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  1. What's funny about that is that actual Italians add vowels to the end of words and Italian Americans remove them.
  2. I’m still trying to figure out who this is. My money is on @HOUSE. In any case, it is a masterful multi-year troll job and I’m here for it.
  3. We had a player like that. Bills should have done with Diggs what the Bengals are doing with Higgins and Hendrickson. Teams don’t have to honor trade demands.
  4. Debbi from Depew? What I really want to know is the opinion of Don from Dunkirk, but unfortunately he’s tied up all day in high level business meetings.
  5. Of course narratives matter. I was just making a joke. Also, just because Josh doesn’t take daily workout videos and posts them to his IG story doesn’t mean that he not working. We only know about the golf because OTHER PEOPLE take selfies with him in the course and post them. His last post to IG was a Subway ad at the SB.
  6. I don't know this for sure, but that could be for ADA compliance. Rich/Ralph Wilson/New Era/Highmark Stadium is not ADA compliant in any way, but they get a pass because the facility is so old. For new construction, they would have to have accessible sections and places for fans in wheelchairs.
  7. This is about the Steelers, but he describes TBD in a nutshell
  8. It was an easy call. They needed weapons for Young, they wanted to make a first-round pick to save face after that awful trade the year before, and they could take the local kid. I don't think that Beane even had to ask.
  9. That's the prize for winning the division. That's also why I predict that if Joe Burrow stays healthy the Bengals will get the 1 seed. That roster and a 4th place schedule is a recipe for success.
  10. If Josh had been at that race, there would be a whole thread on here about him being lazy. Aaron Rodgers was at the Kentucky Derby. Why wasn’t he throwing with his new WRs? Pacheco and Kelce were there too, and not in Miami bonding with Pat Pat and Britt, who had a romantic night out in Miami where they were seen spending thousands on champers. In case you can’t tell, I just went down a TMZ rabbit hole and I can’t climb out.
  11. I don’t know why the Pats are complaining. Isn’t it standard operating procedure for GMs to call around to see if anyone is willing to beat a deal? And the Bills only had to make one call. The fact that they worked the Pats over is just gravy.
  12. I love me some Musburger. Here's for me the most Musburger moment in broadcasting history, and no it's not McCarron's girlfriend.
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