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  1. I’m more concerned about his domestic violence than his knee.
  2. Comeback game - I remember eating wegmans subs at 9 am, dad drinking beers. By half time we were getting hit with snow balls from oilers fans. We stayed (pretty sure because he couldn’t drive back to Rochester) then we started coming back and we were the ones throwing snow balls. Great game great memories.
  3. I’ve been a “college student” longer than my oldest kids been alive so I don’t mind the $99 cost 😂
  4. August and Sept are the only months I like to get away from Florida. Living here in South Florida and SW Fl for almost 2 decades, I can say it will be hot, possibly rainy and very humid which leads to rain. I would stay at the hard rock hotel unless you really want the beach then I’d go to lauderdale or Dania beach. Unless you like tons of people then go to Hollywood / Miami. Traffic is a nightmare so plan in advance for game day travel. I never had a bad experience with dolphins fans most are fair weathered and just there for fun. This isn’t Philly 😂. If you are looking for some most do’s I would check out key biscayne state park beach, deep sea fishing, or an airboat ride in the Everglades
  5. I think Cephus surpises us in Camp and takes a spot, I don't see us keeping all 3 MVS, Hollins, Claypool. I wouldnt be shocked to see MVS cut if he doesn't fix his drops.
  6. Rapp the human missile would be a scary ending for worthy. Rapp has no regards to head or flying in off his feet for the kill.
  7. Cephus wants in on the action and betting on himself 👀
  8. Some say he’s the comp pick kid… oh wait we were screwed out of the 3rd round comp pick 😌
  9. When does our Comp pick come into play here in the 3rd round 👀 ....I was told we had a comp pick...
  10. Anyone think we may move up to grab more talent here early don't know the cost but somewhere in the 40s if a guy is still there.
  11. I see him as a target when the play breaks down and red zone, Allen hasn't had a tall strong WR, he relies on knox and kincaid for those plays this gives him a new weapon with better hands than Gabe.
  12. Dejean? And we feed McDermott to the pit!
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