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  1. We better get it next week because I don’t think we can get unless we win out.
  2. It’s a good thing that game is in our place. We need a spirited 12th man and some wind. Dallas looks good on both sides of the ball. McDermott has stress physicality because Dallas tries to bully their opponents.
  3. Can’t disagree with any of that. I guess after that Philly embarrassment where the officiating crew got roasted nationally, we were due for a call and this crew swallowed their whistles on PIs all game.
  4. Diggs is too good not to play better going forward. Sneed always plays him tough and the refs were letting them play. There were PIs on a few of his targets. The good news is that the 12 personnel formations are working. With Knox and Kincaid involved in the passing game and Cook being a coverage nightmare, our offense will be fine. Shakir should get Davis’s targets and Davis has been an effective blocker.
  5. Listen Alphadog, it took some testicles to make that prognostication and this was a great start, even though it took some assiness to pull it off. Having Toney line up past the line and then have it called doesn’t usually happen for us. Now you’ve got some nonbelievers in your corner. Let’s keep it going.
  6. Sorry, Sean’s had 6 years to figure it out and the team’s poor record can be traced to regression on Sean’s side of the ball. Now much of the problem is underwhelming personnel decisions ( overpaying Miller, whiffing on Elam and reliance on Hyde and Poyer who’s play is not commensurate with their cap hits. This sadly falls on the HC and will take a few years to overcome.
  7. Sean should be fired for poor coaching that led to the team losing to NE, Denver, Jets, Philly and the game against the Giants which should have been a loss. A HC must have success on his side of the ball. His conservative approach to offense, leaving the final outcome in the hands of an injury riddled defense, has failed miserably with pedestrian offenses scoring on last possessions(NE, Denver, Philly, Giants). Pegula got his stadium and he’s giving the fan base the finger by saying there’s zero chance of Sean’s dismissal.
  8. Nobody can tell you how to process the Bills season, but to throw your hands up and just lump them in to challenges the world deals out that people have to overcome, is sad. Rooting interests are supposed to enhance the entertainment value of spectator sports. You can’t say the 3+ hours every week you watch your team isn’t one of the most heightened experiences in your world. Treat it as entertainment with characters you have come to embrace. This team will provide plenty of thrills every week. It certainly gets you through these tough winter months.
  9. Don’t listen to these imbecilic empty suits. They’re are all just fans of other teams who would sell their kids to have Josh as their QB. The games that were stand alone Bills contests are all highly rated games because this guy is must see TV. He’s the most flamboyant swashbuckling athlete in professional sports. Our record should be better than 6 and 6. Sean’s defense has a lot to do with that. Any turnover by Josh he made up for by doing incredible things to get the lead again. Make a few stops on final possessions and Josh is a top 3 candidate for MVP.
  10. Let’s get KC first and then I’ll buy in. Remember, they’ve dug themselves a big hole and now they must be perfect.
  11. I love your optimism and you make a compelling case for turning the season around but in all honesty I can’t envision this defense making a big stop against a quality QB. When you have a coach that plays to put the outcome of the game in the hands of a defense that has given up game winning drives on final possessions to Mack Jones, Tyrod Taylor, Russel Wilson, Trevor Lawrence and Jalen Hurts why do you think they can make stops against Mahomes, Prescott, Herbert or Tua. I know they can score enough but these defensive players and Sean can’t give objective fans a reason to believe.
  12. Congratulations Dawson, best wishes to you and that great young lady. Now, would it be to much to ask for you to make some contribution to this team this season because you have been pretty much a disappointment. The 12 man sets was supposed to be our go to offense and it doesn’t work without another productive TE in the pass game. I know Josh loves you but Kincaid is our best TE, and it’s not close.
  13. Our season is over until we win a game against a playoff team. Sadly we have not done this since the Miami game. We’ve been competitive in some games(Jags, Bengals, Eagles,) but we are not deserving of any playoff consideration until this roster steps up in a big spot. Maybe it’s better that this front office sees a real need to turn this roster over a bit. Our secondary has been dominated on crushing game ending drives in too many games. Our 2 LB sets are pitifully inconsistent in supporting the run defense and underneath pass defense. Our receivers are fine but where are the long completions that break the opposition’s spirit. Floyd has had a nice year and Oliver is great but our other edge rushers have no sacks or consistent penetration. What playoff team with big time receivers are we stopping with this defense? Josh has to win shootouts for us to win those games. It can happen but this is where a coach can make a difference. Do we really expect our coaching staff to get us to the finish line?
  14. The guy who Beane brought in as a deep threat has done zero. Davis is the deep receiver and he should be a possession receiver. We never have deep completions. This makes us go the long field all the time .
  15. This will be my last response. I’m begging you,stop complaining about a few turnovers, which is part of the equation with this roster. No separation, tight windows and pressure on Josh for any offense. You should focus on surrounding our generational QB with a #2 receiver who can be deep threat, a different left tackle, an OLB and a new young secondary. Throw in a new offensive minded HC and we’ll have a realistic shot. A turnover or 2 won’t make a difference because we’ll crush teams.
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