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  1. They do not have a great O-line. It's mid pack at best and probably more accurate to say it's a bottom half of leauge O line. Boles at LT had a great year 2 seasons ago...then regressed last year...they have a revolving door at RT, and they have unsettled G-C-G situation as well. Russ had a staggering 10.7 pct sack PTC last year in Seattle. His sack rate has gone up every single season he's played. That offense isn't a sure thing to just fire on all cylinders from the get go.... ....Also....even as the AFC is gauntlet....it's the Bills to win until they don't. The Bills have FAR AND AWAY the best shot at the 1 seed and that important first round bye. No matter what you might think of the other teams in teh AFC...the Bills absolutely should be in position to win two home games to get to the super bowl. Period. As a Chiefs fan...it's the BILLS who are the team to beat and will be the main obstacle once the playoffs start.
  2. I probably have much more subdued hopes for that than the average Chiefs fan. Clowney has reached full on mercenary status at this point. He'll wait for camps to start and some team with more money than KC has, will feel he upgrades their DE situation and pay him on a 1 year deal. I suppose that team could be KC, but it is entirely out of the question unless KC can sign Orlando Brown to a new deal that would clear cap space. I think unfortunately, KC is going to head into 2022 with Karlaftis and Clark as starters, and Mike Danna, Josh Kaindoh (a 4th round pick last year who was, and still is a major project and question mark) and some other JAGS at DE. Karlaftis is going to need to really be something......and it's not a good that KC is counting on that....Clowney would be a good addition...but I don't see it.
  3. KC used the rare RFA tag on Ingram a while back. It suggests KC understood they weren't likely to be able to resign him, but placing the tag allowed for the following 1. KC would have right to match any contract offer (not likely, KC doesn't have much cap space) 2. If Ingram remained unsigned up to the start of camp (an actual date around that time) then KC would retain exclusive negotiating rights, like a franchise tag and Ingram would have a 1 year deal for 4.2 million as a condition of this tag. 3. If signed, Ingram would figure into the FA compensation formula even though the date for that for all UDFA has now passed. Basically, KC understood Ingram was very likely to get an offer above 4.2 million for this year, but if he didn't, KC could afford him at that rate and would want to keep him for that...but ultimately, KC gets a wee bit of draft pick comp as he has signed elsewhwere...most likely in the 6th round comp pick range. I'd like to have seen KC retain him. He played well once we traded for him.
  4. No. I can't prove that. I am suggesting that they weren't zeroed in on Elam. Watching the Rousseau embedded from last year, it's obvious he was their man the whole time. They talked about him constantly as the draft goes on, considering a trade up specificially for him. If the Bills were all about moving up only for Elam, they would have Beane and others talkin about it Elam...like they did with Rousseau. The Bills could still have had Elam ranked ahead of McDuffie. We don't know that. The Bill could have thought KC or others might be going for Elam. The fact the Bills still moved up for Elam shows they really did have him ranked highly and wanted him. I am not saying who was ranked where. I am saying....contrary to many posters here...Elam wasn't the only guy they were looking at. It seems like they had McDuffie ranked nearly has high, possibly higher, possibly lower...but likely as one of the first rounders they would have gladly drafted. I would maintain that having Elam in for a visit is BOTH in line with what the Bills like at CB...AND because he was projected to be drafted in the range the Bills could reasonably expect to be able to obtain him. I undertand the history of them picking guys in round 1 with visits.
  5. I went back and watched the 2021 Bills embedded video to see how that looked as they picked Rousseau. It's interesting that in that video, they show Beane and the staff talking about Rousseau A LOT as they get closer to pick 30 (where the Bills selected in 2021) and there were some thoughts even about trading up for Rousseau as things progressed. They showed them talking about him and what he would bring to the table..showed them talking to Kim and Terry about Rousseau in the war room as the draft is happening. When you watch the embedded for 2022, they aren't talking about Elam by name at all..only that 2 corners went pick 3 and 4 and Beane is already thinking of trading out of round 1 thinking other corner(s) are going to be gone before 25 that the Bills like. In the 2021 Rousseau they show Bean fist bumping other staff when they take Rousseau. They don't show film of them actually making the call on Elam. They don't show them talking to the Pegulas or any of that like that did with Rousseau. Again, this isn't proof of anything but it does suggest the Bills brass wasn't exactly sitting there hoping that it was Elam. Having selected him, you'd think they'd show footage of the war room guys talking about what Elam brings to the table if they could draft him....like they did with Rousseau. I suspect they didn't show anything like that with Elam because it doesn't exist. There would be no reason not to include it if they had it.
