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  1. There is no BUT here. ALLEN has Diggs who is a better receiver , route runner than Reed. What he cant do better is break tackles and reed routes were more crossing , reed being more physical and had more RAC as he could take contact. He never just went down or OOB, like Diggs is prone too, but Diggs is technically a better technical route runner who is prob better catching , but his rac is noe like reeds. Still , Allen has a comparable #1. Lofton was at the end of his career , was good on straight go routes, and had better hands than Davis. Davis can’t separate like lofton , yet really lofton had maybe 1 or two good years , so if Davis could catch , the two wr could be just as productive as a very aging lofton was. Beebe was the real burner and was used as the 3 , not just slot only. He had some great games but was not a hugely consistent producer. They did have 2 TE’S with METZALLARS, MCKELLER , both being better blockers than huge producers in the passing game. Dawkins is not the blocker , but has more speed and better hands and is an under utilized weapon by the current OC. Last year ALLEN had no consistent 3 rd guy to keep this PREDOMINANTLY PASSING OFFENSE being able to be great at short yardage or in goa line situations. To prove how great ALLEN IS , this team has a porous o line ( the Kelly BILLS had great o lines , remember Kelly was slow compared to Allen , not nearly having the speed or escapability that ALLEN has. ). That is more the real difference rather than receivers being so much better in the Kelly era. Kelly had time , last YEAR ALLEN was under siege almost every play. But also the huge difference , that o line blew open holes for Thurman who lead the league in yards from scrimmage for 3 consecutive seasons! Thurman had speed , power , could pass protect , was dependable in short yardage and around the goal line. His other big advantage was he had great hands, was great running screens and was also a reliable receiver with wheel routes and he was money on third downs. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A BACK OR PRODUCTION FROM THE BACKFIELD AT ANY TIME DURING BEANE / McD regime ? Of course not. They get the majority of production from ALLEN PASSING AND RUNNING , and it is easier to stop one player , or if that one player has a sub par performance , there is no one to go to out of the backfield. It’s the most glaring weakness, lack of insight , stubbornness by the OC’S , i have seen watching football for 40 plus years. The RB BY COMMITTEE, means you lack ONE TALENTED BACK , and the sub packages are tells for opposing teams. If you take ALLENS RUNNING OUT , the actual production of the running game and from these backs is not good, not acceptable , and teams know if you can get ALLEN off his game, there is no replaceable threat or player to make teams game plan against, and it shows up in bad weather, against better teams in the playoffs , and in goal line / short yardage situations. Having a STAR , TALENTED 3 DOWN BACK, like Kelly said , is a huge strategic hole regardless of era. You need a second star , not just these rotatable, replaceable , backs who all have deficits in parts of their game. We can’t even run simple screens, we cant depend on any one back to get those short yardage situations on 3rd or 4th downs , and they have so far not create consistent mismatches as receivers coming out of the backfield. A big issue is the o line and inconsistent schemes that the oc kept flipping on last year , as stated by john fina , a good tackle who started in sb 27 as a rookie and played 10 years foe the BILLS. But Kelly is right , this coaching staff has refused to make an effort to get a real difference maker at the RBI’s position , following most nfl teams devaluing the position rather than leading. More than another wr , whose production depends so much on Allen , designed routes , and o line play ( so many factors) , get that unusual back who gets yards despite poor blocking at times , can dependably catch and not fumble in critical times , and suddenly your passing O is better as lbs cant drop as much. You dictate them to load the box at times , opening up things for play action. Plus you preserve JOSH. Tell me the DOWNSIDE IN HAVING A VERY GOOD BACK OR SPENDING A HIGH PICK ON A UNIQUE TALENT LIKE BIJON, please! We got to 4 SB’s with a great back ;however, we lost as the d was avg, the qb play was not good, and uncharacteristically , other than SB25 , Thurman had bad games as he mentally collapsed after fumbling, but the reason we got there , was having a great back and very good QB and o line play. WE have the star QB, but too much of the game plan relies on him and we need a RB to hand off too , use in screens in bad weather and negating rushes etc , if this team expecte to actually win a SB. Ask manning, elway , and Marino about success or lack of it, winning a SB regarding the importance of playing with a great back.
