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  1. ...and New Era shut down their factory in Derby, NY last year. I guess the Bills stadium sponsor would also be considered having a bad reputation in WNY. 😉
  2. Bad sponsor? What do the Raiders care? As long as Allegiant is handing over millions of dollars a year, Davis will be happy. If Allegiant goes belly up, there will be any number of companies fighting over whose name goes on the stadium next.
  3. I would think this thread would be blowing up with TV viewing occupying everyone’s time.
  4. The 1st weekend after the shutdown, I drove by the Swannie and saw 10-15 cars in the lot. It was clear what was going on, and only a matter of time before they got caught.
  5. A charcoal grilled Sahlens dog will always win out over a chicken wing. Sorry wing fans. 😂
  6. OP...what exactly were you googling that allowed you to uncover this “gem”?
  7. There should be a filter where any thread that starts with...”I was just thinking” or “Hear me out” or “I haven’t seen this discussed before” should go right to the TSW garbage can.
  8. From Bill Polian on? Wilson was a bad owner from the 60’s forward.
  9. Curly and Meadowlark...good memories watching them on the Wide World of Sports as a kid.
  10. Was our OL so good last season that the same 5 are coming back again? Pass blocking often looked like a jail break.
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