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  1. Still had double teams in prior games and his performance tapered off. Ok , maybe disappear was not good word choice for Clemson , but while credited with pressure in stats , he did not make impact plays relative to all the hype. Clemson qb ran in areas he vacated with his speed rush outside. He made a couple of good plays in that game but I don’t think he is the best or second best player coming out. Heck LSU’s d line making more plays tonight. Bosa seemed to make plays more often and he drew attention away from Chase when he played for the buckeyes. The Ohio state d had an unimpressive final two games ( saying this as a buckeye fan, from Ohio , did all my college in Ohio etc so biased toward them ) and the results spoke for themselves. He did make a lot of plays early In the year and was dominating games with strip sacks etc but his production tailed off. I’m not looking up stats but watched every Ohio state game for years, and his play was not the same after the suspension. Despite the “ pressures” , I’m sorry , but the Clemson qb did whatever he wanted and I can’t remember any momentum changing plays from the d line in that game. I see him as a good pro but I still think bosa will be better. Time will tell. Being from Ohio , I would have to think you were unimpressed with chase and the d in that game , no? 😀
  2. Chase young. Watched all his games for two years. Good end. Don’t know why he disappeared the last few games after his suspension. Was also absent in Clemson game. Speed rusher. Don’t see lots of other counters. I am a Ohio State fan and honestly he no where near bosa ( 49 ers edition) just based on later part 2019 season. Maybe he will blossom in the nfl but I think he is overrated. Saw him neutralized quite often last season. Would take him at 22 tho!
  3. Interesting debate thread; I just wonder how most people will feel IF Mcd sticks with the same roster ( no duke , Yeldon , Sweeney as Foster, L Smith , and DiMarco stay active ) and we happen to lose 18+ vs our 17 point production that we have even struggled to produce the final month of the season. Yes , imo it is a successful season overall with team , roster improvement etc, but is a one and done playoff appearance acceptable for a Staff with its second playoff appearance in a season where the AFC title is not a forgone Pats certainty ? We all now expect to keep making the playoffs in the future but why let an opportunity go by when just perhaps taking some roster “ risks” could have a huge payoff given our D consistency? Many have advanced the argument about not losing special team efficiency by removing a gunner , Foster, who we might all agree has had little to zero offensive impact. I think his role is being overstated. I have watched every game , play , and Imo our field position battle is mostly dependent on our punters effectiveness. Rarely has the gunner determined the outcome of field position. I would argue if we are so concerned about returns that we have to keep a roster spot just for Foster, why not take the returns out of the equation and punt directionally to eliminate returns? Other teams do this and if there is a chance we can add one more weapon for our anemic pass production ( we are what 24, 25 th in the nfl ?) in a one game win or go home scenario, I would favor that. How about some creative special teams coaching, and do something the Texans don’t expect. Do I think Mcd will “ stay in the foxhole “ as another poster coined an analogy, unfortunately yes. I hope I am wrong and Mcd has the courage to take a small risk for a possible large return. One and done with no attempt to help this offensive lack of production would feel like a let down and would raise some concern about if our staff can adjust to produce a super bowl winner, contender consistently as is their mission statement. So I don’t see adding Duke at the expense of Foster or a safety as scrapping our prior whole season of special team or defensive game plan. What I am suggesting is that this offense, based on the last month, is not capable of winning without a stellar defensive game, and now we face teams who have shown they are capable of easily putting 20 plus up even despite the best defenses. I don’t see us winning in the playoffs with less than 20 points. I would love to see us take a chance to jump start this offense with more creative play calling ( how bout another Smoke td pass), some unexpected personnel moves ( Duke , Yeldon to active squad ) , urgency to score ( only one td on our opening drive in 2019, can’t we script more effectively early to help Josh?), go deep more like the 2 successful plays against the pats, be willing to throw some 50/50 balls if we get in the red zone because fgs aren’t going to cut it, knock off the predictable first down handoffs to Singletary plunging into the line, etc. One person I wouldn’t mess with is Roberts ; he may not have returned any for tds yet but the guy is money on punts and he never lets the ball hit the ground. That alone always helps us win the field position battle and he has been close to breaking it in several punt returns. So, we all saw what Yeldon , Sweeney, Williams did against a good jets D. Williams caught the game winning td against the Titans yet has barely seen the field since. It’s all on the line this Saturday and if Mcd sticks with keeping all those options off the table and we should lose because our O fails to produce again, will you be satisfied that “we showed we could play with them and it came down to that last drive”? Hey , a loss is a loss and you still go home for a long off season. I think this is a winnable game IF we step up to “ championship caliber “ coaching and chance to win , not to just not lose. Willing to be humble, rejoice if the process stays the same and we win a low scoring ( offense scores less than 20) game, but I think a few tweaks and we end up in the AFC championship!
