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  1. He may chose to bet on his own perception of his talent and if he and his agent think the Bills offer is too low, I doubt he leaves any money on the table. If I were him I would bet another team courts me with the idea of using me in a different position or way , like olb as I believe he played at Virginia tech, and he may actually really thrive in a different role than Sean has him pegged in. It’s funny how much Sean experiments along the OL and DL with rotation or changing positions of players but he has been steadfast on MLB for Edmunds and that’s about it. My bet is you’re right about him wanting money ( pro bowl etc) , but I just don’t think he is irreplaceable and if Beane can’t fit him in where it makes sense, I would hope they look at his actual production and move on. It’s obvious so far who the D suffers most without, Milano, and I think there are enough fast , sideline to sideline LBs coming out of the college game in early rounds. Other teams are doing well ( Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Carolina, etc) drafting and again depending on the $, he might not be around unless he has a great year and the team get to the super bowl. We need turnovers from the D , which was missing frequently last year. We will be lucky to. Have the same success this year if we don’t produce turnovers ( good game against Miami, but Edmunds wasn’t responsible for those ), and his inability to create those is another thing to watch this year regarding his future.
  2. I did just see and read that post about TE you talked about. Nice post. Kind of a wash. He seems like a great guy, good teammate ,and able to make D calls. The only plays that I don’t get is watching him not be able to disengage and see a lineman pushing him 10 yards downfield. I guess I just expected more power from a guy with his size. Obviously Sean knows what he wants more than I will ever know. I do wonder tho if he could be a special edge rusher with his speed , size , flexibility and maybe be in a position more times to turn the game in the Bills favor than what he does dropping into coverages etc.
  3. Lol, that’s good cuz it’s about the only way he gets his hands on a football ! Lol,, guy is just not as impactful as you might expect. If Sean thinks he is what he really wants there , it’s surprising they have not tried to really lock him up then more than the next year. It is a little thought provoking when he is gone for a half and there is no big drop off with backups behind him. Can’t say that about Milano who looks to really be the impactful lb of our defense. Maybe he got the game ball for recovering from heat exhaustion and severe dehydration!? I would respect that because those are serious, life threatening, and hard to recover from. Just kidding around, always respect your posts, just wondering if most think Edmunds is what you expected him to be ? I wish we could see him as an edge rusher more because I think he could be an all pro used in that manner.
  4. If you’ve never been a coal miner , maybe you should temper saying things could get worse. I mean, what’s next , saying you could be a miner without arms? Let’s not get ridiculous. Just saying , at 21 he is a man out of collage, earning a large living. He is not a “ kid” at this point in life. He is playing a sport kids can play tho. He worked hard to get there and deserves all the good for that hard work. Along the way in real life you will face some bad. It’s how you face that and respond that allows you to grow as a person in real life , with family and those who are around you and whose life you are influenced by and influence. My point was who should ever care what a reporter asks , writes , etc as long as you are doing what your job description is and what you are getting paid for. If he was unemployed, no one would be asking about ghosts and his real life issues would be much more concerning. He can smile every day walking away from the reporters and podium because he has a bright future that he has worked to pursue and no silly question can impact the thing he has control over, his own future. Nothing the reporter does affects his likability that you seem concerned about. The reporter did nothing to physically “attack” ( your word) or hurt him in any tangible way unless Wilson was emotionally bothered and I can assure you , real life will offer bigger threats to ones mental health. I only reacted to point out , as a poster are you honestly concerned that somehow being asked about ghosts by a reporter will have some real negative impact on Wilson ? Reporters ask lots of silly questions. Just asking a silly question doesn’t make the reporter a jerk , anymore than being good at football makes you a “ good” person. There are bigger issues in real life, just look around; why be concerned about a silly question and it appeared Wilson was smiling. Hardly someone who needs to be protected from a “ jerk” reporter ( not my description of the reporter ). We are getting soft as a society! Lol ! Have a great day.
  5. I feel fine. Yep , even better as I don’t let a reporter questioning someone I have no real contact with in life bother me. As with your comment , it has no effect on me in real life as there are way bigger issues. Yep, I feel fine.
