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  1. For those who think that drought was bad, the mid 80's were even worse. They were not tanking, they just sucked. I'll never forget sitting in a 3/4 empty Rich Stadium, watching the Bills lose to the Vikings 27-20 in what ended up being Kay Stevenson's last game as HC. We got the tickets because someone gave them to us for free. And I just checked Weather Underground. It was 71 degrees and sunny at 1:00 for the kickoff. The team was so bad that no one in Buffalo cared. So... Kay Stephenson Hank Bullough Vince Ferragamo Fred Smerlas (F him and his Boston-loving a$$.)
  2. So, reading these forums, TBDers are in a panic because the WRs didn't win their reps and because the DBs lost their reps. Maybe I'm wrong, but there seems to be a problem here.....
  3. Half this message board would have traded 2024 1st, 2024 2nd, 2025 1st, 2025 2nd just to move up a few spots to take Brian Thomas Jr. a few months ago.
  4. QB. I’m not really sold on that Josh Allen guy and would like to see Mitch push him in camp. I really wanted to Bills bring in a mid rounder to see if we can get good starting level play from the most important position in sports. Maybe we should bring in Josh Rosen to see what he has left in the tank? Iron sharpens iron.
  5. He plans to enter the adult film industry as a performer.
  6. McDaniel thinks that QB play is not as important as speed at the skill positions.
  7. Next week, his rant will be about the “Mellon farmer.” He hates every player on this team.
  8. They play until someone dies. That's how they did it in Roman times, when men were men.
  9. Team celebrations for TDs only. Teams don’t need to do a line dance after every INT or sack.
  10. The introduction of the penalty for the illegal use of hands on pass attempts was introduced in 1908 so that would be a return to realllllly old-school football.
  11. What's funny about that is that actual Italians add vowels to the end of words and Italian Americans remove them.
  12. I’m still trying to figure out who this is. My money is on @HOUSE. In any case, it is a masterful multi-year troll job and I’m here for it.
  13. We had a player like that. Bills should have done with Diggs what the Bengals are doing with Higgins and Hendrickson. Teams don’t have to honor trade demands.
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