  6. ....I would posit that I don't think this would even be a topic here IF Elam was a pre draft popular choice among Bills fans. It seems (to me at least) there is an element of the general Bills fanbase talking themselves into liking this more after the fact. KC fans are doing the same thing regarding Karlaftis becasue many (including me) didn't see him as a great pass rusher and felt there might be other options better suited to getting to the QB. (I personally liked Ebiketie better) What KC fans are not doing in the McDuffie VS Elam debate is tryng to reconcile among themselves that KC got McDuffie. We never expected him to be available and we are glad to have him.
  7. This top 30 visit thing is getting alot of run....I'd like to point out a couple things. I posted quite a while back that we can't know for sure where the Bills had McDuffie rated. Some in this thread are driving the point that the Bills didn't have McDuffie in for a top 30 visit. KC also didn't. If Derek Stingly had fallent to pick 18, 19 etc...would the Bills have avoided trading up for him because he hadn't been in for a top 30 visit? I think there is a fairly strong case to be made that McDuffie wasn't brought in for a top 30 visit by KC or Buffalo becasue he was projected to be a top 15 pick by just about any mock and big borad out there. I don't think Beane would pass on a highly ranked guy because he wasn't a visit. In the case of Brett Veach and KC...Veach noted that KC had only met with McDuffie once briefly at a bowl game or something and that was due to him not being a prospect they forsaw being available into the 20's. I would also like to point out KC typicaly also has a "type" they like at CB...tall, long arms. KC took a couple more corners later in the draft..6 foot or better with long arms. They mentioned that McDuffies other traits, high motor, tackling ability, willingness to be a dog VS the run...etc was more than enough to accept he had SLIGHTLY shortern than 30 inch arm length. I also think that Elam is a player KC would have drafted at 29/30 because he does have traits KC likes....the same ones you've all mentioned here. KC fans considered Elam a strong possibility and was a popular choice in fan and local media mock drafts. I don't think anyone in KC is knocking on the player...we'd have been glad to have him. I think the debate is more about the possibility that the Bills may or may not have had Elam higher. We will never know. And the idea that Elam wasn't especialy popular with Bills fans unti lthe Bills drafted him.....wich is fine. KC has had some of that going on with Karlaftis...he's quite a bit more popular now, than he was before KC took him. I'd also gently point out that this place nearly melted down when the Bills took "the wrong Josh" and that it worked out. In my opinion...I think the Bills probably had Elam and McDuffie rated very similarly. I had thought that the Patriots being at 21 was a block to the Bills moving to that spot in particular....but thinking on that further, NE has had no trouble doing business with division rivals for trades etc. I also think that since we know Beane and the Bills were talkinga about moving up starting at pick 20...that it can be said KC and Buffalo (and who knows who else) were calling them at 21. KC overpaid to get there. Suggests the Bills could have had an offer on the board to go from 25 to 21...and KC had to up the bid to get it done.. Lastly....regarding Booth....Booth, was projected AFTER McDuffie in most drats...usually showing up on mocks and big boards from the very late teens to the late 20's. Having booth and Elam in for visits MAY have been at least in some part, due to the idea the Bills were interested in learning more about prospects they might reasonably expect to be available when they drafted. To sum up. We don't know, and won't ever know how the Bills rated these guys. Speculating about what we think is possible, probably, likely, etc...is fun to do and discuss as fans.
  8. KC @ Houston Noon CST on CBS Sept 11 week 1. confirmed. Also...unconfirmed is Cheifs @ Raiders week 18 4:25 EST CBS
  9. I also don't know who will be the better player. FWIW, KC has said they plan to play McDuffie on the outside and expect him to more or less start. That of course could change, but this is their initial plan.
  10. I am glad to have Karlaftis....for what KC likes their DE's to be...he was made in a lab for spags....just pointing out that Allen and Karlaftis are not all the same player type.