  6. Look, he could be digging ditches somewhere, being a coal miner or steel worker , or an orderly in a hospital facing covid exposure daily. If he can’t handle getting asked a question by a reporter with zero impact on his real life , he needs to grow up and be an adult. Adults face real danger and risks daily and work very hard for very little return compared to these NFL guys who many times have been pampered because of their athletic talents. . I’m sorry , but I know too many other people in life dealing with bigger life issues than facing a sarcastic reporter. If that really bothers you , maybe you need to look in a little deeper and appreciate real issues in life. Sorry to be blunt , no offense intended , but really is Wilson’s emotional health a true concern you have? Guy gets paid a lot of money to play, answer questions ( that can’t hurt you in real life unless you are lying under oath), and he is an entertainer, nothing more, nothing less.
  7. He might be , I have no idea as I don’t personally know him. If he is one, it’s certainly not on a football field! Softest 6’5” mlb I have ever watched of years of watching the NFL. ( that might even effect the off the field stuff! LoL!) He is a finesse guy. Thought it might change as he added muscle mass under nfl training. I don’t see it. I still see linemen 10 yds downfield blocking on a screen and pushing him 10 more yards and flattening him! ( against Pittsburgh) At this point he is physically what he is as it’s unlikely his body will legally add much more muscle mass. He might be great mentally too. But unfortunately football is just not a mental game. Our d did not fall off last year when he was out ( may have been worse as he nurtured his shoulder) and it certainly didn’t fall off In the second half. Klein held up well, as did the others. Milano is the real inspiration and leader with both physical and intelligent play. How can a guy his size make repeated hits that separate guys from the ball and I can’t remember even one really significant time Edmunds has done that. They are so enamored with his size , they give him leeway with results. He is not a big play guy, can’t catch the ball , and he just is not “impactful”. We suffer if milano goes down , not when Edmunds is out. I would be looking next year to replace him if you get a shot at the right guy in the draft. Good guy, avg mlb/lb IN THIS SYSTEM AS HE IS USED. If they turned him into an edge rusher , I think he would be a totally different and impactful player. Maybe Buffalo is not the system for him if they can’t find ways to make a naturally gifted guy like him significant. And I don’t want to hear the pro bowl argument, we all know it is significantly a popularity award.
  8. I rarely complain about calls as they tend to even out. But I rewatched the game and focused on two pass plays. The one where trey was defending and the guy still caught the ball along the right sideline ( clay pool) . White did not turn his head around ever, Charles Davis mentioned it, but trey had his hand in between claypools trying to pry the ball free yet the guy still made the catch as the ball was not under thrown. No flags ! Then watch Levi on that play where he draws a flag. Great coverage , ball was slightly under thrown but not like 3-5 yards as the receiver still had a chance to catch or make contact with the ball. In slow mo you actually see Levi look straight up and over his right shoulder as that arc of the ball coming in and he put his hands up just as the receiver reached up. Levi did not create the contact , and it was slight contact to say the least. Levi had his hands up and did make contact with the ball. The ref who had the worst view threw the flag. But looking at the two plays side by side , there was no difference in technique. Trey did not look back or Locate the ball any more than Levi did. Claypool just mad an amazing catch. My point is that Levi actually had great coverage , but got hit with a terrible call imo and was penalized because the throw was poor but actually the receiver had the same chance to catch the ball as claypool did. That call sealed the game as Pitt got a fg and lead was back to 10. It’s inconsistent calls like that which influence the outcome of a game that are infuriating. Watch those two plays together and see what you think. Could Mcd have challenged that call , I don’t remember the time, but it was a possession changing call really?! We really never seemed to have many calls go our way that game. Hard to feel like Pitt deserved that win outside of the blocked punt.
