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  1. I thought that was a veteran throw there. Take it for the easier field goal. 13-0 ahead
  2. I thought that against cleveland and the 2nd half was bad. Bills don't always stomp on teams when they have the lead remember
  3. His accuracy gets better when he's in this mood. It's like he's less nervous and has more belief.
  4. Totally trust mcd on defence. Just feel we could do with them towards the end of the game. After last week's last drive for example.
  5. You always get the feeling the timeout will be needed. Timeouts in the second half on defence bother me more. On a positive note, Bills are 15-4 when they score 20 points or more under McD. Need to find a way to do that!
  6. I thought that. It was the political answer. Thing is he knows he's backing himself into a corner by saying 'touchdowns.'
  7. I must admit I looked at the replay thinking the throw could be better but it was fine.
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