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  1. Bitter old blowhard. /endthread
  2. I can't believe they said this. I don't know how I'm going to sleep until they correct this horrible oversight.
  3. LabattBlue

    6 Week NFL dark period begins

    Just my 2 cents... Football fix? Summer just started in WNY. Who cares about football at this point, and I'm certainly not wishing summer away in order to get my fix, knowing how short summer is to begin with.
  4. LabattBlue

    Major vs. Minor League Experience

    All this talk about the BIsons makes me want to punch Bob Rich Jr. Who remembers him waving the check around at the owners meetings when it was rumored that Buffalo was going to get a team. Then he got cold feet. With all the TV money in MLB, regardless of attendance, I would think all teams are profitable. Buffalo's attendance numbers would have been at the very least competitive with those who routinely finish at the bottom of the league in attendance. So sad that we missed out on the chance to be a MLB town.
  5. LabattBlue

    Valu vs The Home Depot

    I go to the Valu on Transit(between French and Losson) at least once a week. Never greeted with a "how can I help you"...which is usually a good thing since most of the store is staffed with teens. Last time I asked one of them where the blue windshield wash was, he gave me a blank stare. Probably why I go out of my way to Lowes. IMO, HD can't hold a candle to Lowes. Usually my only trips to HD are for tool rentals.
  6. Then I have no idea how I stay informed since I'm not on twitter.
  7. LabattBlue

    5 Way-too-Early picks from CBS

    ...are the predictions out for the 2019 season yet?
  8. Why does anyone even follow the BN writers on twitter?...when you come right down to it...why follow anyone on twitter?
  9. There was some kind of falling about between WGR and the BN a few years ago, to the point where no one from the BN appeared anymore on the station. I wonder if Schopp and his Lapdog will go back to having Sully on, even if on an infrequent basis.
  10. LabattBlue

    Stadium Construction Facts & Figures

    The UB stadium was a mistake for football since day 1. Having the track around it(built for the world university games) caused the fans to be too far away from the field. Then they built that ridiculous end zone seating which made an ugly stadium, even worse I’d bet it is a very very small minority that would stop going to the games if a stadium was built downtown.
  11. LabattBlue

    Surprise Candidates For Starting WR Spots

    Bottom line the Bills have probably the worst group of WR's in the NFL(or at the very least in the bottom 3). There is no quick fix, and the chances of one of these "no names" solving the problem is somewhere between slim and none. Their best hope is a vet gets cut at some point over the summer, and can at least try and fill the hole. Much better than pinning our hope on Mariachi and Co.
  12. You have facts to back that up...cancellation numbers and why subscribers cancelled?
  13. ...and the Sabres since 2007 have been an equal mess. Yet people wonder why the BN columnists have been negative for the last decade or more...they would have been criticized just as much for writing columns full of sunshine and lollipops, while the two local franchises were shitting the bed year after year after year. Yes they were over the top at times, but that is part of their job probably dictated by their bosses.