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  1. I think this is how you have to approach this year - try and pack in the hurt in 2024. Get lots of youth, try to develop some guys, but eat some dead cap on anyone you don't see in future plans. If it means we decline a bit this year, so be it, we have Allen who should cover a multitude of sins. If he's on a Mahomes level like so many of us want to believe, he's gotta start showing that huge salary is justified with less around him.
  2. I'm not sure he would. I truly think coaches realize their jobs depend upon ownership's ideals & perceptions. You go for that 4th and fail, the owner can say "Why didn't you take the points???" And in their minds, that gives the owner a chance to consider that fireable. Even if the owner isn't really like that, conventional wisdom rarely offends the "grrrr me football player" crowd. It's only the ones with a brain who start wondering if there are greater layers of strategy necessary than the 3 yards and a cloud of dust.
  3. He completely bungled OT. I think it shows a low IQ guy. These guys are gifted so much talent on their team, and then they don't have the intellectual capacity to conceptualize the strategic differences between the old OT rules and the new playoff OT rules. Also, you have to know your opponent and the time of the game. Both defenses are gassed, your goal has to be score at least 7 (I'd argue if you get the ball first, you should be trying to get 8 and force your opponent to match). You have to make sure Mahomes isn't getting the ball in a walk-off situation. Because he's shown most of the time to be able to convert it.
  4. Always fun to figure out which reporters are sourced by McDermott.
  5. OK, this is purely speculative on my part, but let's give Brady, Allen, & McDermott a little credit here. I suspect they put their heads together and decided 3/4 of Dorsey's playbook was utter tripe. It never had a shot. Total novice-level bunk. So they gutted it, took the portions that would actually be usable, tried to add a few things on the fly, but mostly just went from a severely stunted playbook, because you can't just hand everyone a brand new lexicon and expect perfection in 5 days. I think the situation is 100% up in the air what this offense looks like come August & September. I'd bet they want to find ways to incorporate the things that worked in 2020 & 2021 before Daboll left, but with whatever stamp Brady wants (if he's even there).
  6. Shame that Allen didn't drift a tad to his right on the dropback. Honestly if his read the entire time is Shakir on the post, shading to your right opens the angle even more for the throw - especially if Allen recognized their most dangerous rusher was lined up to that side... Types of things I worry Dorsey and Brady don't emphasize in practice that maybe Daboll did.
  7. Should be a priority to move on from whatever high-priced defensive liabilities you have right now. Feel bad for that group, but that's the way it goes when you are a part of 13 seconds, last year's debacle vs Cincy, and this year's inability to stop the most neutered KC offense to date. Continue your OL rejuvenation project. Invest in WR. They might still get the 1 seed if they get an MVP season from Allen and train up some new blood on defense.
  8. I highly doubt they fire McDermott. But Terry Pegula should look into his crystal ball and see where things are headed in the next two years. If you had any misgivings on McDermott's decisionmaking in the crucial moments, now would be the time to start building to the next run. You cannot let McDermott usurp even one more season of draft picks for his vanishing DL. So that's what a smart man would do, go get your offensive-minded HC, let him draft replacements for Davis & Dawkins, clean up this salary cap a bit for 2024, probably still squeak into the playoffs with your generational talent at QB, and be ready to get back into elite talk for 2025 and beyond.
  9. Dorsey. You can't install a whole new playbook midseason. That's your problem, you trusted a nincompoop to run your offense and doubled down after the 2022 season crumbled. Now you're left trying to decide if you want to give Brady a chance to implement the offense he sees fit, or go and bring in someone else. Whoever is hired needs more of a firewall between themselves and McDermott. And honestly, that's why they should move away from Brady, he has way too many ties to McDermott's history.
  10. I think we're OK taking a 4 point lead with just under 2 minutes. The bar is a lot higher for KC to get the TD, and it's really risking it to try to score that TD as time expires. So you may end up with a chance to get that FG to tie after all. Maybe your Pro Bowl LT needed to figure that s*** out.
  11. Townsend did punt. The defense did force a turnover. Yes if you run the %'s for 8 or 9 drives the rate sucks...but if you were to consider that maybe KC would be 50% success rate on the night against the defense, it may have been the drive where Hochuli pulled his head out of his a** and called Humphrey or Thuney for their incessant holding.
  12. The irony of how McDermott harped ALL SEASON about Josh's turnovers and "complementary football," and then he basically walks up to the roulette wheel and puts it all on 00. So hypocritical for a guy to criticize poor decisionmaking, then watch your QB make just about every right decision for weeks on end, and then you pull that. But hey, at least he knows how to clap before shaking Andy Reid's hand while wishing him luck in the Championship Game.
  13. I actually feel calmer about this one, only because I thought the chances of Buffalo looking past Pittsburgh were fairly decent. As long as there hasn't been any overconfidence that's grown into their approach from winning the last couple of meetings, they should be focused and in the right state of mind. That being said, KC is much more dangerous than the Steelers. I know they've underperformed compared to previous seasons, but they looked primed against the Dolphins and it's not going to be easy. But I think with KC you should already know what you're getting.
  14. If he wasn't doing McDermott a favor yesterday, then there's no excuse. End of the 1st half, they had the Bills on the ropes and he let them off the hook not forcing Buffalo to get the 1st down with time outs. He could have forced a 4th down dilemma with a banged up punter or go for it. They also botched any chance of possibly pressuring Buffalo by not trying for quicker strikes on that final drive. Another coach that will have a bust in Canton on the back of a HOF QB.
  15. I could see McBeane looking to salvage something via trade from a 1st Rounder that seems to not fit their mold after given a couple of seasons.
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