  2. Great breakdown and review of mcd as d c. Also has RAPPs breakdown and ways mcd might use him. After watching this, i came away finally having some enthusiasm for the season return , as for the past two years it was a feeling of futility watching Fraziers soft zone , never adapting , teams converting 3rd and long routinely, lack of sacks or finishing, and it culminated in humiliating fashions both years as the d failed to hold a lead or with CINCY, just watching them move the ball at will aa we were never in the game. After watching this , i am more convinced FRAZIER didn’t just “take a year off’ , and I’m sure he will not return to the BILLS in that dc capacity again. This breakdown , IMO, shows a huge philosophical difference between mcd and Frazier , and i think over the years mcd went into his HC role and had less ans less to do with how th d was run or game planning , as he appropriately trusted Frazier , who is such a likable man , and I’m sure helped mcd in his transformation to being a HC. I would bet mcd finally realized this D was no longer going to work come playoff time or even in the more highly competitive AFC east. I would bet mcd knew FRAZIER couldn’t adapt, and pro had lengthy discussions and finally Frazier realized his own weaknesses and they came up with a plan that allows Frazier to step away, but it looked like his choice, and keeps his options with all other teams intact to return. It avoids retiring, more importantly it avoids the negative apperance of being fired or released. Frazier walks away not being a scapegoat. I just think if the d does change with mcd at the dc position, it would be compatible with mcd realizing he wants an aggressive D ( gosh i hope so ) and who better to get back to that than he running it himself as the others on staff are groomed to eventually take over and allow mcd to return to focusing on HC responsibilities. The team seemed to be at a crossroads , Almost losing to the fins with a sub QB, before begging taken apart by Cincy. With the afc east alll looking to have pretty competent qb play and coaching, a change was needed and this might be a great solution . ALLEN will only be in his prime so long, and watching the last 2 years blown opportunities, reality sinks in as those chances don’t come automatically or often. I hope MCD does up things with the stunts etc , as cover 1 showed just how predictable and beatable this bend but don’t break , Frazier d had become. This is not dumping on FRAZIER, but despite his statistically successful D, it was his responsibility for the playoff terrible D calls, and those shots with guys way off the line in both those 2 playoff losses are just not deniable despite all the FRAZIER apologists who kept arguing those pics meant nothing without knowing responsibilities. The bottom line is the results of the plays were failures ,the players under Frazier lacked situational awareness, and the team lost both games. If you watch the podcast and still say you would prefer FRAZIER still running the D, we just have nothing to discuss when you keep denying all video evidence presented. This helps with the draft , as if mcd runs that form of d discussed, you don’t need another Edmunds, just a smart guy with instincts and some coverage ability. You do need a guy who doesn’t get dominated by o linemen , who is aggressive enough to attack and finish sacks and tackles well. I hope they know who they have in mind and don’t get too greedy trying to drop back much. Those ratings are all subjective and it just takes one pick to lose your guy; we don’t have any other glaring need so get your guy at 27 and move on. You can drop later when many guys are on the same talent tier. Get a guy who can play now, get some young wr talent that you allow to play , and get competition depth the rest of the way. If mcd runs the same D he did in Carolina in 2015-16 w some tweeks, i can actually say it would be exciting to watch and with the Frazier /soft zone not dominating game plans, we can really challenge for a SB title which was not happening without those changes.
