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  1. Levi is a depth db but because Beane didn't upgrade the position, this is who will targeted all season. He's not terrible, but he shouldn't be the #2 corner. He gets too many PIS and gets beat in big spots. Sadly our playoff fortunes will be closely tied to Wallace.
  2. Other than being Phil's son, Sims was a losing 2nd string QB who washed out of the league early,and his skills as an analyst is minimal. He sees an opportunity to sound insightful and call Josh confused when playcalling and O-line breakdowns was the problem on offense. Why can't these mindless simpletons just let the game breathe. If it's obvious to fans that Josh was in empty, 4 and 5 receiver formations too much and became predictable and one dimensional, then why would Simms criticize Josh for being confused. He doesn't call plays. He was under constant pressure from a 4 man rush, that's doesn't indicate confusion. Dabol already admitted to being the problem. Some of these "experts" who get paid to diminish real NFL QBs should consider sticking to coaching their kids in pee wee.
  3. If we allow another special teams disaster, essentially being the biggest reason for losing the Pittsburgh game, Sean and our special teams coach, should be publicly called out by Beane or our owner. This ineptitude can't happen.
  4. Fun is great,but winning championships are what this club is looking for. If you aren't multidimensional, these NFL athletes will defend you and shut you down. Josh was our primary running threat, he got shut down. The inability to run in short yardage caused that 4th down debacle. Dabol has to incorporate running with our backs to open up things for Josh. If he doesn't because he knows better, we're going to put our franchise QB vulnerable to hard hits.
  5. The things you rattled off are so obvious to fans, and made a huge difference in the game, is there anyway they don’t activate Moss next week. Besides, the guy is a better short yardage option than Motor or Breida. Arrogance is in Dabol's DNA and Sean has to be the leader who makes adjustments when his team gets victimized.
  6. Pretty good take. I was thinking the same thing. Let's hope between playcalling and O-line adjustments, we can dominate in these next two games.
  7. His fumbling is not going cost us the season but he must protect the ball better. Josh should not be the primary runner in our attack. It's bad on so many levels. Let's let him do his thing after going through progressions, and there's open space. He was an option for Dabol with playcalling and Pittsburgh was ready. We need to get away from calling his # for a few games. He took some big hits Sunday.
  8. Dabol is the offensive coordinator and puts together the game plan with Sean. They are equally responsible for the reliance on this spread offense and dismissing the running attack other than QB RPOs and delayed runs. Blaming one and not the other is counterproductive. Sean said he's responsible for making adjustments and getting our offense going. I felt it was the O-line shortcomings that he thought was the issue. Let’s see what comes of it.
  9. I hope you're right. If so, I will be guilty of overreacting to one bad performance.
  10. No because our O-line has not established they can run bock, and Daboll thinks they can get away with last year's empty set, 4and 5 receiver, quick strike offense.
  11. Why did they clear capspace? Even if you give up a draft choice or a back-up QB, bring in a veteran O-line run blocker, or a blocking TE, who can be another underneath target. I have long felt that Josh overcame poor O-line play with quick strike hookups. When he is not lights out, the shortcomings are exposed.
  12. Ford, Dawkins had scary bad games. Especially Dawkins who is clearly not ready to play left tackle on a empty set, pass happy team. Let Brown play more until Dion recovers fully.
  13. Bottom line, they mostly play predictable empty set 4 and 5 receiver formations like they did all last season and unless they have at least the threat of a running game from someone other than Josh, we'll struggle.
  14. This O-line was manhandled and Dion was exposed. If we can't protect our QB, or run the ball, Josh will not be able to magically put up big numbers. Beane has to use the existing capspace to fix our O-line. Don't be mislead, those Singletary runs were vs prevent defenses.
  15. That analysis was perfect. Why do they think that putting an overwhelmed O-line in empty set formations is helping Josh get into rhythm. If they don't think Devin or Moss can provide the threat of a running attack, or our O-line can't open holes, Josh will be hard pressed to save the season. Begs the question, will Beane use some capspace to improve our O-line before it's too late.
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