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  1. Defensive backs should get more leeway with illegal contact like they did in the 90s before they started emphasizing that in the first place. You can't cover a WR without even touching them. Let these guys play good football. I want a good balanced game, not necessarily more points more points more points.
  2. I'm with you that I wish they had prioritized stocking up at WR more than they did but "they'd be middling with Case Keenum playing all year" is a weird way to go about saying that. Case Keenum at QB is a crappy situation. To say they'd be average with a low-end starting quarterback is a huge compliment to everyone involved. In your scenario everyone around Keenum is so good that they elevate him. In the modern NFL you're supposed to lose when the other team has better quarterback play. QB is really, really important.
  3. Since it relies on ever-increasing investment from ownership, do the Bills who pull in relatively little revenue each year compared to other teams ever reach a point where ownership has to pull back? Or with revenue sharing are we good forever?
  4. Good point. I saw some dude on Youtube call it the biggest win in 6 years.
  5. Struck him out And the ballgame is over! Big win today boys Tops in the NL #LGM
  6. Two different ownership regimes did not see fit to let him preside over any of three separate head coaching searches. I wonder why that is.
  7. His length and his spatial awareness make him an excellent candidate for cleanup sacks and therefore a nice stylistic fit opposite Von Miller.
  8. Jackson is at minimum quality depth. Another CB is a completely wasted pick with no path to the field now or even several seasons from now. It's lighting a 2nd round draft pick on fire.
  9. I would be very surprised if they went corner in round 2. Taron Johnson is a good player who we got in the 4th round and he played well as a rookie. Even if they bizarrely don't want him anymore, his acquisition shows you don't need to go high on zone slot corners as it's not what teams are falling all over each other for early in the draft.
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