  4. Buffalo ,, sometime you are going to have to take them seriously! Quote of the day ! What a great win. 😀😊
  5. Not trying to be difficult but ; giving a running back who is avg. over 5 yds a carry 8 touches is by definition bad play calling ! 0 targets for your highly paid free agent TE is by definition bad play calling or bad game planning and speaks to a lack of identity for the offense playing foster over Williams and then targeting him once or twice is again bad game planning. Having your kick returner suddenly getting more targets than foster and expecting him to suddenly be comfortable catching the ball under game pressure is bad game planning and bad play calling. never scoring points in the third quarter speaks to bad game planning, again what is this offenses identifying principle? Can you define it ? When your slot receiver is the sole deep target on a critical down, game planning is questionable and again what is the philosophy of the passing game plan? It’s not productive and scoring 14 points is not GOOD or acceptable and the OC is responsible for the game plan. When your offense is confused and huddling as the clock runs down in the game defining drive , that is poor preparation and speaks to poor coaching. Isn’t Daboll responsible for the offense in that situation ? The product speaks for itself. If you think it’s just on Josh , isn’t it the OC s job to design an offense around the capabilities of your given talent ? I agree Josh is a work in progress. Daboll has a history of poor performing offenses and this is just another notch in his belt, by now he is what he is. Josh at least has a chance to develop. There is something wrong with the chemistry between daboll and Josh as the product now doesn’t work. Much easier to try a new OC than draft a new QB. Just like whisenhunt was responsible and dismissed its time for Mcd to salvage this situation imho.
  6. This was a horrible loss and continues the trend of inexplicably poor offensive production. The playcalling is abysmal and we have no identity from game to game. How do you explain not using your very productive young back more than 8-10 carries ? How do you keep having a TE (Smith ) playing who commits more penalties than times he has touched the ball? How do you explain a free agent TE ( Kroft) who is a ghost in the offense? How do you keep an OC where the offense can’t score in the third quarter; keeps going to empty sets on critical downs when the line is not holding up; keeps placing the o in situations where they commit holding penalties that either stop drives or knock you out of or into poor fg position; keeps being so situationally unaware that you waste time on a final drive where you should be trying to win rather than go to OT, and the list could go on. Unfortunately the d also has issues when we start games slowly, still struggle with the run , and they failed to generate any pressure on the game deciding drive allowing mayfield to drive them easily down the field for the winning score. This really has the look of a “ bad” 6-3 team and it’s going to be hard to stop this season from falling apart. Looking at the schedule, the fins look better offensively than when we last played them, , and who has faith in the stretch of games involving the Cowboys, Ravens ,Steelers , and Pats? It hurts to think this but if they don’t make some drastic change with the O, I could easily envision this team only beating the Broncos and Jets on route to a very depressing 8-8 season. For all the good McD did with getting us to the playoffs in season one, he maybe seen as just another Bills coach who blew a good start unless he can get a handle on this offensive debacle. I hope I’m wrong about my outlook but today’s game proved its not only about the W-L record as many only chose to look at , but also how you played en route to that record and what is the true identity of the team as you progress thru the season. This loss identifies us as a pretender with no unified offensive scheme and it will be interesting to see what direction McD chooses. Critical stretch for the franchise is upon us with no easy answers. Just a terrible loss today.imho.
