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  1. right, cause Terry Pegula hasnt watched as much football as i have.. i wonder if you've ever seen Earl Cambell run. One of his thighs is bigger than your beloved Cook
  2. hey, i'm the owner and youre a fan forever. keep watchin. Mc dumass isnt the problem
  3. If I was the owner i would say look Mc Dum Dum, i'm gonna give you a gm and youre gonna puppet him, you get a running game and defense, win with this qb. case closed.
  4. Beanes general knowledge of football is behind plenty on the stadium wall.
  5. what happened Christmas Day? Ya think Pat has another in him? Shook the entire bandwagon to zero, now it's loaded. Pat just let him go.
  6. What's the odds on Swift leaving with Purdy?
  7. Shouldnr you gather for a tomahawk chop meeting somewhere?
  8. I bet the over 164.5 in the horizon conference Wright St ncaab game. They do like to run. Currently 165.5 to 164.5 depending on where you shop. Thought I'd beat the closing number getting in early. 45 mins roughly til tip
  9. They know damn well Buffalo is going to parade around town with the field goal posts. When the kicks look real, bet the Bills live.
  10. Lol you have the Chiefs faithful on your side . He gave ya the superbowl like
  11. Its interesting. I would watch if it was the Browns and the Vikings but they probably aren't interested in guys like me.
  12. They're pushing limits right now. Even the talking heads bring it up. I'm thinking they'll tone it down. Then it'll be back to just a few crackpots out there.
  13. I don't think that part is fishy at all. The NFL was founded by these types and without gambling it probably wouldn't exist, or at least to the extent it does. People wonder how an athlete can have such a big contract. Simply cause they're worth it. The official betting partner of the NFL is only alarm to those looking to point 👉, or make sense of it all to themselves. Teams playing in a legalized state get a share. So yeah its always going to be the "partner". KC nor SF get that cut.
  14. Josh Allen is the onemangang that's what it's about. I'm not. Jim Kelly says it Steve Young says and plenty have said it on here. The fan base is mostly Billievers. God bless them, but I'm trying to be a realist and avoid the rabbit holes that have used up a half or more of the career of the hardest piece. I disagree that he's not a pocket passer. So that's that, and he should pick up yards when a play breaks down. He shouldn't have to male up for the negative rushing plays he so often has to as they are behind the sticks quite often when Cook gets thrown for a loss. Stop trying to make Josh convert every 3rd or 4th and 2 by design with his legs and get someone that defenses get tired of tackling. Cook isn't very imposing or the kind that can tire a defense out. . Nice demeaning intro. Use that one on your wife. The rb debate has gone on in here for years, maybe I'm the only one that persists and demand Beane be better. I can't answer for them but they're out there.
  15. Id say Purdy winning it or maybe Mahomes having a fake injury at superbowl brings in talk of putting flags on the qbs .. then who knows maybe Brady will come back. Roger's for sure. I know one thing. I wouldnt bet the Chiefs with someone elses money or a freeroll
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