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  1. He looks bad to me. Some of the panic about the team is overblown but I really do think Tremaine is struggling big time.
  2. Oliver was far more active/explosive than he was the last few weeks, he got his knee brace off this week and you can see hes getting healthier. Of course I know folks are mad right now
  3. Ed had a good game, he got his knee brace off this week and is coming on. Addison js a good player too
  4. I'm not sure the Colts did either but I think its a fair question to ask.
  5. I'm not sure why you're so focused on this, Hap, is it not fair to ask whether they're nasty enough? Tony Dungy's Colts defenses always fielded questions about their being a "finesse" defense.
  6. Simms made similar comments in a game review a couple weeks ago, 'on 1st down the offense knows they're in cover 3. Against a 2x2 set, the offense knows they're in palms (coverage).' It's up to McDermott to self scout, add wrinkles and break tendencies. We see offensive coaches forced to do this and grow from it, Sean McVay a good example.
  7. He got outrun by Derek f'ing Carr, something is not right.
  8. That's not Ahmed, it's Paul Bermeister. Good stuff thanks for posting! I wonder if Derm and Frazier can learn a bit about disguising from watching Vrabel. I know we already disguise fairly well.
  9. The Star Lotulelei thing is getting way over-played, the interior run D looks about the same as it did the last 2 years. The problem tonight was can't cover anyone, and losing outside contain.
  10. I think a lesson to take from Allen is that if a kid has never ever received good quarterback coaching going back to his childhood then there might be some room to mold him.
  11. In summation, Wednesday is the latest Tennessee can open and still play the game Sunday. So with their being clean Monday, it all comes down to tomorrow's results. If clean tomorrow they'll open Wednesday and play Sunday as scheduled, if there is a positive tomorrow the game must be postponed or forfeited. If they postpone to next Monday night like they did tonight's Pats/Chiefs game, they'll have to also postpone the Bills/Chiefs TNF next week because the Bills will not be asked to play Monday and again on Thursday.
  12. Is a forfeit not being talked about at all? So if you strategically would like to play a team later in the season rather than now, maybe due to injuries, get some of your guys some covid.
  13. Vernon Butler is coming on, looked good yesterday.
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