  3. Not sure what type of work pays for or encourages drinking while working, would be interested to find out what th product is. Thoughts tho ; if you drink at work and have an accident /dui , isn’t the company exposed? Many great people suffer from the diseases of addiction, again not sure how providing abusive substances at work would not further expose the company to legal implications and work comp issues. If a company provides impairing things to ingest at work, not sure i would trust their products from a quality standpoint. Asking for a friend ! I’m sorry , this just seems absurd to me and in what state /country is this enterprise? Hard to believe anywhere in the states could exist like this in todays legal climate. Do they have to pay for a liquor license or because they give it away they have a loophole to avoid needing a license? What line of work , product is BETTER if employees are allowed to consume alcohol while producing that product , unless it’s testing pharmaceuticals for addiction treatment? This is just hard to believe ! Lol! This sounds like , if located in the states, would be somewhere that the legal system is very loose on crime , like a state with no cash bail or where prosecutors allow stealing up to certain levels before prosecuting. I have worked in lots of types of jobs , fields of interest , but never encountered a company serving alcoholic beverages on site for EMPLOYEES,,,,i mean it sounds like a bar , so did you actually mean to imply workers could consume alcohol while at work or were they present for customers ? SMDH,,,,,this just doesn’t sound real in any sane way ! Maybe the joke /sarcasm went over my head , its late, I’m sleepy,,, must be a dream. I 😀
  4. Agreed. I don’t want to watch someone who is so narcissistic that they are only there to promote themselves ABOVE the actual sport they are hired to talk about and the only reason they are employed in the first place. If he is playing , acting some part , he is in above his skill abilities, and it’s gotten old, when a loud hack thinks his Schtick is the main event. I don't need to be entertained by someone giving scores or a game synopsis , as the main source of entertainment i enjoy by choice is the actual sporting event itself. The myriad of talk shows , pre and post game shows , has exploded like a bunch of ticks /leeches , all fighting for relevance with more and more over the top acts that frankly shouldn’t survive or be missed if they disappear. I dont need some wanna be comic commenting on my plumbers work, or doing YouTube videos while I’m suturing someone’s laceration. How bout you go out and get some real life skills , produce something tangible, go do some labor or get a degree as a chemist /pharmacist so all of our medicines , PPE, industries are not all owned and being done in china for example? It’s the same analogy with that guy constantly throwing out his narcissistic opinions without ever having enough talent to have played at any high level himself. Buy into that stuff if you want too, but i am intelligent enough that i dont need to be spoon fed someone else’s insincere opinions just so he can be paid for something that is often wrong and has no long term tangible useful end product. If i want to see a movie, watch acting, watch fiction, i can turn on HBO max or Disney and at least there the quality of the performance and fiction is usually relaxing, not having someone shrieking their own opinions at me. I will never understand how this guy is popular; all i will say is you rarely see many intellectuals talking about him or his great insights regarding many issues. 🤮
  5. Hahaha! My kind of guy! Always seeing the upside, the positive side to every situation ; and knowing it’s very unlikely with our luck that we ever get to experience that side of life ! Yep, RAPP may interfere with our destiny to reach # 32! 😂👍. I like the way you think , no dream is too small to be shattered ! 😂
  6. Really is a great question; have no idea after watching the film on him how he didn’t get grabbed for a lot more. My only thoughts are maybe they sold him on the reality of Hyde coming off neck surgery, on his last year of this contract , and Poyer is coming off multiple injuries and also could be his last year if the bills would win a SB (PER POYER). Great chance he gets significant playing time this year and could be the starter the following year and look at the run Hyde/Poyer have had; play well as a vet and he has a shot at starting along with a good chance of extension and stability. Great tandem to learn from , HC is great with developing defensive backfield talent , plus throw in playing on a team with a franchise qb , and maybe those factors were enough to see a bigger picture for the future and some runs at a SB. Also , get a chance to go against great QBs conference wide. Just seems we got lucky on this one.
  7. Yes i commented on it very positively at the end of a post about josh running etc. i stated i came away very excited after i watched ERIC TURNER of cover 1 just post his film breakdown on YouTube on RAPPS great plays from last year. It’s definitely worth the ten minute breakdown by ERIC , who showed the great tackling ( bills were 31st in missed tackles last year missing over 13%, while RAPP MISSES ABOUT ONLY 6% which is great) , his ability to stop the run, his TEcoverage ability , and his PBU /INT abilities! This was a great film breakdown , and this guy could easily be a starter and is great insurance if Poyer has injury issues again. He looks like a great tool for mcd to use and i think this is a proven , very good system fit , and up there with the McGovern value. He actually has very positive film, not just a few plays or potential like some wr signings. Very good acquisition, and no benefit to me by recommending ERIC TURNERS cover 1 YouTube analysis just posted. If you have questions about RAPP, take 10 min to watch that YouTube post and you will feel more informed and intelligent for having watched it!
