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  1. I didn't have a chance to watch the game....just reading posts around here and looking over the highlights....Clearly Allen has made strides that I didn't think he'd make. HUGE 2 road wins for you guys....Good to see it look like it's going to work out....He's a fun player to see....I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Bills when I can this year and watching Allen. Hope he can keep it up.....off to a good start.
  2. Come on Hapless, Chiefs games are pretty exciting...you know Mahomes is going to put on an incredible performance....and our D isn't elite so the other team always has at least a chance. ***I ONLY READ THE THREAD TITLE*** ....I love metrics, but I don't really like PFF that much....not because of what they think of Allen, but there have been plenty of players and performances they've ranked with their system that make me scratch my head too often for me to put too much into what they say, postitive or negative. If you asked me what I thought of Allen.....nothing I saw in the game yestarday changed my mind one way or another...I feel like the Jets are a mixed bag of meh so I don't know if I watched Allen against a bad team, a good team, or a if that was a weird game. The game winning touchdown pass......to be honest, I think he badly underthrew that, and Brown, who was looking for the ball, was able to adjust and make a play on it...while the defender never saw that it was thrown short. I know that in the NFL, there are plays and QB's who do back shoulder throws on purpose on that sort of play, and if you folks here want to tell me that's what happend, then fine...I won't argue it...but to me it looked like a bad throw that was made good by Brown. Either way, Allen threw it, he caught it...it won the game...it's an important development if Allen is going to take a step forward..the team can beleive they CAN come back with him leading the way...that's more important than the semantics of if the pass was bad or not....of how his overall day was..... I'm not going to take this game and make any real judgements here...I need to see alot more snaps/game action before I come to a conclusion.
  3. I went with KC in week 1. Survivor is fun because sometimes you think you have a "mortal lock" and you don't....alot of the folks locking it down with Seattle had to have been scared. I went KC week 1 because it's the hardest week to survive since you don't know what you don't know.
  4. It was on purpose...other reponses above saw it...you give Gase the short no impact stuff and he'll take that bait everytime. Correct game plan by the Bills.
  5. If this is a topic eslewhere please delete etc...I hadn't seen it here.... Considering that Gordon has been told by the Chargers he can play on his current deal or he can seek a trade, I have thought that there aren't a lot of teams that could both afford and need a RB at this point, but Buffalo seems to be a team that meats the criteria. Would you guys want him? If so, what are your thoughts on a contract and trade compensation?
  6. I can't say I'm excited about the signing...I'm kind of indifferent to it one way or the other....but if nothing else...KC gets about the best depth addition you could ask for....I suspect Ried thinks he's got something left...maybe so....I went back and watched some "shady" film today to get a look beyond the bad numbers. What I think I see: a 31 year old RB who has lost a little of that speed to the edge, but also a RB who got swallowed up as soon as the ball was handed to him....A LOT. I knew your line was bad last year...but having taken a closer look...my god....no wonder you all are so optimistic Allen can take a step forward....IF nothing else, he'll get a few more cleaner looks a game...that line was terrible....back to Shady.....the KC line is NOT a pile moving line...most of our successful running plays come off of misdirection, motion, smoke and mirrors, and not so much up the middle....sometimes off tackle. KC will put Shady in positions of succeed...we will run alot of two RB sets, motion one or both..find mathcups or get dudes to exit the box...Ried is the master at this...also...advanced metrics tell you that KC has the NFL's best screen pass game. (they should, Ried litterally coaches each player on screens to be at certain points on the field at a given time etc...KC works very hard to be good on screens) Reid likes to get all his weapons involved, so Shady will see plenty of action, but so will all the other guys....Shady will also be fresh, because Ried is going to RBBC like crazy with this group. It's a good get for us(KC) if he has ANYTHING at all left. I suspect he's got a good year of football left in him. I thought he looked decent this preseason behind your improved line what little I saw of him this preseason.
  7. I can't wait to see this game...two teams that went QB in the 2018 Draft...both kind of projected in that same middle of the pack zone...I'm really looking forward to watching Josh Allen....I want to see what the whole operation looks like with the roster moves made to give Josh a better chance to perform. I'm hoping he does well and I'll be rooting for a Bills win.
  8. KC traded Dee Ford, released Justin Houston and Eric Berry.Hired a new D coordinator Switched to the 4-3. Signed Tyran Matthieu, Bashaud Breeland, Okafor, Devin Wilson, traded for Frank Clark and drafted Juan Thornhill who all will start. Six new starters, new coordinator, new scheme, but nationally I keep reading how the Chiefs did nothing and the D is still horrible. Mahomes and the scheme make our our line look better than it actually is. We have a very good RT. A serviceable LT and JAGs on the interior line. It’s a very poor line when you want a yard by trying to move people or run straight ahead. Protecting against interior pass rush also poor. See above. Spent a ton of money on d. Had more money spent in D the last few years than the O. Offense still young and working in cheap rookie deals for Hill, Mahomes,
  9. So....trading with KC again then?
  10. Pretty good read. Take a look https://sports.yahoo.com/why-bills-believe-josh-allen-can-be-heir-to-the-franchises-most-famous-face-005503323.html
  11. I live down here...went to a Chiefs/Cowboys game...and also the 2018 draft. Very impressive stadium and I concur with everything you say...the only thing you didn't get to see based on the tour...is that during the game, you end up watching the massive midfield TV, wich shows live game action. It's hard not to watch it, because it's a better look than actually watching whats going on down on the field...you look around and 100,000 people are all watching the game on TV with you...while it's being played on the field...very different for sure. I don't know if it's worse or better to have it this way...that TV, like everything else in there, is impressive. The roof opens also....wich, I would imagine would be a great feature to have in Buffalo so that you could have open air for those crisp autumn days, but close the thing for the impossibly cold windy days.
