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  1. They should just say it: "It's not the injuries, it's that the injuries are usually to scrubs to whom we don't want to owe long term disability."
  2. Sunday will be the first real showcase of this defense. The first three weeks have been W1: Nincompoop Never Was QB, W2: Brady-Boosted Nincompoop Head Coach, and W3: Rookie QB Finally With Enough Tape To Scheme Him Quiet. Hopefully McDermott has the answers on D for all that Miami brings to the table. That's the only way you can afford not to get the guns ablazin'.
  3. He carried or was targeted 5 out of 13 plays when he was on the field. Not sure that's particularly high, but I think if one analyzed the number of times a motioning Harty leads to him receiving a handoff or being thrown to on the screen, it would be close to 100%.
  4. One would hope that this running game reliance the last couple of weeks is a bluff to bring these other parts out in more crucial games. You want to have some level of rushing, but to marry in more short receptions would also push and pull the defensive backfield and force them to consider alternatives to 2 deep.
  5. With the way each team seems ready for these types of plays to Harty, these seem to be the possibilities: they are calling those plays at inopportune times they are telegraphing these plays too much they are telegraphing these plays exactly as they want, in order to later call the "changeup" to greater effect the play design is terrible the execution is terrible
  6. It could also be dummy tactics. This is the softer part of the schedule, no real need to be laying your cards out there for all to see just to be able to get all the praise for dropping 70 on a sub-.500 team.
  7. 2-1. And the 1 was squarely on that greatest strength against a very formidable defense. I get it, you're pissed that Miami put up 70 on what may be the worst franchise since the Browns or maybe JaMarcus's Raidehs. There's no good reason to send Allen out there to throw 45 times against that team.
  8. DB was in perfect position, but that sideline catch is the difference between #1 WR money and #2 or #3. Can't say his effort to defend the Fuller interception was that stellar either.
  9. Things don't seem a whole lot different from 2nd half of 2022, except Josh's arm is back to where it needs to be. Almost every wrinkle play fails. Sweeps, WR screens, they all seem very telegraphed. Whoever is their self-scout staff needs some turnover if they can't sort that out. If Allen doesn't deliver pinpoint passes and/or Houdini acts, it would seem to be in trouble.
  10. Hopefully at your next job they station a microphone to eavesdrop on your every word.
  11. It's another flashy thing that will many every pundit fawn over Belicheat's brilliance, while his success without Brady stands on its own legs.
  12. The officials definitely favored green in this game. The quick taunt flag on Milano, that hit is wicked late, the trip on the final play (they still would have had stacked odds to make a FG and win the game regardless). I wouldn't want to blame the loss on the officiating, and even if they throw a flag there it doesn't change whatever damage was done. But...if you go back and look at Cheffers officiating the Bills...his crew is almost always nailing them for more flags than the opponent...
  13. That's been my inherent belief all along, that Daboll was more effective at extracting the potential out of the offensive playbook. The devil is in the details, you can just slap a playbook together with this route tree and that zone block scheme...but there are going to be ways to optimize the effectiveness of those plays. For example: The receiver who is supposed to tie up Whitehead's attention long enough to get Diggs open on that post (Sherfield?) Gabe running an unassuming flag route that gets jumped. Late last season, there was a play where Dawson made a head fake which totally created the room necessary to fit the ball in on a TD. My contention is that some of Daboll's keys are still remembered & run - Diggs is probably first and foremost. But with new receivers, if they aren't being shown those gritty details that turn a batted down ball (or in Monday night's cases all too often, an INT) into a tight-window completion, it's gonna be a whole lot tougher for this offense to succeed.
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