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  1. There should be a filter where any thread that starts with...”I was just thinking” or “Hear me out” or “I haven’t seen this discussed before” should go right to the TSW garbage can.
  2. From Bill Polian on? Wilson was a bad owner from the 60’s forward.
  3. Curly and Meadowlark...good memories watching them on the Wide World of Sports as a kid.
  4. Was our OL so good last season that the same 5 are coming back again? Pass blocking often looked like a jail break.
  5. No. They were all too busy trying to think of the next idiotic thread to start. Gotta go...tracking down a rumor where the Bills would trade for both of the Bosa brothers..connect the dots.
  6. Who are the Milano comparables making 12-13mil per year?
  7. So upgrading the backup RB, backup TE and backup WR, are going to take the Bills from a Top 20 offense to a Top 10 offense? Fuzzy Math?
  8. This forum needs a quarantine against new threads and new members! Winston? Do you even watch football? WTF!
  9. No for two reasons.. 1 - He’s a POS 2 - How many DT’s do the Bills need?
  10. Can we win a single playoff game before bronzing the guy? 😂
  11. The PT I go to is one big room with normally 5 staff and somewhere around 5-10 patients at any one time. That is what let to my hesitancy to begin with.
  12. I think Gordon is going to find out the same thing. He is going to end up with a lot less money than what he expected.
  13. Count the plays offense and defense are on the field compared to special teams and then check your math. 😉
  14. Was this guy their Plan B after Reader signed with the Bengals? Seemed to happen pretty close to each other.
  15. Wait a minute. He’s been a Bill for less than 24 hours and there have yet to be any contract discussions? Go figure. Top notch reporting right there.
  16. Hopkins has 3 years left, and rumor has it he wanted a new deal, and that was part of the reason BOB traded him? We'll see what happens with him and the Cardinals.
  17. Business is shutdown for at least a week. My choice of whether to keep going for the time being has been made for me. Exercise at home it is.
  18. I just looked...a large chunk of the casinos on the strip are shutdown. WOW. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2020/03/16/coronavirus-which-las-vegas-hotel-casinos-closed-read-this/5064698002/
  19. Even more amazing is that they acquired Stefon Diggs.
  20. Despite him being "50", his stats dwarf any TE on the Bills in 2019. Not saying I want him here, just not bad for being "50", or it doesn't say much for the Bills QB/TE combo.
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