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  1. It’s certainly not behind him! 😀. He can only improve in many ways or he may not be the best fit in this scheme. He is a likable guy so I hope things work out for him , yet it’s time to be more impactful.
  2. Thank you, yep , that’s her! The way she was star struck by Stefon , or someone posing to be him ( still can’t fathom many people willing to drop 3000$ on someone VIRTUALLY ,,,I mean maybe if that was sitting on my lap, bird in hand so to speak,,,,,,😉😈. It does make you at least reasonably think it could be an athlete like an NFL player), was impressive. Lol,,,she was all over that virtually very quickly! If we play the Raiders in Vegas this year ( playoffs ?) or we have a game close to there, we may need a go fund me to “tip” her to stay away from Diggs the night before the game! 😂. She
  3. Hey guys , just saw something interesting. Couldn’t sleep so I signed on to Twitch , which I think most of you know is a streaming service for gamers and various other topics. So I clicked on one stream of a good looking woman who streams from Vegas. Her streamer name is My_1st_Kill and she is a 39 year old variety streamer. So when I clicked in she was mentioning Stefon Diggs was currently in her stream. She was going on about it like a star struck chick , and I was thinking there is no way Diggs is in some random stream at 3 am. So she asked the person in her chat to verify he was
  4. Wow, that does not look like your typical speedy type back ( thought moss was supposed to be the power guy) ! Also doesn’t look like a supple receiving back with flexibility,,,, looks more like he is going to be tested frequently for anabolic steroids ( maybe it’s more hgh with ill defined legal levels ! ). Kind of a strange thing as he wasn’t having durability issues. He was having speed, receiving, Vision issues hitting holes. Guess he wants to break more tackles , not go down with first contact but that’s a balance issue. I guess the teams physical trainers are behind this ! ? Wis
  5. Papers with Benjamin’s on them! wishing you luck keep those terrible towels out of there! It is BLUE cross / Blue shield stadium so black & gold wearers WILL need immunization records for COVID, influenza, tetanus, hepatitis , and a recent mini mental status exam or Montreal cognitive ( actually done in Montreal!) exam prior to admission as this is a risky environment for substance abuse ( home fans exempt related to known genetic tolerance) , depression, and post game PTSD! ( just an FYI /psa Steelers fans, I am taking appointments now in Florida to begin the s
  6. He seems like a really nice kid. Loved t(e cover 1 breakdown about his vision and length. Just a little thing I might talk to him about as a mentor / agent; it’s great to enjoy getting drafted, but keep perspective in that you have ONE good year of COLLEGE ball and it’s been a long time since competition and never at this level. Other rookies have found out it’s a big challenge , ie Oliver,Phillips, Ford, Edmunds, Foster and some guys already no longer here. I look at Bills related media to a point; it gets redundant after a while as the rookies get hit with basic questions and it gets to
  7. Thx for the information. Hey I just listened to the cris collinsworth podcast and he did the whole thing with Urban! It’s a good listen. My impressions are this guy has a detailed vision regarding winning in the NFL. He signed Tebow to a 1 year , no guarantee deal and frankly he may just find a position inthe organization for him as urban said the assistant coaches were responsible for suggesting Tebow who , apparently is in phenomenal shape ( funny enough I have watched Tebow as he played HS football at Nease HS here in my hometown of Ponte vedra Fl.; it’s a small world and while he was
  8. We have a home opener against an AFC rival as they sport a tough D, fresh O with a new RB in Harris, while we need to get our O line settled, try to develop some semblance of run game, will be asking our D line to be better with new raw rookies against a vet QB who gets the ball out quickly, seeing if Star / Phillips or anyone can improve our run D , all at a glorious 1 pm with actual fans safe from Covid -19 vaccines , AND the Pats or Fins will start 0-1 as will either AFC contenders Cleveland or other KC to begin out 2022 run to the SB ,,,, and you depressed because our crisp home white u
  9. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Bills fan above even the Buckeyes, so I hope the Bills beat them this year. I am impressed with Urbans track record, and after reading his autobiography I appreciate why he has been successful. He believes in personal accountability, not excuses or blaming others , and I suspect McD has similar traits. Football is a team sport more than any other and we are seeing te benefits of a good culture in Buffalo and Jax has been struggling for the same time period. Just as the Pegulas struggled until they hit the right combination, the Jax owner has been lost from a football
  10. He did great and actually had a great start but they caught him the last 15 -20 yards. He dwarfed all the track guys ; would be interesting to see the results if they ALL had pads on ! 😀
  11. Boy , I hope we don’t start away playing against Brady. Will be big night for the Bucs who are loaded on D and let’s face it, Mcd has never beaten a Brady lead team yet has he? Brady has had.Frazier’s number and our rookies on the D line will just be adjusting to the NFL so I doubt they have much impact early on. Also would be good to see if we can get a run game going and see if we can stop the run before facing the loaded SB champs. We prob won’t have our o line set either as it seems every year it takes time for McD to settle on the best 5. It feels so much better to win that opener; how
  12. Yeah, he has such a profound track history of falling wherever he goes! 😈. Look what culture has done for Turing 20 years of failure around finally in Buffalo. Urban is big on accountability and culture. His autobiography is a good read, good insight on why his teams win. I am always a Bills guy and nothing is close after40 years following them, but as a prior original season ticket holder for the Jags , originally from Ohio so a huge Buckeye fan, I am at least hoping Urban brings excitement back to this barely existing franchise and his past history suggests promise. Hell, I may even
  13. Thx for sharing that! Looks like he is working out like crazy just like his GF said! Hope it all translates to a great year for both of them and the Bills! Sounds like a really quality, hard working , nice guy and I can at least say I know he has a good support system and maybe the best is yet to come! Wish him much success and happiness and I know I will be following his season even more so hoping he stays healthy seeing how much work he is putting in after getting that well deserved new contract.
  14. Picked up the latest Greta Van Fleet LP in a cool , heavy green transparent vinyl. ( excellent album if you like rock, zeppelin sound). I’m an old dude who grew up on cassettes, then vinyl and finally to cds and downloads. So I love all the new vinyl coming out. I’m a visual type person as well so the new vinyl spinning adds to things and makes me wish this was around way back in my early rock days (70’s) when I occasionally enhanced the experience with mind altering things forced on me by peer pressure!!! Haha!! Vinyl still has a sound I love , and the whole experience of just hands on the
  15. Haha!, I knew that was going to happen. It caught me so off guard I did not think to ask if she minded if I posted a pic. She was kind to let me take one and she was such a nice person, I wouldn’t feel right just posting it. She was very casually dressed as she was traveling and it’s a beach area as well , so A quick pic in Target is probably not her choice ( esp with mask on) to share publicly ! Now if she was someone full of themselves,,,,,might be a diff story !! I will just say Milano is living life well right now !
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