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  1. This is as good a spot as any for this...and it's nothing I haven't said before....but man.... It's been a fun few years watching the evoloution of Josh Allen for you guys. I can't tell you enough, that even though I was DEAD WRONG about him coming into the leauge...I wanted him to succeed.. (and my posts here always said that I didn't think he would, but that I'd love to see it) I LOVE to watch Bills games becasue of Josh Allen. He's my 2nd favorite player (behind Mahomes) I'm also happy for the Bills fanbase...you guys deserve the success and the joy
  2. All of the bolded is LEGIT. Fisher had grown from a bad LT, to barely adequate, to to decent, to above average....and as he grew, the extension he signed back in 15 or 16....that looked awful at first...became a bargain by last season. And he would have been in the final year of that only costing like 11 million or something....Chump change for an above aveage LT that was good at pass protection......had Fisher not gotten hurt VS buffalo..KC would be be rolling with Fisher at LT again this year....they still would have upgraded the interior. ....as far as Brown and the scheme in Baltimore V
  3. Never healthy....and for what you pay the guy....it's not worth the money...he just misses to much time....he's a better fit on an up and coming team with a young QB who needs target to rely on to run precise routes etc....not so much on a team aleady loaded.....money would have been better spent....on.....O line.
  4. 1st Blythe....If KC carries 9 O lineman...he'd be the 9th one...I suppose that's probalby likely as I thikn they'd rather not ever have to move Thuney to C. I should have included him in my write up. 2nd...that JAGS and their replacements... Lets start with Kpassonagno. I was pretty exicted when they drafted him (same class as Mahomes) I thought they'd coach him up into something really great...he's a beast of man, that just is not and is never gong to be an instinctual football player. This is problaby still the biggest hole on the roster as it now sits...KC drafte
  5. This is a KC Chiefs tradition....we have played some games WAY WAY too close against teams like Detroit (a game we frankly should have lots) and Carolina...a game that Carolina attempted a 69 yard FG to win the game on the last play.....that was long enough.....but just wide right.... it's a decades long tradition....and KC also tends to play up to competition as well....like when 0-12 KC beat 12-0 GB a good while back... Just to clarify a bit more. KC's line for super bowl LT - Mike Remmers LG - Nick Allegretti C - Autin Reiter RG
  6. I think that the Bills should have tried to get one of the 3 down type dynamic RB that were at the top of this draft. I know it was rumored they liked Ettienne...but I think Williams would have been really good in Buffalo. Either way...YES...I do think the Bills should have actively pursued Ettienne, Najee Harris or Williams. .....and your memory is serving you mostly well...I don't think my comments here about Allen would be considered "ridicule"....but if you mean that I was critical of that pick and that I thought Allen would fail, then yes...you would be correct.
  7. I used to really enjoy draft "grades" right after a draft was completed....but I've come to understand that grading these right after they happen is a fools errand. That said....from the outside looking in....looking at the Bills as team that will compete with mine for the AFC title.....I don't think this draft went that well for the Bills. Again...this is all just my own opinion....I don't know your team as well as you all do so I am sure I am missing some information about your roster etc ...but I thought that the Bills would go into this draft looking for opertunities to upgr
  8. Allow me to shed some light on this situation. first....Elways is NOT the GM now. He is still in the front office, but he announced he will be moving on after this year. Ok.....context is very much needed here. At the end of the season.....Elway, still GM at that point....announced that the entire coaching staff would be RETAINED. After a while, Elway then announced he was stepping down as GM, and would stay in the front office for just one more year..and that he was hiring a GM. After a search and interview, the Broncos hired George Paton...former Viking
  9. https://twitter.com/hamilton2r/status/1342939358312198145?s=21 https://twitter.com/hamilton2r/status/1387357258510651398?s=21 i called it at Christmas time and I called again at 6 am
  10. In no particular order Lawrence - will be good, Baker Mayfield like where he is your QB but not elite. Wilson - will struggle early. Will learn some hard lessons about too much hero ball. Eventually becomes serviceable. Lance - I believe he is going to SF and will be a star there. They will max out his ability. Fields. Put me in the camp that thinks he’s a great athlete that can’t read defenses. Ultimately he will bust Jones. I’m not that impressed. He’d do well on a team that had a strong run game to support him, but I think
  11. Truly...I am in the camp that believe 1st round RB is too high, and trading up for anything that isn't a QB is problaby a bad idea. Not, the whole Mock...wich is almost entirely my own analysis and thought....but in the Bills trade IS a product of the trade up rumors from today...I wanted to Mock it and see what it might look like. I do realize that 1 and 3 to go from 30 to 19 is bit on the cheap side...but I don't think later round pick in ***This*** draft are worth quite as much since it's covid mania. I could be totally wrong. as you say...it's just a mock. If I were running the Bills
  12. Hmmmm.....good thing I only did a 2 round mock. ....that said...I'm not nearly has high on Campbell as many here are...I think he's just another guy that fits in with a big grouping of CB that are mocked all over the palce from rounds 2 to 5. There are some gems to be found much later. .....agian, I wouldn't make the move up for the RB....i'm rolling with the rumor of the day...(I think it makes some sense if they like Etienne that much....and since this draft is a huge crapshoot due to Covid...later picks aren't that valuable this year...or as valuable as usual)
  13. Doc, not sure if saw the first MOCK I posted in Gunners thread...but in that one I did have the Bills trading BACK to 40 and taking a RB (Not Ettienne) ....that didn't go over that well. It would be unusual in these analyitcal times, for a team to move up, in round 1 for a RB...but as I said....this is a weird type draft...and in my opinion...the Bills would benefit alot IF they had a star RB. I don't know if Etienne is that guy....but if you believe he is...then I can understand it THIS YEAR. If I were a Bills fan..I'd like the scenario I presented originally much b
  14. Correcting that now...that's a typo....should have been 1 and 3.
  15. Final Mock of the year....as we've drawn close to the actual draft.....it seems like some things are clear..but mostly, they aren't. Explanations with each pick. I'm sure I'll be utter crucified for this....as I am buying all in on the rumors that the Bills want to move up for Ettienne. 1. Jax QB Trevor Lawrence. It's a forgone conclusion. 2. NYJ QB Zack Wilson. Another nearly forgone conclusion..but what fun it would be if they did something else now. 3. 49ers. QB Trey Lance. This is where the first bit of uncertainty is......alo
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