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  1. You do know that there are sports outside of the US, right? I don't think that there is any real arguement (well, obviously there is but not in my mind that he is the GOAT when it comes to American Football I would rank Gretzky and Jordan above him in US Sports and would rank Federer, maybe Pelé, and definitely Bradman above him outside the US.
  2. Not lost for those of us on this side of the pond! In my diary already
  3. Not denying that for a moment, but let's have some realism here too, Hurts' numbers are a decent match for Josh's. they definitely are not "nowhere near" which is the statement I was responding to
  4. Pass Yards: Allen 4283, Hurst 3701 Completion Rate : Allen 63.3%, Hurts 66.5% Passing TDs: Allen 35, Hurts 22 Interceptions: Allen 14, Hurts 6 Rushing Yards: Allen 762, Hurts 760 Rushing TDs: Allen 8, Hurts 7 I am all in favour for some JA17 love but "nowhere near"? Hurts had a pretty damn good season
  5. Because you think that the gameplan every game is the same? Of course it is not practice reps to remember how to throw the ball but it is about making sure that everyone is on the same page with a call for that particulra game. No practice reps is a negative regardless of how experienced or able the QB is
  6. First drives are generally the hardest to defend against since the OC will have them scripted out. I think that was the 7th first drive in a row that the Bengals had scored a TD on
  7. No, there is nothing that he could have done that would make it acceptable. Understandable perhaps but not acceptable ... unless you have no respect for the rule of law and think vigilantism is okay Oh, you do 🙄 I'd be intrigued to know what you would include in your "etc." Where is the line ... and who draws it?
  8. So only an OC with lots of experience can be an OC. How exactly is he supposed to get that experience then? Playing Madden? 🙄
  9. Absolutely no one wonders why you question them 🙄
  10. Aaron Rogers and Kirk Cousins are back-up grade QBs? 🙄
  11. Two thoughts: 1) Brady actually comes across as caring (and AB as a d*ck); and 2) Brady's written work definitely needs improving. Gramatically that is a mess (and don't get me started on the punctuation)* * Yes, it is miles better than some of the stuff I see players post and yes, I am a language pendant but even so ... C-
  12. But it is okay because Saturday prayed on it before saying yes. Did god (or whichever other finctional character he was speaking to) answer? If he did, that means that the new Colts Interim HC hears voices and if he didn't, why did Saturday take the job? I have no doubt that he can give a motivational speech (I have more doubts about whether those listening to him are going to be any better at their jobs becuase of it) but I can't help feeling that being a HC might just take a little mroe than that.
  13. A game at one? Yes! No more middle of the night Squish the fish then bed
  14. Played like crap? Hyperbole much? It wasn't a great performance and absolutely he didn't look like an MVP but let's not get caried away here. 🙄
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