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  1. I wonder would they take these picks from the following draft, 2024
  2. Have we totally ruled out them bring back singletary?
  3. That's what I said, draft a WR round 1. For a 4th round pick Gabe Davis has been great.
  4. Gabe Davis is nowhere near the problem people are making out. Great chemistry with josh. We just need another early round WR and players on that side of the ball.
  5. Agreed I think WR, G is the priority even if we trade next year's 2nd I'm ok with that.
  6. ..'With respect to your question steptide, I know where you're coming from on that' coach MCD
  7. What area would you draft Rd 1?
  8. Yes I understand he was asked about that but it annoys me the way Beane anyway has neglected to make an elite o line. And he has whiffed on basham, and Rousseau and Oliver haven't set the world alight.
  9. Forget the Nastier edge defence, make the offence better!! Nastier OL
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