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  1. Best thread I've seen on here, hilarious. Trubisky and tannehill are cute 😂
  2. Wheres the hate for mahomes come from? Want to see gronkowski smashed around sure, but mahomes?
  3. In terms of who to root for, obviously neither team popular but Tampa did trade us the Josh Allen pick. I have respect for how good KC are and Brady keeping on going to the Superbowl is ridiculous.
  4. Mahomes is extremely talented in his own right.
  5. Anytime there is an outstanding player in the QB position The guy throws no look passes for goodness sake.
  6. I want the lions to do well. Don't think goff is who they need but it gives them time to access
  7. I think he's fine as a second or 3rd option. That drop was massive though, no doubt about that. Don't think a reporter asked Mcd about that
  8. I agree and I also think his aggressive in game coaching on 4th down (before this game) improved this teams output alot. I think it's great that Mcdermott has been questioning of some of his own decisions, he didnt sound defensive when asked in his end of season presser which I think bodes well.
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