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  1. I don't get why people are calling them clueless. I'm sorry to say the Dolphins now seem like a very smart team and have done a great job the last few years. They remind me of the Bills actually. The biggest mistake they've made IMO is Tua. Maybe he'll look great but I'd be surprised and as someone else mentioned here, they could end up with a lot of ammo to go after a top QB next year
  2. She looked very beautiful on her wedding day, but why did she wear a suit?
  3. Yeah, although a lot of the young guys really benefited from playing in empty stadiums, I was surprised by how bad Tua still looked even without the noise to contend with
  4. Actually, Josh himself said he was helped by having no crowds this year, so it is a legitimate concern that I have. It's not like I think his game could turn to s*** when the fans are back at full capacity, but I do think he gets so pumped up when the crowd is chanting that he is more liable to make mistakes - overthrows etc. Hopefully he takes everything he learned this past season and continues to play like that.
  5. I hope you spit in his coffee when his back is turned
  6. I haven't been this upset since this guy failed to pan out for us
  7. Okay, that Herd video was pretty terrible (last thing you expect from his output huh) but this other one that came up in my search is pretty good. Why Lance doesn't compare to Allen. I really enjoy listening to Simms talking QBs
  8. I love him too. With all my heart. Josh, if you're reading this, call me
  9. Good. I never liked his face
  10. I wonder if Beane will wait to see how he plays when the crowds are back at full capacity
  11. I like that pick for us. I'm far from a college expert but he looks like a beast to me
  12. So much of the stuff about sugar high Josh comes from the fact that we lost that game. There's no doubt he did melt down in that game but if that flag wasn't called and the FG is good, chances are he gets praised for leading us back in the face of adversity
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