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  1. No...I am stating that the poster saying he is not stressing over Allen’s recklessness with the football, appears to be a bit of a fib.
  2. Allen has improved a lot since his rookie year, but don’t kid yourself, the first time an Allen turnover costs the Bills a game, you will be “stressing over it”. 😉
  3. I voted other... Win or lose, if Bass misses a makeable kick this week, the pitchforks and torches will come out in unprecedented numbers. 😂
  4. The majority of the stadiums are allowing no fans. If it helps with minimizing the spread, I’m okay with no fans at RWS until next year. Not sure why some are so angry...if you can’t go, it’s not the end of the world.
  5. We had an upright freezer in our attached(unseated) garage for 10+ years. Never had a problem with it. Got rid of it, and now have a small chest freezer in the basement.
  6. What sucks even more, the lottery winners for this year, are having their tickets exchanged for next year(since their will be no fans this year). So I guess it’s 2022 at the earliest. 😞🤞😞
  7. You can check all days, buy you can only be selected for one day. After that your entry is removed.
  8. Now I know why I never win the lottery even for a practice round. This guy got caught, but how many scammers(ticket brokers) out there do not get caught? At secondary market prices north of $1000 for any of the 4 rounds, I'm sure the scalpers are just licking there chops, and doing anything possible in order to win the lottery. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/29887153/man-gets-federal-prison-masters-ticket-scheme On a related side note, have you or anyone you know, ever been selected for tickets via the lottery? I've been trying for 10 years or so...no luck yet.
  9. Go to court, plead not guilty, have it knocked down to a non-moving violation, pay a hefty fine, get sent to driving school for a day...problem solved. ...and stop speeding in a school zone.
  10. Not that I am wishing bad things for them, but I am amazed that Simon, White, Bulldog and Shoop have survived any layoffs at entercom. Replace them on the cheap with any of the 20 something recent college grads working at the station, and ratings would not move at all...up or down.
  11. In order to see it, you scroll down through page 1, and....there it is.
  12. I have a family member who upon arriving back in Buffalo recently from a restricted state, scribbled illegibly all the info required, threw it at the person and kept walking. So proud to call them family. 👎
  13. While some of the hosts just show up every day and mail it in, the callers by far are the worst part of WGR local shows. They would be more easily tolerated if calls were eliminated...but that would mean the hosts would have to work harder.
  14. I thought Darnold missed several open WR’s early...and then when he put one on the money, it was dropped...even though announcers said it was broken up by Bills defender. That being said, it’s going to be a long year for the Jets offense.
  15. ...or maybe because it was terrible tackling technique. 😉
  16. All the designed QB runs need to be minimized. If need be, McD needs to step in and tell Daboll to knock it off...and while he is at it, tell Allen once again that ball security is important.
  17. Dustin Hopkins and Gary Anderson agree. Cut him ASAP.
  18. Did Edmunds hurt his shoulder in an “attempt” to tackle Crowder on the Jets 1st TD?
  19. This really needed its own thread? Waste of bandwidth and server space.
  20. I hear there is a nice view of the lake from the county executives office. Building has to be taxpayer funded. I’d like to watch the game from there on Sunday(probably has a nice tv). Anyone know if I would be trespassing, and if so, be arrested?
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