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  1. With a lot of these guys, I have no idea of what their overall stats were. I just go by how I remember the player, what I saw when I watched them play and whether I remember them dominating much. Have to say my first thought to McNabb was 'absolutely not'. Though there are a few guys who are in the HOF that I don't think should necessarily. To me the HOF should be for the absolute best of the best. He definitely ain't that.
  2. Nice vid posted today. Is Allen ready to step up in year 2? This was why Simms was in Buffalo the other day. Clip of his interview with Allen at the beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9AHr7ZwZig
  3. Yeah. He's great. I get the same vibe watching him play as I got from Favre. Not to compare him to Favre right now in terms of ability, but his demeanour, the way he obviously loves being out there with the guys. He could be playing down the park with a bunch of friends. I really think Allen will soon be one of the favourite players of a lot of other team's fans, or the neutrals out there. The improvisation plays a big part in that too. People can't get enough of QBs who think on their feet and keep trying to make something happen on every play. I don't think it's crazy. I'm usually very conservative when picking my win totals for the season and even I had us down for 11 this year. The tail end is really tough, but if they get a head of steam and don't suffer too many injuries it looks totally doable on paper.
  4. I love that Allen, Darnold and Rosen are in the same division now. I wish the Phins and Jets nothing but misery, but I do hope they become very good players, with Allen a GREAT player and the best of the bunch. I believe Kelly's rivalry with Marino was one of the things that helped him be so great. Just imagine if Tony Eason and Ken O'Brien had been great QBs. Seriously though, I'm loving the young quarterbacks in the NFL now. Guys like Mayfield and Mahomes are taking the torch from the old guard who feel like they've been around forever. It's good to have some new blood and it must help spur each other on in their quest to be the best of the bunch.
  5. At this point I would be less bothered by giving up a second for Clowney because I believe we're in for a good year (even better with him on the line) so I think it'd be a late second rounder. A 4th as well? Hmmm, that's pushing it but I'd probably go for it. Beane is good at trades so he'd probably find a way to get the 4th back at least.
  6. Deion has always annoyed me but damn he was a good player
  7. I'd recommend this video for anyone who hasn't seen it - Simms talking about who he thinks will be the best sophomore QBs. His thoughts are very interesting. I also like that he has his dad on the show and just keeps referring to him as 'dad'. I mean. he must have had a few comments about only being in the media because his name is Simms, so I like that he doesn't try to distance himself from Phil and is happy to share a mic with him. He's one of my favourite analysts out there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ0zzQVpK3o
  8. Yeah, he's such a nice guy I actually feel bad when I throw the radio out the window.
  9. I heard Tasker talk about this yesterday. He really is a great guy, was completely honest and talked about his time there quite openly. I've said it before but considering the guy is a wall of famer and is always in discussions for HOF consideration, considered widely to be the GREATEST special teamer of all time, he has zero arrogance about him. If you didn't know he was a former player you wouldn't even guess. He's just a really, really nice guy. But man he is painful to listen to for more than five minutes. Maybe give him a segment on Fridays before the games so he can give his thoughts. Actually he'd probably only be able to articulate one thought in five minutes. I can imagine him ordering food in a restaurant: Waiter: what can I get you Mr Tasker Tasker: Good question, I erm, I guess I, well, lets take a look at the erm, the... the er... Murphy (busy eating his fifth steak and eggs): the menu Tasker: yeah, the menu. Hmmm. I guess there's a lot here, so I'll just go for the erm. you know. The way I'm feeling right now, with it being morning, which is different to evening. So with that in mind I'll probably just have lunch... Murphy: Breakfast Tasker: Right. Breakfast. I think the best thing, when you look at it from top to bottom would be, what are those things, those things that are round they put them in a stack. You know, we always pour over that stuff that comes from trees? Murphy: Pancakes? Tasker: Ya, that's it. I'll take the pancakes Waiter: I'm afraid Mr Murphy has eaten all the pancakes.
  10. Cool, can he replace Tasker as well. I love Steve as a person but listening to him on OBL is like having a cat clawing at your ear.
  11. Beane probably foresees some big stats for Hughes this year with Oliver in the middle (hopefully) wreaking havoc. Not to mention if we're playing with the lead more he'll get to tee off on opposing QBs. Better to extend him now before his stats potentially go through the roof.
  12. I didn't know her, and I didn't know Pancho either. The only thing I know about them is that they were passionate Bills fans. The thing that always gets me about things like this is the fact that they'll never get to see the Bills play again. That's the one thing we all have in common, the one thing we're all passionate about, and the only reason we've heard of these people. They both have family and friends who will have a big hole in their lives now, which is awful, but because I don't know any of those details the thing I really feel bad about is that they won't have that excitement in week 1, waiting for the game to start. They won't get to share the celebration when we get to the playoffs again. When we finally win a Super Bowl. It's thoughts like that that really make you hope there is an afterlife so these people can get together and continue watching the team they love.
  13. I'm still more interested in Allen than anyone else. As he said in a recent presser, this is still all new ground to him. This time last season he was the fresh fish who had guys taking snaps ahead of him. This year it's his team 100%. As this offseason process goes on I'm keen to see how he takes control of the offense and how he does being first in the pecking order.
  14. "NFLN Draft Analyst job has become a breeding ground for front-office jobs." What, one person? Potentially two? There are communities of giant pandas with busier breeding grounds than that
  15. I look forward to his Football Life episode
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