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  1. Exactly what they pay Lotulelei to do. Funny how so many people were down on that signing but now that his absence is blatantly obvious, people are like, "Wait, maybe that WAS a good deal." Guys aren't always paid to be flashy and rack up the stats. Guys like Star are paid to allow his teammates to flash and rack up stats. And if this Shamar fella is a real option, I'd utter the age-old mantra of... "Get it done, OBD!"
  2. They had plenty of chances to beat Brady and the Pats. They did it once or twice, right? I mean, I'm good with that because I reached my "Brady whoops the Bills" quota about 14 years ago so, I'm aboot done with all that. Times be changing, Pats on the downswing, Bills got their chance to go on top, gotta take advantage. 2-4 or not, Belichick will have this team ready. Hope it's a good one. As in...I hope Josh and the Boys rack up 35 first half points and blow 'em out of the water.
  3. Someone said "Don't overpay anyone" and while that's a good rule of thumb, the Bills have regularly had to overpay free agents to sign here for years now. That happens when your team and city are viewed as "undesirable" by a lot of players. Now that they've been winning, that perception has begun to change and I've seen more than a few times that Buffalo is starting to be seen as a solid option for free agents. So they got that going for them, which is nice. But yeah, we've definitely seen them dole out some hefty deals for players that don't quite match that salary but sometimes you gotta bite the bullet to get what you want.
  4. Maybe if they define a role for him and only ask him to do specific things, then maybe he might make an impact. He's an athlete for sure. Is it coaching? Is he a numbskull and can't comprehend schemes? Does he gamble and get burned too much? I remember there was some hype on him in 2016 but he didn't really do much. Again, maybe if they use him only in certain packages he could have an impact.
  5. I understand where Minshew is coming from. He may have thought he was just hurt and could shake it off. And yeah, he probably felt like if he had to miss time due to injury he'd lose his starting gig but if I were him I'd have some confidence in myself and say, "It's Mike gotd@ng Glennon, I can beat this guy for the #1 spot."
  6. Okay...how does that help the Bills right now, tho? I've said it in some other threads, late round picks in 2021 aren't very valuable to a GM like Beane right now. Tons of prospects aren't able to play this season and a lot of those guys are probably gonna get drafted in later rounds. It's gonna be tough to evaluate and figure out what you have in your late round prospects next year. Either way, late round prospects don't have the greatest odds of making this Bills team. The only way I'm taking late round picks for Trent Murphy is if I know I'm taking those picks and flipping them to another team for a player. There's just no point in trading him just to trade him and his contract is up after this season so there's not much point in cutting him. I mean, who are the alternatives? Darryl Johnson? AJ Epenesa? Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the potential those two guys have but right now they're being outplayed by Murphy which is why he gets more snaps. Yeah I'm sure they expected more from him when they signed him but maybe the injury really FUBAR'd him and he just can't get back to how he was playing before the injury, I've no idea. But as it is right now, he's better than a couple of future late round picks. Unless some kind of knock-his-socks-off kinda deal comes around, I don't think compiling late round picks for the future is real high on Beane's priority list. They have a window to compete right now so if they're gonna make any sort of move, it's gotta be one that helps them immediately and not next year. Again, just my two cents on the subject. And of course I've seen Trent play. He, along with the rest of the DL, have struggled this season. He does flash and make plays at times, it's just too much time between those flashes. It feels like, "Week Two, Murphy has two sacks and a forced fumble" and then his next sighting is like, "Week Nine, evidently Trent Murphy returned from his trip to the moon because he had a sack and a fumble recovery!" Yes sir. That'd be the only way I'd trade Trent Murphy for a couple of late round picks, is if I knew I could then package those picks and flip them to another team for player that can help them right now. They have a window to compete so I don't think stockpiling a buncha future late round picks does them much good right now. And any late round prospect has their work cut out for them in terms of making the team.
  7. Trent Murphy right now is more valuable to the Bills than a 2021 6th or 7th round draft pick that's unlikely to make the team. The only way I see them taking picks for him is if they then flip those picks in a trade for another player.
