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  1. So sorry to hear of your accident and head trauma. Take care , wising you a full recovery and hope it comes asap. Very serious injuries with delayed and prolonged effects. Hope it all clears so you can enjoy this Bills season.
  2. 40 + years in the kitchen my friend ; what experience do you have or how much literature do you read about malpractice. Millionaire dr thing is a large myth except for a very few. Someday you , as everyone of us will require that talent for your own illness or family unless you are not human. The medical crisis is large Dr deficits as boomers are retiring and many leaving from burnout from the pandemic. Because of the years of education required and large debt for schools , many bright people are choosing other fields . I have seen medicine be taken over by third parties , insurance companies who dictate Drs care and have dramatically reduced payments as ceos in jnsurance companies and hospitals become rich. Those are facts ; probably best to just bow out when you speak in vague generalities offering no valid analysis. Let’s see how you handle the heat when you are sick , frightened , and need a dedicated professional who swore an oath , sacrificed years to be educated while you were probably out partying. For most in the field it is a lifetime calling. Sorry if that seems harsh , but the “ can’t handle the heat “ comment is BS as they deal with life and death daily, including putting their own lives at risk. Time will prove what I am saying as it’ seems unlikely you have had a significant personal illness or your attack would be more tempered. Benefit of the doubt , I am sorry if some professional did something wrong to you. It’s easy to spout about “ a crisis “ with no specifics.. Nothing more than repeating jargon you have been fed. What do you know about the risks of a pneumothorax? Tyrod is reaching, but many see malpractice as a lottery. He was not going to hang onto the starters role regardless as he never has. Wishing you good health to enjoy the Bills season.
  3. Being honest ( also I review charts for attorneys in malpractice cases to see if they should go forward ) , this is a hard case to think anyone will find malpractice. It’s a simple injection , but if someone’s anatomy is different or you go a few millimeters too deep ( which is not that hard , tho there are techniques to use to help avoid it , but you can’t 100% prevent it ) it’s possible and an ACCEPTABLE risk in this type of procedure. I feel for both parties. Problem is the malpractice insurance company can settle without the Drs approval and they often do. This type of stress can ruin a Drs life as it drags on for a long time; suicide has been know to happen under this type of stress. Tyrod suffered no permanent damage , maybe some financial loss , yet he is probably a millionaire already ? Sorry , but this seems like most likely a frivolous suit driven by ego and greed. Jmo. He agreed to the risk when he took the injection. I think he is betting I insurance settling and this is the type of stuff that has a cap on damages anyhow. Not sure he gains much doing this. I know I am biased, yet if a doc does negligent things I don’t have tolerance for that either.
  4. Wow I feel for you. We are only a few hours apart. The winds and rain finally ended tonight. I was shocked we didn’t lose power. I agree ,, it seemed like it was never stopping , have not experienced anything this prolonged. It’s rough in Florida without power. I was surprised how chilly the air became tho. I agree , and hope we never see this again. Scary thought that hurricane season is until mid November. Stay safe. Hopefully you stay in Florida. Great state , no taxes, been pretty good under this governor. This was a freak storm. 4 th worst in Florida and United States history. No real evidence to expect more like this, as odds are in our favor. Stay safe and wishing you the best , always great to know another Bills fan !
  5. Don’t know if you will see this but I am hoping things turned out ok. Not sure where you are. I am in Jacksonville beach , and been here since 85. This is the worst storm in my all most 40 years here in Florida. Had bad winds , rain etc for past 36 hours and at Augustine that is 1/2 hour south is completely flooded. I was ordered to evacuate but stayed as I have never ( knock on wood ) experienced flooding here. I can’t imagine being on the west coast of Florida , ft Myer s , Engle wood area etc. It is completely destroyed. I am praying you are safe and didn’t lose everything. Hope people , Bills fans rally behind the people or bills fans in Florida as they are in dire need now. Also the state is in an insurance crisis. Companies are leaving. I paid my full premium , went up from 3 k a year to 6 k this year. A month after paying I was informed the insurance company was leaving Florida ! They sent part of my premium back! I was shopping for insurance when this hit. Have flood insurance only right at the moment. It’s scary as now I am sure it will be even harder to get coverage. But my main thoughts are with those injured , worse., or who lost their homes and workplaces. Part of Florida is devastated and changed for years. Please stay safe and strong and know people have you in Their prayers. 😌
  6. Neither of us really know the guy personally, so I guess it’s hard to really judge. It is Jmo , he seems like the type that would not disregard a neurologist etc telling him it was not safe to play Tua. He obviously has little medical knowledge , so I think he has to rely on what he is told. Fins are a shady org with a shady owner , so I guess it’s possible if he felt his job was at risk if the owner sent some message down, anything is possible. One thing is for sure , people can never be completely trusted if money or their livelihood is controlled by someone else. In this case reckless is really no different than acting maliciously. Seriously , if it was Belicheck, I would believe anything, this guy I would believe until something is conclusively proven otherwise. Time will tell I guess.
