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  1. Not trying to troll you guys....but your O line needs to get alot better.
  2. Who would be the no.2 is it Brieda? i am in a 20 team fantasy leauge and it's slim pickins at RB....
  3. As someone who is old enough to have seen Kelly play...I think he was a very good QB, on a very good team. Certainly, he was unquestionably, one of the best of his era...but like many posters here....I don't think he cracks a top 10 all time. That isn't an indictment on Kelly....its just that there were guys better than him. Personally, I HATE the Denver Broncos...HATE them....but I still rank John Elway No.1 All time. He was a combo of cannon arm, mobility, escapability, CLUTCH, and charismatic all in one. His first 3 super bowl teams were bad rosters that he shouldered to title games. If he played today, he'd be in a Mahomes/Allen category of the do it all, face of the franchise, faced of the leauge type QB. Brady....his one super premium trait...and I've never seen anyone better at it....hanging in a pocket, working and moving around in a closet, while keeping his eyes downfield and executing....other than that...his traits are all average....he's been clutch, and he's also benefited from some 50/50 situations, wierd calls etc...more frequently than the averages say he should have. Results are results....he's the most "accomplished" QB ever. My top 5 1. Elway - The best I ever saw who combined cannon arm, charisma, mobility, escapability and CLUTCH all in one. 2. Marino - Lit it up in the air in an era where the NFL was still a RB driven leauge. Quickest release I've ever seen. 3. Mahomes (yeah, call me biased) The current version of an Elway type. 4. Fran Tarkenton - The original Elway....a guy who was mobile, had a great arm and was the whole package...never won a SB or he'd be talked about alot more. 5. Steve Young - Another guy who combined the entire set of traits into one....great runner, strong arm, and efficient. Josh Allen is right in the groove here ready to move into my top 5...he's right in that Elway/Steve Young/Tarkenton/Mahomes type....the guy that has elite traits, and does it all....has charisma...etc....
  4. Clearly you could have something blue...like another poster said...when you deviate too far from your traditions and history...that isn't going to be popular. Frankly, the bills blue helmet you propose lookes EXACLTY like what a Giants helmet would look like if they had bills logo on it....it looks way to much like a Giants helmet.
  5. (PS, I am a uniform nerd) I have nothing against a blue helmet in and off itself...I just don't think it's a good look for the Bills.
  6. I like the Bills current look....and I also like the Jim Kelly/Bruce Smith era look....and I like the OJ era standing buffalo look. Those early 2000's disasters should be erased from history. Awful. Count me as someone who does NOT like that blue helmet.
  7. Chiefs have traded OL Yassir Durrant for a 2022 7th Round pick from New England. Durrant signed as a UDFA in 2019. Played at MIZZOU. Has seen some action here and there as a Chief. Can play both T and G.
  8. My wife is Vietnamese, she makes these frequently and they are very good. Ok...so after I had read through this a couple weeks ago, I was at work and had a craving for wings while working overnight. dominos was open. Keep in mind I am in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. ....I KNOW dominos wings suck. I am not about to tell anyone they are good. They are always soggy. Anyhow..it was the only option....and instead of ranch (with I never use anyhow,) I ordered a side of Bleu Cheese.....again, crappy side condiment blue cheese...but still blue cheese.... I gotta say...I really liked the way the blue cheese and hot Buffalo sauce tasted together, even thought it was dominos. I'm really looking forward to having some higher quality wings and bleu cheese now....somewhere better.
  9. I can understand why people would say this about my predictions.....clearly I have a bias....but the national media and Vegas oddsmakers aren't going to KC "by default". there are good reasons for it. History does tell us that KC probably won't make it...and a lot of years even the team with the best record etc doesn't always go either....The Bills could EASILY be the AFC rep in the SB. I won't be surprised at all if it is the Bills in the SB. A lot has to go right just to make it to that game.
  10. KC has handily outplayed the Browns in both Mahomes/Baker Matchups, including last years playoff game. The final score makes it look close....but KC was 19-3 4 minutes into the 3rd Q when Mahomes left with concussion. KC finsihed with something like 450 total yards to Clevelands 300.....total. KC outrushed the Browns in that game as well. Cleveland also converted 3 4th downs and STILL only totalled 300. The Browns style of offense is decidedly NOT ideal when attacking KC...the Browns need to play from ahead and try and run clock and protect a lead...they are DEAD in the water down more than one score and trying to come back. KC kills run first teams (see RAVENS and CHIEFS box scores as well) I picked KC....but Buffalo suddenly having a legit pass rush, is very concerning to me.
