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  1. Davis has been a star in the post season the last 2 years. I think he has his best regular season with the improved protection and a conventional run game keeping defenses honest. Throw in Kincaid as big target and Davis is set up to have a big contract year performance. He will become a legitimate #2 this year. Maybe this would be the time to get a hometown deal with him.
  2. Let’s face it, they are looking at a big hole at D-tackle next season if Oliver would have left via FA. Edmunds left one at MLB this year. A FA tackle and a quality MLB will eat up plenty of cap space if we don’t want to take a real step backward in a very high powered offensive minded division and AFC. With a contract in hand where Beane can create flexibility, it benefits us in my opinion.
  3. At 25 years old, he’s shown management enough to warrant the extension. I would have preferred letting him play for his next contract, but if he had his best season like Edmunds, you’re in a bidding war. Face it, 68 for 4 is the going rate for an impactful d-tackle, with 45 guaranteed. They’re betting he anchors their d-line for the next several years. If you trust Beane and Sean’s instincts for young talent, just accept this extension. The fans that think this move precluded the Hopkins signing, it doesn’t.
  4. That was well thought out and right on the money. Anyone who is a serious Bills observer would have to agree with your assessment. The most concerning point you made is the ? mark hanging over the D-line without Miller and his effectiveness when he returns. I still think the addition of an Ingram, Houston or Floyd would be the answer to our defensive shortcomings. I have no worries about our receiving room or any doubt that Kincaid and Sherfeld will add a positive dimension to our offense. With the interior line upgraded and depth added to the tackle position , look for Josh to have a better conventional running game and better protection. Dorsey’s evolution is also concerning until it isn’t.
  5. Diggs and Allen must be connected in every way on and off the field for this team to succeed. Allen knows the volatility of his #1target and treads lightly. My guess is that Diggs shows up for mandatory training camp and brings the rest of the receivers production expectations to his standards. Don’t diminish his importance to the offense. Our team’s production is directly proportionate to his involvement. When Dorsey started using Diggs as a distraction in order to open up low percentage vertical shots last season, our offense suffered. Allen had to run more and Diggs became frustrated not getting the ball. With more emphasis on a running game and two TE sets, Diggs and Davis should have plenty of single coverage. I trust Allen’s leadership skills.
  6. Dorsey and Kromer have no excuses. The O-Line has been the weak link and the biggest threat to our QBs survival. Dorsey’s reluctance to get out of the Spencer Brown project is disturbing. Our entire O -line got bum rushed by that Cinn front last season. If Kromer can’t get Brown to improve, it doesn’t matter how big or athletic he is. He statistically regressed last season and now we can’t live with another year of ineptitude.
  7. If Beane could somehow fit Houston,Ingram or Floyd underneath the cap with some slight of hand artistry, we would look pretty intimidating on both sides of the ball.
  8. Leslie is a fine NFL coach, but he’s gone as far as he can go with us. He’s too reactive with his defensive philosophy. We had lost our aggressive mentality, and his young personnel after the injuries to key starters, didn’t fit the bend don’t break defense. He rarely sent extra rushers and didn’t like pressing receivers at the line. Even Sean said our defense was not physically imposing and needed to dictate the tone. Sean will be much better and our fortunes will rest with Dorsey’s evolution as an OC.
  9. Tre White has to prove this season that he’s still an elite corner or he shouldn’t be here. He’s being paid like the top guys but some players can’t recover from ACL’s at that position. He’s vital to the defense, that’s for sure.
  10. Absolutely right, I completely forgot about him and he is really talented and not afraid of the brightest spotlight. He looked good when given the opportunity last season. It’s just incredible how much depth we have at receiver.. Hard to imagine anyone stopping our offense if the O-line shows improvement. So many options for Josh.
  11. Nice optimistic take on the potential. The only problem I foresee is keeping the play calling unpredictable and multidimensional. Let’s see if this Kromer can get our O-line firing , opening running lanes for Harris, Cook, and Hines. We haven’t had a short yardage thumper in years, so maybe Murray can be that guy. Most importantly, Dorsey has to establish Kincaid, Knox as big targets opening up single coverages for our big play receivers ( Diggs and Davis). Sherfield and Hardy will be better than what we’ve had in 5 receiver sets so the personnel is there. Let’s hope Josh is serious about not taking big hits and not shouldering too much of the offense. A big year for us, let’s just stay healthy and get off to a good start.
  12. Emanuel Acho, Nick Wright, Joy Taylor are just happy to have a job at FS1 and either pander to big market listeners or subjectively favor teams they root for like the Chiefs (Wright) or Miami(Joy). They collectively know less than most color commentators or beat writers. They’re picking over the Bills because having the NY market and Miami engaged is good for their ratings. Until Miami or the Jets win a division, they have zero credibility.
  13. If Quessenbury is starting at tackle because Brown has been injured or hasn’t performed, this team will be needing an upgrade in season.Torrence and McGovern will be immediate upgrades so I see improvement at the RB position and pass protection with Brown being one year further into his development. Harris will provide a dimension of short yardage, between the tackles physicality in the running game we desperately need along with Murray.Cook and Hines are perfect complimentary backs for explosive runs. This receiving corp will be hard to deal with if Dorsey doesn’t light a match to this team by not competently incorporating a conventional running attack along with making Kincaid a red zone and slot option, while keeping Diggs and Davis engaged. His play calling is probably the biggest? facing this team. The defense will be a work in progress until Miller comes back to form and the MLB position gets sorted, but the additions of Williams and Ford should be real positives. Look for the secondary to be much improved with Hyde and Rapp. If White and Elam can be better than last year, we might be formidable by week 6 or 7. All things considered this team will be a juggernaut on offense and if we can generate any pas rush, we could be a real SB contender. With Sean calling the defense, that’s might be the biggest upgrade.
  14. Well said, the print and mainstream media have been rendered a politicized, negative influence on objectivity in a society that used to trust people that report the news.
  15. So poor Matt’s life is destroyed by San Diego prosecutors, who waited just long enough to exonerate him, effectively killing his NFL career aspirations. If it’s true that he wasn’t present at the time of the accusation, where is the outcry to resurrect this kids reputation from the NFL or the Bills. Does San Diego State get off without criticism for doing some half assed investigation and then hanging this kid out to dry. How about the accuser? She just gets to falsely perpetuate this shitstorm and walk away? Just imagine what this kid and his family has gone through for a year. Sickening.
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