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  1. I've been here since then, albeit through a few different servers and one account change. SDS has always been the same and he's always made me feel part of the community, even as a kid from Mississippi rooting for the Bills over 1,000 miles away. Cool dude for sure.
  2. Hard to read through 10 pages but I would say this: Gabe Northern's and the 98/99 Bills defensive player celebrations where they flicked their wrists. I bumped into Gabe at a LSU alumni event once and asked him about that. It was something from a music video around that time, but the Bills had the only players doing it, which obviously left a burning question in me.
  3. I think this is all: the Bills gave Diggs a lot of space, now he's back and they're just hashing out frustrations he has, which I believe are rightfully so. I'm curious how the next 24 hours go. And I remind myself make up sex is the best sex. 🏆🏆🏆 If Diggs wanted out, he wouldn't have waited this long and he wouldn't have made himself present in the building. To me, the fact he did make himself shows they just need to simply address some things and get on the same page, which they appear to be working on. I'm fine with giving him some of that autonomy, I really am, because I do believe he's the best WR in the league. Last year I kept repeating that and everyone kept coming after me with replies about Cooper Kupp even though Kupp was putting up less than Gabe Davis numbers. I have Bickering Bills vibes with this and let's all look forward to the makeup sex. 😇 Have a beer, smoke some lettuce, and enjoy the weather. The Bills still won 13 games last year with all the bs.
  4. Seems like the Bills gave him some space and hoped for the best all offseason without any real communication. If he was in the building yesterday or today for physicals or whatever, McD would have said that.
  5. Over 10 pages of replies and I'm the only guy with the beer emoji? It's definitely offseason here.
  6. Finally Josh goes on a good podcast
  7. He's a schtick. He still thinks Tua is the best QB in the NFL and Justin Herbert is overrated.
  8. In all respect (simp warning!), Britt was definitely wife material. The fact Josh didn't tie the knot with her as supportive as she was, but kept her front and center, made it seem like they were headed for that. If he did make a mistake as crazy as the rumor is, IMO it's a serious mistake on his part and one that seems completely out of character. 99.9% of the women I know or see on social from Buffalo seemed to like her and they dated for 7 years, so this will be different if they did break up, 7 years together is a long time. And by all indications, she's mostly scrubbed him from her platform. So I'm still indifferent on this until we know more. K bye!
  9. Damn, Josh breaks up with a girl and next thing you know the Bills are selling the team.
  10. Why are some people mentioning Diggs associated with all this?
  11. And then he posted several stories training with Palmer a few weeks ago. Even posted stories with his kids. This is why all this is just nonsense.
  12. "People are saying..." Btw, I'm totally and 100% looking forward to when some start branding me as a Josh Allen apologist/Brittany simp after this and I'm gonna ride it all next season. LFG!!!!
  13. Rumored since November yet no confirmed reports or identity of the bartender. But it is the internet and reddit, so you got me, I'm all in now.
  14. This has been rumored since last November and I just don't think there's any truth to it. Supposedly she found a sonogram and there was a domestic call to their house? But yet they've been on multiple vacations this offseason? And he not only does the dirty with some bartender but also doesn't use protection? And a popular rumor IG account supposedly posted it but then deleted it? The rumor just screams fake news. It just recently popped up on Reddit of all places again.
  15. Probably. Hopkins was on the show about a week or two ago after Pac Man got him on, so whatever Pac Man is saying is also probably relayed directly from Hopkins.
  16. Pac Man on McAfee saying Hopkins is favoring Buffalo and would take a real pay cut just now
  17. I'll say this re: Singletary... He's better than Zack Moss.
  18. Re: a #2 WR, I'm wondering if Beane is fine with Gabe being #2 again, or if he's waiting for more updates on OBJ and Hardman.
  19. I'm all in on trading Oliver. Jordan Phillips is worth more than him to me. The market is ripe for a trade for a guy like Oliver... still has some upside, decent DT, good team guy.
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