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  1. The concept is good. Does Allen have the talent to be the Bills starter for the next 10 years? Who knows.
  2. I am looking for the "who cares" choice in the poll?
  3. LabattBlue

    What is your favorite breakfast cereal

    Growing up and through my 20’s and 30’s, I loved the sugar loaded cereals. Trix, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms, etc... It’s probably been 20 years since I’ve had any of them. I’d probably get hooked all over again.
  4. LabattBlue

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    I voted no. Only drove a manual trans when on a cross country trip many moons ago. I’m convinced though if I had a week of practice driving a stick, I could pass the test.
  5. LabattBlue


    Never heard of it.
  6. LabattBlue

    Kipers predictions for last year Round 1

    I don't care for either of the guys you listed. They are just loudmouths. IMO...Kiper doesn't give off the same vibe, but clearly you don't like him(your repeated comments about his "God Complex"), so we will agree to disagree.
  7. LabattBlue

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    F/A hasn't even started, draft is two months away, offseason trades may occur, and you already have the center competition down to two players?
  8. LabattBlue

    Kipers predictions for last year Round 1

    I think you are taking the business of draft prognosticators a little to serious. I look at them as entertainers, and Kiper has entertained me for two decades. One side note...I'm pretty sure if you look at the big board of just ranking the top 20 or 30 prospects(regardless of what team they go to), I'm pretty sure they all have their share of misses...McShay, Mayock, Kiper, etc... In fact, most NFL GM's have 1st round misses during their tenures....and they get paid a lot of money to get it right. It's not an exact science. Never has been...never will be.
  9. LabattBlue

    Can someone explain Grammy song of the year to me ?

    I grew up on Classic Rock, and I'm pretty sure crap like this is the reason I still love Classic Rock.
  10. LabattBlue

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    I think “really really good” is a really really big exaggeration. 😉
  11. Baker Mayfield says hello!
  12. LabattBlue

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    Absolutely - Humphries or as a Plan B...Beasley 50/50 - Tyrell Williams A big NO - Tate, Funchess, Cordarelle, Austin and anyone else he named in his article
  13. LabattBlue

    The AAF Thread

    This ^^^. Have the NFL fund the league, and make it a true development/feeder league.
  14. LabattBlue

    Anyone get a stadium focused group invite.

    IMO...The groundwork is being layed for a fixed dome downtown with minimal PSL costs. The rest of this is just lip service.
  15. LabattBlue

    Brandon Beane letter to Season Ticket Holders

    It means absolutely nothing, but it struck me as funny that he refers to the owners as the Pegula's...not Terry & Kim, not Mr & Mr's Pegula, not Terry & Kim Pegula. Then in the same sentence he refers to the HC as "Sean". Just seems poorly worded. I'll move on now.