consistently aims to be "that guy" who wants to be the party pooper. Wants to be the one to say, "Derp, well. ACKSHUALLY..." and it seems very apparent that he relishes being in that role. Good lord, man. Go outside or something.
  10. I don't mean to seem disparaging but the woman (I'm unfamiliar with her) seems smug as heck. It's tough not to think Josh is one of the most fearsome players to face in the league. Not only does the dude have a rocket where his right arm is supposed to be, he's as big as a gotdang yeti and he's deceptively fast. Defenders see him take off and think, "Oh, I took a bad angle but shoot, I can catch him... *Josh zips past* oh crap, maybe I can't." On top of this the kid has really learned the game, understands defenses much better, knows where the ball needs to go, has that field general awareness now where he knows what everyone is supposed to be doing... he has a belief that he's a special type of player, he has a work ethic that won't let him quit even after he brings home eleven championships. He's extremely determined and I think with all of that combined, yeah, it makes him more threatning that Rodgers and Mahomes. Rodgers might scramble here and there but his running isn't anything defenses generally worry about. Obviously both he and Mahomes can pick a defense apart and while Josh has really quit with the heroball almost completely, Mahomes still falls back into those old habits like we saw in the second half against the Bengals.
  11. All OL carry extra weight. Some of them have a hard time keeping it on because some dudes might be naturally "big" in the sense that they're like 6'5" and just a large human but aren't on the heavy side. Look at Eric Wood, dude was hefty in his playing days, now he all fit and trim. The extra weight on Dion just makes his physique look a little different, that's all. The thing that stood out to me in that third photo that OP wanted us to look at is the dude's wingspan. Look at dem things...and I believe some scouts figured he'd be a guard at the NFL level due to "short arms" or whatever, maybe he was like a 32nd of an inch under the average for a tackle or something. Either way, the dude plays like a beast, he's a captain and a leader and one of the top players on the team.
  12. Hey, you don't threaten me with a good time, fella. Also, eff OBJ. He's a doofus. That game where he ran around trying to fight that one DB that shut him down all day told me all I need to know about him. Also that one time he got hit by the kicking net, hahaha. His best days are well behind him and this knee injury isn't gonna do much to help him find the form he's been chasing since like his third season or whenever things derailed for him with injuries and off-field crap and blah blah blah.
  13. Best/Favorite 2003 vs Patriots. I was there for that one and it was pretty awesome. 2019 vs Jets was cool. It gave me the impression that you can't ever count Josh out. He's a gamer. Worst 2004 vs Jaguars. I was there for this one too. What a bummer. They'd start out 0-4 before going on a late season surge and then poopin' their pants against a buncha Pittsburgh backups. Future Best Whoever they face to open 2023 because they'll be defending champs, ha!
  14. Epenesa is gonna get plenty of chances so hopefully he makes the best of it. They like Moss and Ford both quite a bit. Beane talked about Moss at the end of the year press conference and said that Moss had surgery on his left ankle before last season and was struggling with it for most of the season. Maybe with a full off season to rest it will benefit him. He started off alright last year, had like four TDs in four games and a couple of nice goal line runs, one where he ran over a Dolphins defender was pretty good. If I had to guess, their ideal RB group would be Singletary, Cook, and Moss. Ford almost got Josh killed by Washington last season. That was rough. However, towards the end of the season he played quite a bit better than he had earlier in the year. Don't know if that's because the competition wasn't so great or he just had a good day but this is definitely his make or break year. Maybe Kromer finds a way to get something out of him. Pretty sure the guard spots will be Bates and Saffold with Ford as the primary backup. Honestly, the only one that I think that's really on the bubble is Ford.
  15. They call him ol' Greg Van Rotarooter.
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