  7. It’ certainly has some risk , but that is how medicine is risk vs benefit. Short flight to Miami probably , like a couple hours probably. Maybe three ? They have time to act unless he became unresponsive and I’m not a pilot , but I would think if that happened they could land in Atlanta etc.
  8. True , have to understand they have no medical expertise, nor does the head coach. He did seem to misspeak about the falling thing. He was thrown to the ground violently, so not sure what he is referring to. I think he is shaken up a little , just lost and your qb is fortunate to be going home. True he is not out of the woods , the next 48 hours are still a critical time. You can have delayed bleeds in that period. So any NEURO changes , like vomiting or confusion or worsening headache are ominous signs. He is traveling with a dr so that is as safe as he could be unless he started vomiting on the plane etc. People makimg an issue about him being discharged don’t know how much medicine has changed. If tests are negative you are discharged. Hey I was discharged the next morning at 8 am AFTER having spinal surgery on 4 discs with spinal compression after getting out of surgery at 10 pm the night before. I was in a lot of pain and Was like please let me stay just a day , but nope , sent home !😀. When I was in residency In The 80’s , we literally kept people In the hospital for bed rest for simple,back pain for 3 -5 days ! No joke ! Medicine is much different now run by insurance companies and CEO’s.
  9. I actually like this guy. I think he is being honest. He is kind of nerdy , and I don’t see him being malicious enough to pit Tua in if Drs told him to keep him out. Fins are in good hands , unfortunately. But I at least like the guy compared to a creep like Belicheck
  10. Classy guy , best beard ever. Burrow is a little too cocky , arrogant for me. Josh much more humble , team focused.
  11. That speed is hard to deny , or duplicate. We really could use someone like Waddell. We beat teams with routes and scheme, so some great speed would be a plus. Maybe they need to give cook some reps out as a receiver ? Drafted the guy , use him.
  12. Exactly , I made. Post about this issue in another thread. Heat illness can and has caused football player deaths numerous times over the years. They are so concerned over Tua and the concussion protocol, yet lives were placed at risk in those conditions yesterday. The product on the field was impacted negatively and I think we will see some with lingering effects. Theee is no excuse for not changing no time of that game until later knowing on field+temps were researching 120 degrees reportedly. This is a bad look for the NFL , and as they set trends and are watched by high schools etc, playing that game as if players just have to suck it up and play as some sign of toughness is outdated and wrong. Glad to hear you are recovering ! Best wishes !
  13. Great post and points. I think after watching yesterday the NFL needs to think about moving games to a later time when this type of extreme heat is involved. There is no way to prevent heat illness without time over days to acclimate beforehand. They are actually fortunate no one was hospitalized or worse. Every year we lecture about heat illness / exhaustion/ stroke etc and still you see reports o young athletes dying from situations like this ; thankfully it’s much less common as staffs are more aware of early warning signs and treatments. The NFL is better than what happened yesterday , and while the NFLPA is so worried about Tua and the concussion protocol, they exposed two rosters to severe heat and injury risk for no reason. When temps are above 100 degrees on the field, why not rotate to a 4 pm start time? It makes no sense to play that game at the worst time / hottest part of the day and the product was affected while also sending a message that disregards all known health science regarding prevention of heat illness and it’s risks of severe consequences. Plus it will continue to have lingering effects as it is hard to recover from and increases risk on subsequent exposure. Just a bad look and the evidence is all the injuries and players still having issues. it’s not the old days where players are just expected to suck it up and just play. We know the risks , and that was a dangerous playing condition yesterday. They delay for lightning which is a much lower risk than heat illness is given those conditions, so a delay is a simple solution. Let’s see if the NFLPA /NFL look at this for future games. No one benefits watching a product like yesterdays game. Jmo. 😊
