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  1. Right? They did a review after 1 or 2 preseason games also, I'm hoping they do it every week, they're both knowledgeable guys. Textbook as in that's how you would teach someone to run that route?
  2. It's pretty far into the video if I remember.
  3. It wasn't that great a route, you can see in the Josh Allen film review Cover1 did how Zay rounds off the cut at the top of the route.
  4. No I wouldn't, I doubt I'd have stayed out of the red. Not a profitable play generally to go money line on favorites
  5. Not good, down to 3 healthy corners at the moment and one of them is Siran Neal, who struggled. Time for a roster move? I was surprised they didn't make one coming out of the first game.
  6. I don't like any of the Buffalo Rumblings pods except the Nick & Nolan Show which is good
  7. After Taron left with a hammy, Siran Neal had some rough moments filling in at slot corner that made me miss Rafa Bush. Bring back the Cap? They also have Cam Lewis on the practice squad.
  8. You think being forced to cut the 53rd man on the roster would make the Pats pass?
  9. The same world in which he invites Randy Moss, Josh Gordon and Chad Ochocinco to his team. Belichick doesn't give a ****, it would be on a low-risk deal, if it doesn't work out he'll move on, if it does work out he'll have a superstar talent to kill other teams with. And it's a perfect fit, as Brady's arm declines and he throws downfield less and less they pick up the most dangerous short catch and long run weapon in the league making it easy on the aging QB. I hope it doesn't happen
  10. Your first quote hasn't shown up; your second quote is more true than a Josh Allen bucket pass.
  11. Was Zay really known as a constested catch guy in college? Funny because he's yet to make a single one as a pro.
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