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  1. LabattBlue

    NY Post - Eli Manning on the Block

    Excellent thread title! Couldn't be more wrong. OP...instead of this being clickbait, why not just change the title to "ESPN broadcaster suggests Manning be traded"? Not that difficult.
  2. LabattBlue

    Is Nathan Peterman Sean McDermotts love child?

    Love child? Hmmm...McDermott is 44 and Peterman is 24. Anything is possible. Thanks for raising this most interesting topic.
  3. Assuming in the salary cap era it is difficult to have a great offense AND a great defense.... - I take a great offense every day of the week. - A great offense is more exciting. - A great offense can always get you back in the game(see KC last night). - If your team with a great defense and bad offense goes down 17 points in the 2nd half...GAME OVER. So how does this get fixed in Buffalo? Hire an offensive genius, and not a guy who is clueless in terms of offense(McClappy). How else do you explain a guy who routinely brings in endless defense players for tryouts, but is doing little to nothing to improve the WORST WR corp in the league. How many more years of bad offensive football before the Bills have an offense like KC, NE, NO, PIT, LAC, LAR, TB, PHI, etc...
  4. LabattBlue

    The Refs!

    Blah blah blah... The refs are the least of the Bills problems.
  5. LabattBlue

    Allen not showing progress

    I like Allen. He seems like a nice kid, good teammate and has the size and arm to play NFL QB. That being said, he looks so far away from ever being a franchise QB, I don’t know how anyone can get excited about his future with the team.
  6. LabattBlue

    NFL rules committee has more work to do

    I call BS. There is absolutely no excuse for pre-snap penalties.
  7. LabattBlue

    Allen not showing progress

    The Bills weren’t winning that game with or without Allen getting hurt. They were lucky to win one game when your QB can’t eclipse the 100 yard mark. They weren’t doing it two weeks in a row.
  8. The Pats and the Red Sox both at home tonight. Hopefully losses for both of them!
  9. LabattBlue

    Patrick Peterson available

    That would be a McClappy kind of move. Make an already bad offense even worse. Solid plan!
  10. LabattBlue

    The Pegulas Bought the Bills Four Years Ago Today

    Maybe go back and look at the records of the Sabres and Bills since Pegula acquires them. What should they be doing instead of what they have done? Hire people to run the sports side of the two teams and let them hire the gm’s and coaches.
  11. LabattBlue

    The Pegulas Bought the Bills Four Years Ago Today

    Hmmmm...maybe a winning team.
  12. LabattBlue

    Bills 13 Titans 12 Postgame Thread

    It's all speculation on my part, but I'd have bet a lot that they would have been criticized for not trying to get closer, if Hauschka had missed that kick by a foot or two.
  13. LabattBlue

    The Pegulas Bought the Bills Four Years Ago Today

    Hasn't the statute of limitations run out on this yet? It's time for Buffalo sports fans to raise the level of expectations beyond "Oooh, I'm so glad to have two pro sports teams in my city". lol
  14. I call BS on that explanation. Hughes has always had his share of bonehead plays throughout his career. Add this one to the list. If this was true, all he had to do was bear hug him until he heard a whistle.
  15. The picks and cap space are only as good as your GM's ability to "draft/sign/trade for" players that can become quality starters. Only time will tell...