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  1. Just because he has a few good games does not mean Beane opens up the vault for him. There are still other players who will need to be signed, and not every one will be brought back. Poyer, Hyde, Oliver, Davis, etc… They can’t bring back everyone.
  2. Fuzzy math? They both play QB, Mahomes is the best QB, but Allen is the best player in the entire NFL? Help me out here.
  3. Tick tick tick. Now into October. I know the deadline for a deal was 9/1(I think). Anyone know what the new deadline is?
  4. SMH…They trade away a top 5 WR in the game, and have not skipped a beat. 😞
  5. I really can’t stand all the cutesy crap KC does, and I always hope it backfires on them, and costs them a game.
  6. How about a little NSFW warning for those who decide to open this thread tomorrow morning. 👎🏻
  7. I’ve been saying this for years, the obsession by some over Chad Kelly is nothing short of bizarre…even after he ended up in the CFL.
  8. Was just in the car running a quick errand. Flipped on WGR. Lets take a call… Caller…The Dolphins should have to forfeit the game against the Bills! Me…immediately changed to music.
  9. Just heard Brown & Tasker reiterate that the symptoms Tua showed after getting up, mean an automatic “done for the day”.
  10. Don't forget about the charities taking their cut of your donation for "administrative overhead".
  11. Did I hear correctly this morning, that if you show any signs of “unsteadiness on feet/mobility issues”, you are out for the game no matter what the independent doctor sees afterwards? If so, the protocol and whomever is supposed to enforce it, failed miserably.
  12. There are plenty of worthy non-profits in WNY that could use any donation, large or small instead. No fanfare needed. No chest pounding that Bills fans are better than everyone else. The “look at us” donating campaigns are lame, and I wish they would stop. Just pissing contests…nothing more, nothing less.
  13. Recently I heard the ESPN reporter who covers the Dolphins say that Bridgewater was beyond terrible at training camp. I guess training camp isn’t always the be all end all.
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