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  1. Call me as crazy as the decision itself, but I think you got to credit Josh’ for his killer instinct going for that lateral at the end of regulation. It appeared Knox clear path to the end zone and a full head of steam. If they connect, it’d be the next Minneapolis miracle and you’d see it replayed every year during playoff time. Also, unless Allen completely lost his mind, my assumption is the lateral is something they’d at least messed around with in practice before. I can’t see It being a completely rogue decision on the fly. Knox didn’t do him any favors by looking as bewildered as the rest of the country, but that’s probably more due to the pressure of the moment. That’s just the way Allen plays, he wants to win no matter what it takes. Whatever the hell it is he has will alternately frustrate you and dazzle you. We saw what “ball control” got us at the end anyway. The simple fact is the longer you let teams hang around, the more vulnerable you become to bad calls, bad bounces, etc. Good on him for trying to put it away right there. All this at the end of the day is supposed to be entertainment, give me one of the most exciting players in the league with a ton of upside as our QB and I’ll gladly strap in and enjoy the ride when he decides to try and flip the next one. .
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