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  1. And from the right hash, same side he missed the 38 yarder. He tends to miss more from the right as it is so yeah definitely would’ve been a really difficult try.
  2. It’ll be good to have an experienced player in the secondary.
  3. In that heat you get dehydrated quicker so your muscles are straining more and it just adds up to a bad time. Plus, just plain bad luck. In recent years the Bills have been remarkably healthy with very few injuries. Unfortunately this season they've been hit pretty hard but if it's gonna happen it's better to happen now than down the road. I think they'll be alright. And I know it's been talked about a lot but players shouldn't have to play in those kinds of conditions. I've always been more of a cooler weather person because for me, it's way easier to warm up then to cool down. Cold? Flip on the heat or grab a blanket or a hoodie. Baking on the surface of the sun? Disrobe, place junk in ice, sit in front of fan, still sweat. If the league cares about player health and safety as much as they say they do then perhaps south Florida teams need to be playing early season games at 4:30 or later when the sun is down. Or, any teams in hot weather climates wanting to build a new stadium are gonna end up required to put a retractable roof on it and then there'll be rules set by the league stating in what conditions the roof is allowed open. Players have straight dropped dead in practices when it's too hot. And to design your stadium like that and not allow much of anything on the opponent sidelines in terms of cooling off? Funkin' weak, man. Clearly Miami doesn't care about safety, I mean their QB whacked his head, stumbled, barfed and pooped his pants and they said oh his back was hurting. Weenies. God I hate the Fish. Early 2010s they complained that the last five or six games they had up here were all scheduled in late December. After that their visits to Buffalo for the next several seasons all happened in September or October. They're up here in week 15 this season. May the high that day be a grand total of 8. And they can freeze their gills.
  4. Well said, man. It's kind of depressing to be honest. Here we are with this amazing team doing incredible things and a moderate portion of the fans are flipping out about it. With the secondary down every starter except Taron and then the OL dropping like flies as the game went on, I was prepared to take an L. Heck, they came close to pulling it off even with all those obstacles. They aren't gonna win them all. But one L and people are questioning everything, splitting hairs, picking nits, finding one tiny thing that reaffirms their biases and opinions. I mean, this staff and team has done a tremendous job over the last five years but you wouldn't know it after a loss. It's like that 99 out of 100 rule. I used to work with this lady who griped about everything. You could literally do 99 out of 100 things perfectly and she'd focus on the one thing that went wrong. Feels like that with this coaching staff at least. They've done a great job but they lose one and "Shoulda canned Frazier" and "Hiring Kromer was a mistake" or "McDermott doesn't have enough hands to clap, fire him." Just a total bum out. Enjoy what they are. They're a great team. All teams fight thru adversity. This team will be fine. (Logic - none of this is pointed at you obviously, I just went off on a bit of a rant haha)
  5. Right? I really can't fault them too much for this loss. The defense did pretty well missing their entire starting secondary sans Taron Johnson. And I think if the OL was able to hold up they probably would've won the game. It happens. But now we've got a buncha posts about this coach needs to do this and Beane should go do that and blah blah blah. They're looking at DBs today and probably OL as well. I doubt he swings any monster trades or anything but I'm sure they're doing the work.
  6. The whole "his back locked up" thing is crap. Dude showed traditional symptoms of a concussion. His head got slammed, he came up shaking it and then stumbled a bunch because he was dizzy as eff. Clearly player health and safety is not a priority in Miami. Not when you're blatantly lying about a kid having a concussion so he can keep playing and while you're purposely designing stadium renovations to force opposing teams to bake in the heat. Lame as all get out.
  7. You can't hear me but I'm making a barf noise as my reaction to this take. Geez Louise. Did some of y'all honestly think they were gonna win every single one? Now's the time in the season to drop one and hopefully get the injury bug out the way. One L and so many of ya's are splitting hairs and picking nits while this incredible team is doing amazing things. Half the dang team nearly dropped dead and they still nearly pulled off the won. I can't be mad at that.
  8. That's not heated. That's just frustrated. One of Mahomes' biggest skills is his ability to improvise and create. There are likely times where he's telling his coaches, "Just let me cut loose on this one" and coaches are like, "Stick to the plan." I do wonder if we'll see some more cracks in their offense without Tyreek. Teams can now zero in on containing Kelce because it's not like leaving JuJu single covered is dangerous.
  9. If the league gives a crap about player safety it needs to be discussed. These guys shouldn't be out there playing in that insanity. Guarantee there were some Miami players that were feeling it too. I said in another thread that I hope when the Fish come up here in December that the high temp for the day is like 8 or something. They can freeze their little fish faces off.
  10. There were a lot of things wrong with that game. Guys were dropping every other play at one point so I was like, good lord I don't care who wins anymore can we just end this one? It sucked. Not to sound like a whiner but the heat, I think, needs to be discussed going forward. If the league gives a crap about player safety like they say they do then you'd think there'd be a rule that says you can't purposely make the opponent bake in the heat. Not too long ago I recall some Dolphins teams p*ssing and moaning about how every away game vs. Buffalo always happened in December. And they didn't think that was fair because the cold put them at a disadvantage. The next couple seasons the Bills would play Miami at home in September and October. When are they up here, week 15 is it? I hope the high that day is frickin' 7. Freeze your stupid fish bawlz off you nerds.
  11. Poor posting by "Einstein" has become a trend....as if it was ever anything different. Your username should be revoked. A man as intelligent as Einstein would never be associated with such dumper takes.
