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  1. He probably doesn’t have respect for him as a QB which is clearly evident. Same thing for Foles. I’m sure Brady would never do that to Rodgers or Mahomes or even Josh now. I simply believe Brady thinks that Foles and Fitz are not worthy of his respect after a loss.
  2. Well hopefully he’s not a bust like all our other 2nd round draft picks. like the pick
  3. First person I could think of was Beth Mowins.
  4. Who the hell would want to trade for Zack Moss? He can’t be worth anything more than a bag of balls
  5. I think his strength in coverage, or at least what the coaches allude to, is his ability to run down screens and swing passes and prevent them from becoming huge gains. I will admit he is very good at that. now dropping into coverage over the middle of the field it seems like he doesn’t have a good feel. Otherwise, he’d have more pass break-ups and interceptions, IMO
  6. To be honest, I think the Rams D line as a collective earned MVP. Or at least give it to Donald. They kept the Rams in the game while their offense was anemic. it seemed like every drive in the second half burrow was being sacked and it destroyed drives for them. If Bengals scored once I think the Rams lose that game.
  7. I agree. I think the stars aligned for them to make this run. Numerous things just went their way including a terrible call by the refs on the raiders WC game and then no call last night on the Boyd TD. one reason I wasn’t rooting for them is because, IMO, they had no business being in the SB….and Joe seems like an arrogant ahss
  8. Totally agree. It’s amazing no one in the media decided to speak up and stop the hype train. Although I guess they need to do it to make the game more appealing. Bottom line, I see him as a Phillip rivers. Pretty good. But never will be the best QB in the league. Joe just doesn’t have anything elite about him
  9. Burrow is not elite. I was not impressed by anything he did tonight. Not a single throw was elite by him. The touchdown to Boyd was underthrown and took the ref not throwing a flag to be a touchdown. I don’t understand how this guy is being hyped the way he is. He is above average for sure. But he does not even deserve to carry Josh’s or Pat’s jocks
  10. Joe Burrow looked very mediocre tonight. I realize he was under pressure but jeez, he hardly made any plays
  11. There should have been a call on Boyd earlier in the game
  12. I think this may be the last time Rams see the ball.
  13. Matt stafford is not very good. He’s rushing himself unnecessarily
  14. If Rams win this super bowl, Von Miller should win MVP
  15. Burrow looks like a Mac Jones with a stronger arm. I don’t understand all this hype.
  16. Wasn’t late. He was still clearly inbounds. Joe could have taken a steeper angle to the sideline if he didn’t want to get hit
  17. Thing that really pisses me off about the bengals run is they have been extremely lucky. They haven’t gotten any teams A game in the playoffs and they’ve been the benefactor of numerous bad calls by the refs.
  18. Not gonna lie. Joe Burrow isn’t very impressive. I haven’t seen a ton of bengals football this year, but he never really makes any wow plays.
  19. Smart play for stafford if nothing else was there. Just about as good as a punt
  20. Rams offense doesn’t look very good. Bengals are just waiting to explode.
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