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  1. Wow thanks for posting that. It’s absolutely startling to see those strung together from supposedly “professional “ receivers! I don’t know how Josh could ever trust throwing to Zay or Foster any longer, except he was not provided with any other options! It still amazes me how long jones was kept on and it certainly makes me think after foster disappearing as a receiver last year that if any of the draft picks can be an effective gunner ( not difficult imho), he will be off the roster. We didn’t miss him in the playoff game ( I don’t think he was active was he? ) so I don’t see how he makes the roster if any of these new guys can catch ( not becoming Zayisms themselves) . It sounds like McBean will no longer tolerate that type of ineptitude and rightfully so when this is a critical year to determine if Josh will be our long term franchise Qb, which I firmly believe he prove himself to be with a true #1 receiver In addition to cutting his fumbles. After seeing a video like that it’s no wonder we can’t score points effectively. Pretty revealing video and point by OP documenting how badly Allen has been hurt by drops.
  2. Hope he stays away from Pats, we need a break. Dalton would be instant starter in Jacksonville, should easily beat out Minshew the mustache! Odd that they didn’t draft a qb, doubt they will stick with a 6 th round pick long term with no competition. Hope this happens just to keep him out of our division and away from pats. No way is he coming to B lo after we used a 5 th for a long term back up solution.
  3. Hey Joe, post draft Beane admitted he tried to trade up in 3 rd round as much as 7 spots. However, the other gm procrastinated until 2 min left on the clock and Beane pressed him because if clock ran out another team cold have jumped them for moss defeating the. Trade. So the trade fell thru, not because of Beanes restraint. He talked with others who also delayed and stood on their pics. Actually Beane admirer he got lucky moss was there or as he said “ I would not have been in the same mood I am now “. I am in minority I know, but this is why I didn’t like the espensa pick that much. Dobbins was right there for the taking , a 2000 yd, 3 down back who is a good receiver. ESpenesa fell because of lack of quickness , 31 other teams who also love edge rushers and no one pulled the trigger. He may turn out ok but we have other edge guys from free agency and last years pics so I am not sure we will see the same production from espensa he had in college. Maybe, but dobbins was rated the # 1 back on many boards including the ravens asmststed by Harbaugh who was relieved to get him. He was good enough for the ravens who had the #1 rushing attack last year as having watched himthe past two years, imho he is a special talent. On the other hand moss is a change of pace, bruiser those unlikely to break long runs but does break many tackles. He is a good addition , but not as good as dobbins , and should motor go down , I am not sure moss is a 3 down back and Beane said this much. He was very honest in post draft interviews. I love Beanes work here and really like most of his pics and he is very good at free agency. I just wonder if this may come back to haunt us similar to passing on mahomes ( trust me I do love Allen here now tho, but mahomes I’d very special), as we may have to go thri the ravens for the SB, and I dread thinking of Dobbins running thru us for a win. Only time will tell. But Beane admittedly got lucky with moss being there and if we w didnt land moss, espensa and not having an adequate 2nd rib ( also Beane said we will always be a RB by committee and “ clubs usually don’t have workhorse backs any longer” ) would have made this an average draft imho. Love the rest of the pics with exception of fromm only because I thought it was too early for a definite backup qb whose strength is on the meeting room and not necessarily on the field with a noticeable weak delivery as stated by several draft analysts watching him at the combine. Great wr pics, and kicker looks solid. My thinking on JK was bring him in and see who wins starting job as it not like Singletary is firmly entrenched for years as the starter. That way we have two equally solid 3 down backs should injury occur. I am nitpicking cuz as Beane admitted, luckily it worked out. But Beane was not showing restraint as he tried to trade up and then maybe we don’t get Fromm, a kicker or secoond wr this in the draft as he was offering a 6 th or 7 th pic as he vaguely admitted too. Maybe this will be a lesson learned for a young gm He admitted rb was a glaring need and they got lucky with moss, but also might have gotten greedy with espensa as that was not as pressing a need but Beane felt the value was too high to pass. just some thoughts based on my liking of jk and Beanes candor in post draft interviews. Hey espensa and moss are Bills and i hope both are hugely successful. We have a lot,of work to do to catch the chiefs and ravens if we want to contend for the Conference. We still have not won a playoff game in 24 years so all the rose glasses are lost on me till we actually get home playoff games and advance ! I hope it Happens in my lifetime as I am 62 now and being in medicine, this corona virus admittedly has me pretty skittish!😀😊. Best wishes.
  4. And this is proof why we need professionals sometimes having to dictate behavior for their will always be those who because they can’t see it , don’t believe it is there or will ever affect them. We have very little ides of who has had it , who may be asymptomatic carriers are this point ( may be as high as 14-15% in some communities ), and therefore one has little knowledge who to avoid or who should still be in quarantine still to avoid endangering elderly , those with hypertension , diabetes etc. One player lost his grandfather 2 weeks prior to the draft to covid 19, and we are just beginning to see new infections level off ( not disappear!) so having these groups of people MAY indeed cause some to lose more if some at risk people get unknowingly exposed. I hope it doesn’t happen, but hoping will not prevent it and people should not drop their guards as this virus will be around in waves over the next year. And I know you are thinking, well it’s all young people at these gatherings, and covid is no big deal for the young. Unless you happen to be one of the 20 , or 30 year olds that did die, and realize that 55% of hospitalizations are in the age group from 20-50. My point is don’t feel sorry for what little “ has been taken “ from these players as they can still lose much more valuable things ( like grandparents ) by making seemingly harmless decisions to group together before wide testing or a vaccine is available. No time to let your guard down, it is still dangerous for many people. Hope your family is well and safe tho!
  5. Pretty sure OP meant last year. He is correct as Williams gave up 12 sacks last year which was the worst of all guards. His best year was 2017 where he rated out as a top 5 RT. Had injuries and moved to guard which apparently didn’t turn out well. Perhaps he will compete for backup at RT as I doubt he will beat out Ford unless he returns to his 2017 form.
  6. 1019-959 =60 Not so crazy thin!😊😆 Glad it passed. People were watching the XFL, and now are worrying about a watered down playoffs ( not addressing this to you ). It’s still playoff football in the best league available so I will always take that over a substandard product trying to compete or mimic it. One thing will always be certain, viewers will always be in control of their own tv and viewing habits. So if someone is that concerned over one more playoff game, don’t watch it. I did that with the xfl crap before our unfortunate novel virus epidemic and I haven’t lost any sleep over not watching it. Hoping this improves the Bills chances next year with what looks like a challenging schedule. 😀
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