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  1. Tough call…hob nob with PGA golfers and celebrities from across the country, or this trainwreck. I wonder how much Peyton and Eli are getting paid to “participate”?
  2. Anyone who doesn’t think McD has a lot of power in terms of the draft and FA is delusional.
  3. Great. Hope Brandon Beane is absorbing your pearls of wisdom.
  4. Would that be the pompous “know it alls” at hockeys futures boards? Your post just reeks of the superiority of the people who post there. PS There are many knowledgeable posters at SabreSpace.
  5. I am guessing that is because during the broadcast yesterday, they mentioned that Allen will be playing in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.
  6. I suggested that they draft Oliver, AJE, Rousseau, and Basham. The good news…they do listen. The bad news…I am an idiot, and so are they for listening to me.
  7. Pretty sure he is the mountain man who sits next to Dorsey in the booth.
  8. Awesome thread title!!! 👍🏻
  9. Awesome!!! Hopefully some analytics wiz kid on BB’s staff sees this, before they decide to pay Edmunds $16-20 mil per year.
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