  8. It was really just answering a reporter politely, not just going to coach speak immediately like he usually does. I didn’t watch much , but caught that part and he didn’t state anything he and every analyst in the world hasn’t already stated. I did see an interesting blurb by teddy bruschi, saying he thought if he was SEAN , he would go to ALLEN and negotiate with him to help make this happen early in the year; trust him the first part of the season to help avoid the hits accumulating , but telling ALLLEN when its later in the season or playoff time , its cut him loose time and he can run as he has. It was an interesting take on it , great way to help ALLEN buy in and not feel limited in his style. Coming from a former player , i thought it was a great compromise way to present it to josh , who IMO, does need to “HEAR” things in a way he will accept as best for the team and its presenting things in a cooperative fashion. What would you have had SEAN do ; say nothing meaningful , lacking any sincerity to a reporter who has a long association with the NFL and one he must talk to in the future ; ignore a politely asked question as there was no nefarious meaning behind the question ? He was just being a good man, good BILLS representative for the organization, not just deflecting like some clown coaches do (rexy like)! It was a harmless , classy answer , and people overreacting to it are being ridiculous and are just showing proof they either didn’t see it or just are trolling to stroke their own need to be heard. It was cordial , and much better than the typical coach speak crap that comes from this staff all in-season long. 😀👍. I hate the in-season tripe; this was at least a thoughtful answer and in no way would offend Josh.
  9. It didn’t come across as desperate, or harsh. Sean was smiling , but it did come across as something firm and committed too. It really didn’t seem out of place IMO, and i agree with you about running things thru media. It was just a common sense answer to a fair question in a relaxed McDermott interview. Not a big issue in this case IMO, as he also was praising josh , yet stating even great players need to EVOLVE their game. It was a positive affect , candid statement.
  10. It’s about being sincerely coachable, as Josh states he is. But i agree with you,,,he says one thing , “ we cant do that” about a million times regarding turnovers, yet we saw one of his worst years last year regarding turnovers. There is a certain stubbornness , as if he enjoys things like the angry run awards from Brandt, that speaks to some ego that josh seems to have, and while ego in a franchise QB is desirable , so is putting some of that aside with growth and team needs. Josh has given lots of lip service to protecting himself regarding sliding, but SEAN seems to be sending firm messages and he doesn’t want to see CAM 2.0 , so i expect Dorsey and Josh both hear this as a firm directive this year , at least for most of the season. However , if SEAN wants this , it requires a decent o line and it may require more than just HARRIS. It may still mean if available, getting a true RB upgrade in the terms of drafting a talent like BIJON if possible. Harris is slightly different than motor , augmented if you put him behind a good line as after comparing career stats, Harris and motor don’t appear drastically different. BIJON is a more talented back and actually , according to Greg Cosell , a true three down bell cow type talent. SEAN has seen the writing on the wall; running , mobile QBS still don’t last long taking hits in the NFL, and SEANS future is tied to keeping Josh healthy and playing. We’ve heard this the prior 2 seasons about josh being protected and not being the primary runner; it’s time to assure it happens. Three additions have helped the o line via FA; They also added to the O with some new wr talent , and finally they helped the RB room some as well. All 3 areas can still get more talent via the draft and should. For example, I wanted Dobbins over Epenesa 2 years ago , Dobbins being available when they grabbed epenesa, and so far that still seems like we missed on that pick. It would be great and I would love to see BEANE make an attempt to add a very unique RB talent in BIJON, as the other positions will still have tiered talent later in the draft that can help the BILLS. It would be a real step in helping protect Josh with a very unique RB , providing help by going for a guy on a talent tier by himself, and finally give this