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  1. anyone know if Bills will take part in this workout?
  2. That's the reason I say we have to stop overvaluing these picks and if you have an opportunity to trade for a proven player you act....that's all I'm saying
  3. Reports that Bills we searching are just reports!! Fact is good organizations make changes and are never complacent.Pats do it every year and it works...So the philosophy that putting such a high value on picks nonsense...More often you draft and build players and by the time they are fully developed " If they even pan out to be good" they are walking out the door #facts...we had a chance to get Sanu and Sanders but rather us giving up picks we stayed put and let our rivals strengthen their teams....great strategy
  4. Only 7 teams have scored less points than Buffalos 134...and that includes teams that are clearly tanking.....Great job Beane thinking we have the right peices already
  5. I'd try to make a big splash grab A.J. and Geno Atkins that would be a major salary dump for cindy....And gives us 2 positions of need....Try to get Melvin Gordon and while your at it O.J. Howard too ......make a major splash now
  6. Sure most of you saying we dont need a trade blah blah blah.....Feel different today...
  7. Well 2 of the franchise's with the most trophies think they are worth it....I'll side with their philosophies on this one
  8. meant to quote this ....Well these guys dont put us over the top either
  9. Neither does another Phillips and Singletary!!! Just saying
  10. Everyone is available when the right proposal is made....How many times has a team said they are Not trading a guy and a few weeks later that player is traded....?
  11. no direct tv where I'm @ but appreciate your concern with my finances....if you only knew
  12. anyone know of a live stream that actually works?
  13. anyone know of a live stream that actually works ?
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