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  1. From day 1, that WAS my purpose to come here. In the process, I've ended up liking the community. I don't hate the Bills...I hate the Broncos. I root for Buffalo when they aren't playing KC....and just because I doubt Josh Allen doesn't mean I don't like watching him....he's exciting as hell! I've been rooting for him to prove my doubts wrong since you drafted him. (just like many fans here) I understand how I come off as a condescending jerk based on how I came to find the this place and my early times here... but I don't plan to go away....I don't post all that often now as it is....looking forward to the season...hope we have one...the KC/Buffalo game in your crib should be a good one. I'll be here to talk about, like it or not.
  2. Funny you should mention Tannehill.....over the next 4 years, Ryan Tannehill will make more money than Patrick Mahomes. Um....they are bringing back 20 of 22 starters from last years team...One of the starters being replaced is Reggie Ragland....with 2nd Round pick Willie Gay Jr. (first round talent, slipped in draft for knocking out his own QB) And we added Clyde Edwards Hellaire. ....also....SEE ABOVE....Mahomes costs LESS THAN RYAN TANNEHILL for the next 4 seasons. And....the core is signed through 2021 by the way. Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Fisher, Schwartz, CEH, Honey Badger, Frank Clark, Thornhill, Butker....we are locked and loaded for a good run.
  3. .....And it's FATASS By a nose!
  4. It's simple. If you think he's a super bowl QB, you sign him. If you don't, then you don't pay him at all and move on.
  5. @Yav hates Kansas City and Kansas City fans.....At some point I think he lived in KC and had a bad time.
  6. I know I'm making this seem simpler than it is. I think Buffalo has handled it better than most in the past couple years...you tried Manual...he didn't work out. you tried Tyrod....he was ok. Now you are on Josh Allen....I think a top 10 type QB is the best shot at finding a guy, but you should always look....FA, diamond in the rough CFL guys, you try until you find a guy. but you gotta find the guy somewhere. I don't have the answers...and not all 32 teams can win or find the guy....it's hard......all I am saying is actively searchign out the right guy is better than paying top dollar for someone who isn't the guy. They are already under contract. Hill is in for the next 3 years...he signed an extension last year. Kelce has another year after this one under contract. We're good to go. They guy has a QBR of 99.9 on third and 15 or more, the rest of the leauge has a QBR of 4.6 in that same situaiton. Mahomes is good.
  7. When do you pay a guy like a top tier QB? The point is if you don't have a top tier QB..... 1. you shouldn't pay a guy like a top tier guy who isn't one. 2. you need a top tier guy.
  8. Of course......but the point is do you pay Kirk Cousins a ton of money to be Kirk Cousins or do you keep drafting and trying QB's until you find one?
  9. ......which is my point. Is your point that teams just stick with a Tyrod Taylor type QB because he's decent or an Andy Dalton type? Should Joe Flacco make a bazillion dollars? Kirk Cousins? Or do you "take a chance" and try and improve?
  10. yes....not super bowl champions.....just like before we had Mahomes. And then you don't pay Mahomes if he isn't good...you go and try and find a guy who is good. You are making my point for me. It's hard to win a title with a midling QB....it can be done. it's just harder to build a generational defense, draft well for 3 or 4 years in a row and have everything culminate just right for one season. If you don't have the QB, then you need a QB. You don't pay a QB big money (that what this thread is about..paying big money for average QB) if he isn't a big money type player.
  11. Teams need to be.......like the Chiefs........KC had Alex Smith...we were winning divisions with that guy. he was putting up "numbers" KC decided that he wasn't getting them to the top and traded up for Mahomes. The problem with mediocre QB getting paid is most teams are too scared. They know what they have with X, and sign him, instead of daring to be better, letting reliable mediocre X move on and getting someone that could be better in there. The NFL doesn't need to do anything. Teams need to be honest about the QB they have. Now, having said that...Andy Reid was/is one of the few guys who had the kind of job security and reputation to be able to go to an owner and say....I realize we are winning, we sell out the stadium every year and our QB is a good guy in the community etc...but he isn't good enough and I want to trade up in the draft for this guy who I think can be better. Very few front offices can do that. Normally a big QB change happens when the coach and GM have just been newly hired and they get one shot at this. That is the problem. If those guys find a QB that gets to 9 wins consistantly, they keep him, becuase the GM and coach keep their jobs because they are "winning" they are "close". You'd overpay a QB too if it menat you got to keep your 5 million per year job an extra year or three or 4.
  12. KC has most of the core under contract for the next few years. 2020 the entire core is back. 2021 is going to see alot of turnover, but we (KC) will have in 2021 Mahomes Kelce Hill Frank Clark Honey Badger Juan Thornhill Harrison Butker Eric Fisher Mitchell Schwartz Clyde Edwards Hellaire Willie Gay Hitchens ....and others. Hopefully they can find a way to sign Chris Jones long term.....he's the one major piece (Unless you count Sammy Watkins as a major piece) that aren't under contract through 21.
  13. The following is NOT a typo: Pat Mahomes QBR on 3rd and 15 or more is 99.9 (also, this stat alone, should demonstrate just how awesome Mahomes is) The rest of the entire NFL QBR on 3rd and 15 or more is 4.7 KC would just score and go for the "onside" conversion everytime.
  14. I can vouche for this. @GoBills808 is a man of his word. Sent me a check in the mail for a bet I won with him last year.
  15. Um.....ONE up and coming gunslinger. The other guy has kind of already arrived, you know, having won a leauge MVP and Super Bowl MVP.
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