  11. ***MODS PLEASE MOVE IF THIS IS BELONGS SOMEWHERE ELSE*** (some would say, it belongs in the trash :D) NFC EAST 1. Washington Football Team (WFT has strong enough D and skill players that Fitz can guide them to win this weak division) 2. Dallas Cowboys (Talent is there to win, coaching is not.) 3. NY Giants. (They will finally realize Daniel Jones isn't it.) 4. Philadelphia Eagles. (Jalen Hurtz is meh, with too much uncertainty and questionable coaching) NFC NORTH 1. Green Bay Packers (clearly the best roster in a bad division, and Rodgers is still awesome) 2. Chicago Bears (Made playoffs 2 of last 3 years with Trubisky, They'll let Dalton eat some L's VS hard competiton to start year, then Fields takes over and gets some Ws) 3. Minnesota Vikings (Team is more talented than 3rd place in divsion, but I think Zimmer's message falls flat and locker room loses respect for Cousins, they underachieve) 4. Detroit Lions (They will be a try hard team, with no where near enough talent to win much. Goff sucks) NFC SOUTH 1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (The band is back together and this time, they'll start the season running the Brady offense and not Arians bombs away attack. They'll be a tough out) 2. New Orleans (Jameis Winston, running short pass attack with some deep shots mixed in...will be better than people think. Payton can still coach.) 3. Atlanta Falcons (They had statistically awful luck in close games..they'll regress to the mean and win about 7 games and look like the Titans doing it.) 4. Carolina (more or less a tie with Atlanta. D is still young and I am not convinced that Darnold is it....hard team to read...better than 4th if McCaffrey plays all 17 games) NFC WEST 1. San Francisco 49ers (deep roster, good skill players, good QB to start, and a better one waiting to start. tough division, but 49ers edge with depth.) 2. LA Rams (Stars and JAGS approach with Stafford running McVay offense I think will work out well. This team was 9-7 with bad QB play last year) 3. Seattle Seahawks (such a hard division....Seahawks will have to overcome their meh defense most weeks. WIlson will have to carry them in playoffs if they are to win) 4. Arizona Cardinals (Brutal schedule, and brutal division. For all the hype, coach Bro and Kyler Murray haven't been able to produce a dynamic O, and D isn't great either) NFC Playoff seeding 1. Green Bay 2. Tampa Bay 3. San Francisco 4. Washington 5. LA Rams 6. Seattle 7. New Orleans TB over NO SF over Seattle RAMS over Washington RAMS over GB SF over TB RAMS over SF NFC Champion LA RAMS AFC EAST 1. Buffalo Bills (By far and away the best team in this division, and with improved pass rush, a legit title contender) 2. NE Patriots (Roster is better with alot of covid opt outs, now back, QB situation is in flux and better, but team will need to win with D) 3. Miami Dolphins (good and deep roster, but will only go as far as Tua can take them. Not enough efficient deep pass plays to get over the top. too much dink and dunk) 4. NY Jets (Wilson will take some lumps but show he is a legit QB....the roster is still a few more seasons of churn away from being competitive.) AFC NORTH 1. Cleveland Browns (Cleveland will use the tried and true power run game, limit turnovers, and play good D, to win the division) 2. Baltimore Ravens (The secrew to Lamars MVP success was having 2 awesome TE's. not more WR's etc. They don't have 2 TE's. Jackson can't pass. Too one diminsional) 3. Cincinnatti Bengals (A healthy Joe Burrow makes or breaks this team. They can make a little noise if he's healthy....a big if) 4. Pittsburg Steelers (I have no faith in Big Ben having anything left, nor any faith in their O line. I think they bottom out and start a mini rebuild next year) AFC SOUTH 1. Tennessee Titans (the core of a good team is all back...and the division sucks...would help if they could find a pass rush) 2. Jacksonville Jaguars (Part of finsihing 2nd in the divison is that I think the Colts will be bad...if they can halfway block on offense, they should be OK) 3. Indianapolis Colts (a decent roster, with a bunch of QB's I don't have any faith in. I think Wentz just aint it. They aren't good enough to win despite the QB) 4. Houston Texans (A real threat to go 0-17. Worst roster in the NFL...and it's one of he oldest as well. It will be YEARS of roster building to get back to being competetive) AFC WEST 1. Kansas City Chiefs (key to season is completely new O Line. IF KC can use entire playbook on any spot on field, down and distance...will be very hard to stop them) 2. LA Chargers (pretty good roster, and expected ascension of Herbert...Chargers should be solid across the board. Need to stay healthy) 3. Denver Broncos (good roster except QB and right side of O line. Those are bad places to suck though...easiest schedule in NFL..could get them to 9-10 wins) 4. Las Vegas Raiders (The team just can't get out of 6-11 mode. Don't draft or roster build well enough...fix one area, and get worse in another. Shallow depth) AFC Playoffs 1. Kansas City (that week 5 Bills/Chiefs matchup is HUGE!) 2. Bills 3. Titans (benefit from being in week division) 4. Browns 5. Chargers 6. Ravens 7. Patriots Bills OVER Patriots Titans OVER Ravens Chargers OVER Browns Chiefs OVER Chargers Bills OVER Titans Chiefs over Bills Super Bowl Chiefs over Rams.
  12. For lack of a better thread to put it in....I was going over the enitre NFL schedule game by game.....There is a big cluster of teams that figure to go about 9-8 to 8-9 or so. Getting to 10 wins will be a big deal in the wild card races. That said....The Bills schedule is more favorable than what the Chiefs have but not by much. I think the Bills play in the tougher division this year as I don't think much of the Raiders or Broncos, but I do think the Phins and Pats can make some noise. The week 5 KC/BILLS matchup is going to be HUGE. That game may well determine the 1 seed. I'd also like to think that most years going into the final week, you usually know the 1 seed and maybe that team can rest some guys. I don't think it will go down like that. If it comes down to playing out week 17 to determine the 1 seed...that is also advantage Bills....you all host the jets..KC is on the road at Denver. Not that the Jets or Denver are that great, but going on the road in the cold to Denver is not better than the Bills at home to the Jets. Can't wait for this season. Truly, the AFC is going to be a 2 team race...with Cleveland a distant 3rd and Tenn a distant 4th.
  13. Just wanted to chime in here and say, the Bills additions to the pass rush are looking good early. Having a pass rush that you didn't have last year....gets you A LOT closer to a super bowl. I'm impressed with what you guys got in this draft. Rouseau looks scary legit. I hope KC's line is gelled by the time we play...we are going to need to be on our A game....
  14. I'm not going to get stoked about that....they were trying stuff that we don't know about as well...because preseason...Chris Jones looked good.
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