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  1. Don't we have enough concerns? I mean, Tyler Bass is still sitting in the corner. That's on me, tho. He can continue to think about what he did. Groot might not rack up crazy numbers but he's typically pretty solid when he gets out there. Should hopefully continue to evolve. They'll be counting on him a lot this season.
  2. Right? No GM has a 100% success rate. Beane has been really good with the draft. I know you mentioned Elam as possible bust and I'd wager it's too early to definitively make that call. He's had some moments and he dealt with injuries this past season. Maybe there's still something there. Up until last year when they took Kincaid, I was really beginning to think they just didn't value offensive prospects as much as defense. I still think they probably end up going somewhere on D in round one but seems like the WR group is a plus this year so I'd like to see Beane dip into it before round four.
  3. Josh didn't blow it in 13 seconds. Josh didn't miss a 44 yard FG. He's given his team chances to win/tie these last two playoff meetings against the Chiefs. It's not his fault his defense and kicker took a big dump right on the 50.
  4. "SOB" by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Bass missed the kick? Summinabish! Get me a drank. You gonna bark all day, little doggy? Or are you gonna bite?
  5. Given your screen name I'mma assume you some kinda dental expert. So...what are you doing on this forum instead of dentisting?! There are teeth out there you need to service, pal! Yeah no, it's ridonkulous some people genuinely believe these dudes need to be football 24/7. It's the off-season, let 'em play golf and have a break for cripes sake.
  6. Bah. This season, the Chiefs were masters at taking advantage of mistakes made by their opponent. They weren't some invincible juggernaut. They are a beatable team. But you cannot make mistakes against them. Turn it over and give them extra chances and they're going to turn it into points. That's the one thing I noticed during their playoff run this season. Every team made costly mistakes against them and while they made some of their own, they were able to overcome. Can't turn it over, can't have drive killing penalties, can't miss on scoring opportunities.
  7. My favorite play of his. It was an absolute laser beam that nearly went through Jake's hands. I mean, the ball carries the guys hands from one side of his body to the other. All the mustard on that one. Right behind that one is the moon ball he launched against Jacksonville his rookie year. Speaking of moon balls, I'm still upset Stef dropped that monster against KC. Josh launched it from his own 12, it reached Stef at the Chiefs 25. Ridonkulous.
  8. I feel like he can be pretty good. I also feel a lot of "dammit dammit summinabish" when he drops touchdown passes that are delivered with a frickin' bow on them. He caught some that were in his area code, ones that went directly to his house he dropped. It made the anger sharks swim in my head.
  9. I'm sure they shoot the breeze about ball (among other things) when they're out on da links dere.
  10. First game was vs. Raiders in 98, Bills won, 1-0. Went to the 2003 opener, the Patriots blowout, 2-0. Did the 2004 opener, loss to Jags, 2-1. 2013 opener, lost to Pats, 2-2. 2014 win over the Packers, 3-2. 2015 opener, Bills over Colts. So I guess I'm 4-2 overall.
  11. Last I checked I think his value topped out at 14 assorted bottle caps from 1986.
  12. It's interesting to see that when he was coming up in the draft that his NFL player comp was Tavon Austin, whom da Bills had in camp this season. And then his scouting report mentions he can be a jet sweep/gadget type player, which reminds me of McKenzie. They definitely have a desire to add a WR with those abilities.
  13. I remember this. Definitely strange. Marrone strikes me as someone who seems incredibly insecure and very concerned with others perception of him. In addition to these shenanigans with Graham, there was that awkward interview he did which was the first time he spoke after ditching the Bills. The reporter thought it went pretty well and then later that evening he gets a call from Marrone who's all like, "Don't run the interview" for whatever reason. I think the writer had already submitted it by that time. And then I think Marrone was like "whatever" but then called again sometime later and was saying like he spoke to his wife and decided he wanted the interview to be published. Something strange like that. Dude is a bit of a whackadoodle.
  14. If Douglas can go then I think they'll manage with a combination of Elam and Jackson. If Bernard can't go, that could be a tough one with Kelce out there. Dorian Williams has the athletic ability to cover him but he's never covered anyone at Kelce's level so, who knows how that could go. Bernard looked devastated getting carted off, thought it'd be way worse given that situation. Even if he can go he's not gonna be anywhere near 100%. Weird feelings for this game. Part of me is like, man the defensive injuries are too much, they're not gonna make it. Then the other part is like, nope not this time Patty.
  15. Part of me feels like the defensive injuries are gonna be their doom. But then the other part of me is straight up like, "Nope, not this time Patty Pancakes."
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