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  1. Alot of boxers unretire, must be something to do with the adrenaline they miss.
  2. Only if you always go for BPA. Maybe there's s good o line player you had graded slightly under the BPA but would help protect your franchise QB.
  3. I was pleased with a RB selection but thought it should have been OL after
  4. Was it KC with the pick before or SF? maybe he thought he might go there.
  5. I was one who wanted a stud RB for the bills.dissapointed to see the consensus best RB go to a division opponent. Wilson has showed potential aswell
  6. Get back to us when you have nice uniforms again.
  7. Just about got me fir a few seconds. I reckon the red helmets will be back
  8. Can we really rule out drafting a RB rd1 or 2? McDermott saying he was wants Allen running less in the media
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