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  1. This was my thought too. The dude was really good in his first few years. The type of player you'd want in free agency...the Bills just signed him about four or five years too late. Sometimes I felt like it was fair to question his heart and how much he bought into the culture. Too many times we'd see him get beat and then just stand there like, "My bad, homie!" At the end of the day he's probably like a lot of other players at his age. His mind and spirit are telling him he can still go while his body been trying to tell him since like 2017, "Yo, we done! Go sit down before you get another quarterback squished by a 330 lb. DT."
  2. I remember seeing Preston Williams have a few moments in past seasons and he looked like a guy to keep an eye on. We'll see what happens.
  3. Mountains outta molehills...it's like these knuckleheads have incentives in their contracts. The more crap you make up the better the holiday bonus or something. Buncha turds.
  4. Surely the most judgmental spouting off in here are all Adonis types...
  5. Hey pal. You saw some of the other tough guys on the forum. "Nuff talkin! Go win sumthin'!" Tough guy!!! Very tough. In fact, so tough we need to spell it "tuff."
  6. Dawkins - Bates - Morse - Torrence - Brown, I guess, I dunno. I'm not an offensive lineologist.
  7. Wasn't it just a few years ago a group figured out like, a really good algorithm for the schedule? It was really balanced and fair and the NFL was like, "Lol eat s#!t." Sports and their fear of technological evolution....
  8. I know the players loved him and in the regular season he was solid. And keep in mind, the defensive plan allows for yardage and then they tighten up in their own end to force field goals. But there were some situations that just seemed inexplicable. I don't like to relive those moments. It just felt like when the pressure was on and they really needed it, he just didn't get it done. The Bills knew they had to move on and they did it in the most polite way they could.
  9. Hey, all I know is last time the Bills selected a player from Tulane it was all world megastar quarterback JayPee Loseman!
  10. The s#!t some of you think about.... good lord
  11. Teammates are constantly calling the guy one of the hardest workers on the team. I don't know if anyone remembers the story but during the playoffs, Von brought in a replica Lombardi and set it up in the locker room with a sign that said, "You said you'd do anything for it." Gabe, who had just finished practice, saw the sign, turned around and went back into the fieldhouse and spent another hour on the JUGS machine. His ankle really limited him last year. He couldn't run more than a few specific routes and there were a couple bummer drops. But I think he's a solid player and if he's healthy all season we should see a lot more from him. He definitely gets way too much crap on this forum.
  12. What's it look like? It appears to be a collection of absurdly large human beings. They'll pick the ones who are best at not letting other absurdly large humans get past them. I really don't know how it's going to shake out. Lotta people seem to think McGovern is slotted in as a starter from day one but I'd assume he'll have to beat out Ryan Bates, who I think does better on the left but that's also McGovern's natural spot. Torrence is a high end draft pick who's gonna get plenty of chances to win the RG spot. Is Bates odd man out and plays a backup role this year and maybe takes over for Morse next season? Dawkins and Brown are the tackles. The competitions to watch will be for both guard spots.
  13. I dunno, I get a good vibe from the guy. I think he's gonna be fine. People forget that Milano also converted from safety. Seems like he has a pretty good feel for the game and he flies to the ball. They'll coach him up and I wouldn't be surprised if he sees a fair bit of playing time.
  14. They love it when you call him Big Poona...
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