  12. One loss and this place turns into hot poopy take central. There have been less designed runs for Allen this year than any previous year. I despise the talking heads. Don't watch one bit of any kinda network analysis, I'll catch some stuff online but that's it. And I watch the games on mute.
  13. Nothing like a loss to bring out the poopy takes. They're fine. The close losses are kind of an anomaly, just a strange coincidence. They were down five starters on defense and then lost a couple more guys during the game. Then the OL was playing backups of backups and the receiver group was about to keel over. And also injured. All that and they still nearly pulled it off. Lost by two points. They weren't dominated, they weren't out-coached or out-played. Phins had two decent drives and Tua hit Waddle for that long one and that was it. Can't ask much more from your defense in that situation. Missed opportunities, an inch this way or that way and it's a different game. Thems just the breaks sometimes. So disappointing to see such seriously negative takes. This is an incredible team and they deserve the benefit of the doubt on this one. I'm not gonna be down on them for this L. They aren't gonna win 'em all and anytime they don't win one we don't need 400 new threads nitpicking every little thing. The expectations of some fans are absurd.
  14. Good gravy. Delete this, man. Guys were dropping like flies on both teams today and you're playing blame the GM. You should have to change your username because it's just downright disrespectful to associate a legendary band like Iron Maiden with your poopy foosball takes. What exactly are your expectations in a backup? What do you want, first team All-Pro at starter and second team All-Pro at backup? Guys are backups for a reason. They were already down with Morse being out, then Brown went out, then Bates, then Van Roten, it sucked. There's no blame to be placed on the GM for that situation.
  15. I'm not gonna be too bummed. I mean, congrats to Miami, I guess? You beat a team missing like 60% of its overall starters and you squeaked out with a two point win. Bills missed some opportunities but with who they had on the field today it was likely to be ugly. A guy got a ball kicked up his a$$ for Pete's sake. Bass shanking that 38-yard try stings a lot more now. I had a weird feeling he was gonna botch that one, he tends to miss more from the right hash. Snap was high and then Martin looked like he was saying it was on him for a bad hold. Meh. This is the time in the season to go thru a rough stretch like this. Hopefully in the coming weeks guys will get healthy. At one point dudes were dropping so often I was like, let's just call this one and everybody go home before some poor SOB literally drops dead. Also, the officials were downright putrid. But that's to be expected. And I don't really think Miami did anything too special. 21 points against a defense missing all but one starter in the secondary. Results likely won't be the same the next time these two meet. Hope they get a buncha guys back for next week and then after that hopefully they get Tre White back.
  16. I think Jaquan Johnson is gonna be alright. Even in garbage time when he's played he's shown a knack for the ball. Everything I read on him coming out of college said he's everything you want in a safety, instincts, reads, etc. he's just not the biggest dude. I saw some mentions of Siran Neal, he seems to kinda be a jack of all trades DB for them but it would seem they like him best at corner when needed and then he's the gunner on special teams. I suspect they'll be doing some shuffling around to figure out what's gonna work best.
  17. Aw man that's a bummer, dude is such a solid player and directs so much traffic on the back end. Gonna be tough to replace but Jaquan Johnson c'mon down. Get well soon, 23.
  18. You could make 'em all wear concrete shoes... that'd probably slow them down some... oh, it has to be within the confines of the game? Ah... then I got.... yeah, I got nothin'.
  19. Groot kinda reminds me of Josh a little bit in that he was this huge athletic freak of a dude who had the skills, just needed them to be refined. To have someone like Von Miller right there alongside you has to be awesome as a young player. Dude has to be learning so much and it seems like he's applying everything the right way because the results are becoming evident.
  20. Stand up for the big plays obviously, but yeah, I paid to see the game, not your back or the crack'a yo a$$. It gets irritating when people just refuse to sit down. It's like... wow, a first and ten draw up the middle for three, better start doing backflips!
  21. And unless Singletary puts a stranglehold on the RB1 job like he did last season, they're likely to let him walk in FA. Not that they don't like the dude, I'm sure they do, but they don't value RB very highly and will likely always look to have at least one back on a rookie deal. They have Moss and now Cook behind him. They've been waiting two seasons now for Moss to breakout and show he can be the guy they want him to be but so far he's been a bit of a bust. I mean, you can argue that the backs don't get as much of a chance to carry the ball given how often they throw it but you'd think the guy would make a bit more out of the touches he has gotten. But if it's me, and Moss just doesn't seem to take that next step while Singletary continues being very reliable then I'm probably cutting Moss and re-signing Singletary.
  22. This guy with the google, thanks. For some reason I thought the 2008 SB was the Cards vs. Steelers but that would mean the Cards would've played the SB at home and that didn't happen until Tampa Bay a couple years ago. That was a good one, tho. I checked out the stadium on Wikipedia, it's now named State Farm Stadium, and it's nickname is "The Big Toaster" which is quite fitting.
  23. Out of all the new super-stadiums that have opened up in the recent years, University at Phoenix Stadium is still an architectural gem. Think it may have been the first or one of the first NFL stadiums with the retractable roof and the ability to roll out the entire field and set down a different surface allows versatility. Seems like most new stadiums would follow something similar, they just seem to really have nailed it with that one. They've hosted the Super Bowl what, three times now since it opened in the mid 2000s? (I'm certain my numbers are off here but I'm a lazy dillhole who doesn't wanna google right now).
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