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  1. If itโ€™s such an odd request, why would Chick-fil-A offer that as an option on their chicken sandwiches?
  2. Wanted to try one of the Popeye's Chicken Sandwiches recently(never had one before. Went to the drive-thru, and said I will take one of the Chicken Sandwiches w/cheese. The response..."we don't have cheese here". It was ok without the cheese, but either way, I like Chic-Fil-A more. I won't be back to Popeyes.
  3. Glad it wasnโ€™t just me. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Must be getting old. I searched and came up empty. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  5. Did I dream it, or was there a recent thread on vacationing in Portland, Maine? Maybe it got deleted, but it would seem next to impossible for a vacation thread to go off the rails, to the point of a mod stepping in.
  6. If the injury problem at TE doesn't clear up as the season draws closer, the Bills will bring in a TE or two in off the waiver wire. There is ZERO chance that the answer to this problem is Duke Williams or Tyree Jackson(as another recent thread suggested) or anyone else on the current roster who is not a TE by trade.
  7. What is the point of threads linking articles to "pay" sites? I would guess the number of posters who have subscriptions is a small number compared to active members on TSW.
  8. Saw Train & The Goo Goo Dolls last night at the Blossom Music Center(between Cleveland & Akron). Really enjoyed the show. Because they also had an opening act(The Allen Stone Group), it was almost 4 hours, start to finish. Considering it appeared to be somewhat of an older crowd(30-60), surprisingly at least 75-80% of the folks in the covered part of the amphitheater were on their feet for the entirety of the two main acts.
  9. Just a suggestion because of the vacant lots. Point being there are options if they need to use the current space around Perry St for either the stadium or parking.
  10. Unless they can find a way to squeeze a stadium into the cobblestone lots and the HSBC atrium site, having the Indian casino where it is currently located, could provide a formidable challenge trying to fit a new stadium into Pegulaville. Also, in terms of the Perry projects, the "newer" occupied towers are closer to the casino, and the abandoned low rise building are further away from the Cobblestone area...located between Louisiana and Hamburg Sts. Probably the best bet would be to move all of this subsidized housing somewhere in the East Side, where you have blocks and blocks of streets that for the most part are vacant lots....and use the space for parking. I'm not good at overlaying in GoogleMaps, but I'd like to know if the Colts dome, could fit in the area(cobblestone lots and HSBC atrium) I mentioned at the beginning of this post.
  11. Fortunately, we have family & friends within a few miles, who can always take care of mail, paper, etc... when we are away.
  12. Iโ€™ve learned from others...if you become best friends with your immediate neighbors and then have a falling out to the point where you donโ€™t even say hi or wave, it sucks. Maybe that is why Iโ€™ve always kept my immediate neighbors at arms length. Hello, goodbye, idle chat chat, and thatโ€™s about it.
  13. I think I've ranted above this before... Next door neighbor is a complete slob and I have no idea why they own a house. Old pieces of a swing set in a flower bed(which are just filled with weeds), sh*t all over the deck, cuts his grass maybe once a month, garage filled front to back with crap(they have never used it for one of their cars)and my favorite...had an above ground pool put in 4-5 years ago. As the installers always do, they bring in a bobcat to skim and level the ground. They always leave the pile of dirt behind, and it's your job to spread it around, or get rid of it. Fast forward 4-5 years, the moron left the pile of dirt right where the installer left it next to the pool...it is now covered in weeds, and actually has a small tree growing out of it....and oh by the way, I think they f***ed up the liner in the pool, as it got uncovered around the 4th of July, but never opened beyond that. These are the kind of people that belong in a trashy apartment complex...or a house in one of the trashy areas of the city. Not sure why they ever bought a house to begin with. I've given up and will be planting privet or something else that can grow 10-15' high and block the view of this from my deck. Don't care as much in the winter time.
  14. Rockpile 1971 Colts 43 Bills 0 ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž
  15. If it is sarcasm, it isnโ€™t always easily detectable. If that is the case, my intent wasnโ€™t to offend anyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  16. Huh? In the 1960's there was no suburban population outside of the city of Buffalo? I must have been dreaming of the time I spent in West Seneca in the 60's. LOL
  17. I bet the Chad Kelly haters are locked and loaded, ready to fire away if he ***** the bed against the Bills.
  18. I didn't read all of Astro's reports, but in the ones I did, I noticed multiple references to the "entitled area/entitled fence"? Comes across as someone who is bitter that people with sponsor connections get better player access than he does. Just seems strange.
  19. You mean a property like what used to be undeveloped behind Lancaster HS(Walden & Stony)? LOL The good news..if a stadium is built down there, not all 65,000 attending will be parking directly adjacent to the stadium. Consider this...~45,000 people used to attend Bills games in the middle of a residential neighborhood for almost a decade, and the only freeway access(Kensington Expy) was several blocks away.
  20. I live in the Buffalo area, and make the trek to training camp every couple years. My observations from today(and they are the same every time I go, but for some odd reason, I choose to forget my prior experience). 1 - From the time I pulled in the Mendon HS lot(920AM) until I got off the bus at SJF(1015AM), almost an hour passed by. ๐Ÿ˜ก 2 - Why do people bring little kids to practice and expect them to sit in the stands? 3 - Training camp for the most part is boring...and in the case of today, extremely warm for the AM. ๐Ÿ˜ด ๐Ÿ˜ต 4 - As I get older, people(strangers) annoy me at every turn. That's my 2019 training camp report. LOL
  21. Is this the big-time womens circuit, or some junior tour?
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