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  1. ...and if the new stadium is downtown and domed(which I believe it will be), a large chunk of fans will go right from their car to the stadium, and enjoy their pregame festivities inside the stadium. The notion by some(not you) that there needs to be establishments to hold 70,000 fans is ridiculous, and using this as a reason to keep the stadium in OP is not well thought out.
  2. One season at University of Illinois(2002), along with the preseason games for 2003. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Chicago_Bears_season
  3. You answered your own question. If a new stadiium is built downtown, the team offices/weight room and practice facilities would all remain in their current location.
  4. I road the Comet more than a few times as a teenager in the 70's, but it pales in comparison to it's predecessor, the Cyclone... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Beach_Cyclone Recreation of the cyclone coaster...
  5. I don't think I've ever become worked up over a TV show or a movie because of a plot turn that would be considered unbelievable. It's entertainment...nothing more, nothing less...either I watch, or I don't watch.
  6. What is the point of rewatching a devastating playoff loss? It's done, it's over with, move on.
  7. Ummmm...probably because they poured hundreds of millions into stadium renovations over the last decade.
  8. After Ralph passed, it became a "cool kid" thing to talk about Ralph glowingly. I'm glad to see in this thread, he is taking it on the chin. For the most part, he SUCKED as the owner of the Buffalo Bills.
  9. You know what I've grown tired of...people on FB who want me to donate to some charity in lieu of giving them a birthday present...problem is, there was no birthday present to begin with.
  10. Most of the posts have nothing to do with the closing of the seminary. Can't the rest of this crap go to the black hole aka PPP?
  11. That property has to be worth the some money. For those who aren't familiar with it, it is behind Knox Farms State Park just outside of Main St in East Aurora. https://goo.gl/maps/H9wTnDaANqrRSuDy6
  12. Tell me what year this will be occurring and I will have a better answer...any further than 20 years down the road, and the answer will probably be assisted living, or 6 feet under. lol
  13. Does it really matter when Brees can still destroy a defense with passes less than 20 yards from the LoS?
  14. Wait until they move to London full time and the owner finds out how hard it will be to attract F/A and how many Jags rookies will be counting the days until they achieve UFA status
  15. For the few who are Jags STH, I would tell the owner to go pound salt, and rip up my STH renewal. Just give him a reason to accelerate the franchise move across the Atlantic.
  16. On the SF drive near the end(the play where JG was called “in the grasp”), he got smacked in the head by a KC lineman, which also would have been called in the regular season.
  17. Your team just wins the SB and the first thing you do is come here and post on a Buffalo Bills message board. Yeah...you’re not trolling. 👎
  18. ^^^ This was the main point of my creating the thread. Nothing about her looks or the fact that she is a female.
  19. Make no mistake about it, regardless of this press release, Erie County will be kicking in, if a new stadium is built. Poloncarz can do all the gesturing he wants, but in the end he will bow to King Pegula.
  20. Is this a big deal? Current lease runs until 2023? If they are going to build a new stadium, it would not be ready before then, even if construction started by summer time this year(which won't be happening).
  21. Someone just paid $140 mil for a business in this "dying industry"? okie dokie
  22. Nope. They are a successful business strategy as long as there are fans willing to sign on the dotted line of the PSL contract. They are not going away anytime soon.
  23. This is the best the Pegula’s could do. I feel like I’m listening to a 8 year old girl hosting the show. lol
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