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  1. Would it have been that difficult to respond with the years and $$$. 👎🏻
  2. So if you don’t want to watch the WFL/USFL/XFL etc…, you aren’t a “true” football fan? Okay football super fan. How is the view from your pedestal?
  3. Look at the first row of seats for old stadium, and then compare with new stadium overlay.
  4. So that means what? One has skinny legs, and the other even skinnier?
  5. So the $150 is to get on the waiting list, and does not get you into the virtual center unless your number on the list is called, correct?
  6. Franklin has legs that look like they could be snapped like a twig.
  7. “Closer”? Why then is the 1st row of seats in the lower bowl ~15-20’ farther away from the field?
  8. Latest news on virtual center…opens next month. First up…club seat STH…and oh by the way…tix going up 10% next season. https://buffalonews.com/sports/professional/nfl/bills/buffalo-bills-season-tickets-price-increases-2024-10-percent/article_4420f334-cb7b-11ee-98ef-dbe6c3843ab5.html As far as a stadium construction webcam goes…simple as mounting it on a mast on top of the Bills store. Perfect location. Not expensive. They choose not to.
  9. What makes this an “official” thread? 😂
  10. Yes. More players prone to childish outbursts…which are mistakenly labeled as…he just wants to win.
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