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  1. LabattBlue

    30 for 30 Bobby Knight

    A little Bobby Knight trivia...his last game coaching Indiana, was a loss to Pepperdine in the 2000 tournament....here in Buffalo.
  2. LabattBlue

    Josh Allen's progress

    I don’t know how anyone at this point can be certain that he is our franchise QB for the next decade+. I think he has a 50/50 chance of becoming the teams next franchise QB or being off the team by the end of his rookie contract.
  3. LabattBlue

    RIP Isiah Robertson.

    Very sad to hear. The Chuck Knox teams were happy times for Bills fans, which were bookended by years of terrible Bills football before and after. I would hope the Bills have a moment of silence in his honor before Sunday’s game. 😞
  4. I’ve always thought their show would be better if they had more guests(and a greater variety), and less callers. Not just the same crap....Sal, Hamilton, Clayton, fantasy football guy, etc... Of course this would require more effort effort on their part to prepare for interviews....
  5. So which one of you went to a Chiefs board and wrote an essay on KB? lol https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=319337
  6. LabattBlue

    NFL looking at changes to Punting

  7. LabattBlue

    BOLO for the guy who threw the Beer Can

    Anybody who throws anything on the field during a game should be kicked out and banned from future games.
  8. LabattBlue

    Should we have traded Shady back to Philly?

    Huh? If Philly was offering up anything, the Bills should have jumped at the opportunity and never looked back.
  9. LabattBlue

    Any tailgate info @miami 12/1/18?

    Even in the wild Shooters days, you always needed a ticket to get in. Bad choice of words from me in earlier post. When I said "invite only", I meant it is a ticketed event, and I think the tickets are much harder to get than when party was much larger at Shooters.
  10. LabattBlue

    Any tailgate info @miami 12/1/18?

    Salvatore hosted at the Blue Martini a couple years ago. Not sure about last year or this year.
  11. LabattBlue

    Any tailgate info @miami 12/1/18?

    The Salvatore Shooters Party is long gone. The bar is still called Shooters, but is now an a upscale restaurant. Salvatore now hosts a much smaller and low key invite only event elsewhere. ....and yes the old parties were AWESOME!!!
  12. LabattBlue

    DeShAuN wAtSoN iS sTrUgGlInG nOw WiTh TaPe

    I didn't read all the posts in this thread, but what is with the random upper and lower case letters in the thread title?
  13. LabattBlue

    Has anyone here ever met Doug Marrone?

    I somehow missed this thread. Had to be epic. LOL
  14. I guess you can massage any stats multiple ways. Even through you lead the league in yards allowed, what if you suck at allowing scores when the game is on the line in the 4th quarter? You suck at RZ defense? I guess it's hard to get excited when the team you just shut down may even be worse than your offense.
  15. LabattBlue

    California wildfires

    I'm assuming they are given warnings to get out well in advance(maybe not because of wind direction changing). Even so, much like hurricane warnings, those who ignore them end up putting their lives in danger. i.e. driving thru fire ravaged areas.