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  1. I donated to his charity just for that reason! Btw,I donated to Jackson's,to support the Bills Mafia's gesture, of a sincere wish for a speedy recovery.
  2. Yeah,Two regular birds of a feather.
  3. You donate to help Buffaloians out,not Josh Norman.
  4. If we had full court press the passing game,30+ was easily within reach. BTW,what was up,with not utilizing Mckenzie?
  5. Henry didn't get nearly 2,000 yds doing nothing!
  6. I thought that the Colts had their way with our defense pretty much three quarters of that game. But,the score doesn't reflect that conclusion. So,after finding out that the Colts became first team in NFL playoff history to do this" Indy's 27-24 loss to the Bills in the wild-card round, the Colts became the first team in NFL playoff history to lose after turning the ball over zero times AND totaling 450 or more yards of offense. Before Saturday, that exact situation had happened a total of 11 times ever and those teams had combined to go 11-0. The crazy part is that none of the other
  7. No Question. I didn't notice the absent"E" until I hit enter! My Coors pleads the 5th!
  8. Come Mon Man! No contest,Williams!
  9. Here's a rookie playing like a vet!(Stefon Diggs Like) Stef. Diggs is the lucky charm for the Buffalo Bills.
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