  7. I really liked Allen’s play today. No big issues BUT two things. One was taking an unnecessary sack in red zone that killed a drive. Easily could have thrown it away but just froze and took a bad sack. However , no throws stood out being a bad throw into traffic etc. Two, he has to get this ball security issue behind him, or under control. It cost us dearly against the eagles and almost did today. He did juggle the qb sneak he scored on but made a nice recovery before it squirted out. I only mention it because he did fumble carrying the ball later and while we recovered it, it easily could have turned momentum again in a game that was a one possession game deep into the fourth quarter. He has to be cognizant now that teams will try to hold him up on first contact as they wait for a second guy to come in attempting to strip the ball. It is what it is once you get a rep for fumbling. Tiki Barber struggled with fumbling at one point in his career and Coughlin was close to benching him if my memory serves me. Coughlin really had him work on three point contact security and it turned his fumbling around. This issue is just as important as not making hero throws on plays that are dead. He has shown he is coachable and can change his tendencies so hopefully coaching solves this. I really love the guys competitiveness and his love of his team, leadership qualities while being humble and never throwing teammates under a bus as they continue to drop a Significant rate of passes he rockets into their hands. Get this fumble thing under control, get the o line settled and stable , give him a legit deep threat with an O coordinator who doesn’t keep being cute at wrong times , and Allen will be a consistent winner. I think he is a great fit for Buffalo; he is a good guy you can be proud to be a fan of and I hope he doesn’t let the fumble issue hold him back. Good win today despite run d issues; looks like we have our RB , QB for near future and need a young talented ANDRE REED type guy to grow with, and the Bills will be back in the Super Bowl hunt.
  8. I think this is the most comfortable I can remember feeling about a Bills win in quite some time. I am an Ohio state follower/ fan and watched Haskins every snap the year he played for the bucks. Here are a couple observations ( also it is the worst time to be playing the Bills after that debacle last week, they will be focused on correcting things and they know they need to win these home games if they really believe the playoffs are possible ) ; Haskins is a very accurate passer in a clean pocket. However, with people around him he rushes throws and I think he will continue to get rid of the ball early as he has done previously because he plays very “ soft”. This guy doesn’t like contact at all. He was easily rattled after early pressures in games for the Bucks. He had a good record because his receivers were very good and for the most part the bucks did keep pressure away from him. The Bills should not just let him sit back and only rush 4 playing conservatively because if given time he can make all the throws and that’s the scenario that he might be able to hurt us in. . I hope they take a page from Beli chick and send guys often. They don’t have to sack him but just get close and his contact adverse nature will result in opportunities for 2-3 picks. Haskins is not a really fast guy and he doesn’t have great elusiveness. They did run RPO ‘s at Ohio State with him but he was reticent to carry the ball. Finally close to the end of the year Urban had to emphasize he really needed more production running from Haskins and he had one productive game but quickly reverted back to avoiding running if possible. This is important for our d, as we won’t have to worry about Haskins taking off out of the pocket like Wentz did to us. I think this is even more reason to send blitzes more as even if we break gap integrity Haskins will pull up and throw even with clear space in front of him. I just doesn’t see him hurting us with his legs , so the bills DB’s do need to stick with their coverages if he manages to get outside of the pocket. I think this falls into our defensive scheme strength and is a great matchup for us this week. Haskins has one year at Ohio State and just that limited experience at a college level speaks to how unready I think he is for the pro level. I really liked him at Ohio State but it was obvious he needed to stay at least one more year to help his development. It’s a shame he couldn’t see that and went for the money so soon. He does have a very good arm but he lacks emotional maturity just because he is so young and he was not perceived as a strong leader compared to JT Barret who had preceded him. He was used to playing with the the lead and he did not project the feeling that he would bring the team back from early deficits. I think he had one or two really close games that year and I think there was just one situation where he helped lead the team to a win after they got behind ( I admit this is my overall impression as my memory is a little stale and I didn’t feel like going back to check all the box scores, but I think I have this right 😊) Let’s hope the Bills and Daboll can finally jump on a team and make them play from behind. We haven’t done that much this year, so like others have written it would be a huge red flag concerning their playoff hopes if the Bills struggle offensively once more and continue with pre snap penalties and terrible game awareness playcalling. The only way I see the skins staying close is if Josh continues his fumbling and falls into lapses of hanging onto the ball Too long while standing flat footed in the Pocket in the face of unrecognized blitzing lbs or dbs. His pocket awareness needs to be good and if so I think he leads the Bills to an easy 24-7 victory. Let’s go Bills.
