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  1. Don't give him the ball, he'll probably run in the wrong direction
  2. We're so lucky Lynn has a clown smile painted on under that mask
  3. Let's end it now. the last thing I need is a week of hearing about Hail Herbert
  4. Pats about to go for a game winning FG. I don't actually mind as I'll get to see Kyler pouting on the sidelines
  5. Jesus, this team is doing everything it can to lose
  6. I think Josh is waiting for them to tie it so he can make a game winning drive
  7. oh man, may as well just gift wrap this one and give it to them
  8. This team has such a lack of discipline it's actually boring to watch
  9. here we go, 15 yard penalty to keep them alive. Well done Oliver
  10. He's actually dne a great job this season of protecting the ball. I think that's his first of the year
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