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  1. Well when you hire someone as your new GM who is from the business side of the house, and you interview no other candidates, chances are they still won’t get it right.
  2. Allow me to beat this dead horse, like I do whenever their name is mentioned... F Schwabl's. The way the owners treated that senior citizen after she had an accident into the side of the building was embarrassing. They will never see a penny from me. https://buffalonews.com/news/local/friends-of-injured-driver-have-beef-with-schwabl-s-sign/article_a5c316c8-4bf8-5ecc-8547-428353d06fcd.html
  3. If he wants to give up a year of earning in what can be a very short career, who am I to judge. It’s his career...it’s just a game to the rest of us.
  4. I was flipping the stations one day last week when she was on. Gave her a 1/2 hour before turning it off. She kind of sounds like she is in pain when talking. Like someone is twisting her arm to the point where it hurts. 😂
  5. This is a quote from the superintendent of that school district. WTF... Paulding County Superintendent Brian Ottot, in an email sent Tuesday, said pictures were accurate, but said the district is following state guidelines and that students need longer than a few minutes in the hall to catch the virus from others. Ottot wrote that class changes are “a challenge" and that "it is an area where we are continuing to work on in this new environment to find practicable ways to further limit students from congregating,” He added that “There is no question that the photo does not look good.”
  6. At the risk of repeating myself, people need to stop using the NBA bubble as a model for what the NFL should be doing. The NFLPA is never going to agree to a 5-6 month bubble. The NBA bubble is nowhere near that lengthy.
  7. When they cancel more games and have to play triple headers, will they only be 5 innings?
  8. I don’t like the 3 man crew. It is overkill and completely unnecessary.
  9. Sports is the least of our worries right now. I'd be happy to forego sports if it meant an end to the protests/rioting/covid anger/presidential election(growing anger between the two parties).
  10. If you aren't aware of St. Joe's reputation, than I feel bad for you if you ever have to be admitted there. Another one of CHS hospitals(South Buffalo Mercy) isn't much better.
  11. Catholic Health? You mean the one that has Sloppy Joes as one of its hospitals?
  12. NFLPA will NEVER agree to this. You are talking about a 5-6 month bubble with no family interaction.
  13. Right now, WDW has no FastPass, no park hopping, no parades, no fireworks, and no shows that have union performers...but are still charging you a full price to get in. With how things are in FLA right now, even if they let me stay in one of their hotels for free, and go in the parks for free, I'd say no.
  14. Well...unless they can also practice and train remotely, how are they going to be "safe" when it comes time for practices to start?
  15. If they can't figure out a way to be "safe" during meetings, how are they going to train, practice, or play games "safely"?
  16. I'd have to go with Key West. One place that I want to visit(for the 1st time) in the next 2-3 years or whenever this craziness ends...Hawaii.
  17. ...and hockey and basketball. They can "bubble" for the conclusion of this season, but come the late fall/early winter, it will not be an option for the 20-21 seasons.
  18. Just curious...Seeing that this is a county owned facility, did the Pegula's have to get approval from Erie County prior to deciding they want to proclaim their support for BLM?
  19. Anyone who thinks the NFLPA is going to agree to a bubble for 4-5 months is delusional. Never going to happen. The only reason the NBA and NHL players agreed to a bubble, is because it is for a shorter time frame to finish the existing season.
  20. Nope. Spectrum does carry 2 or 3 Canadian channels, but I’ve never seen a game on one. It would be bad even if they did, as Spectrum doesn’t carry the HD feed for them.
  21. Let’s see how the NBA and NHL fare when they go to start the 20-21 season in the fall. There will be no bubble as the players would never agree to it for 6+ months.
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