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  1. I HATE the idea of no punting, which is what will happen one day. For me there's nothing better than a tough, tight game of football that becomes a cat and mouse game of field position. I'd hate for that to end
  2. Titans are done for, they have no answer to this offense.
  3. And what about the 26 teams that passed on an all pro CB before the Bills had the smarts to take him? Sure, CB isn't as sexy as QB but the point is every year great players are passed on by multiple teams. Sometimes we get them, sometimes we pass on them too. If you constantly spend your time bitching about the ones we missed that's all you'll ever think about. And anyway, so much more goes into the success of a player than his talent, like his situation, supporting cast, coach, the way he's handled early on. There are busts out there who would be great if they had landed in other places, and greats who would have been average in a different set of circumstances.
  4. Titans have played great but if they go down another score they'll have to get out of their stubborn run game. Their defense needs to make a play to start the second half. Got to stop Mahomes drifting outside the tackles
  5. Poor tackling attempts as they were trying to force a fumble, but there's no denying Mahomes is fantastic
  6. Yeah, I mean with the addition of having Rivers as a mentor to their new rookie QB and not having to rush him onto the field. They could do a Mahomes with him which very few teams do these days with highly drafted QBs
  7. If the Dolphins grab him they could really be in good shape for the future when you consider all the first rounders they have and the way they played down the stretch. Getting him and grabbing Tua or another good prospect and letting them sit for a year or two, plus some wise drafting with the other picks and they (it pains me to say) could be pretty good in a few years. Definitely more sense if he wants a shot at the SB before quitting. Indy is a hell of a lot closer at this point than the Phins.
  8. In a parallel universe the Bills are preparing to face the Titans at New Era. I have sent the wife to her mother's and am sitting in my underwear with a bucket of wings on one side and several beers on the other. Still looking forward to the first game though. The NFC one, not so much. But I love the clash of styles we'll see with KC and the Titans.
  9. Yep. The reason I brought up video games before is because some kids are just wired that way. They have no empathy and are able to kill animals, then move on to humans when they're older. Yes, they played violent video games, but they would have done that sort of stuff without them. You may as well blame consumer culture for their acts, or eating fast food or any other number of the thousands of things every other kid does. I think it's the same thing with CTE. Hernandez was wired to be a sociopath. That's just the way he was.
  10. With AB it could be so many other things. What about the extreme fame, coupled with the millions of dollars. He may have started associating with a different type of person. Plenty of rock stars are relatively normal before they hit the big time, then go crazy. Is it always the drugs? What about the ones that don't do drugs? Often it's lots of smaller things that alter someone's behavior. I'm not saying CTE doesn't have an effect on people, of course it does, I'm just starting to see it get blamed every time an NFL player acts like a piece of ***** by beating up his kids or assaulting his wife. OBJ seems to have gotten worse over the years. Must be CTE. And with Hernandez - I get that CTE can effect people's judgement etc. but does it effect their ability to feel guilt or show remorse? Because I saw none of that with him. And I get that it can make a person go into a rage on a spur of the moment thing, but does it also make you more likely to plan a murder some time in advance?
  11. So why aren't all these other NFL players going beserk on other people? It amounts to the same thing - shifting the responsibility away from the criminal (or the parents) and onto something else. Everyone is a victim now, even the poor little murderer. Bless his size 13 cotton socks.
  12. I'd like to see KC win but am put off by the fact that we'll get another 1000 threads about how we should have drafted Mahomes
  13. Yeah, I'm getting sick of CTE being blamed for evey player or ex player who acts like an animal. It's like when a kid does something evil and they blame the movies or video games. What about the millions of kids who watch that stuff and don't go around murdering and raping? So every time a player or ex player beats his kids or punches his wife or shoots his friend, we can blame all the concussions he suffered. Same with boxers. Same with hockey players. Hernandez was a young man who had it all, the taken, the loving wife, beautiful kid, huge home, and yet it's clear from the video evidence that he felt no remorse for his victims. All those phone calls he never showed any regret for what he did. That is the behavior of a true sociopath. I'm sick of turning all the criminals into victims, so ***** him
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