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  1. The proposed resumption of the NBA and NHL seasons is a joke. Just pack it in, and if they are lucky, the 20-21 seasons can start on time come October.
  2. Happy Birthday to an all time great! 🎉🎉
  3. He jerked scouts around last year by moving his “workout” to another site cross town. Any bridges he hadn’t burned before that, were pretty much blown up.
  4. If players start testing positive to the point where they need larger rosters to replace those battling covid, there probably isn’t going to be NFL football this year.
  5. Called Verizon this morning, box and wiring removed an hour ago. 👍
  6. I think when I cancelled my landline 3-4 years ago, basic service was up to $55-60 a month. Best to keep your landline?...I don't think so. PS in an emergency, I can charge my cell phone off my car battery.
  7. I will give them a call. Thx. [edited]Pleasantly surprised. Not only is Verizon coming out to remove the interface box, there is no charge. I didn't include in my OP that underground wiring if still needed would have to be relocated as we are having a concrete pad poured where wiring comes out of the ground to the interface box. So at this point, why bother with a relocation.
  8. Pistachio Cashew Almond Honey Roasted Peanuts All from Nutto’s. A WNY landmark.
  9. Haven’t had a landline in years. Line is underground to house. Want to remove interface box and cut cable at ground level. I can only imagine what Verizon would say, so I’d rather just play dumb and remove it. Am I asking for trouble with Verizon by doing this?
  10. Loved Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs and Erector Sets. How did I end up in IT instead of engineering?
  11. I’m in WNY and had an above ground pool for 7-8 years when my daughter was between 9-17. As soon as she tired of it, I tore it down. Season is just too short in WNY. I can’t believe the number of people here who plunk down 25k and up for inground pools. Most people I know that have them, do not extend their season that much with a heater.
  12. Plenty of time to kneel during pregame warmups. F any of them who decide to “grandstand” during the national anthem.
  13. No surprise on the cost of tickets. There were some here who said the Vegas invasion was going to be bigger than Nashville last season. That was never going to happen...covid or not.
  14. Congrats! I was able to retire from NYS at 55...and have 5+ years as a retiree so far. No regrets at all. Best of luck to you and the Mrs.
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