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  1. Meh. I get what he's saying. I don't really think he's saying anything inflammatory. He's basically just saying you're not gonna beat KC with field goals. I understood the FG at the end of the half, he wanted to get some points on the board after the 21 unanswered by KC. I get what he's doing there, he didn't want the team to walk away with zilch and feel even more deflated. But I imagine a TD there would've provided a decent spark. I also thought Poyer's big hit would create a spark. There was just something missing on the Bills end. It is pretty infuriating to see KC be able to
  2. As if a game like this doesn't already put your nerves on frazzled, I've got a 39 weeks pregnant wife over here. We've been joking all week that our little man is gonna decide to begin his escape from the womb right at 6:40p tonight, haha. She asked what would we do if that happened and I said, "Keys are on the counter, good luck!" Haha. It doesn't seem too likely that'll be the case though so that's why we're headed to the hospital tomorrow afternoon to be induced. I swear, I've felt more nerves over this friggin' game than the impending arrival of my kid haha. So today we'll be
  3. So he wants to go from one completely inept organization to another? Cripes. I'm not sure I can sympathize with the guy anymore.
  4. I think Brown is trending up, he definitely looked better vs Baltimore than he did against Indy. Beasley looked like he was in rough shape all throughout the Baltimore game. I'm sure the plan for him this week is rehab out the wazoo and just light practice reps. Davis looked like he tweaked something, I heard McKenzie was dealing with something as well. Wonder if they activate Stills... Or maybe Kumerow? I know he's just gotten back so I don't know the protocol or if he'd even be able to play. How's KC against tight ends? Maybe in addition to Knox have Kr
  5. Man, that Tre White is one gifted fella. A stud athlete and one of the best at his position. Plus, he's super smart (I think he finished his academics early) with crazy leadership and preparation skills. Dude studies film more than some coaches. And then to top it off he's a genuinely good family man with a goofy sense of humor. Becomes the first draft pick of the McDermott era and he sets the example for what the team looks for in its players. He's a cornerstone franchise player.
  6. In addition to this, I think they also were a little hamstrung in the play calling department because of all the bad drive starts against Indy. Whenever a team is backed up in their own end like that it limits your options. And in the first half of that game their average drive start was like their own 8 or something. I felt like I saw a little more motion and movement against Baltimore, where they had much better field position throughout the game. Hopefully Daboll can really open the playbook and get them into a groove early and then keep it rolling.
  7. Yuss! I really think this kid has a ton of potential. Also brings some size to the WR group, which is nice. The fact that they went out and brought him back tells me that they see enough from him in practice that he's in their future plans. That bullet he caught against the Broncos was one of my favorite throws this season.
  8. Didn't Allen struggle against Tennessee and KC because of the injury he got against Vegas? I recall Matt Hasselbeck saying he suffered the same injury and it effected his mechanics, causing him to miss high on a lot of throws. Saw the same thing with Josh during that time. And surely they had to tweak the game plan to accommodate his injury. Last I heard, mild day in the 30s or 40s with light winds this Sunday. Obviously that could change so we'll see.
  9. Just go play somewhere in the NFC, haha. Saints could be an interesting fit.
  10. I've been saying it since day one, Greg Roman might be known as a run game guru but his passing concepts are not that difficult to defend. He showed this issue in San Fran with Kaepernick, in Buffalo with Tyrod and it'll eventually happen in Baltimore. But, poor passing scheme or not, the Bills had him contained and flustered all night so I think his performance has a lot more to do with that than it does much else.
  11. Holy crap, hahaha. Thanks for the heads up. I was so friggin confused. I guess I'm still a little out of sorts. Still flyin' high from that sweet sweet pick-6. Taron Johnson should definitely win some kind of major award for that.
  12. What da heck is going on? How are both games airing at the same time? I thought KC/CLE was the late game today? I just flipped this game on after watching the refs help Timmy and the Bucs get a TD on their opening drive.
  13. The way he spoke last night sure made him sound like he rrrrrreally wanted the Ravens to win. Lamar Jackson could've sneeze-farted himself off the bench and Collinsworth would've been like, "Oh my, he is just so incredibly, unbelievably, extraordinarily amazing, Al. I mean, when we call his games, I know to pack at least 7 or 8 extra pairs of slacks because I know I'm gonna ruin quite a few! Heck, I had to change twice before the game even started!" He's a goon.
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