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  1. He was an older rookie. He redshirted and then played all 4 years at OSU.
  2. And it's worse than that. The two best QBs in the XFL last season (AJ McCarron and Ben DiNucci) both got signed to NFL practice squads and are therefore not playing in the UFL this season. So, in a world with a dearth of QB talent, you have the 64 guys that are on NFL 53-man rosters along with the 32 guys on PS. The best QB in the UFL will be the 96th-best guy in the world. BTW, the San Antonio Brahmas have Joe Flacco's little brother as their QB.
  3. I used to like the sitcom Grounded for Life a lot. It did run for 5 seasons, but then it just seemed to disappear.
  4. This would be a pretty big challenge. He's already had Darnold and Mike White. He could sign Josh Rosen tomorrow if he wanted. Besides the heavy lift of getting Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, he would have to get Kyle Lauetta, Luke Falk, and Tanner Lee out of retirement. Then there is Danny Etling, who is in the UFL, and Alex McGough and Logan Whiteside who are on the Packers' and Falcons' practice squads, respectively. That leaves good 'ole Mason Rudolph.
  5. I wonder if Bob Kraft woke up feeling dangerous today?
  6. I think you have Jimmy confused with Gardner Minshew. Jimmy’s got a Bentley. Josh had a Ford F150 King Ranch. Tom Brady has a driver.
  7. He was prescribed something that is on the NFL's list of banned substances. In order to take it, he would have had to get permission from the league. He didn't do that.
  8. Remember when he had off-season surgery but then recovered faster than expected? Well, now we know how he did that.
  9. Too bad he screwed the Jets over all those years ago because you just described them to a T.
  10. Most of the top guys won't do the drills. They'll come, get interviewed, maybe bench and jump, and then leave. For instance, there is no way that Caleb Williams will actually throw. What I want to see is some of the WRs run.
  11. He might get a similar situation if he went to Atlanta. They have weapons everywhere and they will run that Shanahan/McVey system. He wouldn't have to be the "franchise guy" there. Just get the ball to Pitts, London, and Robinson in space and let them do their thing.
  12. This reminds me of all the posters on TBD that wanted to take Roquon Smith at 12 and then wait for Mason Rudolph in the second to address the QB position. In retrospect, that would have been a monumentally stupid move but it would have looked savvy on draft night.
  13. We are going to spend all summer analyzing an overtime game between two great teams, looking for absolute reasons that one team won and absolute reasons that the other team lost. Really, it was a punt bouncing off of a heal and a missed PAT. But that doesn't make analysts sound savvy, so into the analytics we dive.
  14. I'm just reposting this so that people who are just jumping to the end of the thread to complain that the Bills don't run plays like this can see that we ran pretty much THIS EXACT SAME PLAY against the Chiefs 3 1/2 weeks ago to pick up a 4th down.
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