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  1. I’m not blind. The bills are hot! seeiously. The Bills look like the best team in football. The metrics say they are the best team in football. It’s week 3 now. There isn’t any debate to be had about who is no.1. It’s the Bills
  2. All offseason and on into this season 2 weeks in, nothing to say this isn't the Bills year. The roster is stacked, the signings and attitude...all of it is ALL IN. The NFC is weak. I'd say it's the Bills to lose at this point.
  3. would you care to elaborate further about how what I posted is "nonsense"?
  4. ...you guys get the Jets twice. They don't have any key players.
  5. This is coaching. Joe Lombardi is in over his head as OC there. He clearly only is capable of making a gameplan, at the direction of Sean Peyton, for old Drew Brees. They throw a bunch of short dink, dunk passes. WASTING Justin Herberts big arm and mobility.
  6. I would agree that the INT overturned by replay, was the wrong call. That was an INT. the PI....that penalty is tough. Sometimes that one is flagged, sometimes it's not. Did the reciever initiate it? Possibly....but the point is...part of the NFL unfortunately, is that you can expect some bad calls. Sometimes they go your way, and sometimes they don't. And....sometimes, you just need to be lucky and catch a break to win a game.
  7. I do. That doesn't mean the Chargers aren't capable of excellent football. they are, and they looked excellent, especially in the first quarter. I would say, it's not hard to find articles etc out there that document how they are very often less than optimal in their decision making and game planning, play calling etc. But....just as you observe some of what they do....their coaches too often make the wrong choice or opt for a suboptimal call. Herbert is now 16-18 as a starter. I think he's better than that record indicates and I think part of why it isn't better is coaching.
  8. Good teams win ugly games sometimes. ....to put that in perspective.... The Jags beat the Bills last year. It happens. But perhaps a better way to put it... When is the last time ANYONE ever said "the Chargers won that game and they had no business winning it" ...you never hear that about them...it's often the other way around though. And...I'll reiterate this one more time.... when the interception happened, it was 17-17 in the fourth quarter. There were about 10 minutes left. The Chargers had to punt. The Chiefs got the ball back and punted...the Chargers had the ball back again with just under 6 minutes left, trailing 24-17. They ended up punting again. The interception return was the key play obviously, but the Chargers had TWO chances to drive and tie, and possibly win the game after that happend. The Chargers had 400 or so total yards. KC had 320 or so total yards. That stat was Even when the Chargers had their final drive...but by then KC was up 10 and KC was letting them have yards in exchange for running clock. The Chargers were only 5-16 on third down, but 4-4 on 4th Down.... The Chargers only rushed for 75 yards on 25 carries. That's 3.3 YPC. I'm not telling you the Chiefs are some juggarnaut, or that they don't get enough credit, but I am telling you the Chargers A) couldn't get it done in the 4th quarter and B) The Chiefs defense was a part of why they couldn't get it done. C) The Chargers are held back by crappy coaching. That's a strong roster.
  9. It's too early to say you are wrong, but KC has a 1 game lead already with a division win in hand. For the Chargers to win the division winning only 10, that would mean KC is going to have a disaster in the last 15 games. KC would need to go 8-7 or worse in the remaining games, with one of those being a loss the the Chargers AND also finishing with a worse division record or other tiebreaker if they finish tied at 10. That doesn't seem likely. 1. one of the worst attributes of Andy Ried is he just doesn't like committing to the run, even when it's working...and you can couple that with wanting to be cute on short yardage plays where he calls very ill advised, low pct run plays when he either should just pass, or commit to a conventional straight line run. Either way...last nights game was NOT one of Andy's better performances as a play caller. 2. Kansas City has a good line, but the OT are both beatable with a good speed rush. Von Miller will be a problem. 3. The Chargers roster is stacked. They suffer from horrible, sub optimal play calling. Joe Lombardi doesn't know how to coordinate an offense without Sean Payton telling him what to do with Drew Brees at QB. Lombardi fails to utilize Herbert to his full potential. The Chargers are held back by bad coaching. 4. All 17 games aren't always going to be masterpieces. KC got steamrolled by the Titans last year, The Bills lost to the Jags. Both teams played at a high level (offensively at least) in a huge playoff game. Sometimes you need some breaks, and sometimes you need a defesnsive or special teams score to be the difference. 5. I've seen some saying that if the Chargers had scored the TD instead of KC getting the 99 yard pic 6, that would have been the ball game. .....It would of course been WAY better for the Chargers, but that happened when the game was tied at 17. KC would have been down 7, with the ball with like 8 minutes left in the game or whatever. You can't say that was game over. The Chargers as it were, got the ball back down 24-17 and didn't do anything with it.