directive of protecting josh some real assets rather than just talking about it ! BTW, for those who posted the critical stuff about signing RAPP, Eric from cover 1 just posted a great video breakdown on YouTube on him. This guy looks absolutely like a great addition. Bills were 31st in missed tackles last year. This guy doesn’t miss tackles , great at run stopping, covering the TE, can get PBU’S and ints, BUT wow, this guy doesn’t miss tackles. Watching Eric break down his performance from last year , i am really excited about this addition, and i bet you will be as well. Highly recommend Eric Turners cover 1 , 10 min film breakdown on RAPP, JUST posted on youtube! This guy is an exciting player and looks to be a GREAT addition in the SEAN MCDERMOTT defensive toolbox ! It’s worth your time if you have questions about RAPP, and it takes a lot for me to recommend most types of off season content , but this breakdown was very well done and if you cant believe your eyes after this , not sure how to convince you. I 😀👍
  11. This is about all that wasn’t coach speak , which mcd has become an ultimate professional at , so much so i admit i clicked away after 2 min and missed the above statement. Imo, the whole preseason talk from one BILLS DRIVE, is non productive listening time and i get just as much insight from certain posts on here compered to small tidbits of things this staff dwell in. The signings are interesting , but after last year I’m sorry , IMO until i see something happen on the field, the rest of all the talk shows, mock drafts, etc mean nothing and are no longer predictive of anything. It’s just constant talk, opinions from content creators reaching for something relevant. After trading for Hines, bringing in smoke, Beas, drafting cook, shakir , etc and all sparingly being used, i have no reason to trust “TALK” until i see the actual product being used or created on the field during the actual season. Sorry, just an evolution what one can expect with this staff regarding the team at this time of the year, reminding all this is still even prior to the draft so factual roster composition is impossible. That’s said, thanks for posting this ,( those are two of the more entertaining cover 1 guys , along with Greg, Eric, and Aaron who are quite knowledgeable , very good in SMALL doses, compared to at times the lengthy podcasts that are longer than the NFL games they report on or analyze! 😊) and I appreciate the fact this came from MCD personally. Pretty shocking as i would have thought he might have held on to this post draft , up till the 1st game as i was certain he would state the opponent not knowing the exact D play caller would be a competitive advantage!!! 😂. This is great , now the D results can be evaluated knowing for the 1st time , 100% who is making those 3rd & long calls, who is responsible for rotations, who is calling blitzes , etc! I think this is happening related to those prior EPIC PLAYOFF LOSSES ( Keeping Frazier’s move included, as he may be experiencing true burnout or considering retirement but knows you cant put that out there till you do it or perceptually you have retired), and it is quite possible SEAN may have perceived finally that playoff failures , despite reg season success , are not a path to a long future with the Bills. This is perhaps the BEST direct way to determine IF you have the CORRECT man leading the BILLS now, who have a franchise QB in place, or might owners need to CONSIDER a change in the future if they fall short of reasonable expectations baring unforeseen complications like an injury to a player of Josh’s stature for example. I really like this move and IMO, is as key as any player additions. Other HC’S also call plays , and have demonstrated success, so MCD who is in all likelihood the best dc currently on this staff, should give this years rendition its best shot to compete for a SB title. There is no confusion, it removes communication errors that cost a crucial loss in the past, and now the D’S play and philosophy is CLEAR from day 1 !! I really believe this keeps the BILLS equal with other EAST teams improvements , because the failures have usually been defensive breakdowns and i think we see a more aggressive D than at any time under FRAZIER. KUDOS to MCD for accepting this added responsibility AND making it fully transparent, and there is no way this choice can be viewed as an excuse if we see similar defensive gaffs at crucial game times or during the playoffs. Thanks again for the post !
