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  1. Interesting thing is josh started the houston game well, alot better then he started other games. I felt like what he changed there was for the better. I feel like a sport psychologist can help, I also think getting a bit of a chip on his shoulder and the 'moxie' he has shown at times suits him. Hahah
  2. Great. The team and Josh Allen can benefit from this. Would not hurt Allen's career to have his own personal one, alot of it is between the ears for him.
  3. Well I don't root for Bradys legs to be broken no.
  4. Because they are the best team left and deserve a superbowl from what I'm seeing. Come on dude, not like wanting the patriots, Dolphins or jets to win it.
  5. 51 points from 24 0 down wow. KC probably going to blow the next game or the superbowl. I want KC to win it really.
  6. We'll see. Mcdermott is 0-2, will he catch Andy Reid? No one wants to be a post season bust.
  7. I cant work out whether some people here think Josh Allen is actually better than Lamar Jackson right now or are just 'defending their guy.' 😂
  8. I think your making the point more complex then it needs to be. The two QBs have similarities as players. It just comes down to who is a better passer and runner ultimately. I cant put Allen above Jackson from what ive seen, even after one bad game. I don't know how people can.
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