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  1. Always worries me with a new starter. No tape on him. Team will Be playing strong. Underestimating him. Hopefully I’m wrong
  2. The crazy thing about this no call is it wasn’t lost in the sauce. It was a one-on-one in open field, near the QB, with Lamar holding the ball. That’s a layup holding call that they missed
  3. Is TJ Watt going to be back? I know after the injury they said he may try to return after 5 weeks which would put him on our game
  4. If that’s a catch, then Gabe Davis’ drop vs the dolphins last week was one too Glad McD didn’t challenge it last week.
  5. Gotta say, I was impressed with the strategy and time management to end this game. Even more so with the fact it was communicated to all players
  6. Don’t get pushed into the EZ either. Just take a knee
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