  11. As much as I enjoy postivie comments about my Chiefs....I wanted to chime in here and say that this is a bad comparison. Jared Allen was a division II sack machine at Idaho State....and when he came out...and on into the NFL...he had a ton of "bend" to him. Karlaftis simply isn't that type of player. He doesn't offer much bend at all. He's alot more like Ryan Kerrigan....a larger, power oriented guy who is expected to be a strenght VS the run and win in passing situatoins by power, or with strong hands and beating the O-linemans punch, and shedding blocks. I hope Karlaftis is a great player, but as mentioned in this thread...it's damn hard to find good DE (espeically pass rushers) beyond the top 15 or so in round 1. The body and skill set is just hard to come by. Someone mentioned Creed Humphey was in the Bills laps and they took Basham instead. .....that, in hindsight was a mistake, but the point that 2nd round project DE types, just don't offer a good ROI. If you aren't taking one high, then there almost isn't any point. IOL...WAY BETTER ROI in mid rounds on those guys.
  12. I think you've got a good grasp on what KC is doing. Reid can be stubborn and SLOW to change what he is doing, but he isn't dumb and he does change things up once he can see that change is in fact needed. The leauge has gone two high crazy. Teams were pretty effective at taking away KC chunk plays....which had been their bread and butter from 2018 to last year. Teams just gave KC all the real estate they wanted between the 20's and then bogged us down in the red zone. If they are priced into having to pay Orlando Brown big money....and teams are presenting a light box....and I read a very telling stat from PFF or NFLNexGen.....LB bit the least in the NFL on KC play action...and they moved the least to run/defend against the Chiefs. No one was afraid of our passing game. LB were just staying home clogging up shallow passing lanes. Signing Ronald Jones, trading Hill, and self evaluating that KC does have some O linemen who should be plus run blockers...all point to a shift in philosophy. Mahomes best football thus far, was played when KC had a good running game to go with him. I think they want to get back to that. One more thing to point out...WAY TOO MUCH of KC's run game last season was RPO....this puts the Olineman at a disadvantage becasue they block that like it's a pass play. they never get a chance to fire off and drive anyone. I think KC had a nice run using RPO stuff for a while but teams caught up to that and you don't want Mahomes actually running the ball as an actual function of the offense. So I think you'll see alot less of that...the running game will look alot more like a conventional straight forward attack relying on the plus line to drive results instead of smoke and mirrors.
  13. I thought we might do business going up to 21. ...was surprised they were willing to trade up though...not a typical Bill thing to do.
  14. This used to be the case. In some ways it still is....but if you draft well, you can put guys on the field sooner and get a pretty good idea in a short time what you have. I know...KC Fan....but Nick Bolton, Creed Humphrey and Tre Smith...all drafted last year...all started...all were good. Without Smith and Humphrey...KC would not have been able to sustain a division winning record last year...they nailed the draft...so it can happen. I like the Chiefs draft, but I'll wait and see how it looks on the field before I really have a strong opinion about it. I certainly wouldn't have thought KC nailed it as well as they did last year a day after the draft was over.
  15. I would add, that from a Bills and Bills fan perspective...the argument that the Bills had to get to 23 for Elam...I think is correct, and therefore, getting to 23 was a very good move by Beane. For those of you who think the Bills wasted a 4th to move up 2 spots..... Consider that the Cowboys ended up taking OT Tyler Smith. CLEARLY the Cowboys made a panic move here. They have their CB2 possibly in some serious legal trouble...and at any rate, teams can always use 3 good CB's even if you like your CB2 well enough. You can not convince me that Tyler Smith was ahead of Elam on anyones draft board. Project OT/G types do not get ranked ahead of CB1 types. EVER. The Cowboys, got caught with their pants down. The run on OG/T types that were much better prospects, that the Cowboys would have been happier with...went earlier than they thought I am sure. Both Zion Johnson and Kenyon Green (the guy Dallas really wanted) we long gone. Trevor Penning was gon at 19. The Cowboys are not averse to seeing their guys go in front of them, but then just taking BPA on their board...thats how they got Parsons last year when Horn and Surtain went right in front of them. Elam was the guy they were prepared to take. When Beane moved up and took him...the Cowboys panicked. They had to take Tyler Smith...he was the last G/T prospect of note available to them, in a year when they had glaring holes in their line. Smith could have been had later. Smith was the last non Center O lineman taken until pick 57. Total panic move. Living here in the DFW Metroplex...it warms my heart whenever the Cowboys do something to cause the Cowboy fanbase angst....and this certainly has.
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