  9. I really appreciate your points. I was just gut guessing on his catch percentage , I was off a few points but he has shown a propensity at clutch times( nit counting preseason) , like the KC game , to drop balls at critical times and he has also had ball security issues. Two fumbles that likely went out of bounds is not indicative of a 1 back. Coukd he improve, yes, but time is ticking on him. If either of those fumbles is lost he would be benched. We can tolerate jish fumbling cuz he is your franchise about, but like I saidrb is not valued much now inthe NFL in the sense that many teams move on quickly and motor was only a 3 rd round draft pick. Also runs are situational. His ypa were up because of the runs in essentially garbage time. Pitt was in a soft zone and willing to give up yardage for time off the clock. It’s like a receiver padding stats when the team is down 3 scores in the 4 th. Look at his stats in the first half, he had around 5 carries and I don’t remember any 10-15 yard runs then. I will say the o line played terribly and he was hit in the backfield. Still doesn’t excuse his fumble propensity and what about his lack of situational awareness when he failed to step out of bounds and the clock kept running. Again, 1 backs don’t make poor decisions like that. It’s not just one thing, but several things that are beginning to add up. You usually also can use your 1 back for short and goal line situations. If the Bills are scratching healthy backs, your “1” is going to have to be more consistent and keep josh from having to pick up yards. You signed him as your franchise QB now , lots of $ involved , so that commitment needs protection. RB 1 has to produce or it’s time to go to moss , which was happening before he got hurt. I’m not saying motor is bad or not NFL caliber , I am saying he lacks consistency AT THIS POINT, And just pulling out a single stat like ypc can be misleading. Wade has a good ypc avg based on his few carries, that doesn’t make him a”1” back! Lol ! He is a better runner , average pass catcher, who needs to take away that fear of him putting the ball on the ground. He could do all those , but I think he needs some very productive games soon or he may be behind Moss and gone next year. He can have some great flashes, I just wish that felt confident and not anxious when he gets reps. He really needs better o line play which is out of his control.
  10. I’m sorry , I like motor as s second or third back. He does not beak enough tackles in the NFL. Motor still has a ball security issue. He was lucky he fumbled twice OOB. If not he would have been benched and not seen the field with Moss returning except sparingly. Do you really need to ask aboit screens? They don’t and can’t trust him to reliably, consistently catch the ball. He will probably catch 60-75% which is not good coming out of the backfield as a possible hot route or drop off option. He has a bad habit of Looking to run before securing the catch. I was hoping Beane hit on a sleeper, but motor is on a very short leash imho. He flashes at times, but we can’t depend on him in short yardage and goal line situations. There are too many rbs out there ( see the ravens who lost their top 3 backs and still had rushing TDs this week!) and I think If he continues ball security issues and so-so hands , I think his career may be NFL! Hopefully it was just because of Dabolls bad o scheme or ability to adjust after Pitt had answers to the passing attack. But after watching The Bills since ‘65 and he just does not look like a special back to me at this point. We need s reliable weapon out of the backfield imho to beat teams like KC , the Bucs and to advance to the SB. Why they had him out on the sideline as a wr is a mystery to me unless it’s just to draw a lb out of the box, but Motor is not a threat out there at this point. Maybe he needs work or reps. 😉
  11. True! But we lost both KC games, Tennessee , and squeaked by in those playoff games. We easily could have lost the colts game. Big thing is looking at beating the KC, the Bucs ran and Cleveland , who almost beat KC on the road, are strong competitors and they almost won by running and keeping Mahomes off the field. We need to do that against the Bucs, Saints, and Kc just n the regular season , and things go up a notch in the post season. When you throw so much you are prone to quick 3& outs if Allen is off at all and that’s all Mahomes and Brady need is an extra possession or two additionally. Running is a way to run clock and keep those two guys we have not beaten recently off the field. If we do another 51 pass vs 11 carries by our RBS in thise gabs again, I am pretty sure we will see the same results. It’s about enforcing your will , esp by the o line and not getting your ass handed to you. We have struggle for years against Brady, Mahomes has owned us so far , doing the same O will be defended just like the Steelers did. Heck, the Bucs figured out how to slow down Mahomes with their D , in addition to the Bucs running game having good success. So they will stop our pass happy o as they have a dominant d line similar to Pittsburgh. We need some legit balance to make pass action need to be respected. We need to protect our franchise qb as well.
