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  1. He was a better coach than he was author. When does the End Zone Justify the Means?The Los Angeles Leopards and the Portland Pioneers are on a collision course toward the Super Bowl Championship. One team is led by a take-no-prisoners head coach; the other by a cerebral, slow-and-steady coach who has been thrust into the spotlight because of a tragedy. A tense showdown is about to unfold before the world's football fans.But along the way to the championship game, something bad happens: the very integrity of the game comes within a yard of ruin!
  2. I never knew you could get a new ankle. Heard of hips, knees, even faces, but I had no idea there's a room in a hospital with a cupboard full of ankles. And now I'm wondering what they did with the old ankle and whether I should check ebay to see if I can buy it.
  3. As far as Levy is concerned, he gets a raw deal by many because he was such a nice guy, and therefore is seen as not tough enough. In a lot of ways that is true, in the big game he was beaten by tougher coaches, in the same way the Bills were beaten by tougher teams. But he also beat so many of those tough NFC coaches in the regular season. His record against the NFC in the regular season was great. He beat Parcels a few weeks before the Super Bowl. He beat the Cowboys the year of Super Bowl 28 (admittedly Smith was holding out at the time). He beat a great 49ers team at Candlestick in the no
  4. I'm not sure about the pre-draft stuff because I don't follow college ball so I had no idea who would be good and who wouldn't. I do think that Bills fans caught on to Allen's potential pretty soon into his rookie year. Most of the 'experts' and fans of other teams say he was garbage his first two years and that even Bills fans wanted him gone, which is one of those lies that's just become an accepted truth now. I think most Bills fans fell in love with Allen when his ass went over Barr's head during the Vikings game. And you could see from the eye test that he had the It Factor.
  5. I am actually in the process of becoming a Bills babe myself and would be happy to meet up with the OP for a candle lit meal, perhaps a little dancing, so long as he agrees to pay for dinner (I think I want to be an old fashioned kind of girl). Please be aware, I am a work i progress
  6. I've always wanted to try ventriloquism
  7. It must be a thing with GB quarterbacks. Although when Favre did the whole 'I'm retiring, no I'm not' thing I was never bothered by it. Favre (just above Barry Sanders) is probably my favorite player of all time because I just loved watching him play, never felt that way about Rodgers, despite his talent
  8. The problem with twitter is that it allows people to spew out every single thought that pops into their heads. Years ago people would be sitting in the bathroom, taking a dump and they'd have a random thought about religion or cookies or the possibility that the world might be flat. And that would be it, it was just a thought that would usually be flushed away with the turd they'd just dropped. Then social media came along and allowed those people to pull out their phones, still in mid-dump, and broadcast said thought to the rest of the world. I'm not on twitter myself but I did c
  9. Lots of people posting their vital statistics in this thread, I thought I was on a dating site.
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