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  1. I think it's because the ball is a foot long
  2. Remember when the team used to inexplicably cut useful players right before the season started to save money even when the cap was not an issue? Ralph sucked and the Bills were a joke because of him.
  3. It's just a futures contract. You're adjusting the batter's average based on how his swings look in the on-deck circle.
  4. He coached Kawann Short in this scheme Short's entire career, I hope he's good for Ed.
  5. Green is more process-friendly than Cooper, I don't expect them to spend big on a guy who won't be a culture leader so to speak. Your highest paid players are your defacto leaders everyone looks up to.
  6. Emmanuel Sanders came off a torn Achilles and looked darn good at age 32 this year. I think Green is still hungry and has something to prove.
  7. It's a risk for sure but regardless, we're going to need some things to break our way in order to win a Superbowl- he's the kind of guy I'm open to betting on.
  8. Scheduled to hit free agency. Wonder if he'd be open to Buffalo? I'll bet he'll be a man on a mission in 2020. John Brown is nice but he's not enough on his own-- let's give Josh the confidence in knowing the guys around him can win matchups and make plays for him.
  9. If a moderate increase gets it done then fine, but I wouldn't want to give him huge money. Derm could figure out how to replace him if he had to and the extra draft pick wouldn't hurt.
  10. We should trade him. He was a nobody before we signed him, McDermott can find another nobody who will do fine in his system. Take advantage of Derm's ability to coax good safety play and add value to the franchise. Let someone else pay him, use the money to re-sign more pivotal pieces and add to WR/RB/DE.
  11. This is absolutely the time to go all-in and aggressively add top talent. To the bolded, are you talking about the QB power run to the right side? That play was a killer! We had 3 blockers to two defenders out on the edge, Allen should've had 15 yards but nobody blocked the defender...maddening.
  12. What comments are you referring to, Pete? Josh tried to do too much?
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