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  1. this is pure box score analysis.....wouldn't you agree that Diggs probably brings something to the locker room that Jefferson doesn't? Would you agree that maybe Allen has confidence in Diggs as he's a proven vet and maybe wouldn't in Jefferson? Patrick Mahomes box score from his very first start (and only playing time he got in his 2017 rookie year) was 22/35 284 yds passing with an INT. If you never watched that game at all....and just read the box score, you'd think Patrick Mahomes debut sucked. In reality, he only played 3 quarters, and after multiple mind blowing throws, KC ran it in a couple times from in close....they pulled him for the 3rd string QB after 3 quarters...3rd stringer threw 2 picks and Denver tied the game in the 4th..Mahomes was put back in and led a game winning drive with 1:30 left and Von Miller all over him. Give me more context than just those stats.
  2. you were a super human DeShaun Watson play away from a playoff win last year....you'll be in the playoffs this year. I know it's almost cliche to say at this point you can rebuild in the NFL in a season....and thats true of the Roster is already decent and you just need a better coach or you need that elusive QB and you find him... The Bills weren't sitting on some great roster full talent when Mc D and Mc B arrived. Your team and staff took a QB many thought would be a fail, a project of all projects and you've actually gotten that guy developed to the point where he is a legit face of franchise QB. You added Diggs....that move has absolutely worked. not everything has worked....but you'd think coming of the 2 decades prior that you guys have, that there'd be some optimism and patience to see if these guys can keep this thing moving forward.
  3. Wow....you guys are really taking this loss bad. The Bills aren't a juggernaut of a team...but you guys are good! you lost to a KC team, that brought damn near the entire roster back from a super bowl winner. You might have not have noticed, but you lost to a good football team, and you were in it to the end. The weather certainly played a part in this game as well. there are at least 25 NFL teams that would trade their QB for Josh Allen right now.....you have your QB....he isn't perfect (who is?...did you see Aaron Rodgers this week?) This game helps tell you that you aren't quite there just yet...that's ok..you've been heading in the right direction for 3 years now.
  4. Frankly, I've been looking forward to giving some of the backups a chance....our interior 3 LG/C/RG starters have been bad for YEARS.....this Kilore at C for us is a major upgrade.
  5. Allen maybe feeling the presure to live up to matching up with the champ
  6. lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! ..............................................................Chiefs!
  7. Ugh...the kiss of death....all the broadcast crew picks your team......
  8. Hey Bills fans....I didn't ever really think this day would come. Until just recently, I never thought Josh Allen would ever become "the franchise". I'm glad that he has though....this is the best KC/Bufallo matchup since the 93 AFC title game. Just a few short years ago, who would have thought a KC VS Bufallo game would feature a matchup of elite QBs? I of course will be rooting for my Chiefs, but if you guys do win, I sure hope it isn't like that route KC put on you guys on MNF back in like 92 or whatever it was.....Im hoping for a good game....(and for the Chiefs to cover...I have them -4 1/2) PS.....no excuses for KC whatever happens....as long as we have Mahomes....we are defending champions.....if we lose, it's because we deserve to.
  9. FWIW....mahomes has never lost a game by more than one score.....they are IN every game to the last with him.
  10. I knew it the moment his name parsed the lips of Commissioner Goodell at the draft! (Ok, I am joking...you all saw my mea culpa thread I put up a couple weeks ago)
  11. First.....instead of debating this......I'd like to point out how very rare this WIN-WIN trade has turned out. KC got a superstar QB....usually when one team makes a trade and is on the side that ends up with the superstart QB...that means the other team must have lost the trade.....but that is NOT the case here. Buffalo ultimately ended up with star CB, a franchise QB, and has accomplished EVERYTHING they could have hoped for when they made that deal. Both teams got exactly what they wanted out of it and both teams are better for it. It's amazing how it all turned out. saw this nugget in the discussion....and have seen this and heard this A LOT. .....KC has the core locked up for for the next few years as it is....and KC has drafted well...there is talent in the pipeline that is cheap and viable. ...Buffalo will have the same challenge very soon too....and it's a WAY WAY WAY better problem/challenge than not having a franchise QB take up alot of cap space.
  12. I assume you are bashing Lamar for throwing a "high" number of short TD passes....most TD passes are short....becaus they are easier...if you look at all QB's they all have many more short TD throws than long ones.
  13. LOL.... Patrick Mahomes has NEVER socred fewer than 31 points VS Bill Belichick.
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