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  1. Soon as I program this bada$$ 1986 Zenith Z-Super 368 and get me some Fujifilm videocassettes I'll be all set!
  2. Ya know... I'm gonna give credit where it's due. Ol' Tommy Boy and Papa Bill are the GOATs of their respective occupations. That said, their legacy is always going to have a little black eye to it. Because if you ask me, the Pats and Brady either flat out broke the rules or constantly pushed the envelope as far as they could in their endless quest to find a winning edge. From Spygate to Deflategate to Brady's defending of that walking hemorrhoid called Antonio Brown and to Belechick's and now Araians' refusal to disclose the injuries. Throw that on top of all the BS calls he's had
  3. Rodgers sometimes forgets to snap his chin strap back on and every time he does it’s a run play lol
  4. My favorite Dicky Sherman moment is two seconds after this when Erin says, “Who’s talking about you, Richard?” and it completely catches him off guard because he’s obviously just trying to boast. And he’s like, “Ah, uh, Crabtree!” Don’t you ever try me with no sorry receiver like Crabtree! Don’t you ever try me with no bail on mah crimes!
  5. It's a 17 game season so, who knows, Diggs might be able to replicate his 2020 numbers but if I had to guess I'd expect him to have less than 127 this season, just because Daboll is gonna have stuff drawn up for Sanders and Davis, and Beasley if he plays this season or whatever he's doing. Diggs probably still snags near or more than 100 because he's Josh's go-to. I think McKenzie might see his snaps on offense decrease and his special teams snaps increase if he ends up beating out Brandon Powell and Marcus Stevenson for the return job. Knox's numbers need to go up, he can be a difference make
  6. Just like they were supposedly ready to run to the podium on draft day with Najee Harris or...oh for the love of pete I can't remember the Clemson kid's name without googling, cripes, please hold... *muttering under breath* friggin' old, got CRS, ugh... googley google, who is the Clemson kid stuck in hell now, er, I mean, Jacksonville? Etienne, there it is... yeah, we heard a lot through April that the Bills were high on a back but then after the draft came and went, Beane said all that was BS. I'm starting to think that they have someone in the front office who they allow to be a source for t
  7. Maybe they trade a guy like Addison if someone like Epenesa or Obada, or even one of the rookies really impresses through camp and pre-season and make Addison expendable. It's definitely a no-go for me on Hughes. Dude is one of the heart and soul types on this team and has really grown into a leader role since McDermott took over. The thing to remember with McDermott and Beane is the on-field production isn't always paramount in their decision making on who they bring in. They bring in guys with elite work ethics and practice habits because they want their younger talent to see that and model
  8. Nice. For years I’ve thought it’d be cool to see a 90s throwback kit with the red helmets but they’ve had this weird one helmet rule instituted for a while now. Been ten years now since they switched to the white helmets and this year they’re gonna look sharp as heck with that white facemask. I’d love to see them come up with a new alternate, maybe with a blue helmet or something.
  9. 1. Josh Allen 2. Stefon Diggs 3. Tre’Davious White 4. Matt Milano 5. Jordan Poyer 6. Tremaine Edmunds 7. Dion Dawkins 8. Daryl Williams 9. Ed Oliver 10. Jerry Hughes
  10. I read that as “noodle armed weenie can’t hang” and will not buck trend. I refuse to feel any kind of bad for the Pats after they just had 19 seasons of elite quarterback play. Suffer, you Pats fans, suffer in QB purgatory such as we have!
  11. I’ve noticed that for years with all sorts of media dweebs. They’re all looking to be the first one with the big controversial take so people pay attention and give them views and clicks. I’m convinced these dudes are playing characters at this point because you know some of the BS they spew they don’t even believe themselves. But they all have their production meetings with their superiors and editors and they get direction on what type of discussion to have and where to keep the focus on which topics and all that stuff. It’s annoying. I haven’t watched any sort of pregame show in years becau
  12. It’s Tannehill and the Titans. Brady wanted to go play for his buddy Vrabel but they backed out after doing their due diligence or whatever they call it.
  13. Yeesh, Cam really lost it these last few years. His mechanics just look so wonky. Seems like a complete 50/50 when he throws it, it’s either gonna be fairly on target or miss by a mile. Even his last year in Carolina he was missing on routine throws. And then Jones looks like the reincarnation of Chad Pennington, just with less accuracy but the same noodle arm. Good. Suffer, New England. Suffaaaahhhhhh!!!
  14. I thought they would’ve gone with a retractable roof as opposed to open air with some type of overhang thingy. I think the whole weather factor can be a bit overstated, I don’t think it makes a crazy huge difference in games. Plus, it’s only like every other season or two do they have a heavy snow game. The wind can be a little more persistent throughout the fall but again, only every so often is it so high it has an impact on the game. I figured they would’ve with the roof that way they can use the stadium year round for all sorts of events and not have to worry about the weather. E
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