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  1. blacklabel

    Mcdermott's thoughts on Bills aging backfield.

    He also is a liability in pass protection and fumbled more often that he should've. We've heard Beane discuss how much he respects Frank Gore's approach to the game. I've said this before, they don't sign guys to play here ONLY for their on-field work. Obviously their performance on the field is a major part of the equation but you hear them say it all the time, they wanna make sure the guy is the right fit for the type of culture they have here. Clearly, Frank Gore has been doing it right for the last 14 years to remain a productive player at his age in a position that usually reaches its limit by 30. McBeane want their younger players to see how guys like Gore and McCoy take care of themselves and approach the game. They're going to draft a running back no later than round four (my guess) and they're gonna say, "Alright kiddo, watch and learn from those two."
  2. Obviously it depends on who gets picked ahead of them but just based on the DL talent in this draft, I really don't see how any of those DL wouldn't be the BPA when they're up at #9.
  3. blacklabel

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    At least adding muscle/strength isn't something he can't achieve. Even if he doesn't retain the starting gig he's great depth. Their secondary remains the strongest unit on the team, probably. Tre' White and Taron Johnson are probably penciled in to start with Kevin Johnson, Levi Wallace, and EJ Gaines vying for the other starting spot.
  4. blacklabel

    CB EJ Gaines 1 year deal

    I guess they really wanna create competition across from Tre'. I thought Levi Wallace played well last season but they must think they can do better given the signings of Kevin Johnson and now Gaines.
  5. blacklabel

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    Definitely. Totally opposite of when Whaley was here. I remember he was on WGR talking about who they'd met with and who was still coming in. I mean, I guess it's not bad if word leaks out about who you're visiting with but as you said, they don't really gain anything by it so why not just keep it all in-house. Also opposite of Whaley is how often this front office meets with/drafts small school prospects. Whaley was always drafting from Clemson, Bama, etc. because he figured those players were so accustomed to winning that it would carry over to the Bills. And so far McBeane has visited with players from Louisiana Tech, Eastern Michigan, Houston, and Charlotte. If you can play, they'll find you.
  6. I dunno why they need to meet with this guy. Just convert Dawkins to TE, I mean, he's moving inside to G anyway so why not make him super versatile and get him some reps at TE. He did catch a touchdown pass last season. /s
  7. blacklabel

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    Thanks for keeping track of this, Yolo. Past couple years it's been pretty tough to find out who they're visiting with but this year seems a bit more open. Good stuff.
  8. It ain't about his numbers, man. It's about the coaching and the supporting cast he has around him. Plus he sat and learned for a year behind Alex Smith. Then he steps into an offense coached by one of the smartest offensive minds ever, has Pro Bowl players at every skill position and a solid OL. Circumstances matter, that's all I'm saying. The circumstances in Buffalo would likely not have helped him reach the level of success he has in KC.
  9. Yeah, I've wondered that as well. I think that's what compelled me to ask him that. I was like, dude has a Harvard degree, shouldn't he be running a Fortune 500 company or something? His intelligence is what's kept him in this league for so long. Every now and then (early last season) he gets on a hot streak but usually fizzles out. But he keeps getting picked up by team after team because the guy can come in and learn your offense lickety-split and he's a fantastic locker room guy.
  10. I met him after a minicamp practice that was held at the stadium, lot of players came over to say hi and sign autographs after, himself included. I asked him something like, what made you choose football over using your degree? He said, "I'll make more money doing this." And he sure has.
  11. Fair enough. Kid always seems to be around the ball, that's why I think he has the potential to be really good.
  12. If you think Mahomes would've had the same success here as he did in KC you're mistaken. And I compared Milano to Hurst to show that a guy drafted in the fifth had more of an impact than a guy drafted two rounds earlier. Milano also made more game-changing plays which is something you feel their draft picks lack. You came back with "oh, you can't compare a linebacker and a DT" except you didn't point that out in your initial post. You just said their picks haven't been game-changers and I highlighted a draft pick of theirs that has made some game-changing plays in terms of turnovers.
  13. Hindsight is always 20/20. You never know how a pick is going to work out. The consensus on Mahomes is pretty much the same across the board: if he hadn't landed in KC with Reid and that supporting cast he's probably nowhere near the QB he's become. And look at the other players you mentioned, they're all playing with franchise QBs, except maybe Kittle because he did what he did last year without Garoppolo. Kamara has Drew Brees and Sean Payton, one of the most creative offensive minds ever, JuJu has Ben and now he'll be "the guy" without AB there, Galladay has Stafford and Kupp has Goff. Maurice Hurst was diagnosed with a heart condition at the combine last year and fell down a lot of boards. He racked up 30 tackles and 4 sacks last year, I wouldn't exactly call that game changing. Milano, drafted two rounds later than Hurst, had 78 tackles, 13.5 of them for loss, forced a fumble, recovered three fumbles and had three interceptions. That's six separate times he got the ball back for the offense. I'd say that can be game-changing. It's easy to sit back and say "oh they missed out on that guy!" once that guy has an outstanding season. But guess what? 31 other teams missed out on that guy as well. It's just how it goes.
  14. blacklabel

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    There's a reason they've signed so many OL this off-season. They want guys with experience because almost all of the college OL players coming out have little to no experience in putting their hand in the dirt. Beane talked about that last year during a pre-season game, how it's taking a lot longer to coach these guys up once they enter the league. I'm not saying that this would deter them from ever drafting OL in the first few rounds (they already have with Dawkins) but I think for this season they're going to roll with more experienced players. And that's good for Allen, hopefully they can settle their starting five early in camp and let them come together and take care of things up front and hopefully give Allen a little less to worry about. And on Dawkins... I'll say what I said about Edmunds when people keep thinking he should move outside. They haven't spent two seasons coaching Dawkins up to be their LT just to move him inside. Why would they replace him with an inexperienced rookie when they've already got two full seasons of working with Dawkins? Unless the OL prospect is some kind of generational/can't miss kind of talent, they're leaving Dawkins where he's at.
  15. blacklabel

    Trent Murphy probably not going anywhere

    I think he's a pretty good player. Never really understood why so many fans feel like he should've been/should be cut. He's dealt with some tough injuries but he's effective when he's healthy. They aren't necessarily stacked at DE so it never made sense to me to consider cutting Murphy. Why weaken the position group even further? Hughes is in his last year, Lawson could be in his last year depending on what they do, behind those guys they have who, Eddie Yarbs and Mike Love? Just makes no sense to cut Murphy when you don't have a viable starter on the roster to replace him. He's on this team for the foreseeable future. And, I feel like some people forget this, but this front office doesn't sign players solely on their on-field performance. I'm certain their on-field performance is probably 75-80% of the equation but they have certain character traits they want in their players. Murphy fits what they look for in character to a T, he's a team-first guy, extremely hard worker, professional, veteran experience and he'll probably assume some leadership this season in his second year here. At the end of the day, they aren't going to keep you on because you're a hard worker or a good dude if you aren't producing on the field, I realize that, but those traits do matter to McBeane. Just taking a look at the DL as it is now is the main reason why I think they're taking the best available DE/DT on the board in the first round. Get a guy who can work up and down the line and you'll gain some flexibility in what you can do with guys like Murphy and Hughes. This is also why I feel like Ed Oliver is pretty high on their board. Guy can play inside and outside. I also think Christian Wilkins makes a lot of sense given his ability and especially his character. DL is huge in McDermott's defense and I just can't see any way they don't take one of these stud DL players that are available this year.