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  1. And then you looked down and saw Rex Ryan with your foot in his mouth. Things get crazy on absinthe Totally. Not even a controversial take. I was re-watching some of his best throws from this season and some of them are just mind blowing. The kind of throws very few QBs in history can make. Especially when he's throwing across his body while on the run. He made one in the Texans game before the infamous penalty and it was a thing of beauty. If he starts hitting deep passes consistently all the nay sayers will fall in love with him and he'll be in serious consideration for the league MVP. There, I said it!
  2. Look closely and you can see Roth's naked body reflected on the screen
  3. Every body give this man a handjob. A hand. I meant hand
  4. If it's about his junk looking like a particular type of root vegetable, don't worry, he told all of us.
  5. I think the Bengals one looks awesome. I didn't scroll down as far as New England. Is there a Marvel character called The C**t?
  6. I thought their new logo would be an empty seat
  7. If they're creative they could do some fun stuff, going around the country with video link ups in fans houses. Like, have a huge wall of screens showing Bills fans from around the country or even the world, and show their reactions at the picks. Obviously show draft picks as well. War rooms etc. Make it even more interactive for fans and it could be great and something a little different This whole thing makes Beane trading away the first pick for a proven player even more of a smart move
  8. They're like one of those annoying couples who are always splitting up and getting back together
  9. I remember this at the time. I don't think Jim/Chris was really trying to hurt the guy. He was just putting him in his place and letting him know he could murder him if he wanted to.
  10. People talk about not liking Bledsoe or Brady. Do you know which former NE QB I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hate? Scott Zolak. Anyone who doesn't know, he played for the Pats in the 90s before Parcells got there and was complete sh*t. His career totals are 8TDs, 7 INTS, 50 pct pass completion, 1300 yards. The guy is now an analyst for the Pats games and he is beyond unlikable. Seriously, he's so arrogant (I've heard clips of his commentary on the Around the League podcast) because of what they became long after he retired. He's also supposed to be a dick to people on Twitter. Talk about living vicariously through the achievements of someone else.
  11. This is where stats don't tell the full story. The eye test is so important. What Eli did beating Brady twice was phenomenal and I'll always love him for helping wreck their perfect season. But watching him play since he entered the league, he ain't one of the very best. At all. But I don't vote, and he will get in. Personally I never thought Warner was quite good enough for the HOF and he moonwalked in
  12. I HATE the idea of no punting, which is what will happen one day. For me there's nothing better than a tough, tight game of football that becomes a cat and mouse game of field position. I'd hate for that to end
  13. Titans are done for, they have no answer to this offense.
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