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  1. Hill has back to back seasons of 119 catches and 1700+ with crap at QB in Miami. He is perfectly suited to the modern game and the lack of physicality in coverage. He is one of a few guys who in the 90s would have hardly stuck in the league as a a gadget guy if at all but today he is as elite as it gets at the game's second most important position. These guys show that the game has changed more than many fans care to admit IMO.
  2. It's Allen and potentially Von Miller. Anyone else is a reach.
  3. If you're gonna whiff, whiff at WR. At least you're swinging at the right pitch. The Bills spent the last 4 years or so just quietly striking out looking.
  4. Even if he got Metcalf, which I wanted at the time, he still should have traded for Diggs. Then you have an unstoppable offense and you can start actually winning championships.
  5. And RAC. Probably the best RAC receiver Allen has ever had.
  6. Yeah having a dominant rush defense will help the Bills beat up on bad teams but they have Josh Allen, they're going to win most of those games anyway, automatically. When you play the Chiefs you want them to run the ball.
  7. The better your rush defense the worse it is for you because it discourages opponents from rushing and encourages them to pass, and passing is better, smarter, more efficient. Bad rush defense is better than good rush defense because it encourages rushing, and rushing a lot is a stupid move for the offense. The goal is to win not to be ranked #1 in useless statistical categories. #SometimesHotTakesAreRightTho
  8. At WR the Bills should try to get a proven veteran plus a couple of draft picks for the long term. Picking at the end of round 1 in a position of desperation for immediate production at one of the most important positions on the field is asking for another season with no championship.
  9. The plan as usual is to use up all the cap on a mediocre roster, be bad at WR other than Diggs and watch Josh Allen perform endless miracles to make the team seem "good" and win a bunch of games but never sniff a Superbowl despite having the best QB ever.
  10. Somebody listed like 4 things during the season do you have functional eyeballs or do we need to spoon the words straight down your throat into your stomach or what dawg cause we here for you
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