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  1. LabattBlue

    Looks like the radio.com site is at it again...

    https://wgr550.radio.com/contact-us 😉
  2. LabattBlue

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    lol. Obstructed view does NOT usually mean you cannot see the scoreboard. It is more likely part of the playing surface(diamond, field, ice rink, court, etc...) is partially blocked from the view of your seat.
  3. LabattBlue

    Are coolers allowed in training camp ?

    What can I bring?Among the things explicitly prohibited is alcohol. The Bills also reserve the right to restrict any items that are deemed inappropriate or detract from the experience of other fans. Fans can bring their own food in unopened, single serve containers carried in an approved size clear plastic bag, beverages, cameras with lenses shorter than six (6) inches, etc. Please note that the NFL Bag Policy is in effect so no backpacks or large bags will be permitted. View NFL Bag Policy here.
  4. LabattBlue

    Why Do the Bills Need a New Stadium ??

    ^^^ This!
  5. Not sure why the constant Astro references/posts/threads. In his years posting here, he was great. Now, for whatever reasons he took his "efforts" to another website. There are others to fill his void. Time to move on.
  6. LabattBlue

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    It's going to cost a LOT more than that.
  7. Who is Mark Ludwiczak, and should I really care if he calls out the national media?
  8. I'd guess the same "look at me" tailgating morons, are in many cases the same fans looking to start trouble with opposing fans. Common denominators...too much alcohol, not enough common sense.
  9. LabattBlue

    Bills stadium plans remain unclear

    You know what sucks even more? Sitting in the pouring rain and/or freezing cold. The sooner the dome is built the better.
  10. Shittsburgh radio? What about Des Moines, IA radio? That is who I really want to hear from.
  11. LabattBlue

    Sad day for play by play fans

    What a surprise...Brent Musberger currently resides in....Las Vegas. He is 79. Give the job to an up and comer.
  12. LabattBlue

    My favorite city in Canada is Buffalo, NY

    Thank god training camp is almost here.
  13. LabattBlue

    Drought Wall of Famers

    I voted... Moorman Schobel Moulds Brown
  14. LabattBlue

    MVP poster....

    Sorry to hear. 😔
  15. LabattBlue

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Maybe all the losing over the last 20 years has taken its toll on me, but I don't have strong feelings on this either way. Guilty he is gone, not guilty he contributes to another mediocre season of Bills football...unless Allen comes in as a rookie and sets the NFL on fire.