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  1. I was running through several scenarios. It’s plausible you get an NFC team go 11-5 and miss the playoffs. I ran several with my interest being KC, but Buffalo really has got to find a way to 10 to get in. The way the schedule works out for Cleveland, Pittsburg and Oakland ....I think it takes 10. Also, I tend to think the AFC south cannibalizes itself, but if JAX or Indy got on a roll, in division games, that would add one more threat.
  2. You are right....I predicted 7-9...so to be right, it would need to be 7-9. That's fine. When predicting an NFL teams final record in the standings...being right on the number is what you are going for....but if the bills finish at 8-8 for example...I'd take it as a "win" having surmised that the team was right in that mix of .500 ish teams. 9-7....not so much. 10-6, I'd be flat out wrong. ....My predictions overall have been awful this year...so there is that.
  3. I am not that guy. The Broncos people think I am some dude named BossChief that used to post on orangemane.com and you guys think I am Jeffismagic. Somewhere around here I posted my facebook info or something....I've posted pictures of me and Poncho Billa at the 2018 draft....I don't know how else to prove I'm not some other former poster.
  4. LOL. I used to hit the JetNation board up some..... Actually....it's sustainable. We went to an AFC title game with the worst D in the leauge last year....and keep on winning with a crap D this year.
  5. I was referring to KC....if you prefer that I just say KC instead of WE, I can do that to please your sensitivities. Obviously, I'm just a fan and not part of the team. I am sure you can find a million posts here were fans refer to the Bills as "we".
  6. KC vs GB. Yes, KC D is inconsistent. Mahomes isn't. New England isn't good (or not as good as record says they are) KC already beat down Baltimore. KC lost to Houston with gimpy Mahomes ankle and fumbles. 100'th aniversary season....NFL has good storyline with Super Bowl 1 rematch.
  7. I'm sticking with my Bills 7-9 prediction. That won't likely be right at 7-9, but 8-8 or 9-7 are in play. Josh Allen being a bottom 3 rated passer is unsustainable.
  8. Since 1983, 91 teams have been +150 in total yards gained and +15:00 in TOP and even in turnovers and of those 91, only TWO have lost the game. KC was that team today. We doninated the game. Mahomes was doing Mahomes like things, and we lost. RB fumbled and TEN returned it for a TD. On a FG attempt late in the game, miscommunication on snap ended up with the holder being called for international grounding. Would have been up by eight. TEN gets ball and scores to go ahead by 3 with 24 seconds left. Mahomes the unicorn, gets Chiefs in FG position for game tying attempt with 3 seconds left. Kick is blocked, looked like TEN was Offside, but whatever, never should have been close. Dump penalties negating touchdowns, sloppy special teams, a bad play call on third and 2 late and then opting to punt instead of go on fourth and 2 with Mahomes. 🤢🤮
  9. The Zerovoltz solution: Have the teams that qualify for the playoffs continue to be seeded as they currently are. super bowl winner is 32, super bowl runner up is 31, and so on. Have the team that had the best record, but failed to make the playoffs pick 1st. Then the next best team that failed to make the playoffs pick 2nd....and so on. This provides incentive to keep trying to win, even in week 17 and no matter who you are.
  10. Chiefs don't play Sunday Watching this game instead Dolphins plus the points
  11. Ragland may have just saved his Career and saved KC's D....and possibly the season itself, since Mahomes is injured (still waiting to hear what the extent of the injury is)
  12. Thanks....I've always enjoyed my interactions here....and I HATE douchebags who won't eat the crow they deserve. I know I come off as a douche here and there, but I try and be objective and I'll eat my crow....bad as it tastes. ( I HATE being wrong!)
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