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  1. I love all this talk of divine intervention. I mean people can believe what they want but it always makes me laugh at the idea of God sparing Donald Trump's life. I guess God had a real problem with JFK and his brother. Maybe he had a thing for Marilyn
  2. That is so weird because just last week I legally changed my wife's name to Josh Allen
  3. This guy loved his dog like a daughter. Great guy and role model
  4. I'm expecting a good season from Samuel. I don't know what his 40 time is but he plays fast. Watching him with the Ski... erm, Commanders, a lot of his big plays came when things broke down and Heinicke had to improvise. Obviously with such average QB play there weren't many opportunities but I think he'll play the Diggs role. And when things break down, Allen is one of the best, so I'm expecting Samuel to make some big off script plays as well.
  5. Already a thing, I was a member for 7 years. Then I got into an argument with my coach and he told me to go and f##k myself
  6. This is clearly a ploy to get me banned. MUST... NOT... MAKE... ANY... GAY... JOKES... Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I bet the most popular position on the team is a tight end damn I cracked
  7. I remember my third daughter being born during super bowl 28. So glad I missed the game for such a special moment. When I got home from the hospital my wife asked how the game went, I pretended to be disappinted and luckily she didn't suspect a thing.
  8. I think considering Campbells's old man joints it's more of a squeaky good signing
  9. I really don't like to take pleasure at other people's misfortune but if Rodgers was to just say screw it and retire I think I would genuinely piss my pants laughing at Jets fans
  10. Was his first the one where he did a Superman and flew into the endzone against the Vikes? Who would have thought back then that he's score so many so quickly
  11. He's so slow it's not a throwing motion it's a throwing slow-motion sorry,wrong thread
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