  12. I’m not that guy. I’ve gone out of my way to prove I’m not. Threads here and there about that.
  13. Can't find them so far...I found them on the Broncos board I post on...exact same ones... NFC EAST1. Dallas Cowboys 11-5 Zeke and Dak along with a stout D will win the division, on the strength of a 7-1 home record.2. Philadelphia Eagles 10-6. A bit of super bowl hangover but they make the playoffs as wild card3. New York Giants 6-10. They get Beckham back, and they drafted Barkley. Eli is still old.4. Washington Redskins. 4-12. This is not a strong roster and it didn't get stronger this offseason.AFC EAST1. New England Patriots 11-5. Tom Brady still has something left. The rest of the roster is a bunch of guys that Brady and Belichick will make work. Rest of division is awful wich helps2. New York Jets 7-9. Darnold gets his rookie year in taking some lumps. Bad roster.3. Miami Dolphins 5-11. 2 of the wins are agains the Bills. Roster is in flux. Another team that didn't get better this offseason.4. Buffalo Bills 2-14. They made a fluke playoff run last year, then traded more peices to go up for a QB who is a project. The offense is awful. Shady is getting older AND he's in trouble.NFC NORTH1. Minnesota Vikings. 12-4. Pretty much everyone is back with an upgrade at QB.2. Green Bay Packers 10-6 Rodgers is back...he's about all they have but that's still alot.3. Chicago Bears 6-10. Bears roster has been upgraded, but they only go as far as Trubisky can take them...wich isn't far.4. Detroit Lions. 3-13. I don't think Matt Patricia will be a good head coach and I don't like the overall roster talent.AFC NORTH1. Pittsburg Steelers. 10-6 Antonio Brown. check. LeVeon Bell...eh....doesn't matter. Big Ben. Check. Another division title2. Cincinatti Bengals 8-8. Some good players, but Dalton has some games where he drops off a cliff. Running game will be disappointing.3. Baltimore Ravens. 6-10. Flacco sucks. Still not any big weapons on offense. Defense isn't great.4. Cleveland Browns. 4-12. Everyone is all over the Browns to make the playoffs..no. But a 4 game improvement is in order.NFC SOUTH1. Atlanta Falcons. 12-4 The core of a very good team returns and they've done it all except win a superbowl.2. New Orleans Saints. 10-6. Brees is still good, but they are missing Ingram for 4 games and their WR corps is suspect after Michael Thomas. D is decent.3. Carolina Panthers. 9-7 McCaffrey is a fraud. Cam is good but not great. tough division.4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 6-10. QB situation is chaos. Not the best roster talent on top of that.AFC SOUTH1. Indianapolis Colts. 10-6. Andrew Luck. When he's healthy, they can win even with a horrible roster.2. Jacksonville Jaguars. 8-8. Yes, their D is still great, but their schedule really broke well for them last year.3. Houston Texans. 7-9. That defense is a shadow of it's former self, and Watson has to stay healthy AND teams that can keep him in the pocket will beat him.4. Tennesee Titans. 5-11. Mariotta sucks. Overall roster talent isn't very good. again, won't benefit from two games of Jacoby Brisset and Tom Savage.NFC WEST1. LA Rams. 11-5. Too much talent not to win it. Goff and Gurley with some regression.2. Arizona Cardinals. 9-7. Enough talent to compete...3. Seattle Seahawks. 7-9. Seems like their roster is full of other teams early round draft failures...Pete Carrolls last year.4. San Francisco. 5-11. I don't beleive in Jimmy Garropollo. McKinnon being out for the year doesn't help...AFC WEST1. CHIEFS. 11-5. Cheifs were 5th in offense, yet one of the worst red zone teams in the NFL last year. Alex SMith only completed 44% of his red zone attempts. The D was bad and we still won 10 games. If you don't think Mahomes can't improve on the above stats, and that the D might be even slightly better, then I can't help you.2. LA Chargers. 9-7. Team is loaded with talent...I think Rivers shows his age this year. No homefiled advatntage.3. Denver Broncos 8-8. Added a journeyman QB to a 5-11 team...good for a 3 game improvement. That D is living off it's reputation at this point.4. Las Vegas Raiders. 4-12. They probably weren't going to be a big threat WITH Mack...and they aren't a threat without him.PlayoffsNew England, Pittsburg, Indianapolis, KC, Chargers and Bengals AFC. Chiefs win AFCCowboys, Vikings, Falcons, Rams, Saints, Eagles. Vikings win NFCSuper Bowl. Chiefs over Vikings (again)
  14. I am also at Brownsboard.com but the mods changed my name to Pat Mahomo there If you search here, I fully explain why I came here...and it has everything to do with Mahomes...I wanted to see and interact with Bills fans as the trade took place and we got Mahomes etc....I came here BEFORE Mahomes had his big year. I make some toll like posts but I have participated in a lot of general football discussion here and really enjoy Bills fans and this place....I've said before, I've been won over by you guys....I bought my kid a bills jersey, I had my picture taken with Poncho Billa on the draft floor at the 2018 Draft. Iam ROOTING for the Bills. I want to see Josh Allen succeed even as I remain skeptical. ....I hardly ever post on Jetsnation, or Chicity sports....but I practically live at Orangemane.com trolling those guys. I have made bets and played in fantasy leauges over there.
  15. I know.....I have read some people who put a great deal more time into this than I do, that go game by game for every team and make the records all come out even. It's a legit point you make, but If I had a team called at 3-13 and they go 4-12....the idea is that I am predicting them to be a bad team. Just as I have said 7-9 on the Bills....that could EASILY be 9-7 or 6-10...they are in that range.
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