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  1. Well yeah... why take a premiere edge rusher when they already had terrors like Dwan Edwards and Alex Carrington?!
  2. I see some are expecting the "same ol' Bills" to come out of bye unprepared and "play down to their competition." I don't think McDermott is gonna let that happen. I also don't think the players take any team lightly. They're out there to prove themselves week in and week out and not a one of them is acting like they've "arrived" and can coast. They know they still gotta work for everything and I'm pretty sure that's fine with them. That's the makeup of this team, hardworking guys that don't take anything for granted. Earlier in the week players like Oliver and Dawkins were saying how it's nice to get the bye but by day two or three they were itching to get back to work. Anywho, here's muh prediction... Bills 34 Dolphins 13 Hopefully the offense breaks out and gets in a groove. Miami lands a couple of field goals and a late TD in garbage time.
  3. It's been said by a number of players that have come over from other teams that the Bills treat their players with a lot of respect. Some organizations treat their players more like property and can be pretty cold. I'm sure they wanted the best for Zay, they obviously wanted him to flourish here, but it just didn't happen. I mean, surely it didn't help that they were unsettled at QB, and in Zay's first two seasons here the Bills were 31st in pass attempts for 2017, and 28th for 2018. So, not a whole lot of chances to shine if you're a receiver on a team that prefers to run the ball. Now, granted, that's changed in 2019 as the Bills currently sit at 12th in the league in passing attempts per game with about 35, so, in theory that should've created more chances for Zay but he just fell behind some of the other receivers on the roster and never quite recovered. Wish him all the best in Oakland. Seems like a good kid, works hard, team player, etc. May have peaked in college, though.
  4. They wanted Cam, I don't think Buddy has minced any words about that. If there was a redraft, though, given the benefit of hindsight, I'd take Miller over Cam and Dareus.
  5. Yep, especially with how DBs have to play these days. Back then you could mug a guy, take his wallet AND the ball and no flag.
  6. Night Train holds the record for picks in a single season, snagged 14 while with the Rams in 1952.
  7. I think I gave him a B+... somehow I must've suffered severe brainfarts between voting and scrolling down to type a reply. Ha! I think he's a solid coach. I've said this before and others have pointed it out but he knows how to get a lot out of a little. The 2017 roster wasn't loaded by any means but he gets them to 9-7 and a Wild Card in his first year. We knew 2018 was destined to be the "growing pains" season and although they looked out of their element at times, they were able to get six victories and some invaluable experience for their rookie QB. I think a lot of folks assumed 2020 would be the season where they'd "arrive for real" but it looks as if they might be a year early, at this point in the season, anyway. Even though this is an entirely different organization from top to bottom, it's still difficult, as a fan, to be confident that they aren't gonna find a way to implode and start 4-1 and finish 7-9 or something. It's not as difficult as it has been in the past but those hot starts/lousy finishes in '08 and '11 still haunt us. I have a lot more confidence now than I did back then, though. He's gotten every player and coach to buy in, and if someone (player or coach) isn't buying in or isn't producing, it seems as though he can see that and make changes as needed. He's installed a culture, he's created confidence, he's created chemistry among players and coaches and he has these guys playing for one another. Yeah, surely he'll have some mishaps here and there, as every coach does, but given what he's been able to accomplish so far, I don't think there's a whole lot of room to complain. Maybe I shoulda gave him an A.
  8. Doh! I hope it isn't too serious. I'm a bit confused on Foster... wasn't he a healthy scratch for the first few games? Something about them wanting him to develop more and keep earning it... and then somewhere along the lines he was inactive because of injury. Am I kinda right or...?
  9. I'll give ol' Rexy-boy credit on this one. He wanted this guy here right from the start and the dude has been nothing but a class act and great player since arriving.
  10. I don't think either of these guys makes this defense lose sleep at night. In fact, the more they play, the more confident they seem and at this point I don't think they're intimidated by anyone.
  11. I think they fear overturning too many calls because they feel like it'll empower coaches/teams to call more challenges and eventually push for additional challenges to be added as well as more rule changes/tweaks. It seems as though they believe if they just stick with what they called, coaches will be dissuaded from throwing the red flag. Seems like they want coaches to think, "Well, they're not going to change it anyway, so why waste my time-out?" Big dumb Al Riveron has a lot to do with it as well. He's a complete schmuck. Officiating makes this game more and more difficult to enjoy every season. If they don't realize that and do something to fix it soon, it's gonna end up going down in history as an element that eventually helped killed the game. Jackwagons, all of 'em. They have too much of an impact on the game and when things come down to the wire between two teams there seems to be two schools of thought in officiating: "let 'em play" where they call virtually nothing, or they call every little thing (in some cases calling BS penalties that you know they've ignored all game). I'm in whichever group thinks the entire rulebook needs to be shredded and rewritten from the ground up. Only way to fix all their convoluted crapola.
  12. I'm not sure why, but it still kinda baffles me that some people expect these rookies to come out of the gate as if they're All-Pro already. The college game isn't doing much to prepare OL for the pros right now. Guys barely line up with their hand in the dirt and there isn't a whole lot of scheming. Takes time to get used to the speed of the NFL game and it takes time to develop skills these guys didn't really work on in college. I think Ford will be alright. At worst he's a capable RT, at best he could be a Pro Bowl guard. He's five games into his NFL career, let's pump the brakes a little bit before we go calling him a bust or saying he was drafted too high.
  13. Carolina is 4-2 with an undrafted backup at QB. In fact, they are 4-0 with Kyle Allen starting (5-0 going back to last season). I think it'd be Cam that's done. I think his body is just shot at this point and it's started to mess with him psychologically because he definitely doesn't seem to play with confidence or urgency when he does play.
  14. I agree with most everyone else on Quinn. That team just doesn't look prepared to compete week in and week out. He won't be out of work long, as someone already mentioned, he'll make a good D coordinator somewhere. I think Kitchens gets the full season just to see how it all shakes out. Browns seem like they're gonna be a up and down team all season. Wouldn't be surprised if Zac Taylor is one in done down in Cincinnati. This trend of hiring anyone who was once within ten feet of Sean McVay doesn't appear to be the best strategy.
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