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  1. Putting the draft in NFL cities where April weather can be unpredictable is a mistake...unless the draft is being held in a dome stadium. i.e. Detroit, Indy, Minnesota, etc... They are playing with fire having it in places like Cle & KC. I can't remember what the weather was like in Chicago and Philly, but April evenings are rarely going to be comfortable.
  2. After NJSue's passing, I was thinking about the old threads from the early 2000's. It's funny how many posters from that era just disappeared. I wonder if there are current members who stay in touch with any posters from that period, who at some point stopped being active here. At the top of my "where are they now" list... - BF - ICE - AKC ...and many others. Just going through the archives, I came across all kind of names that I had completely forgotten about.
  3. I don't know if Murph broke this bad habit, and unless I'm in the car during a game(which is rare), I don't listen...but if the Bills had the ball in their opponents territory(say at the 45), and make a play to the 30, Murph would say...and there's a pass completion UP to the 30. No dumbass...that would be a pass completion DOWN to the 30. Really annoying and he used to do it repeatedly.
  4. I wonder if this Benjy being scolded for being late is schtick(it seems to come up on air a couple of times a year)? If it is, it is boring and not funny radio. If it is legit, why hasn't he been fired yet? A 12 hour work week...what a great gig for him. PS Benjy sucks
  5. Just bought upper deck tix for $65 plus fees from the Titans site. At the time, it was better than anything on the secondary market. Lower bowl(both on the Titans website and secondary market) was just ridiculous.
  6. Thanks to some suggestions, we are driving to Cleveland and flying in and out of there. Flying in on Saturday...$200 round trip...non-stop both ways. Arrive and depart midday.
  7. Unfortunately, short of committing a crime, and getting fired because of it, we are stuck with Murphy until he decides to retire. According to wiki, Murphy is 64.
  8. What happened? Have not listened today.
  9. I would much rather the Pegula’s take Simpson off the Wall of Fame, and bury it with the #32 forever.
  10. Murph was never condescending back in his old days at WBEN, like he is now. It’s like he has become a grumpy old man.
  11. I never have the shoutbox open. Not sure why. I used to enjoy popping in there from time to time.
  12. Another blast from the past. I hope all things are well my friend! Ken
  13. There has to be an old Panthers TE floating around on the scrap heap. Wesley Walls? LOL
  14. I don’t remember how long the water slides were in the park, but weren’t they in the spot where the wild mouse was?
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