  10. Those teams aren't that good. The Chargers are. KC will be 5-0 unless Mahomes doesn't play in any or all of those.
  11. I see the bat signal. I'm here. I haven't read over this entire thread...just getting to the internet since the game ended.... I'll say...not a good game by Andy playcalling. Mahomes frustrated by shell coverage and Joey Bosa getting there. Andy has a HARD time committing to the run even when it's going pretty well. The Chargers always give KC all we can handle. Herbert had been 2-0 IN KC prior to this loss. I was glad they missed the playoffs last year. I will say also, that this pretty much clears the way for KC to be 5-0 when the Bills come to town in week 6. I suspect you all will also be 5-0. Should be interesting.
  12. Worth noting Kelce was injured his entire rookie year and didn't play. His next 4 seasons were all with Alex Smith at QB. He put up 852, 857, and then a couple of 1000+ yard season all with Smith to start his career. In 2014 (Kelce's first season playing) he led the team in catches and TD catches. In that season KC had ZERO TD catches by a WR. It's not like there were any other scary targets to take the pressue off Kecle....with noodle arm Alex Smith throwing to him. Ini 2015, Kelce was second on the team in receptoins and TD catches behind end of career Jeremy Maclin. KC's WR only totalled 11 TD catches. Again, not exactly a bunch of talent around him for other teams to have to worry with. In 2016, Kelce once again led the team in receptions and TD catches...it was his first of his continuing streek of 1000 yard seasons. This was Hills rookie seaosn, but Hill only started 1 game. Smith still at QB. In 2017, once again with Smith at QB Kelce led the team in recections and TD catches once again, and had his 2nd consecutive 1000+ yard recieving season. 2018 Mahomes came along. Sometimes guys are really good at football and it's hard to stop them.
  13. I'll get to the above in a moment but first - Misleading losers - Green Bay. They don't play preseason games and it takes them a minute to get going....with so many new targets, it will take even longer than normal for them to warm up. - Rams. The Bills won that game more than the Rams lost it....the Rams still have most of the parts from a SB winner and should still be good enough in a weak NFC to contend. Misleading winners - Chicago. They suck. They got helped by bad weather, and Trey Lance not being ready, plus an injury to Eli Mitchell. The football Gods gifted the Bears an opening day W on a bad track VS a shaky rookie qB. Don't expect to see that W next to the Bears much more this season. - Washington. I could be wrong, but I am not buying Carson Wentz and the WFT. Legit Losers/Ties - Colts. They should have won the game, but they are NOT the preseason darling many had them as. Ryans arm is used up and he can't run. They lack dynmaic pass rushers. They are going to be fatiqued from grinding out yet another VET QB at the end...demoralizing for the rest of the young roster. - Titans. Henry has regressed EVERY YEAR in YPC, and hes way up there in mileage. The Titans traded their best weapon, got worse at O line and are operating with a game manager QB who is a proven playoff dud. ...and they lost harold landry before the season started. Mike Vrabel is a good coach that can keep a rag tag group together and playing hard, but they just don't have the horses to compete like they've had the last few seasons. - Cardinals. I'd love to heap praise on KC for destroying these guys...but there are serious problems in Arizona. Just htink of what's been made public about the team and QB already...and then think about what's going on behind the scenes....Kingsbury responded to a questions after the game about what the problems were and he specifically said they needed better practices. That was a shot at Murray, either for not having a good grasp of the playbook OR not leading his teammates to get the most out of practice reps. Either way...that team has an older roster that lost talent in FA this offseason, and the QB/Coach/GM/Ownership are not happy with each other at all. It's a recipe for complete disaster even as the team has good pieces..they will be less as a whole than they are individually. Legit Winners - Vikings. They had some unusually wierd bad luck at ends of halves last year that shouldn't repeat, and if you account for that and some other odd stats, the Vikings should be a playoff team that competes for a division title. - Chiefs. See write up below. I think the narrative that the national media put out there about KC losing Hill is lazy. KC also has made serious improvements throught the draft and FA and even having lost Hill, who is unique and very talented game changer....it's a mistake to think that Mahomes, with a line and improved defense, and running game, won't be every bit as dynamic if not more, than he's ever been. You can make a case this is the best and deepest roster KC has had since Mahomes has been QB....even minus Hill. I think the Thursday night game VS the Chargers will serve to validate what KC did in week 1 @Arizona.
  14. it's water under the bridge at this point...but Chiefs fans (like myself) and Bills fans watching the Bengals go the SB last year and lose.....BARF.
  15. Congratulations to the Bills and Bills fans. Very very impressive win tonight. Only the 4 turnovers kept this from being a perfect beginning, but otherwise, what a masterpiece. Everything looked great! All the offseason acclaim absolutely validated in this game.
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