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  1. Just wanted to share 😀 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol7ZJ2_eTLs
  2. I'm curious to see how the height strategy works out, I'd still like to see another WR signing tho
  3. I plan on watching it, secretly (not so much) I kinda want him in Buffalo.
  4. that was an insane run, i remember it like it was yesterday. but you know who beat his a** in the regular season in 2011?! A nickel back named Drayton Florence.
  5. si senor! okay I'll take out the offensive guru part. i still think belichick could call a better game than any OC that worked for him and most in the NFL.
  6. possibly a slight exaggeration but i feel like there are worse exaggerations...
  7. Hello fellow Bills fans, welcome to my question of the day, I hope you all are well and moving on from the recent Diggs stuff. I was reading this ESPN article that came out today about Belichick and him not being hired or even considered in this last NFL coaching job carousel - https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/39955777/how-patriots-legend-bill-belichick-end-nfl-job Is it at all possible for McD to have a similar career path? My gut overwhelmingly tells me no, but I do wonder.... Let me know your thoughts and why!
  8. LOL, not an ideal outcome but not as bad as it could have been. I didn't say he wasn't motivated in Chicago, I am saying he played for 2 different head coaches in 3 years, had no real offensive passing weapons outside of Kmet, had an awful offensive line, all managed by a GM who basically claimed Caleb Williams over a year ago.
  9. I think Fields is the type to take all of this and use it as motivation, more so than ever before. Whether or not Chicago has a good front office, I don't think they have the coaches. They didn't give Fields any weapons and I'm long on him. Going from that situation, to Pittsburgh, and sitting behind Russell Wilson will be good for him, even as unorthodox as Russell is.
  10. I gotta ask... Is Burrow's window closing??
  11. All this to say, Favre is a complete idiot. Whether the Jenn Sterger harrassment (while Favre's wife was fighting cancer) or this, the dude has a mental problem and knows he can get away with a lot just by his name. The irony in the welfare scandal he stole from is that Favre made over $150 million in his career.
  12. Obviously I'm late to this thread, but as the only living member of Bills Mafia in the 90's from Mississippi, I can clif note this whole saga. The federal government sends TANF funds to each state for families living below the poverty line. (MS is the poorest state in the U.S. and 20% of Mississippian's live below the poverty line) The previous and current governors of MS, Phil Bryant and Tate Reeves, basically made those funds their own personal slush fund, spending over $1 million on personal trainers (with no results!), investing into companies, including $2 million in a nasal spray Favre was hawking that could cure concussions, plus over $5 million for a volleyball arena at the University of Southern Mississippi (his daughter was on the team at the time), and much more. So far, around $90 million has been discovered as embezzled and funneled elsewhere. Of the 600,000 Mississippian's that live below the poverty line, only 200 people received any TANF funds. In addition to all this, Favre knowingly tried to be discreet about it because he knew it was wrong and he'd take a beating in the media. Of course it got out, he tried to intimidate people like Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe by suing them and of course he lost. The state auditor is just as culpable, it happened on his watch and he didn't do anything about it until the FBI started investigating it, since then he's been acting like the whistleblower, but he's really just another wannabe politician. In summary: MS is also the least educated state in the US, the most unhealthy, with citizen's averaging the shortest life span than any other state, even though the state leadership claims they're pro-life. The state really hasn't changed much since the end of the Civil War and the people who were stolen from essentially are used to being taken advantage like this and have too much real-life poverty concerns to spend time being outraged about this. Mississippi is also a small pond with big fish as they say, and this type of stuff has been going on there for centuries.
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