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  1. Geez Louise, just gnarly. I remember Stevie Johnson used to have a real sick first step and he specialized that basketball style crossover that would get him open a lot. Looks like Diggs has that crossover thing in his arsenal as well. I had to really read up as to why this dude fell to the 5th round back in 2014. Some injuries and overall poor offense/QB at Maryland kinda limited him. Kudos again to Beane and McDermott for fully understanding the type of receivers Josh needed in order to flourish. They could see that Josh was a "see it open a d throw it" instead of a
  2. Practice squad. Remember, Trubisky isn't sticking around beyond this season. He's looking at 2021 as a "reboot" for him and will look to sign somewhere with a chance to compete for QB1 in 2022. I think Fromm will hang around here for at least this season as they try to develop him and see what he's got. Davis Webb is likely the third string guy and gets the call up in the event Trubisky has to start a game. I can't see that happening since Josh Allen is made of BDE and vibranium. They really like Webb for his IQ as well. They're moving on without Barkley so I feel lik
  3. I recall reading that Schwentz rustled more than a few jimmies while he was at NDSU. Dude has some arrogance to him and seems like a "not my fault" kinda guy, at least to a degree. He takes some accountability but overall it seems like he'd rather pass the blame. I think it was said that the dude would need some hand holding in the NFL and supposedly Reich was that guy when he was in Philly. So we'll see how it works in Indy.
  4. Overall a pretty good makeover. The numbers remind me of the Bears a little bit. Bears number font is a bit thinner but definitely similar. May Joey B throw four TDs a game unless he's playing the Bills in which case I wish for him to throw a good 14 or 15 interceptions.
  5. I know he's not a player but I couldn't stand Tom Donahoe and his stupid weasel face and his stupid personnel decisions and his big stupid inability to operate a pro football franchise. As for players, I try to give them a chance. If they suck on the field I'm not gonna waste my time and energy hating them, I'm just gonna hope they get replaced. Players that irritate me are the ones causing drama and bullcrap either on or off the field. The one type of player that really gets on my nerves is the one that will celebrate any sort of accomplishment. You know the type, a
  6. Nice work! It can be tough to come up with a consensus of best players just because there's so many resources out there now. I remember the days where I'd hit up the magazine section in the supermarket and find a couple of draft guides and follow along with those. Nowadays everyone and their mama got a draft website. I actually had an idea for a draft analysis website a while back. It would poll together player rankings from all over the web and then it would determine the average rank of each player. That way, you'd be able to look at one list and know that Website A ranks him as the #2 CB in
  7. What a turd. Plenty of people have spoken on the possible reasoning behind criminal actions of NFL players and want to see the NFL do something about this kind of thing...they do try. Every year they hold the rookie symposium where there are a number of seminars to help the next wave of players transition to the NFL. They have plenty of former players with cautionary tales come and talk about a variety of different things; how to handle your money, how to handle people around you now that you have money, your role as a player in the community, how easy it can be to slip down a rab
  8. That's a good pickup. He was rated pretty highly coming out of college. Saw plenty of mocks here that had him going to the Bills. Hopefully it's just been injuries that have stunted his career a bit. He played every snap last season for the Chargers so that's a positive sign. I still think it's Ford and Feliciano at the two guard spots but this dude could give either one a run for their money if he catches onto the scheme quickly and all that.
  9. Don't think I've ever seen a single ad here since I jumped onboard several years back.
  10. The dude never lacked for character. I always liked how he was basically like, "Fine me, whatever. I'mma do me and that's that." He gives a ton back to his community. I think I might've read that he's been doing the commercials lately because he ends up taking most of the paycheck he gets from them and puts it towards his charitable work.
  11. Or maybe it was one of many "high level" business meetings....
  12. Newsome is the guy I keep coming back to for them. I think he'll be there at 30 and I can't say I'm super well informed on his game but maybe they see him as the big nickel they've been after? He's a smart player and fits very well in their scheme. I think I'm mostly good with whoever they take at 30. I'm trying to figure out the best value at that spot and it'll depend on how the board falls. But as of now, I think the DT and DE classes aren't great so I'd maybe steer clear at 30. I don't think they value RB that high unless they really think the world of whatever back they're in
  13. Good for him. Maybe Carolina will actually give a crap and try to surround him with talent. They must believe they're just a QB away from contending, I guess? I've said it before with Darnold and it's just my own speculation but I don't think the guy is that passionate about football. I'm sure he loves it and enjoys playing but he's not a natural leader, teammates don't seem to gravitate towards him. And he seems pretty indifferent whether he plays good or "sees ghosts" he's kinda just like meh either way. Louis Riddick was at war on the Twitters last week because everyone was talk
  14. I don't recall the specifics but without Ralph Wilson, the Raiders organization likely goes under within the early years of the AFL. Ralph gave Davis a loan to help him keep things afloat.
  15. Lot of games already mentioned that I would have pointed out. The Texans game where Losman launched those two 83 yard TDs to Evans and then achieved the comeback at the end. Of course there some heartbreakers I recall. The Monday night Dallas game in 2007 (I think?) where they let it slip away at the end. And then the Leodis McKelvin fumblerooski in the 2009 opener against New England. It was the "Tedy Bruschi returns!" game and Buffalo had the lead all the way until the final drive but you never would've known because the commentary team was relentless in their praise for all thi
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