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  1. Yeah let's not pretend there hasn't been a rise in these cases and we actually care about it when nothing gets done. Both sides will politick the hell out of this and we will be lucky if there are any real solutions.
  2. The belief we lost the game as a result of 13 seconds, and not the other 59 minutes in the game, proves why we're one of the most naive fan bases.
  3. his number is 19, I'd go with "Prime" 😎
  4. Can we cut Haack? I think that saves over $1m in cap
  5. When they write a book about our Super Bowl season, this thread should be discussed. You should all take a shot, over 2,000 replies to the original post... 🍺
  6. Beane must have his eyes on someone else. If he wanted him, he would have gotten him.
  7. I think we should try to find something that works, I think Beane will, but my concern with Poyer is he's just now pushing this. Free Agency started a month ago and he's just now switching agents. The Diggs deal has been talked about and expected since during the season, Poyer waits until most teams have already allocated their budgets to try to get a bigger deal?
  8. I think the stadium is going to get negative attention, mostly from people politicizing it, increasingly until it opens. I am wondering what happens if Hochul somehow lost her election in November and if that affects this deal.
  9. When can we start seeing some stadium designs?
  10. We have to resign Diggs. It's fair and makes sense. Not only is he reliably one of the top receivers in the game, but he's a leader on the team, and next to Josh, he's got the best winning mentality on the team.
  11. The moment that stands out for me when I knew he would be good was that game and it was in 2018. It was the first time we really saw him take the team on his back and carry them to a win.
  12. I don't think it's possible KC would trade him to Buffalo.
  13. The behind the scenes operations of this team have improved so much in the last 5 years, it's hard to measure, but I don't miss those days, nor the days of T.O. joining "North America's team".
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