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  1. Ferreira in the booth as prior head of officials said it was an erroneous call. No other Option. He hit the ground with his butt as he had the ball. Cstch with possible offensive interference is only correct call. And offensive pi was a hard sell imho.
  2. This is a good point and shows a trend. How many blowouts have we seen mcds defense give up over the years. And all the times it has been horrible run defense with our middle being gashed. How many times have we had to bring in players to help stop the horrific run defense!? I know we have seen this at least twice in mcds tenure. This time we fortunately didn’t lose because of such an improved offense but this is not a consistent way to win Needing 4 th quarter comebacks weekly. Let’s hope this is not another 3 game stretch to get the run d corrected. Edmunds , if he was hurt should have been subbed. He was awful other than one hit. Trey also looked lost at times. Something is wrong with the scheme or communication. Rams are good but they came back from 28-3 and once again we should have easily cruised from that point. The terrible interception changed momentum but we still had an 11 point lead after that. Hard to explain that collapse but we have seen this too many times with this D. Remember Houston? No lead is safe with this situation. Is it Frazier , Mcd, or lack of leadership by vets? Not sure but this takes the luster from an amazing offensive performance. Maybe just an aberration,,,,but if it persists I bring up Zimmer , love, and consider more Dodson. Doubt we have cap space to add from outside. Great win but definite red flags. Btw, Wallace did have a nice pick in first half. Our d line was getting some pressure early but that disappeared in second half.
  3. HBD SDS! Thx for so many wonderful years here and fostering this amazing family and community that sets the standard for all things Bills ! Wishing you good health and I hope this football season provides some much needed relief from all stressors political , racial, COVID, and financial related and hoping to one day meet you in person as we finally celebrate our elusive Super Bowl title ! 😀😀🎂🍰🍸🍺🏈
  4. I have to admit I am a little skeptical that McD has addressed the O enough to keep up with KC , RAVENS, and even the Titans who also got aggressive with their D by adding Clowney. New O additions of Diggs , and three rookies ( Moss, Davis, Gilliam ) , with a tight end room with Knox being the only one with much upside and an o line basically unchanged, does not show a great deal of change that will guarantee , IMHO, a vastly improved offense that can score more than 19 points a game. McD , who has had great success with his D, continued to bring in more support with adding several proven defensive veterans and even opted to take Epenesa when JK Dobbins had fallen into our lap (a 2000 yard proven rusher from a major conference who was immediately nabbed by the Ravens to bolster their already impressive rushing attack), appears to keep his emphasis on defense even after we are seeing the leagues more successful franchises featuring very productive offenses. We can’t ignore KC’s ability to score and they added even more fire power to their O. The road to the SB will most likely go thru KC or Baltimore for the AFC teams as I see the Bills as a 10/11 win team given the schedule. We still have zero playoff wins with McD ( love the guy and love his culture, but he needs improvement as losing a 16 point lead in the wild card game reflects on a need for game management improvement ), and I am not sure just adding Diggs and three rookies ( 4 if we include Bass) in a COVID shortened season translates to more offensive success on the road against already proven offensive juggernaut franchises. We did also lose to Baltimore at home last year so we can’t just downplay them either as I routinely see little mention of them as a team we might have to go thru to get to the SB. So, did we do enough on O? Not sure until we see if Allen can progress as I am hoping he does , and I also have to see if Daboll can use Diggs and Moss creatively in a way that matches all the preseason hype. So far McD continues to be very aggressive with addressing his D, but I am not sure he has done enough to get the offense up around 24/25 points a game where we can actually be a bona fide Super Bowl contender. Peter King suggesting the fins take the division is ludicrous, but we are not locks to knock off KC, TITANS , RAVENS , and the SB is really the ultimate goal. It’s about to get real!
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