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  1. The only reason anyone is concerned is because he's not hit the deep balls. If he hits mckensie then everyone is saying how great he looked. I'm not so concerned about it as frustrated. He can obviously do it because he did it in college. I honestly think he has the yips and the more he misses them the more he gets frustrated and forces it. I also believe at some point soon he'll hit one early in a game and then get another in the same game and then he'll be fine. It also doesn't help that he's not getting many shots a game, so he's not got much of a rhythm going.
  2. The way the NFL is now you're not going to get a defense that dominates week in week out. Even the Pats will end up having a few games where they let up a lot of yards. With everything being designed around the pass and with the tough rules now it just isn't going to happen. I get that it was the Phins and not the chiefs but still, the these games will happen here and there. That's why it's so important to have and offense that can score regularly now
  3. Yeah, he's like Robocop when his aiming is off. He needs to stack a few jars of baby food up and start slinging the pigskin at them
  4. He's a rookie, Hockenson had a bad drop against the Packers that would have won it for them. I really like Knox
  5. Tough game, was on the verge of being embarrassing but I'm going to look at the glass being half full and put it down to: Fitz being inspired by playing in his old stomping ground Bye week rust Erm, that's about it. As they say, a win is a win and if we end up 11-5 and in the playoffs, or even beating Philly next week, no one will care about this game. They can actually use it as a good learning experience - don't believe the hype boys and remember that ANYONE can be tough in the NFL. I mean look at the Skins against the 9ers today. I think we take Philly, then it will be interesting to see how they do against the skins
  6. True, but OJ is still the most infamous. There are inhabitants on the island of Tarawa who could finish the sentence "if it doesn't fit, you must..."
  7. I assume if Fitz plays one of his lights out games and they're actually winning at halftime he'll be replaced by Rosen
  8. Where are we now in the team psycho leaderboard? The Pats had Hernandez but I guess we're still top with OJ - he got away with it (ironically such a Pats thing to do)
  9. I agree. It was never a f^%^ing lateral!!!
  10. I see '40 years' and automatically think of the 60s. Then I see it was 1980 and I'm like "***** am I old"
  11. Seriously, if we lose to this sh*t storm next week I will curl up in my dog's kennel out of sheer embarrassment. We better have it won by halftime
  12. I rhink the Dolphins coaches ***** their pants when they scored the TD. Made sure they went for 2 and dialled up an awful call to stay winless. Nice job!
  13. Some people scoff at predictions of the AFC championship game. But when you think that this team SHOULD get to the playoffs this year, given the 4-1 start and the weak schedule, it really isn't so crazy. Even as a wildcard, this is the sort of team who could give much better teams nightmares in the playoffs because of that defense. If Singletary recovers fully and gets more integrated into the offense then a 1 - 2 punch of him and Gore could really sh*t on a lot of teams new years
  14. Not really related to this question but the hypothetical scenario involving a crap team made me think of Dave Damashek's idea for how the number 1 pick in the draft gets decided... a week before the Super Bowl the two teams with the worst records play each other and the winner gets the number 1 overall pick. I'd love that, much better than the probowl.
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