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  1. Who would have guessed that a fried egg on a hamburger would become a thing?
  2. A little bit harsh with the "below average" comment? Fitz playing on a LOT of bad teams throughout his 15 year career has managed to throw for almost 30,000 yards, a 60% completion percentage, and 192 TD/152 INT totals. Not bad for a below average guy. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/F/FitzRy00.htm
  3. Anything less than a 14+ point victory will be a little disappointing. Miami may be the worst NFL team fielded in 20 or more years. Any betting people know what the odds are of Miami going 0-16? Buffalo 35 Miami 3
  4. I'm on my way now to the busiest street corner I can find. Hopefully we don't end up talking with the same people. Must get pulse of WNY in terms of new stadium location. Got to go. I will let you know my results after a month or so. LOL LOL LOL
  5. I've lived my entire life in WNY. Don't question my status as a WNYer just because you don't agree with me. Now hurry up and get back to your imaginary 50 person a day surveys. Let me know if things change in terms of preferred stadium locations. Harris Polls have nothing on you and your ability to predict the future. LOL
  6. I'd love to see the survey breakdown. You honestly ask 50 different people every day where they want the Bills to play going forward? I can respect your opinion and those who love tailgating and hope the stadium stays in OP, but it doesn't make it any more insightful by exaggerating about some daily surveys you conduct in your spare time.
  7. If the best thing about attending a home game is the tailgate versus the game itself, it says a lot about Bills fans. Diehard fans will adapt no matter where the stadium is located. One persons idea of a great pre-game tradition may end up being replaced by another great pre-game tradition after a new stadium is built.
  8. My 2 cents...I don't care how fast technology moves, there is not a snowballs chance in hell that the majority of cars on the road in the US will be of the driverless variety within a 10 year period....and oh by the way, the new domed stadium will be downtown...connect the dots.
  9. A player going forward who can be promoted to the 53 man roster, and actually hang onto the ball if pressed into service.
  10. There has to be better options than a player in his 2nd year who still doesn't understand(or isn't capable of) ball security.
  11. Nothing but a feel good contest by Cuomo. I’d bet the house that the Skyway is still here for at least 20 years if not, 30-40.
  12. The Skyway is going nowhere. It will still be there and cars going across it for decades.
  13. This is just crazy speculation. 3-5 hours just to get out of downtown? Without adding any new infrastructure, by just deploying traffic control at the choke points, traffic would move at a good pace. Getting out of downtown in 20 minutes? No, but you also would not be sitting in traffic for anywhere close to 3-5 hours.
  14. I'm not sure why I'm even responding again, but this is not Madden. Have you seen McCaffrey play? He is not getting traded, and if he was, it would be for more than two 1st round picks that will end up between 20-30. Adding Kuechly to the mix? Even Madden is laughing at that. I'll move on.
  15. I hope this is some form of sarcasm? If not, please explain why Carolina would ever consider trading McCaffrey...and oh by the way...throw in Kuechly too.
  16. All depends on the weather. Sitting in 40° and rain for 3-4 hours is not happening for me anymore. Build a domed stadium, and I’d consider going to the December games. Just my personal preference.
  17. Come talk to me in December when the stadium is 1/2 - 2/3 full(actual not paid attendance) because the weather is terrible.
  18. At the risk of repeating myself, even if a new stadium ends up downtown, the practice/training facilities plus the administrative offices would all remain where they are today. The only thing that would change is where they play on Sundays.
  19. So let me summarize... - Retrofit KBC from an arena to a convention center. - Build new hockey/general purpose arena. - Abandon current underused convention center. - Excavate outdated RWS to somehow fix narrow concourse problem(you would still have an old outdated stadium). That’s a ridiculous amount of money being spent to keep your parking business going. 😂😂😂 Here’s a better idea...put a fixed roof domed stadium downtown in proximity to arena. Keep Bills practice and administrative offices at current location. Implode RWS. Problem solved.
  20. Where is the "history lesson"? Some 1st round QB's are good and some suck? Who would have guessed that?
  21. Doesn’t happen too often, but in this case, I was correct. 😂
  22. ...and nothing would make Sabres fans any happier.
  23. Just got back yesterday from Nashville. If you didn’t have the opportunity to make the trip, start making plans for 2021. Memorable trip...and the game was okay too. 😀
  24. Had never heard of him before now. Pretty cool!
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