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  1. This is an example of how an inept official can destroy an entire season of great play and put a cloud over a young player. This was an obvious homer call and determined the outcome of a playoff game. Football should treat egregious calls by the same ref like the way baseball doesn't allow Angel Hernandez to umpire WS games.
  2. Love this guy. What a O-line fixture he could be. Let him get his feet wet being rotational year one and plug him in for the rest of the decade.
  3. Ford got abused as a tackle, and he better be an upgrade at guard because I thought Mongo was the type of physical O-lineman we needed. I guess they have to put Ford out there because of where they drafted him. Now the running game needs a dynamic, hard nosed back, unlike Singletary, who's soft and took a big step backwards. Bring in an Etienne or Harris and even with the OL from last year, this offense will be tough to deal with. Every team needs to lose like we did to take the next step. We will be right there again, guaranteed.
  4. If Etienne is there, he's the only player that will change the way teams will have to prepare to defend our offense, leaving Josh able to destroy defenses vertically. Travis can hit the holes, break tackles and be great in the screen game and running routes. A true 3 down back. If he's gone, one of the Miami edge guys or the corner from VT would be acceptable. I don’t see them drafting Jenkins, the OT , but he looks like a mauler.
  5. Some punishment will be handed down to DeSean, and he will probably be moved next off season. A settlement will be given to the complainants. Having said that, the Dolphins are the logical destination because they have mega draft capital and by the end of this season they can move on from Tua. If this happens, Miami will be a pain to deal with.
  6. Etienne will be the most dynamic back in the draft. With speed and toughness, he is a Kamara clone. Having said that, the overarching need is a complimentary cover corner for White or another rotational edge rusher. If Beane miraculously gets another edge in FA, then a back or a O-line depth tackle like Jenkins would be a good add with a db after that.
  7. Beane is an effective team builder, working within cap restrictions brilliantly. If you look at his signings, the retention of roster personnel who were great contributors at affordable #s along with cherry picking UFAs who fill positional needs,(TE, Edge,RB with speed), also at discounts on one year deals. He created cap space by restructuring where cutting wasn't called for and now has BPA flexibility in draft. He has made a believer out of me.
  8. If this edge lineman pans out,watch our entire front play better. Addison, Hughes and Obada are UFAs and with Oliver and Phillips playing better, pressure packages will result in more sacks and QB pressures. If Etienne is available in rd.1, we could conceivably address every vital need necessary to get to the promised land. Naturally a cover db and a depth lb and O-lineman would be added in later rds. Beane is manipulating the cap beautifully.
  9. Love this nasty, vocal leader for our O-line. He's young and has room to improve, but brings a physical mindset to the team. Would love to see a tough downhill runner that would add a dimension to our offense.
  10. Good take. Full agreement but if we're talking taking the next step, we'll need at least a better D-line pressure group and a back that takes some stress away from Josh.
  11. You seem pretty confident in your assessment of the Bills regression with the ascendant AFC east. Are you forgetting the diminished QB in NE, the turnover machine called Darnold and a QB that was protected from destroying his self-confidence by a journeyman QB that saved the day when he failed. When all new shiny pieces and coaching systems are introduced, if they work at all, it usually takes at least a season. As for the offensive line, did you appreciate why we were a great passing team statistically and lined up in empty formation most of the time. It was because we are good at pass protec
  12. Defense must be the priority in the draft because it was not addressed in FA. An edge rusher and a good man coverage DB is a must. We will have to win shootouts if we can't upgrade the front four rush and the cover corners. The offense will need a between the tackles tough running back, but in the later rounds.
  13. Solid pickup, always respected his 3rd down ability for Russ and blocking prowess. Beane is methodically maximizing his limited cap space free agency.
  14. Pass protection was good enough to win 10 of 11 against the toughest schedule and rugged D-lines. Running the ball might have something to do with backs that can't hit a hole or break tackles. We went empty a lot for a reason. The only game we looked unable to protect was the AFC championship after we fell behind.
  15. Why don't they give him some plays.Singletary underperformed and he could of carved out a spot for himself.
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