  12. Good points and analysis. So far this looks like a slight improvement with saffold gone. ( Edwards looks very round faced , somewhat plethoric , didn’t have great recent stats , so I don’t see him as anything but a backup. McGovern , looks athletic on the other hand ). So people are ignoring Hyde had a CERVICAL FUSION, as stated on if the walls could talk , spielman had the same surgery and did not play the same or overcome it. Having had much more extensive fusions at 4 levels , 5th needed, I just can’t imagine feeling the same despite, it being only a single level for Hyde. Love the guy , really hope it works but no guarantees he is the same great safety. Poyer also coming off a rough year , so hope this is not a warning sign. We wont have Miller until who knows, and our lack of sacks has not been upgraded. Expecting expenesa to Be different is , imho, wishful thinking. Basham could improve but again, odds seem against him. I do have HIGH HOPES , we get a Young LB, and we will learn we can indeed be ok or better against the run and get more impact plays than BILS fans accepted as good production, IF they draft one of a few good lbs that’s could be available. That leaves a legit competitor wr for the wr 2 spot. Without that in FA/ or draft , we are left hoping Gabe and guys with potential break out. Finally , i agree with greggtx, RB is prob improved in the goal line /short yardage area ,but how great would it be to get a difference making back on a 5 year deal , like BIJON. If not available , the tall wr suggested by Jeremiah / and others , who wins contested balls would also be a good move and get a lb in round 2. But so far it is a lot of lateral moves that could prove better If they pan out. Beane has been very average with his success at FA signings after DIGGS ( cant judge miller fairly as he was hurt before playofff competition ever began). Certainly , it doesn’t look like anything resembling any huge gain in talent so far. Hopkins becoming a BILL , would actually be that edge that MILLER was supposed to add to the d last year and did for a short period , but that’s the rub, the trophy is handed out in feb so you cant just ignore injuries, surgeries, aging , and what your competitors are adding. It’s a long process , very far away yet, but at this point there is no great addition ( well, if Sean calls the d that could be huge vs more Frazier) , just seems like hoping guys will finallly break out and produce , so lets see how the draft goes. Have to admit tho, the way our 1st round pick and cook were used last year , who can be certain what the draft results will really mean? Drafting , then barely playing those rookies like last year, to me , means i will hold off judgement / hopes until i see the end result of them actually being active and playing. I would love Campbell , but they need to solidify talent for josh to throw too , and two slot type guys , imo , is not solving the issue yet. Rich Eisen agrees, suggesting Hopkins should be a goal ( funny he suggested getting Henry as well, seriously, and dealing with cap issues like LA later, AFTER you finally have your SB ring!
  13. It means the coaching was not acceptable, going with someone they felt comfortable with vs trying something new. Don’t throw out ypg crap which means nothing situationally , this was by the eye test a very average back who couldn’t catch dependably and fumbled. He had 13 career fumbles compared to the newly signed backs 3. He was not dependable AT CRITICAL TIMES INCLUDING PLAYOFF GAMES , yet this staff chose to keep cook and Hines on the bench predominantly, or weren’t creative enough to find ways to use them regularly. . We know little about the guys we still have and that’s the coaching staffs fault , Dorsey or whomever was responsible. What’s wrong with being ok with them moving on and not bringing back an OK back that ran his course for 4 years , knowing he lacked speed ( 4.6 40 ) and was not a consistent back in making impact plays or in most ways despite whatever they kindly say about him in the press, which is a classy thing , BUT does not mean that’s how he was viewed behind closed doors. If he does turn into some pro bowl talent, it’s just further evidence that issues are this staff. Doubt that happens, zebras rarely change their stripes. People might attack me , insult me with crap statements like “no disrespect” , which is just a guise for being disrespectful as they mean their OPINION is obviously the correct one and they have a need to make it known rather than just politely moving on, ( like opinionated , alphawuss, and not you in anyway ngbills ! ) , but i stand by my opinions i posted. I think i have been validated with my OPINIONS, about edmunds /motor/McKenzie, being expendable and not likely coming back. Not saying that to be a wise a$$ but just that so many BILLS fans turn into such blind fans, they cant listen to any reason ; despite having a unicorn qb who has sniffed the afc championship 1 x compared to mahomes, who is just a year older but with 2 SB wins, we should have been more accomplished than we are. This has to raise concerns about the process and its implementation. Younger staffs on Cincy, eagles, and MAYBE the fins & jets , have or are poised to bypass mcd in his 6th year. I am encouraged slightly by all the staff changes. We have had reg season success, but post season spectacular failings ( Houston , 13 seconds, Cincy game) are examples during mcd’s 4-5 postseason. My largest concern /issue with this staff is the concept of so much rotation in many aspects , which ends up with less talented players playing much higher snaps than they should. McD is a Great human being, but honestly, it is time he has post season success as a true measurement