  12. Great points. It’s ok to be concerned even if it’s the first game because this is part of Bills play that is showing a disturbing trend . Trends can certainly change but they can also be a harbinger of things to come , especially if those trends are in areas that can’t easily be changed at this point as the season has begun. It’s less concerning if you are still in preseason with time to make scheme or personnel changes. Comcerning trends that have carried over from last year ( remember , it’s not like we blew out teams during the playoffs before KC beat us the SECOND time last year and we really were not in those games as Reid was the better coach in both games 😞 1) our offensive game plan was ineffective as Pitt had it figured out. Only 10 teams scored 16 points or less yesterday, only 6 scored less than 16. ZERO OF THOSE TEAMS WON! There is a blueprint out there on how to slow this offense and for some reason oil OC either refused or could not counter that defensive scheme being used. That’s a legit concern. Mcd said as much today. 2) we still either can’t or won’t try to make our running game a legitimate threat or concern. 51 pass attempts when your franchise QB is under duress on almost every drop back is a legit concern. We seem to be the only SB contender that runs so ineffectively. We got some garbage time yards with Pitt in prevent and a two score lead, but before that Devin looked like he did last year. Not much yardage after contact , shaky ball security, and do you feel confident when he is thrown too? I don’t. Is he part of the reason we ran zero screen passes yesterday to try to slow the rush ,,,,,or is this just another thing our OC doesn’t use or perhaps our O line is just not adequate. We don’t have to be a 50/50 run/ pass team , but when defenses are rushing just 3 dl’s ( and getting to our qb) that’s a legit concern, first game or last game , and we are becoming easier to prepare for and defend against when they don’t have to bring up lbs, safeties, etc with no run threat. It’s closing passing lanes and that’s a concerning trend over more than just yesterday’s game. 3) It’s a legit concern.regarding our interior OL. WHY are we still rotating players at the guard position ? What other SB contender does this on a routine basis ? We got manhandled yesterday as Mcd admitted across the o line. Our LT was very bad yesterday and I don’t care what spin is pit on it , he still is not in football shape after his time away for whatever reason. Our guards were pushed back into Josh all day and again, we have no running lanes being opened ( oitsode of that last drive with Pitt in prevent ). We have no faith in just powering for short yardage or goal line situations. I watched a lot of games this week , and most teams still don’t give up. Running the ball from the ten or five in. We run it in with Josh , but that’s risky for him for injury and he still has a fumble issue, even if not as bad as it was. These are legit concerns , first game or not , because these issues were there last year. We still have no answer despite a draft, an off season, and a preseason having passed. We had 10-11 o lineman. In camp and we still have no answer to poor guard play. We might have future back up tackles, but what’s the answer at guard; still more rotation with Cody and Ike ? Pitt is not the only team with good interior d lineman despite hearing that as an excuse frequently online , Twitter etc yesterday. What’s a real solution, just hope those guards suddenly become talented and that the Steelers game was an abberation? I guess that’s possible but it seems like a legit concern and it’s disturbing we chose to do nothing before now. Pretty unlikely one or two serviceable guards pop up. Hey , I hope for the best and that they turn their play around but right now I doubt we could handle either the Bucs or Chiefs with the line play we witnesssed yesterday. That’s not a chicken little thing, it’s a trend when we play good teams. 4) our special teams are not so special. We are missing a decisive punt returner at this point and with all the line shifting around , maybe the communication error that led to a blocked punt is also a legit concern. We have had at least one punt blocked before with this staff ( perhaps the st coach was changed or fired after that one blocked punt cost us a game as well, I don’t think I’m mixing this up with the rex debacle and if so I apologize ) and there were legit questions around letting punts drop that cost us yardage and w just seemed unsure about when to kick a fg vs going for a first down. Seems strange to be experiencing this now even with it being the first game because our staff has been here 4 years now. Those coaching issues should not b happening to a staff that has been together this long. These issues are legit concerns regardless what game it is now. This is supposedly an experienced coaching staff with super bowl or bust being preached. All I’m saying is it’s ok for people to say they have concerns on a board meant to express ideas amid thoughts and there are legit reasons to not belittle people just for voicing their thoughts. Time will tell. There are some disturbing things that happened during a loss at home for a team whose goal is to have a home AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game. To just ignore all those things because it’s just a first game ignores how thin the margin can be to get those home playoff games. Perhaps all will be corrected and we will end up 16-1 and wouldn’t that be great ? I don’t see any harm tho in looking at those things now and seeing what actions take place. Talk is cheap , right !?
