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  1. I liked Bruce Arians description of Allen, which he likened to Luck: "Yeah, he's wearing a Superman cape. Luck had that on too when I was with him in Indy." He'll learn to take the easy play every now and again. Seen him look at his checkdowns consistently this year and decide, "Nah." Kind of refreshing when you compare it to Tyrod, but yeah, sometimes just dump it off and get those five or six yards. Kid wants to make a play on every snap, he'll learn to reel that in and learn when to go for it and when to dial it down.
  2. blacklabel

    About Tom Brady and the Patriots

    I never wish injury on any player, but I get where people are coming from with Brady. My dream scenario is this: KC beats them soundly and then this supposedly massive east coast winter storm hits and delays the Patriots flight back to Boston so they have to sit in KC and stew with their loss for an extra day or two.
  3. I miss Woods. He's shown for the last two seasons what he's really capable of, caught 86 passes for 1200+ yards and 6 TDs this season. He did have some injury issues during his time in Buffalo, in fact, this season is the first season in which he hasn't missed any games. In Buffalo, he ended up on teams that were run first. He was a good team guy though, he's a solid blocker in the run game. One of my favorite plays of his was when he threw a block on a DB who crashed into another DB behind him, knocking both out of the play as Tyrod ran in the game winning TD against the Titans in... 2015, I think? Yeah, good stuff, good player. And I agree on CJ. I don't think they were as creative as they needed to be with him. He had that breakout season in 2012 but that was it. Never was really able to keep it up, bounced around the league and last played with KC in 2017.
  4. blacklabel

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    That's his background. He helped Peyton Manning resurrect his career in Denver. That put him on the map and eventually lead to head coaching jobs.
  5. blacklabel

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    Part of the reason those OLs looked good was because Fitz was pretty good at getting rid of the ball quickly. I'm sure speeding up the snap to throw time will be a big focus for Josh and the coaching staff this season.
  6. blacklabel

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    The guy helped the Colts OL hold to only 18 sacks this past season, fewest in the league. I'm fine with that.
  7. blacklabel

    Jets select Adam Gase as HC

    He looks friggin' nuts. I think he's trying to look "intense/serious" or something but maybe he should've practiced in a mirror because he looks like the kinda guy who lures you into his van with candy and Nintendo and then turns you into a lampshade. He might be a good coordinator, he's probably a really good QB coach, but the Dolphins under his leadership were one of the softest teams in the league. There seemed to be no sense of unity or brotherhood among any of the rosters he coached. Those teams would get down by a couple scores and that was it, everyone checked out. I've heard that from day one when he went to Miami there was constant discord in the locker room and he could never get a handle on things. I feel like the Jets rolled with him because of what he might be able to do with Darnold. But if he can't successfully lead the entire team it'll never matter.
  8. blacklabel

    Startling Star statistic

    Everyone overpays in free agency, Buffalo is no exception. In fact they probably have to bump up their offers a bit more than others because Buffalo can be a tough draw for free agents. If you watch the All-22 you see the Lotulelei is doing exactly what they're paying him to do despite not showing up much on the stat sheet. And it's not his fault he's playing 49% of the snaps. McDermott prefers to rotate guys on the DL and that's fine.
  9. blacklabel

    Eagles officially choose Wentz over Foles

    Man, lot of questions on Wentz's ability. Maybe people forget that the kid was well on his way to winning league MVP in 2017 before he got hurt. Lot of Eagles fans feel like he rushed himself back from injury and played at much less than 100% for 2018 and it cost him as he got injured again. Wentz is definitely the better all-around athlete. I also think he's ahead of Foles in terms of reading defenses and checking in and out of the right plays. While Foles does see the field pretty well and he can get the ball out quick, a lot of the stuff they call for Foles involves pre-determined and/or half-field reads. He's limited in the sense that once defenses figure out to stop him, his coaches don't really have a whole lot of flexibility in changing the play-calls and asking Foles to do things outside his comfort zone. Foles has a good skill set but he's reached his peak. It's why he's never been able to completely hold down a full-time starting gig. Wentz is able to adjust a lot better than Foles. Wentz should be 100% next year and will probably make Philly fans forget about Foles.
  10. blacklabel

    GB Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    Are you seriously questioning the immense coaching genius that is Nate Hackett?!
  11. blacklabel

    GB Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    I hope Rodgers likes handing the ball off 74 times a game.
  12. blacklabel

    Are the Bills the Ronald Wayne of the NFL?

