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  1. This is another shocker. He also guest starred on The Sopranos and had a great scene where he told a high Christopher "shut u you little #### or I'll split your ***** wishbone".
  2. He's extra tired because he's the dean of a university every offseason. he has no one else to blame but himself
  3. Josh Allen, Tim Anderson and John Holmes. The only 3 men I've ever loved
  4. Maybe it's my age, maybe it's all the offseason events they have now, but the season seems to come around so much faster now than it did years ago. When I was a kid it seemed ages between the Super Bowl and training camps. Can't believe we're five weeks away from it all ramping up again!
  5. I really hope this kid is a beast. I've got so used to the rhetoric about him being more of a pass weapon that I'm focussed mainly on that. If he turns out to be a big weapon on the ground as well just imagine how much more that will benefit Allen and the offense
  6. Josh Allen single handedly re-ignited my passion for the NFL. Around the time of Tyrod and his patented 90 yard passing games I was seriously beginning to prefer other things (clearing up leaves, spending time with my children, cutting my toenails). Then Allen came along and quickly became my favorite player of all time. He's just great. I love him like a brother in law.
  7. Great, now you tell me after I've booked flights, hotel and a massage therapist named Candy I spent 3 hours researching on instagram
  8. I agree. I've seen this guy before, he has 380k subscribers. I find that pretty incredible
  9. How would that have worked anyway? Isn't Payton still under contract with the Saints? They would have had to give up a lot of draft picks
  10. Damn. It's not like I was expecting us to sign Van Greaten, but I at least hoped we'd managed to snag Van Gooden. I never get anything I want. Life really does Van Sucken
  11. Deshaun Watson Allegedly Had A ‘Towel Trick’ At His Massages That Could Become Major Issues In Lawsuits I thought maybe this would involve Watson shouting "abracadabra!" and then producing a long string of different colored towels from his underwear. The truth is much more sinister... https://www.totalprosports.com/2022/06/10/deshaun-watson-allegedly-had-a-towel-trick-at-his-massages-that-have-become-major-issues-in-lawsuits/
  12. Holy *****. 66 therapists in 17 months. That's insane. Put it this way, I really enjoy a steak. A few years ago my wife said I should probably cut back on my red meat consumption. My wife scares me so I did, and now only have maybe 2 a month, which I thought was still a lot (I like a BIG steak). Over 17 months that equates to 34 steaks. So Watson had THIRTY TWO MORE different therapists than I had steaks. This tells me either Watson is just clear cut ADDICTED to this behavior or my wife was talking crap. Maybe both are true
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