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  1. The problem is the extent of Milano’s injury is a well kept secret. A simple broken bone shouldn’t take this long and have him declared weeks away from being cleared for football activities. He will have to get real time action to see if he can be counted on. Does anyone really know if he has the speed and quickness that made an all pro? We need to see a little of that.
  2. Who cares about your rambling interpretation of what kind of offense they ran. Now it’s the percentage in the conference and rushing attempts vs passing attempts don’t really matter. Resolve your issues with someone else.
  3. The attempts are correct for both rushing and passing. The Fla.St. season was 14 games instead of 12 because they played the conference championship as well as a bowl game. It still averages 33 rush attempts vs 30 pass attempts. That translates to a rush heavy offense.
  4. Alright Kirby, you’re a stickler for accuracy in statistics. If you’re interested the Fla St. stats they are readily available. It says they ran the ball 463 times last season for an average of 4.5 yds per carry. That’s an average of 39 attempts per game in a 12 game season. They passed it 433 times which translates to 36 attempts average per game. Is the statement of Fla. St. having a run heavy offense not accurate? Evaluate the original assessment of Coleman being a “project” when he lead an undefeated candidate for the National Championship with 11 TDs and 50 catches. The guy you’re defending distorted the premise of the topic to go into some meandering rabbit hole of statistics for the mindless personal attack and naturally his loyal supporters come to his defense. I respect loyalty but this guy is a little off.
  5. Now you’re protecting the board from false facts? You’re just a frustrated individual with deep seated psychological issues. I naively waded into this conversation thinking it was about receivers. Please consider getting some help. The board should be insulated from this type of weird behavior.
  6. What’s the point of continuing with this. You’re convinced the Bills can’t win with these receivers. Who cares about Fla State run statistics? You’re grasping at straws with cherry-picked stats to what end?You have an opinion and you want people to accept it. Negativity is your starting point. You don’t acknowledge anything positive and you can’t accept the benefit a QB like #17 has on a young player. I can’t engage in this anymore. Thanks.
  7. As far as I know isn’t the stat of TDs the most important relative to winning games. We already know the Fla State offense was run heavy so 50 receptions on an undefeated team is impressive. Unfortunately you have decided this rookie is not ready for the NFL I guess you’re most qualified to dismiss him.
  8. What’s the obsession with killing this kid before he plays a game. His production in 12 games was tops in the ACC. In a run heavy offense he scored 11 TDs . He caught 50 balls in an offense where he was doubled a lot. He was great in the punt return game. What is your problem? Is it that you root against the Bills and criticize everything they do? Good luck.
  9. He can’t be allowed to blow games anymore. He’s just a kicker who has a crisis of confidence. It’s incumbent on Beane to get competition for training camp with the idea of getting rid of him. You assemble a roster with guys bleeding internally to get a roster spot and this critical position has a guy that ended our season, missing a chip shot. He was undependable during the season and sucked in the playoffs. Get a kicker from Canada, the UFL or a great college kicker. Start again with a young guy who doesn’t have the baggage of disappointing his team.
  10. In your effort to bury the kid for whatever reason, you neglected to mention he had 50 catches in 12 games and 11 TDs. Prorate that to 17 games and he’s a # 1 on the Bills. It’s Ws buddy. Better than 50% on contested balls. MVS was much better with Rodger’s. If you’re going to be a hater give us the whole story and let these guys play a game with #17 before you give your superior career projections.
  11. The original post was a response about liking our receivers compared to last years. Your assessment of these receivers viability without seeing them on the field seems a bit premature. My point was when we were in throwing situations with 4 receivers, we wouldn’t necessarily miss Diggs getting doubled. Obviously you turned the topic on its head to flash your advanced insights about what offensive approach works and your distaste for the receivers on the roster. Kincaid, Shakir, Samuel (with a real QB)Coleman( a #1 on undefeated division 1 team) A great pass catching TE and Shakir will be a good #2. Samuel has been productive with a below average QB. MVS and the other 2 roster survivors will give us better depth than previously.
  12. OK, if they line up with a TE and 3 wide along with 5 on the OLine, that’s 9 along with Cook and Allen. I said 4 or 5 receivers in my post. Naturally with 5 receivers Allen would be empty formation. My point is still if all these receivers and Cook get single coverage and Allen has to be accounted for, there is going to be a few mismatches. That makes this receiver group more dangerous. Diggs and Davis were not the reason we turned the season around. It was Shakir, Kincaid and Cook. Substitute Coleman and Samuel for Harty and Sherfield and compare.
  13. If we are lining up 4 or 5 receivers in the formation and Cook in the backfield with Allen, the defense has to account for Allen and Cook and only one of the single covered players has to win their battle. Why are you afraid of single coverage against Shakir, Samuel or Kincaid. Mismatch heaven with Cook and if Davis and Cook can cause heavy boxes, Allen will pick secondaries apart. Remember, we were able to win 6 of seven without Diggs averaging 50 or 60 yards and he wasn’t being doubled in most of those games and Davis did nothing. We have better depth at receiver this year.
  14. At the expense of your #1 getting a fraction of the targets as in Digg’s case, the answer is no one receiver will command double coverage until he establishes himself as the main target. Look for Josh to spread the ball around with a balanced attack featuring Cook and Davis running and catching balls downfield.
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