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  1. Looks like Josh is trying to hurdle from getting cleansed. 😂
  2. These dumbasses(there are many more than just Jackson) don’t get it. Stay out of trouble & stay off social media for the duration of their pro careers…then after you retire with 10’s of millions of dollars, you can be as stupid as you want.
  3. Almost all the NFL QB’s other than Allen would have done the same thing considering the game is in the 2nd quarter. No problem with what Herbert did on that play.
  4. The Jets play the Bears without Fields, the Dolphins play the putrid Texans, and KC plays the Rams without Stafford and Kupp. Sometimes, it’s good to be lucky.
  5. Well…it looks like the Jets chances for a victory just went soaring.
  6. Are there any other interesting WR vets sitting out there…other than OBJ?
  7. You really want to take Peterson’s word that Davis only can run 3 routes?
  8. Good “dude”. Have a good night.
  9. If Brown shows in the next couple of weeks of practice that he has something left in the tank, he probably challenges Shakir for the 4 spot. If not, the Bills thank him and send him on his way with a parting gift.
  10. Oooh. 😱 Yes sir. I will logout now and write “I must be nice” 1000x. Thanks for the lecture. Now step off your pedestal and give the preaching a rest. 😂
  11. Nice job Dabo and Huey Duey Loiue Ungalay. They would have been in the drivers seat for a CFB spot with a beatdown of SC at home…instead they ***** the bed.
  12. F this “it’s all about the journey, enjoy every game blah blah blah…” SB victory, or it’s a wasted season in the Josh Allen era.
  13. I wouldn’t attend a game in Foxboro if you paid me. F the Pats, and F the chowderheads that claim to be their fans.
  14. 5+ mil in career earnings. He must be doing something right to still be in the NFL.
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