    I'd say their comparison is pretty far away from "indisputable facts." These turds are paid to come up with controversial talking points in order to drum up interest and get people involved in calling in and discussing things with them. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't believe their own BS half the time. And I dunno how many times it has to be said but anyone that thinks Mahomes would've lit it up in Buffalo (or anywhere else) like he has in KC then you're delusional. He has an outrageous supporting cast and a very good OL plus a coach that's been known as "the QB whisperer" for years. He fell into a perfect situation and he's excelling, good for him. Other teams passed on him as well. There was a lot of hesitation from most who scouted this guy that they didn't think his style of play would translate well to the NFL. It's not like he was some perfect, can't-miss prospect, there were plenty of questions on him coming out of Texas Tech. Another thing beyond that, so many people think the only way to win in the NFL right now is to have a QB who throws for 450 yards and 5 TDs a game, yet here we are in the playoffs where defense makes the difference. The scores are 20-14, 21-7, 24-22, 16-15, etc. Yeah, the Patriots, Chiefs and Rams scored at least 30 in their games this weekend but that's more like the exception than the standard. Every year there are a handful of teams that light up the scoreboard while every other team averages between 14 and 26 points a game. This idea that no team can succeed without a quarterback that puts up Madden-type numbers every season just isn't the case.
  13. blacklabel

    Foles/Wentz article with interesting general insights

    The drawback with Foles and the simplified play-calling is that defenses catch up with that pretty quick and given Foles' limitations, they don't have a whole lot of flexibility to switch up the play-calls. I think this is why he's always fizzled out when he's a full-time starter. With Wentz, they have more flexibility so once defenses catch onto what they're doing, Pederson has the ability to switch things up because Wentz can handle it better than Foles. Overall you just gotta scheme to the strengths of your players. Can't be like Rex where you force the scheme onto players who aren't necessarily suited for it. That's an old school way of doing things and I think it's fading out of the league at this point. Coaches are aware that they need to design plays based off what their players do best. You do that first and then you gradually expand the playbook to things that the player has to improve upon in order to be a complete player. Coaches also need to recognize when it's time to throw more at them and when it's time to scale it back some. I think Daboll did alright with Josh this year and without draft prep this off-season, the kid should have plenty of time to get more experienced on his own, during OTAs, minicamp, training camp, etc.
  14. The fact that Clay was a healthy scratch for Week 16 (I think) tells me they plan on moving on from him. He had chronic injury history with his knees before even signing here, I think that's probably caught up with him, doesn't seem to be able to separate anymore. McCoy's rough year can be put on the OL somewhat but there were other times where he should've hit the hole and taken the four or five yards that were there. He was really pressing to make a play just about every time he had the ball. He may have to switch up his running style a little bit if he wants to keep playing because, to me anyway, he's lost maybe half a step. He can still cut and juke but he did a little too much of that and it doesn't bail him out like it used to. Defenders were on him quickly. The fact that guys like Ivory, Murphy and even Ford had more success with a straight north-south style makes you wonder if that type of running style is better suited for the offense this team wants to run. I still think McCoy can be effective in a specific role, get him the ball maybe 12-15 times a game, both on handoffs and catching it out of the backfield. Just design some stuff for him where they can get him in space and let him do his thing. I'd say running back is on their list of needs. They need to get a little younger there and I wouldn't be surprised to see RBBC this season.
  15. blacklabel

    Vance Jospeh named DC in Arizona...how???

    I was also perplexed when he was given the Broncos job after only what, like one or two years as Miami's DC, and their defense wasn't anything to write home about. But around that time I do recall reading that he's well respected as a leader and as someone who has a natural ability to connect with his players. I'd assume that's what keeps getting him good jobs in the league.