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  1. Drive and passion and Long hours ,,,,,,,um ,,,he graduated from Harvard, has a large family ( which requires obj 24/7), must be passionate to still be a possible starter at age 39 and is not deterred by competitors or being benched even tho he was better than those he was benched for many times, and again, nothing is more mentally exhausting than being a good father / provider for a larger family ( many accounts of him being a good father ). The only thing he doesn’t have is the experience of being a head coach. However, this man succeeded at what he wanted at the highest level and he is mor
  2. I really think this is exactly the type of acquisition that would be perfect for this team. Team captain, leader, winner, plays hurt & tough, now with an axe to grind with your main competition ( fins), brings an Lorenzo type vet presence , can prob get good deal as fins still paying him several mil next year. Why not move Edmunds to Milanos position and then let van noy bring his leadership to the front 6/7 ? Yes the draft is good for lbs, but not with NFL experience ( esp given covid protocols), already a proven leader, already with knowledge of two in division rivals, and thi
  3. Saw a report on from the Pat Macafee show football today and they showed a tweet from a reporter “ close to Watts camp”” who apparently has had a lot of inside info before on him. It stated his agent said they have multiple offers already and one on the table for a base of 14-16 mil per year. Still waiting for other offers tho. So there will be a bidding contest for him and if money wasn’t going to a huge issue, why pit that out there’ even ? Even macafee mentioned about wining being an issue but noted most guys will not foolishly turn down huge sums of money just to go somewhere with a “ c
  4. Look , maybe it’s my background ( was a Med director of inpatient detox unit for a few years early in my career ) , maybe it’s because I don’t like any COWBOY , maybe I don’t like BUCKS arrogant personality etc, but admitting something like drinking ON A JOB YOU GET PAID LARGE SUMS OF MONEY TO PERFORM SOBER , is another arrogant behavior that minimizes how impactful this type of behavior actually is. I don’t know about you guys , but ANY job I have ever had required I performed it while sober and not under the influence of chemicals. We are not talking about brain surgery during a
  5. I Agree Hopefully this is not a cost saving move just to fill a gap as we release others for cap space. Cover 1 one did short review on him and he has been oft injured , unavailable. He is 32. Might be ok along with star. But cover 1 guys really felt he was on last legs of career with possible year or two of rotation play left. They were not very high on him. Doubt if this Carolina cast off system we keep going to should be an answer for us. Why keep doing this with guys from an organization less successful now and it’s like we don’t trust our own pro Personel department to evaluate talent
  6. Amazing stat! He was underutilized in several games, placed w a cracked fibula in two games , missing one w the injury and still put up his best season! Great teammate, great hands , need more guys with his attitude, and hope he gets consistent and more targets next year.
  7. It just proves how poor of a strategy it was for US. They had beaten us the first game as we did that , and we all knew/ know our d line never caused pressure alone in any game last year. The games we blitzed a lot in , we got pressure ( like Denver), so using no blitzes against kc was literally doing the same thing again but expecting different results. Made zero sense. Our d line and lbs are no where close to the bucs so we have huge work ahead. Also they pressed and played physical with kc while just rushing 4. We let crossing routes, backs, and Kelce come off the line without ever conte
  8. Spot on! Hab been saying for weeks to watch the lbs, esp white. He is aggressive, fast, plays pass and run well. Hey, he can even make big plays like an int he took away from Kelce in the endzone. Compare his play to edmunds , who is at least one year aged of white experience wise in the NFL, and you see how disappointing Edmunds really is. White makes plays all over the field and hits hard; Edmunds usually makes plays all over the field, but it’s usually in our defensive backfield or.after a 20-30 yard play given up on third and 15 as the opposition gets a first down. Can’t shake the multi
  9. Not sure about this arriving sooner than expected. Too many teams , like TB , have shown with the right moves you can turn things around in a season. I mean the browns , fins , both made great progress this season. The browns look better on D and they have a better running game than we do. We have josh, diggs who bailed us out. Beane has been a master on the O with finding our QB, good receivers in FA & the draft. However , he has also missed on tight end , our rbs appear avg at best , our interior o line was a mess except for Morse who was still solid. Beane has missed sign
  10. With our current D and philosophy, no way we beat Tampa. Brady has always had the Bills number and hE would have known this d scheme inside and out. Plus they are big on the o line , ran the ball really well , and would have killed us running the ball. We have no rush to get to Brady so the exact same thing would have happened to us as what did to KC. We may have scored a little more only because we had our starting tackles. But even that is iffy as we were so one dimensional. TB woukd have been blitzing josh all night and we have no consistent backs or tight ends to use as outlets for j
  11. Cornelius Bennett, Darryl Talley, Chris Spielman, Spikes were all just as fast , covered backs and TEs pretty well , but they also made impact plays that were memorable. How many of those memories do we have from Edmunds? Mine are mostly seeing him being pushed ten yards downfield by a tight end, hitting wrong gaps, rarely hitting a back for a loss or causing a fumble hitting a back just a he gets a hand off, watching O lineman get their hands on him and he never disengages until after the whistle , dropping back in third and long coverage deeper than the first down marker and then having g
  12. Without commenting specifically, some might opine its “:selfish” to post / make judgements unless that opinion comes from a perfect person; one who has never made any mistake , made an error, etc. For example, it could be opined that driving while sleepy is selfish, or driving after taking medicine, or driving immediately after a vaccine or injection , or driving while angry or upset, or going threw a yellow light, not fulling stopping at a stop sign , texting while driving , being distracted in conversation or talking On a phone while driving, interacting with children or a pet , all of
  13. He was there with manning predominantly I think , maybe some with luck as well, but he retired prior to his contract being up to do his YouTube career path. Funny , crazy, manic guy ! . He was the punter , vinateri was fg kicker.
  14. Great points. After watching the issues they pointed out , it just seemed like so. Much of that was related mistakes that proper coaching should have corrected. They did do well in a couple of games , yet there are times when guys aren’t even making full efforts and were just whiffing or standing after whiffing and not looking for someone to hit. If it was all talent based , you would think the effort would consistently be there. But when basic footwork is bad, the effort is bad, they had to go away from trap plays completely as the players looked like they were lost , it seems that comes dow
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