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  1. Too much confidence in this place, I'm just hoping we're not...
  2. How can you eat and look through that cesspit at the same time?
  3. Yep, there's so much of this stuff out there. Colin Cowherd has some beauts before and after the 2018 draft where he insisted the Cards and Jets owned the draft and that Rosen and Darnold would change the franchises (well I guess they did technically). Cowherd ripped Allen to pieces every chance he got, now he's his biggest fan. I've never heard him reference his old views on the guy though. Maybe he has but I've never heard him. To do well in that job you can't be balanced because you'll be seen as a fence sitter. Just talk ***** about everything as though you're a HOF coach or GM, then remind everyone when you were right or forget about it when you were wrong.
  4. These two priceless videos do a great job of showing why people like Foxworth talk out of their asses
  5. If the Bills do win the super bowl I hope Doyle turns up at the White House in full uniform
  6. Some funny stuff here. He presents his show the way Josh plays QB, an absolute lunatic. "Hey, Patriots. You are no longer a p**s, you are now number two: a s**t"
  7. If we lose to the Chiefs, get ready for the new narrative around him: "He can't get to/win a Super Bowl." Or they'll combine this with "he can't beat Mahomes when it counts"
  8. Colin Cowherd was pushing this idea earlier Now that he has to massage himself his hands will be to slippery with oil to grip the ball
  9. Cool, I like Maycock during the draft build-up. To be fair to him the team he built did get to the playoffs - Kiper wouldn't be able to achieve that
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