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  1. No it was at Tre White's baby mama's baby shower.
  2. Gabe is one of my favorite players and I had high hopes for him this year, but he should sit this Steelers game. Teams will catch on if he's a decoy, he was hobbling on the ankle during the Miami game and it's clearly still bothering him. I'd rather him heal up more and possibly be ready for KC. Otherwise it's just going to linger all season.
  3. I think if we were to trade for Barkley, this week and maybe next week would be the weeks to make a move. I think this week would be great because we could potentially use him for the KC game. Schoen and Daboll weren't really in Barkley's canoe when asked about a potential trade of Barkley earlier in the year. I wonder how much of that has changed these first 4 weeks of the season. But can you imagine trading for him this week and having him for the KC game? 🍻
  4. By comparison, if you chose a lesser, similar amount of carries from Singletary to Moss, Singletary's numbers are much better too. In the end, it's clear a decent amount of people still believe in Moss. But I think his role and skillset don't make sense. To me it seems like he filled that role because it's all we had, not really earned. His last performance is more consistent with his career production. If you gave him the same amount of carries that game as Singletary, he still gets less than 2/3rd's of what Singletary got. Besides a 30 yard run over 3 years, I haven't seen any real potential in him or any staple run that he's earned the role of our between the tackles RB. The difference is Singletary shows more with less than Moss does, to me at least. I haven't said to cut him yet, but I do think the fact he's making more this season than Gilliam (who I believe could be that role), Gabe Davis, and Shaq Lawson, it does make me consider that, but I just don't think it makes us stronger unless we're making a FA move with the new cap space. And $1.2 million isn't a ton in cap space. So to me it sort of is an "it is what it is" type thing for now.
  5. 3 carries for 6 yards, one 5 yard run. Great job. We should totally use him more often. 🙄
  6. We should give Zach Moss more carries, he's averaging 6 ypc.
  7. Like I said, let's revisit at the end of the year and see if his YPC holds up. I'm betting it won't based on three years worth of pattern observations. But you're right, I'm not a football coach.
  8. Clearly you're a guy who doesn't look at nuances or details. Oh wow, 6 yards per carry even though more than half of them came on one carry, lol... let's revisit this thread at the end of the season and see if he keeps that up. Looking at his pattern of play, I definitely don't believe he will. At this point, he's taking carries away from our two best playmakers at the RB position.
  9. Injury excuses as benefit of the doubt are genuinely stupid, but hey, with that logic why not go ahead and give him a 4 year extension. Maybe after he's given 1,000 opportunities he'll finally show some contributions. When you look at his career total, he's regressed in this offense every year and he doesn't offer anything that we don't already have. Singletary runs better between the tackles than he does. But you're right, I'm not a football coach, lol.
  10. Great so we're still waiting after 3 years for his potential to develop and ignoring the fact he regressed from 4.3 ypc to 3.6 last year. If you take away his 43 yard run yesterday, he's been averaging less than 3 ypc this year. But I get your point, Peterman was a hall of famer in practice too.
  11. I'm not blaming Moss for the loss, but I am confused after 3 years why he continues to get opportunities and not make the most of them. I totally understand a lot of people here get excited that a 3rd year change of pace RB finally had a run more than 30 yards, but I don't when I consider all of our skill positions. His 3 other carries yesterday resulted in 1 yard each. My point is he doesn't add any real contributions or talent to this offense.
  12. You seem to take this personally. I acknowledged I'm not a coach. That doesn't mean I don't have any football IQ dude. The guy hasn't been a playmaker so if you are a coach and all you have is practice performance as an excuse why he's on the field, that's called ignorance. He doesn't really offer much as a change of pace back. He's basically the same size as Singletary. Even in his limited role he's turned the ball over a lot. Maybe you can enlighten us about his practices Mr. Snide?
  13. I'm just highlighting the pattern over 3 years worth of games where he hasn't been a playmaker for us. But you are right I am not at practices. 🙄
  14. I've seen every play of him as a Bill, he's our worst offensive playmaker and yet yesterday we kept feeding him the ball. One drive early in the game was all Moss. How and why is that even possible?
