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  1. It is ridiculous that the joke of a current stadium isn’t bulldozed and replaced by a small close to the field 20-25k stadium.
  2. I’ll see your “Talkin’ Proud” and raise you a “We’re Going To Win That Cup”!!!
  3. If you don’t know how to edit a thread title, you shouldn’t be allowed to create a thread.
  4. Local media making a big deal out of a place that 75% of WNY has never heard of, and probably 95% have never been inside of.
  5. There are some who just like to argue for the sake of arguing and need to always get the last word in. It is much easier to make your point in a post, and just move on.
  6. YAWN...Who was it here that suggested you aren't a true football fan if you don't follow these leagues? Not you @PromoTheRobot
  7. I guess the point being…it wouldn’t be held downtown, along the waterfront, or even NF.
  8. In today’s BN, Bills officials are quoted that if awarded they would hold the draft on stadium property.
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