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  1. Diggs is the best player on this team. I’d be pissed too. Josh simply had no time to look for Diggs. Our O Line is bottom 5 in the league for years
  2. There’s never a good explanation to anything on here, only smart-alek comments every single time.
  3. Was just thinking, If Milano does not have significant injuries, why don’t we put him back at Safety? He played some in school, he is fast enough and strong enough to handle tight ends and wide receivers. Put Dodson and Spector in his spot. This could be the perfect place for him.
  4. Addition by subtraction. I wish him no ill will, but he is a below average LT and he needs to be sending out resumes in my opinion
  5. Good QB, a middle of the road player to be fair. Matt Ryan type at his best.
  6. I would think the key to winning this game is forcing Jackson to pass. Keep 7 in the box often, play man to man on the outside and dedicate a spy on Jackson at all times.
  7. Not a huge fan of your music but props to you for landing Megan Fox. That being said, are you willing to pay 8 to 15 mil for a guy who is susceptible to injury due to his size and aggressive style. I honestly am not. We can pick up another LB in the draft for the long term and ride out the season with Klein and Milano (if available). Let’s concentrate a bit on run stuffers and QB pressure can we?
  8. I’m a big fan of Milano. A healthy Milano. The trouble is we can’t count onhim to be there week in and week out. Definitely not worth 8 to 12 mil a year which will be the going rate.
  9. He has definitely been steady for the past month, not expensive and definitely not as injury prone as Milano.
  10. I know he is or at least has been considered a dirty player, but should we consider bringing in Vontaze Burfict to help out our linebacker corps?
  11. I wonder why Oliver hasn’t been given the chance to play Defensive End. There is no mistaking his effort, but he seems to be often overmatched by the hulking Offensive Lineman and has has a really hard time releasing from their blocks. Jordan Phillips have proven to be much more effective on the inside and watching V Taylor a couple days ago I don’t see a great drop off. Oliver is strong as an Ox, young and quick, I think the coaches should give this a try and see what happens. Thoughts?
  12. Darryl Talley was more of an impact player than Biscuit.
  13. Maybe we should look at Adrian Peterson, he is still unsigned.
  14. Ritchie has done a nice job, but honestly his best years are behind him. This was his last year anyway. Who knows, maybe he changes his mind.
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