  9. I agree with you about how well spoken the players are and it’s great to see this type of chemistry which hasn’t been prevalent in the team since the super bowl run teams of the 90’s. Wanted to point out a you tube interview for you to check out tho. It’s a single guy called Buffalo fanatics. He is ok , just refulsr guy. He did a full 30 min interview with Jordan Phillips on his you tube channel ( Buffalo fanatics ) about 4 days ago now. Check it out because I believe you will see Phillips like you saw the other players. I came away very impressed. He was genuine and had a genuine like of the team, the coaches and culture and he heaped praise on the b lo community and the bills mafia / fans. He was very articulate and well spoken and I have watched many if not all the other shows ( Murphy and tasker etc) and he was even more affable than many of the players they had on. He even had a few chances to go negative about things like the tenn players but he stayed very professional and he was a good representative for the teem. He talked about the process and he also talked some x & o type thug s and he came across very well. He want to do well and he he wants a future with the Bills and comes across very team oriented. It is such a breath of fresh air to see how well this team is actually a “ team” and they stress supporting each other. Phillips even mentioned how the locker room is set up so they are forced to know guys outside their position group and this speaks to McDermott seeing a larger picture too achieve his ultimate football goals. So not trying to argue of undermine you; just thought ihad such a positive feeling about Phillips that I would love to see him succeed on the Bills for a long time maybe it was the venue and he was more withdrawn on the Murphy show ( have to admit I missed that one but will look ). But of you have time check our Buffalo fanatics on YouTube. Phillips took time out from being with his daughter I believe to be with the show and he was very unselfish with his time. I have no affiliation with that web show so just a FYI from one bills fan to another. Sorry I didn’t put a link , IT stuff is not my forte ! Best wishes and go Bills!
  10. With the injury to Mahomes , a dislocated ( subsequently reduced ) right patella , this season has gotten dramatically more interesting from a Bills standpoint. A patellar dislocation will likely cause a 4-6 week minimum ( can be 6-8 weeks with non Surgical management) rehab period followed by the need to split the patella with a brace to prevent more dislocations. Mahomes will be limited with his mobility in a brace and like the nice gentleman who is a PT. Posted on here, he will have the need for surgery in the off-season dictated by mri results as the extent of any associated ligament injuries are determined. Next 24 -48 hours will demonstrate the individual aspects of the dislocation ( like swelling and how he responds to rest , compression, ice etc. ) will affect the short term rehab and how quickly mahomes might Return. Even if he returns he most likely will have limited mobility so he will not be h same pre injury mahomes. Given all that is going on in the AFC , I THINK this now is a season to really push for the super bowl. The injury hursts Kc who has been the 2 Nd seed prospect so far, and leaves only the Texans and Pats as our biggest threats keep in us out of the Super Bowl! With that in mind, I believe Beane needs to take one last look at the roster to give us our best chance In assuring we are deep enough for the run. This is a year ahead of what I would guess most of us thought about our chances of getting to the SB. We really are still in the division race and home field is still in reach as our schedule Is pretty favorable. While I don’t think we need to mortgage any further years , I also think we can’t waste the fact that he AFC is having a down year. The only area I think could derail us is if John Brown ( or Allen of course) is out for any period because thee is no one who has similar talents on the roster right now. I would like to see Beane try to get a 1A type guy like green , Diggs . We have depth everywhere but an experienced backup for brown so while I was not a fan of getting Green before , given the landscape of the afc after tonight , I would really try getting green for a 3 rd and 4 th , or possibly just a second round pick. Would defer to Beane’s judgement on anything more than a third, but I would support him being aggressive more so now than earlier in the season. I think our d line , o line, TEs , RBS, all are ok to make a run and if our lb Thompson is back, we prob have enough depth there as well. The landscape is the most favorable I can ever remember recently for a deep run so Beane let’s make it happen. I know everyone saw mahomes walking and smiling in the locker room post game ( however he was not flexing or bending the knee and it was wrapped ), and while it is a good sign, we won’t know the full rehab prognosis until after the mri. The surrounding ligaments are at a minimum stretched ( which will make recurrence likely ) , and it is possible there could be tears. Based seeing him not on crutches yet in the locker room and still weight bearing, I would guess he has little swelling so far. But I am sure he will leave on crutches with a brace and then it comes down to the mri results. It will take time to strengthen surrounding muscles and allow ligaments to tighten if not torn so he doesn’t dislocate with any flexing of the knee and while he looks as good as you could after a dislocation, this will still take time to prevent recurrent injury on return to play. Hopefully teams will take advantage and give the chiefs a few losses while mahomes is rehabbing ( Denver looks beyond pathetic and I can’t see this coach making it to a second season). If we keep improving and stay injury free, I think we have a legitimate shot a year ahead of expectations to actually be a contender for the SB. HOME FIELD is still possible so let’s go Beane ,,,,be sure you are content with our current depth and let’s go Bills! I think we can do some mild addition to better our depth and experience at our wr position and not hurt us with regards to future development or drafts. I think we should push for home field this year; it is sitting right in front of us and not out of realistic reach. 😀
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