  15. Not taking away blame on our coaches yesterday, but how has he earned his place as the change of pace back in this offense? It doesn't make sense to me. Where are the results? Yesterday was his best game because of a 43 yard run? He's been here 3 years and his YPC has consistently declined each year. So what if he was injured last year, this is the NFL, next man up. If you take out his 43 yard run yesterday, which is the longest of his career, he's averaging less than 3 yards per carry this season. That drive where we handed it off to him every play, what logic was that? He's not even a change of pace, he's the same size as Motor, so he doesn't present a true bruiser type run threat. I'd rather him not take away carries from Cook or Motor, who can actually break a big play.
  16. I believe this would clear about $8 million or so in cap space, I would love to see us make a move for Landon Collins or someone similar. One year deal and wouldn't push out Hyde.
  17. Prayers up for Micah, hope he gets the recovery he needs and ready to return next season happy and healthy. That said, does that mean his $5 million cap hit is wiped out this year? We really should consider Poyer's restructure at this point, beyond the bonus restructure, he's been a real team player and even damn near breaking his arm he's been making outstanding plays.
  18. Reading through that thread and forum, Dolphin fans are clearly drunk right now. Bashing Darius Butler's breakdown of the two Tyreek touchdowns, lol.... please. 🙄 One of those plays the Ravens had just one guy covering Hill, no safety behind him, and he was 10-15 yards off the LOS. Any knowledgeable football player, fan, coach, knows you don't leave Hill out on an island man to man with no safety help. The reality is, the Ravens got too comfortable with their 35-14 lead and lost focus. They also really believe the heat will be a factor, it's like the Bills have never beat them in the heat among any of the last several times they've played in Miami. They're drunk!!! My question for everyone here though is: which defense is better; Miami or Baltimore?
  19. No! But I do still remember those days vividly, and it does make me appreciate this team all the more. This team is noticeably much different, the players, coaches, and front office, the vibe feels very upfront, simple, and collaborative. The real Flutie v Johnson debate was as divisive as I've seen the fanbase, not sure if it was because the 90's era was coming to an end or a combination of things, but too many fans got too invested in Rob Johnson, and still do sometimes. I remember grown men getting way too caught up in the emotions of that debate. It's fun to poke fun at how we're lucky to not be in that position again since Josh Allen would obviously eat them both alive. Bledsoe v Losman wasn't nearly as bad, but your point is something my friend and I have talked about a lot recently: would you rather win by a large margin or a close, dramatic win? I think wins by a large margin are more fun, you really get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the team's performance even more. I think that's why this team has been so fun to watch, even in the blowouts, and why more people are jumping on the bandwagon. I want us to blowout everyone, easily, hands down, every time. However, it is cool to me to see the new variations and cliques of fans joining the bandwagon and having their different takes, it's all good to me. I've seen enough of the rough times to have learned to enjoy every bit of it. Not sure if most folks know this, but nostalgia is rooted in pain. The term 'nostalgia' derives from the Greek words nostos (return) and algos (pain). The literal meaning of nostalgia, then, is the suffering evoked by the desire to return to one's place of origin. The term was coined by the Swiss physician Johannes Hofer to capture the adverse symptoms displayed by Swiss mercenaries in the service of European monarchs. Hofer thought of nostalgia as ‘a cerebral disease’ and believed that is was caused by "the quite continuous vibration of animal spirits through those fibers of the middle brain in which impressed traces of ideas of the Fatherland still cling". Symptoms of this disease, Hofer proposed, included obsessive thinking of home, bouts of weeping, anxiety, palpitations, anorexia and insomnia. I would agree with that based on my fandom over the team's evolution. 😂 Anyway, Go Bills!!!
  20. My current favorite overreactions for Week 1 are 1) Bills fans convinced OJ's 2 TD's doesn't mean anything 2) The Patriots and Titans loss clearly means they suck, and Miami is close behind even though they won It's Week 1!
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