  8. I gotta say, it feels like the Twilight Zone to see the Patriots ranked somewhere other than top of the mountain. I suppose that's what happens when a team dominates for 20 years. They did lose a lot of players and had players opt out but Belichick believes he can succeed with any player plugged into his system. Year after year he wins games with guys that might be backups on a different team. He's always been able to do that because he never has to compensate for the most important position in the game: QB. When that's taken care of, it makes everything else a lot easier. You can afford to be below average in a few spots because you know you have a QB that can strap the team on his back at any moment. I also feel like he's in a bit over his head. I know he's done this in other years but again, he doesn't have the luxury of not having to worry about the QB and really the offense in general since he has McDaniels. But other than him, I don't believe he has a defensive coordinator or a special teams coach, I believe he's handling those aspects himself and delegating things to his mullet-headed kid and some other assistants. He's also the GM so he has a lot on his plate and maybe he should really consider balancing his staff a little better so he doesn't have so much responsibility. This is 100% a winnable game for the Bills. Two ugly losses and an ugly win... shake it off, go in there and smack them around and win in a definitive fashion, doshgarnnit!
  9. I'll trade for Apple with my Snapple.....cap, my Snapple cap...they ain't gettin' the whole beverage as it is far more valuable than the defensive back services provided by Mr. Apple.
  10. I would avoid the Jets like the plague until they're under new ownership.
  11. I really feel like they should beat New England but the way the defense has played makes it tough to completely trust that they will. Defensively, it's not like they're constantly giving up monster plays, it's that they cannot end a drive before it hits double digits in plays, so it seems anyway. They allow so many easy down and distance situations, 2nd and 3, 3rd and 4, etc. I think that affects what types of packages and pressures they can dial up. And then when they do get a 3rd and long, they end up screwin' the pooch and giving up 21 yards when the opponent needed 20. That $#!+ is disheartening as a fan, I can't imagine how it is as a player. That stuff will drive a defense batty and weaken their confidence. All season long they've just given up too many long drives and end up on the field for too long. They gotta force more 3 and outs and more punts. That said, I don't think the NE offense should have a field day out there. They don't really have any major weapons. Yeah, they can run the ball a buncha different ways and that may be a problem but I feel like if the Niners can go in and beat them that bad, the Bills can too. I'm sure a lot of people probably saw Seattle on the schedule and thought, "That's a loss" but I think they play Seattle tough and we'll see what happens. And then I hope McDerms and Frazier dial up some super confusing looks for Murray and the Cards. That dude is tough to defend. I really have no idea. The eggs they laid against Tennessee and KC were very concerning and it made me second guess if these guys are as good as they were they their first four games. I don't think the Jets game is as bad as some think. Offense moved the ball very well, just sputtered when in Jets territory and had to settle for field goals. They were super close on a few plays and Gabe Davis needs to stop getting robbed of TDs on BS procedural calls. It was 18-10 but if a few things go the other way it could've been 38-10. Should've been... Bah. This sport gives me anxiety.
  12. Grew up in a family of Bills fans. Played backyard football with friends and family as a kid and when you're a kid, you gotta have your own thing, can't be some sheep falling in line and liking what everyone else likes. So, our little crew all picked teams we liked, for whatever reason. My brother picked the Giants because he liked Mark Bavaro, my cousin took the Falcons because he liked Andre Rison. Another friend went with the 49ers because they were winning all the time back then. Myself, I went with the Raiders because I thought silver and black was cool. And then 51-3 happened and I switched teams to the Bills, haha. I also had picked the Bengals the year before because of the orange and black. I look back at my childhood now and wonder how many decisions I made based on color lol.
  13. I like things that are nice. This is definitely good news. He's a solid player, but what I really like about him is he can get the team hyped up. He's vocal, he's loud, he's provocative, gets the people going.
  14. He did. Stidham went in. I wasn't paying real close attention but I think it went something like: handoff, handoff, handoff, incomplete, handoff, interception.
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