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  1. Is Cody Ford specifically an issue you think? Because Boettger seems to be decent in pass pro.
  2. Even McDermott at his postgame press conference, when asked about the defense, was all "when you take away the blocked punt they only gave up 16 points." And as you know he's not a guy into excuse-making or fudging numbers. When you're discussing the DEFENSE, not the TEAM but just the defense, it's perfectly logical to filter out non-defense points allowed. It's like when you want to know how accurate a quarterback is, adjusted completion percentage that filters out drops is more accurate and useful than raw comp%.
  3. I'd love to watch a Bills game like this with the Mannings and Ray Lewis
  4. What are you talking about? The Bills had 24 rush attempts week 1.
  5. Be sure to review the tape and figure out where your wing-eating plan went wrong.
  6. Next offseason we can finally get away. Post-June 1 cut is like 2.6m dead cap, something like that.
  7. Do they tell you what a digital wallet is and how to use it to get in?
  8. I think that's more a fair hypothesis than a fair conclusion. To make a conclusion about this alleged change in play calling, I'd think you'd have to study the actual play calling.
  9. Yeah I don't see where you're coming from with this one. I don't see how they score on us and I don't see how they stop us from scoring. Their OL sucks and Ben is old and immobile so they can't run or throw deep. So McDermott gets to focus on just the short passing game and he'll have a plan for it. Other side, how can they match up with all our WRs and limit our passing game? I think Bills win this game handily.
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