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  1. Gabe's glowing TC reports, and his subsequent contributions in the first 3 games bodes well for his future...especially after Brown's contract is up after next year. Here's hoping his play continues on an upward trend.
  2. If they refuse to move him to OLB or sit him down for a game, shame on them. Sooner or later, he will cost them a game
  3. He was scheduled for a workout last week. Got to the airplane door and despite flight attendants pulling, and the luggage and fuel guys pushing, he could not fit through the airplane door. They suggested he ride in the hole, but he would not agree.
  4. It will be just the opposite. They have STH right where they want them. On the other hand, they want to grow the fan base, so they will give first priority to fans who have never been to a home game. Russ would be proud...marketing genius!
  5. Reminds me of some of the stupid MLB stats. Joe Blow is the 1st player ever with 100 hits, 75 rbi, 80 runs, 20 stolen bases and 40 walks.
  6. Who knows if he even has what it takes to be a HC. Not every coordinator is HC material.
  7. Edmunds needs to clean up his game A LOT. His tackling technique is horrible, and his ability to read the run is also lacking. Right about now, I’m wonderIng if he would be starting if he wasn’t picked in the middle of the first round.
  8. They will be “worth noting”...just not in a good way. 😉
  9. ...and then I believe all the remaining rounds are at one of two neutral(bubble) sites.
  10. I like how many have turned on Moss after just TWO games. He went from being part of the dynamic duo for the next 5-6 years to being terrible in less than a span of a month. Keep up the good work...I guess someone has to be the whipping boy.
  11. Just got done replacing kitchen faucet. All connections fine...not a single drop of water. Just looked...very very slow drip out of faucet. Go F yourself Delta! 😡 Any chance the drip stops? I hate to take it out, go to Lowe’s for a replacement, and then start the install all over again.
  12. Do we really need a new thread every time some no name says something positive about Allen?
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