  14. Usually you have great write ups and I appreciate them. This one seems a Little angry given the situation.😀. The Bills have been injury free for years , it’s finally averaging out this year. . We will really miss hyde but at least we should hopefully get most guys back when you want to peak late in the season. Just wanted to address the medical stuff a little since you addressed safety. Tua could certainly clear a standardized , computer based concussion protocol. It has to be administered and cleared by an INDEPENDENT neurologist for him to return. That’s the rule , so team docs can’t clear him. Florio also explains this tonight on NBC. IT USED TO be just the team doc asking questions of orientation and memory and they asked the same questions all the time so players got around the test by memorizing the answers. That’s not the case now. I suppose the fins could have cheated and bypassed an independent doc clearing him , but that’s not supposed to happen. So I have no issue medically if protocol was followed and he passed. He looked great on third and 22! If they bypassed the protocol that’s on the fins and not the NFL. I don’t think you appreciate the extreme heat and heat associated illness we were seeing today. We ran 90 offensive plays. While in a way that’s good , it also was inefficient in that heat. John Fina has said a ten play drive is an absolute killer and that why he,advises playing in the preseason so guys get a taste of that exhaustion. We had many longer drives than that so the heat was taking a heavy toll. That’s why so many lineman got sick and were replaced. Its why Diggs could never recover. I don’t care how much you hydrate before the game , there is no way to prevent heat associated illness in this situation. The only prevention for heat illness is hydration , cooling , and acclimating over several DAYS to that type of heat. Our bodies can not adapt that quickly and just showing up a day before won’t work. That’s why the fins had fewer issues as they have been acclimating physiologically over weeks and they still struggled despite limited possessions. Once you start having symptoms like cramping , you are way behind and it just progresses and it showed on the field. That’s why the line was getting no push as you mentioned. They were battling heat illness symptoms like lethargy , nausea , mental slowness in processing , cramps and then it can get worse if not treated correctly. Bates’ looked very Ill to me. The only effective treatment is cooling , fluids and you have to get out of the heat. Wicking material is a huge help but I didn’t see guys changing jerseys and I would think the NFL uses the best materials but I haven’t researched that. This is just as a bad or worse than playing In the blizzard conditions. So running 90 plays actually worked against us and long drives in this heat were counter productive. It’s obvious as we still lost with the fins running only 39 plays , but they were more efficient and effective. Josh did make some unusual errors, as did many offensive players. He had no time and Morse being out was huge. They are relying too much on Josh and the lack of a running game can’t keep being ignored. It’s killing us in short yardage and red zone in close games , but obviously not an issue in blowout wins. Josh touches the ball on every play , so 90 plays in that heat was bound to cause some issues later in the game. You start to lose concentration or have motor issues and you aren’t aware of it as others may notice your performance dropping before you do , it can be subtle and is insidious. . Guys were looking very sluggish on those last two drives and Diggs was having to sit and Gabe looked fatigued with no separation and had an unusual drop. It’s even possible Josh was showing effects with that missed mckenzie pass as his throwing mechanics were off and that’s not like him the past year. He has been very accurate so either the pressure or physiology affected him. All I would say is you have to temper expectations in this type of climate coupled with all the prior and game time injuries ( Bedford , Kumerow and more ). It’s hard to be too upset with a two point loss while playing with so many guys who never get many reps. This was really an extreme situation similar to the New England first game last year. I can understand making mistakes normally not seen. This may carry over to the Ravens game as heat illness is slow to recover from and happens more easily on subsequent exposure. Going to be a tough stretch. I agree it’s hard to accept Bass missing a gimme. He certainly had no heat issues or excuses. The mistakes snowballed. . I thought crowder was good , made no errors , and made good decisions. They got lucky with a fantastic punt after the butt punt ! At least we had no blocking in the back etc penalties. My issues are the persistent running game failures; playing a soft d on 3 rd and 22 ( other teams dcs pressure the qb so long routes can’t develop yet Frazier choses to rush 3); rotating the backs so much that none really ever gets in any groove and you end up with 3 mediocre guys and finally quit doing shotgun snaps inside the 5 ! This is a throw away type result as no other game today was played in anything close to these conditions and it had a definite impact on performance and outcome. Just some thoughts as i feel your pain and my main concern is the injury issue is uncontrollable. We can’t expect great results playing backups to backups in the defensive backfield. Our RT situation also looks concerning. Hope you have a better week, and hope we get some healthy guys back.
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