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  1. Do as you like I know I'm capable of lashing out when I'm in pain, too.
  2. He must have been suffering a great deal I am both the perpetrator and the victim.
  3. I honestly think a WR with good speed is a bigger need than anything on defense. Our D is fine? It's impossible to play dominant defense these days anyway, there's no point trying to re-create the 2000 Ravens or something. A much more urgent concern to me is that we could not score points in Kansas City and we lack speed at WR to keep the safeties back. You're supposed to be able to score points in today's NFL, you're not supposed to have a dominant defense-- nobody does.
  4. I feel like there was one in the last few years because I remember being surprised to learn they'd play it out.
  5. Brown gave the Bills nothing against the Chiefs and we couldn't score, Sanders is durable.
  6. Not every player added to the 90-man roster should "move the needle," Scott knows that, it's just trolling
  7. Ran 4.44, not quite as fast as I hoped. But it would be nice to have a speedy WR ready for an expanded role by 2022. Speed is an easy way to take attention away from guys like Diggs/Beasley. Burst and ball-tracking made him an excellent deep threat in college. Joe Marino says the catch is he needs to expand route tree and add functional strength, both of which he can take his rookie year to work on. He'd certainly have some excellent veteran route runners to learn from!
  8. Sometimes our friend Scott likes to go so far as to dabble in trolling.
  9. So you're cutting Harrison Phillips? Surely there's only room on the roster for 2 of these one-dimensional role players.
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