  13. How about with time running down , even tho he finally called some runs and motor had some success since Pitt was playing soft prevent then, Daboll decides to never call ONE PLAY WITH ANYONE IN THE ENDZONE OR ANY PASSES TO THE ENDZONE. HE called runs and short passes that kept the clock running. It was either stupidity, stubbornness, or lack of awareness. It was another classic Daboll moment. For all his good design of the o at times , it’s hard to ignore his inability to design or use any run game and it’s hard to ignore his inability to adjust during games ( like the kc games) and it’s hard to ignore those cute moments like that 4 th down play like today that turned the momentum around. Maybe we are seeing why he still isn’t a head coach: maybe those in the field see trends we may ignore as fans. Hope he turns things around because this crap today was exactly how we got beaten last year by KC twice and Tennessee as well.
  14. Get your point but only 7 teams scored 16 or less points today so far, so our lack of output is a cause of concern imho. Daboll has some games where he seems to have no ability to adjust during the game. Hard to excuse that crazy 4 th down play that really turned the game around. We fail to pic up a yard , they go down and score and then shortly get the blocked punt. Daboll had one of his cute moments ( even Tony dungy commented on the absurdity of calling that at that point in the game and drew brees concurred saying it was too high risk at that point ) that occasionally costs us drives and points and I would argue this was a game killer call that was unnecessary. We were moving the ball well and josh is great on those an sneaks as you know. We were within one score or even leading at that point ( need to rewatch it ). Why do that call at mid field? I understand what Dabol thought could happen but throwing two yards backward has a lot of risk compared to josh just diving ahead. Daboll had a “ I want to show you how smart I am “ moment and it was unnecessary. Remember the old rule, KISS? Maybe that’s the stuff that keeps him from getting a head coaching job,,,,lol,,, being sarcastic, but Daboll has a history of cute playcalling at times. Kurt Warner was even talking about this in general today in a pregame show talking about play calling. He was saying. how when you are a good or better team you need to stay away from “ cute” calls and just execute to reduce turnover risks. . Ironic he was talking about it and it was not related to the Bills at all. Was also a Daboll head scratcher after we for close with motor running that last drive , but then with the clock running he never attempted ONE CALL WITH ANY PLAYER OR PASS BEINF IN FHE END ZONE! With the Steelers speedy defense and a short field and time running out , all the calls were either runs or short passes in front of the end zone where guys getting tackled ran more time off the clock or depended on someone breaking a tackle to be able to score. Daboll has some big fails at times and that was not the defense just being ahead because it’s early. , It was bad execution on Daboll part imho. So if more than half the league scored more than.16 points, that argument of the d being ahead is becoming a cliche rather than fact based. There were some pretty big blowouts today so the d being ahead these days again is shaky. Not too many defensive low scoring games as they are by far in the minority.
  15. I think that stat on motor is deceiving as most yards happened on the one drive with Pitt playing soft prevent. He rarely makes yards after contact , has bad ball security, is not a reliable pass catcher , and we can’t depend on him in short yardage or in goal line situations. Big mistake not drafting or going after a quality power back. Big red flag with moss being a healthy scratch imho, staff must not be happy with him for some reason to have brieda active over him. Hope it’s a wake up call or it will be a distraction. But lack of running game if continues like today will not see us with a good season. Both KC AND CLEVELAND had good run games in addition to their good aerial attacks. Needs to change or Super Bowl talk looks very premature.
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