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  1. Bad year and hes out. This is a huge year for him. I feel good about his chances though
  2. Looks like lots of us are about to be surprised when Moss gets more carries.
  3. Josh's game winner to Brown back shoulder against the Jets
  4. Its supposed to be a strong corner draft, I'm good with taking one of them. We could use a good cost-controlled guy opposite Tre White's monster contract. A rookie competing with a guy like Norman is a good situation. Voted Damon Arnette (whose name is spelled wrong in the poll)
  5. A whole night seems way too long at the opening of FA when 32 teams are frantically trying to improve their roster, even an hour is a long time to just sit on offers. Sanders is a very good player but he's not a superstar. Seems strange to me
  6. What did he need to think about? A night is a long time at the opening of FA. Do ya thing Beane
  7. I'm thinking edge in the 1st round next year. kicking the can down the road allows us this year to go something like RD2 corner, RD3 receiver, RD4 halfback
  8. Honestly I don't think Brown and Beasley are that great after the catch. Excited to have a guy like Diggs who excels that way
  9. Marlowe is probably the primary backup / 3rd safety as of today. Neal is a corner
  10. They're in trouble now with a mediocre QB counting for $36M on their cap, but when he was on a rookie deal that they capitalized on their window, went all-in and won the NFC. They're an example of the rewards of making bold choices when the opportunity to win is there. The precautionary part is don't pay Josh if he's not worth it
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