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  1. A game at one? Yes! No more middle of the night Squish the fish then bed
  2. Played like crap? Hyperbole much? It wasn't a great performance and absolutely he didn't look like an MVP but let's not get caried away here. 🙄
  3. And how do you propose that they do that this year. They have the oline that they have and it ain't going to change much. People rave avout the decision to draft Chase over Sewell last year and there is no doubt that Chase is the real deal but if you can't protect your QB, it doesn't matter how good your receivers are!
  4. But some franchises are definitely less classy that others!
  5. I think tou mean "If he hadn't been accused of rape of a minor he'd be 100% playing". Let's not blame social media here, let's blame what it is alleged that he has done Mistakes? Yes. Been accused of rape? No.
  6. You know I mean "scum" in an affectionate (?) way - there is only one real Scum (and how nice it is to see them down in the depths of the league table!) TBH, I would have been very happy with grabbing a point yesterday but we were on fire. That may well have been our best performance since we were promoted back to the big boys' table. And yes, Aaronson definitely looks like the real deal.
  7. That is why Leeds > Arsenal ... I got to watch the Bills on Saturday and the Mighty Whites today (and what a game it was against the Chelsea scum) MOT Hard to disagree with any of that. I would add that it was a good game for Taiwan Jones - in his absence the STs looked a bit vulnerable to run backs. I don't think his place on the roster was in much doubt anyway but, for me, that showed the value of a "proper" ST player.
  8. If you think that is how ST works, then I fear you are badly mistaken. The aim is to prevent the receiver breaking off a long run. The tackle is the last part of that but it is the discipline and positioning of the whole ST that allows the tackle. I would say that the fact that the kick returns of the Broncos was one of the areas of concern yesterday in the absence of Jones is evidence of his importance to our ST play
  9. Ah, the old "I get to make up sh*t but when called on it I hide behind the 'they' won't let me tell the truth" defence. Gotcha 🙄
  10. As a European/Rest of the World person who has travelled extensively I am calling complete and utter BS on the suggestion that "we" would just generally shrug at what he did. "Other non violent sexual acts" are more culturally acceptable over here. Seriously?
  11. Not a chance in hell that it will still be 6 games and no fine My guess is at least 12 games and a big fine. The NFL (a) sends out a message that they will be tough on this sort of behaviour (which they should be) and gets to look like the good guys for once; (b) sets a precedent that supersedes the ones that Robinson used when setting the number at 6 and (c) sends the message to people that contract shenanigans of the sort that the Turds engaged in are a no-go
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