of progress and the learning he repeatedly talks about. That CINCY game was another spectacular failure , and its time for those spectacular losses to just not keep happening IN THE POSTSEASON . Along that line, despite how impressive the new back signing looks, it is still a slight red flag for me about this staff , esp with a very inexperienced oc in Dorsey. Really good teams usually are able to chose a bell cow/ # 1 Back whose traits they chose to depend on. The 90’s teams relied on thurm mostly and Davis who was not extremely diff, just not the receiver thurm was. So , here we go once again with 3 backs of supposedly different traits, and it is dependent on Dorsey to find how to best use them while not giving away tendencies with his packages. I think it might work better than w/ motor but why wont this staff just buy into getting/drafting a 3 down , dependable , back who is THE go to guy , and sub when he needs a blow. That’s different that rotating packages. So while better and perhaps cap concerns dictate everything, i am not sure this staffs rotation emphasis is as successful as we are seeing other organizations having success sticking with less rotations of personnel. KC seems to win without that same rotational dependency. I just wish they would go all in and try to get a talent like BIJON ( many analysts are saying the pats will take him so we may have no real shot), or the second overall rated back for example. Sorry, but once again , we are apparently rotating people , and it could work with different talent , but it could also be a repeat with Harris who is a slight improvement , but he is not a 1st/2nd round talent. He only did 21 pass pro reps in a season, so hopefully he is just running: but isn’t that a tendency give away yet again? Harris’s and motor stats were almost identical except Harris was better in the afc east , which included the bills and we don’t play ourselves ! Maybe they turn COOK loose and use his speed ; maybe Harris is the goal line /short yardage guy only. My issue is why cant they find or commit to getting a true game changing back? We still can with the approaching draft , this signing excludes nothing. I hope they keep adding offensive talent. We can win a SB , but our route there is doing everything we can to support Josh in all offensive facets. Like i think ngbills is addressing; we may have more coaching issues than prior talent issues, but imo , moving on from motor was inevitable as we didn’t achieve the ultimate goal with him.
  14. Yeah, i bet he is confused. He also did nothing to get thrown off the plane; always totally innocent. He put that out there knowing how to manipulate the media, now acting. “Confused” as in all reality only one guy is willing to throw that type of money his way, JERRY JONES. Yesterday on Sirius KIRWIN said he personally would only do an incentive laden deal with him after two acl injuries making him a very high risk signing. HOWEVER, kirwin said jerry has been talking to him and has been enamored with him a long time. If anyone would or could throw that type of cash to OBJ, kirwin said it would be jerry and he felt the cow fools are not far from closing a deal with him., but it could be a problem the following year when they have to pay jeudy, who is not going to settle for 8 mil a year with obj getting 20 ( jones has worked this type of deal before with huge signing bonus spread out over many years to soften cap blow. KIRWIN said Jerry’s son should talk his dad down from obj, and mention the issues they will have to face the following year. Don’t shoot the messenger. Was just driving and listening to kirwin/miller for a couple hours late yesterday afternoon , and that’s when Pat said how much JERRY wants OBJ , and said he didn’t believe a deal was that far off OBJ prob heard the show or reports about it ,, so now comes the denial about 20 mil year,,,and kirwin believed obj was the guy leaking that number to the press, so todays claim of innocence is not surprising. He is truly an angel ; players like him so this is just like the giving girl on prom night trying to recoup her reputation the next day as the prom guy is filling in all his buddies,,,,lol,,,,yeah nothing happened cuz certain things don’t really count as sex, right? 😀,,,,,,,obj just got home from his prom in the Dallas area!
  15. Didn’t we do that with edmunds? Wagner cant cover if they plan on same D. Draft looking more likely, Dodson isn’t bad, plus we have last years 3 rd round pick as well with experience,,,,,not playing experience but those mental reps are part of the process! Besides, this is the year of the O everybody called for since the CINCY loss! PO is back and confident , feels great which is good to hear. He and Hyde will be there unlike last year when both could be considered in all practicality, missing in action due to injury. With them back , no matter who is inserted , the d will be better than last year , or at worst pretty equivalent. If they could somehow luck into Jack Campbell , was listening to kirwin on Sirius , and he believes he is great athlete , plug and play and will be a starting iLB/MLB for a team like the bills this year. There is also the 2nd ratedLB in the draft , name escaping me , but the film room guys from cover one are very high on him so no need to panic. The board , podcasts, all requesting o line, another receiver, and weapons for ALLEN, so it’s going according to form so far…... It’s just early FA time, sit back and chill till preseason. Still haven’t even hit trade deadline, so this is the time to relax as no pressure and nothing fans can do anyhow. ENJOY MARCH MADNESS, at least as good as any SB without the bills playing! 😁
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