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  1. You've been gone a long time! About to roll into the 4th quarter.
  2. I guess you missed the last KC TD. Then Tampa moved the ball well and looks like they will get a TD. I think Godwin is seriously hurt; the crowd made a weird nose when they saw the replay (I think)
  3. Outstanding! I had a '91 Spider for many years and am a huge Alfista, at least in spirit.
  4. Hey ALFABill, is your name a reference to ALFA as in "Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili ??? If so, what are you driving?
  5. Well, considering that who he cheers for has zero impact on the game as a starting point... Perhaps he's saying that his sheer, total, and pure hatred for Tom Brady actually trumps his rooting interests in the outcome of the game. It's more fun to hope for and cheer for Brady failure than it is to hope for KC to win, despite the tangential benefit potentially received by the Bills.
  6. He's saying that who he cheers for has ZERO impact on the outcome of this game!
  7. I like that last play design for the TD. We could maybe use Knox as the ball carrier.
  8. No offense, but are you the number one person on Earth in your profession? I'm talking about guys at THAT level.
  9. Not just you. He learned that trick from Jon Gruden during his MNF broadcasts. Every single play was used as an opportunity to talk up someone or something associated with the play. He didn't want to burn any bridges in terms of getting back into the NFL I think.
  10. Extremely driven and competitive guys like Brady will always choose themselves over everything.
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