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  1. A lot of this is spot on, been a Noles fan for over 30 years and while Jimbo deserves some blame the revolving door of coaches doesn’t help. Jimbo had been at war with the admins for a while to upgrade the facilities and depending on who you ask he wore out his welcome which is hard to do in Tallahassee. Tons of talent no guidance what so ever. Coaching matters big time.
  2. Did you see the QB play in Philly last year?
  3. He’s a mental case. Big time off the field legal problems that keep getting swept under the rug. I’m not sure he’s a fit here but talent is undeniable.
  4. Hughes is a weird case, always around the QB but hardly a disruption. Spare me the hurry stats, a guy making $10m a year has to change the game and he just doesn’t do that.
  5. I saw Mike at ***** Sporting Good around Cmas time in So Fla. He's in great shape and down about 60 lbs, no way he played ball that lean.
  6. There offense runs through those two players... what are you talking about?
  7. Bracket Kelce with Poyer/Hyde and Milano... jam him off the line no clean releases. Let Tre go one on one with Hill. I like those odds.
  8. The line already has Mahomes playing at -3, what you're not seeing is the money coming in on KC once its made known that hes a full go. This line will go to KC-4 by tomorrow and I will hammer the Bills...
  9. I have the same issue that happens intermittently, it’s the worst feeling. How did you get it to stop flaring up?
  10. He should do a commercial for Tylenol or Icy Hot... sick of seeing this dude on my tv every 4 seconds.
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