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  1. With expectations lower this year than the past couple of years, here’s a thought. Offer Josh to the Bears for both of their first rounders and their second. Draft Williams, Thomas and Mckonkeywith the first rounders. Fill out the rest of the roster from there. Put 2024 in the books as a probable reset, Look out league in 2025.
  2. The Bills sadly, will never reach a Superbowl in my lifetime
  3. I am pretty sure this was discussed quite a while ago, but I can’t find anything on it. With Hyde and possibly Poyer gone, what’s the possibility of transitioning Elam to Safety? I am in favor of it honestly.
  4. A Safety for sure. A Run stuffing hog in the middle
  5. I’m pretty confident in this one, it’s the Baltimore team that worries me.
  6. We might want to bring Vrable in as our DC. This can pull some of the responsibility off McDermott to focus on Head coaching duties
  7. I voted to keep him as a 3-5 receiver, but after thinking about it, I’d let him walk. What expectations do we have for Shorter? Any idea, I know he has been injured.
  8. No shot at playoffs anymore, but the fans needed to see that the organization isn’t just spinning its wheels. Contact Kliff Klingsbury at USC, see if he would consider OC and asst head coach next year
  9. We should offer Harbaugh 18 mil a year and have him hand pick a staff. What we have was nice 5 years ago, now we are barely treading water.
  10. Diggs is the best player on this team. I’d be pissed too. Josh simply had no time to look for Diggs. Our O Line is bottom 5 in the league for years
  11. There’s never a good explanation to anything on here, only smart-alek comments every single time.
  12. Was just thinking, If Milano does not have significant injuries, why don’t we put him back at Safety? He played some in school, he is fast enough and strong enough to handle tight ends and wide receivers. Put Dodson and Spector in his spot. This could be the perfect place for him.
  13. Addition by subtraction. I wish him no ill will, but he is a below average LT and he needs to be sending out resumes in my opinion
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