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  1. I thought this was going to be about AB who was last seen wearing a Pats jersey too 😜
  2. I’d go hard for hunter Henry and Conklin. Hunter is a top TE threat and maybe won’t command Cooper money.
  3. Titians is my guess if he leaves, Henry would stay, great line. And two ex pats beating bellicheat would make him happy.
  4. I think our D would be a good fit, he could move up to D coordinator then a coaching gig within 3 years. Easy to get a head coaching gig when you have one of the best D's in the league.
  5. I feel they should have him play out this year and then let him go, he is a small frame guy who makes a lot of tackles he can't tackle rb's for much longer, He is listed at 6'0 190 lbs my guess is more like 5'11 180. There is a lot of young talent coming up and I feel unless its a very team friendly deal, he isn't the one you pay the extra money. This guy was in a bad spot before the Bills which is why his deal is so friendly.
  6. I said after they were eliminated watch him go to the titian's he could be a good fit there. Two expats taking down bellicheats would be great ending.
  7. Pay him this offseason before the price goes up. He is a top 3 CB in the league that doesn't get the attention like others.
  8. He should of just not touched it, the ref even waved no to him. BS play should of been a TD regardless of what is implied too many times they don't rule it dead ball it's a live ball.
  9. In the first half I was nervous about losing daboll because the play calls and run game was so strong. Second half you couldn't haul that dumpster out of here any faster after the play choices.
  10. Secret weapon for playoffs. Almost had a TD there hopefully the ankle is good.
  11. Before the game when Kraft said best entertainment you can watch, I immediately remembered playing them is like the WWE scripted and only overcoming 3-5 bad really bad calls that could extend a drive is the way to beat them. Should be best sport to watch;, concerts ,wrestling, movies are the entertainment field.
  12. Make sense to grab a CB depending on how we sign Tre, having a top guy on a rookie deal across from a top 5 guy is a great way to force the QB to hold the ball longer.
  13. You can tell he would take a coaching gig by the way he talks on air, still pro cowboys and not as harsh on Coach or Dak.
  14. I am excited today to here Romo talk about Josh and the offense this game, he has some of the best visions for a player / broadcaster. Go Bills!
  15. I saw Rob in May when rex bid on a property I was selling, he looks like he is even bigger now during the season.
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