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  1. I hate to say it, but after this contract, I think Eddie O will become our new whipping boy
  2. I mean 13 seconds is probably worse than music city miracle, IMO. Arguably worst loss in franchise history. At least MSM was one lucky play. 13 seconds was three quick plays that led to blunder (really resting on the shoulders of McD)
  3. The Chargers game on peacock, what’s that about? absolutely ridiculous how many different platforms there are and how Sunday ticket doesn’t cover it all
  4. Is LB gonna be our new miss pick? That last few years it was gettin marginal RBs. I guess we’ve switched that to LB. Hopefully im wrong
  5. Agree. In fact, I think he is quietly on a hot seat. If this offense isn’t efficient early on, I think they can him in favor of Joe Brady. I think McD realizes he is also on a warm seat and if things kind of fall apart this season, Dorsey will be the first to go.
  6. I think our talent level is about the same. Honestly the thing that worries me is Dorsey. Yeah, we got more talented on offense, but does he know how to utilize our existing and new talent. If Dorsey has another year like last, I think he gets canned. on defense I think we will regress which will put even more on offense. Losing Tremaine I think will be a bigger loss than what people expect (although I was ok with letting him walk). i think we just haven’t collectively improved talent-wise as a team.
  7. Seems like we were saying the same thing about Brady when he turned 30. And he continued to burn us for a decade plus longer. obviously TE is a different position. But Kelce plays it at such a high level still thinks he has 4 years at least as long as the chiefs are willing to pay him
  8. They love every pick. It’s like a mom loving their son. I can’t trust them on anything.
  9. Does Dorsey even use TEs? What does this mean for Knox?
  10. Good. Pats fans deserve 40 years of pain and mediocrity. The price to pay for the greatest dynasty in sports. and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’d trade positions with them in a heartbeat if it meant we won 7 SBs
  11. Not sure why Nike can’t just continue the stripe even with the change. The Saints stripe is the same color all the way around (I know it’s a single color). But if you’re the official uniform of the NfL, you make it look good. Disappointed Nike couldn’t make it work. toilet seat look is awful
  12. Honestly, I don’t really think we should waste too many assets or resources on backup QB. If Josh is hurt, we are probably going to lose based on how poor our defense plays when the game is close (which it will be with a backup in). We also don’t have a good running game so all the pressure will be on the backup. Dorsey won’t do any favors for that backup. what I’m basically saying is if Josh is out, we will probably lose so why waste resources on a backup when we have more pressing needs. We need to devote resources that can help Josh, not potentially fill in for him.
  13. In Payton’s defense, he should have made the SB twice if not for one of the worst no-call DPIs in nfl history.
  14. He’s still playing well. Keep him this year and then we should move on the following year. Too many holes to fill this year without him moving on
  15. It’s interesting that the bengals are calling it rigged. Let’s not remember last year against the Raiders in the wild card round where the refs blew a play dead but allowed the result of a TD in Cinci’s favor. Raiders probably win that game if not for that call
  16. I do wonder if it’s the scheme that isn’t allowing our d line to get pressure/ sacks. It feels like we play very straight up all the time. Rarely do we see stunts or moving players around the line like we saw with chris Jones last night. Albeit, we don’t have a chris Jones. but I would be willing to bet that the first priority is to play sound defense and defend a gap. After that you can rush the passer. This doesn’t allow for as many sacks. Maybe it’s another Frazier defensive concept that is stunting the production of our d line. or maybe they just very average players. Rousseau included.
  17. Without a doubt. It’s a huge turn-off by the bengals to just talk so brazenly. It’s America. Everyone likes the underdog who’s humble. But I gotta say, chiefs were getting a lot of calls going their way at pivotal times. penalties that the refs have been leaving uncalled all playoffs. Especially at pivotal times. I would be livid if I were a bengals fan. Anyways, go Philly!
  18. Hate to say it, but I think the Bengals win it all. the Super Bowl-less team club will probably get one team smaller this year. We hold company with teams like the Browns and Jags and Panthers. Sad thought
  19. Eagles know they just need to not commit any turnovers. They are going to play it very safe. Runs, dump offs and passes along the sidelines. Nothing to risk letting niners back in the game. Because we know, as well as the eagles, their offense ain’t doing squat
  20. I think they absolutely win the division. Dolphins have enough talent on defense to be a top 5 defense next year. Fortunately Josh has performed well against Vic in the past, but who knows next year.
  21. NFL is probably telling the refs to make sure Eagles get every single call, even if it’s ticky tacky, just to ensure we don’t have to watch josh Johnson in the SB trying to keep up with an AFC offense
  22. Agree. Although I feel like the penalties dropped drastically once the playoffs started. niners can’t catch a break.
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