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  1. I think as seasoned football fans you're used to certain scripts playing out. The scene we've seen so many times of the player being immobilized as the players of both teams kneel in prayer. then the cart leaves the field and often the injured player gives a thumbs up to show he has movement. The crowd cheers and the players feel they can continue knowing their guy has some movement at least. Last night I was expecting to see the same scene, then they showed Josh with that look of horror mixed with worry mixed with shock, plus the tears in the eyes. Then they showed Diggs and White in tears. That was such a powerful image and something I haven't seen before that it really hit me. Finally those words from Buck about them administering CPR. That was so surreal and was the moment when I was thinking "Jesus, this young man is literally dying in front of his teammates". The whole thing was just so surreal and disturbing, not just for Bills fans but for anyone watching. It's amazing how you can go from being so pumped about the game and so rabid about every mistake or big play your team makes out there to literally not giving a damn about plays or scores or standings
  2. Well if you expect people to be perfect in every play of every game then I guess you're welcome to hate them all you like. I'm talking about how they acted on the face of a terrible incident. I mean I could continue complaining about the trash they spoke before the game, but I personally prefer to not be that petty
  3. Yeah, nothing but good to say about the coaches, players and fans. If we get knocked out of the playoffs I will be pulling for them to win it all
  4. It really doesn't matter about the game. People say "let's go an win it for (inter name)" when bad injuries happen but this is different. Can't expect people to play when a friend or brother is in a life or death situation. Take the loss if you have to, no one will judge them for it
  5. KC has won then, not that there was any doubt
  6. Teddy doing the same as Tua: heave it downfield and hope Hill appears and catches it
  7. Jeez, the Giants player doing a snow angel while Foles rolls around in agony
  8. Chiefs fans are claiming Patrick Mahomes would have lifted the helicopter to safety before it hit the water
  9. Brady was unable to help as he was transfixed by the image in his pocket mirror
  10. Al Michaels sound like an old man trying to give directions to a place he's heard of but has never been to
  11. I think there might be some truth to this. The better players in any sport take it up a level when it matters most.
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