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  1. They're not doing anything about it though. The pass on Hall Walker and White and go with another lightweight 3rd down type. They go with another 3rd down type at the deadline while the Jets get Robinson to fill for Hall and the dolphins grab Wilson to take it off their qb. If that elbow doesn't get right maybe there's an excuse they can lean on. When you go in as favorites and potential to be the biggest disappointment they know they're being watched and will run Josh out there and into the ground. I don't have too much respect for that. Defensive minded or not he sees the imbalance.
  2. What are you guys watching? He's a one man gang.
  3. I been saying over 80 percent of the offense cause I saw the stat. Young gets specific says 86 percent of the touchdowns and 82 percent of the yards. Defends the turnovers with the switch from jack hammer to traditional qb duties he says guy like Brady only have to be concerned with. The switch to violin after dragging and running over linebackers is too much to ask one guy suggests a running game to help. ..says they gotta find a way to lighten his load....I agree 100. You already have the quarterback. It's the toughest piece to find.
  4. Steve Young just said it pretty good. Jack hammer to violin. Tough to do. Loads too big one one guy coaching decisions have to perfect.
  5. At least 3 years ago? I don't remember one for a long time. That's tough on a qb.
  6. Allen doesn't count. I'm pretty sure it was him last. But besides? How long has it been? Terry Miller? Curtis Brown?
  7. Maybe you're not aware he had an elbow thing that kept him out all week
  8. The guy is so good they changed the rules. What a shame they thought not getting to see him catch the chiefs one more time. Let Beane know you think it's bs he doesn't have someone back there with him. A little preservation. You'd coulda at least gotten 13 seconds better with a draft class that's tearing it up on the ground around the leauge.
  9. I wouldn't doubt if he Flys the plane too on road games. . Maybe you'd like a Losman or someone equivalent? Morse was just as much to blame. To me the guy is exonerated. ***** happened . Shouldn't of been there to begin with. They wouldn't even use the kicker.. bury them now Josh or we gonna Amp up the pressure on ya
  10. He gave you a 17 point lead... .the chiefs game gives you lead with 13 secs left. ...dolphins game led.. it's all him. And they give it back and cry when he don't pull a rabbit by the gun. Cause you can't work a clock . You can't give defenses rest cause you have featherweights who can't move the chains. Josh has to run.
  11. Yall applauded the Cook pick. They haven't had a running game in years. The guy is trying to get it done. It's always last possession cause you can't run. Defenses don't have to adjust . They just need to make 17 uncomfortable
  12. You guys should really do something else with your time if you think this teams problems lie with the quarterback.
  13. Good thing he's practicing for his future after football. As many hits as he's taking/giving he's gonna be outta here faster than you can say cam newton
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