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  1. Elbo Room? Really? What a dump, figured Blondies next door would be better. First time in 20+ years I am not going, had tickets and everything.
  2. Listening to WGR this morning and they had the Fins beat reporter on who said Tua is the most accurate and efficient short passer in the last two seasons...fair enough. Then said his softening of the Ravens defense is what allowed them to take big shots in the 4th quarter. So being below mediocre in the 1st half allowed them to succeed in the 2nd... got it.
  3. Kid had a great day, he got it done. Give him credit. This was the best thing our Defense could have seen, he's capable. However, a MNF game we are banged up, to a 2-0 Miami team where it will be hot as hell at 1PM. Regardless of past history this game has had me worried for a while. This will not be a walk through.
  4. Go and buy a Blue Pass if you plan on driving and parking. Anywhere online. Going to cost you, either that or waiting for an Uber for ever and the surge fees.
  5. Parking is horrific at the stadium due to the F1 track... you will need a pass and they are upwards for $200 for a decent one.
  6. Why do you have a gun at a youth football game?
  7. The Tampa game last year should be the first film they all watch...bums.
  8. Bingo. I am not saying you have to be positive about Allen, or any other player for that matter. Lamar Jackson gets the same rap, and these journalists bash from up high with zero integrity. They don't have to be right just get clicks, its a sad state. Even articles written online - how many words are miss-spelled and or used bad punctuation. I realize this is nit picky but its rampant and on major news sites. I don't watch the news for sports, I read or listen to podcasts - ex ball players and front office people to me are the best listens and follows.
  9. Yeah I get it, but the standard for reporting has dropped severely and its not just them. ESPN is unwatchable, with the exception of Clarke and Bart Scott IMO.
  10. Its not one thing, they are consistently wrong in their takes. And yes I want accountability for being piss poor at your job.
  11. The best is Mina Kimes, and Bomani Jones...had the two worst takes in relation to Allen and yet stood on the same hill for three years. How do these people get to keep their jobs when they are so piss poor at it.
  12. On a side note, why was Spencer Brown absent during spring? Was it injury related?
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