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  1. This board is extremely sensitive to any criticism of Josh Allen, and creates new threads constantly trying to demonstrate his competence, for one simple reason: we haven't had a good QB in a very long time and people feel very insecure about Allen's merit as a QB. He kind of, sort of, somewhat seems like a talented guy and compared to the steady stream of poor QBs this franchise has endured for many years, he seems like he might be better than the norm. But that is balanced against a deep seeded fear that he may in fact not be better than any of the others, the entire McBean mini-era may just be a lot of treading water and wheel spinning, and we may in fact still need to go find a real QB. The one thing this board tends to agree on is that the Bills will never really be the team we want them to be without a very good QB at the helm, so there is enormous hope/pressure/concern regarding that state of affairs. Allen needs to make enormous strides this year and he has to be asked to things like actually try to read a defense, select the best throwing option, and then accurately deliver the ball to that receiver. He wasn't asked to do that very often last year, if at all. It remains to be seen if Allen will be able to stay in the league for a lot longer as a starting QB.
  2. Tyrod's number one deficiency was his utter refusal to throw the football! It's also directly linked to his ridiculous ability to not turn the ball over. His style of game was so conservative of course it lent itself to low turnovers. 1 game we can all remember in which Tyrod straight up "lost us the game" is the playoff game against Jacksonville. That game was extremely winnable and Blake Bortles' performance was freaking atrocious. And yet Tyrod could not move the ball or put points on the board to save his ass.
  3. Yes he did. There was a point in time there when I hated the Dolphins so much and Mark Duper and Mark Clayton in particular. Marino too! For me, that is all gone now. Miami is just another team.
  4. You know this sounds kind of trite and it's something usually said in connection with things like the Kennedy assassination, but it really is true. I not only will forever remember where I was and the details of viewing the game (I was in a huge crowded bar with hundreds of people watching live), but what I remember more is the weird feeling of camaraderie and brotherhood felt at the end of the game when the comeback was complete. Everyone was extremely open and emotional and I was high fiving and hugging complete strangers and everyone was on the same page--it was a rare moment of total bliss I would say for everyone in the room.
  5. Watched "Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal" last night on youtube. Enjoyable documentary but somewhat slowly paced and it could have been 1/2 hour shorter. It's amazing how primitive the technology was, at least until this guy came along and they then changed it to make it much more complex. I'm on a huge documentary tear of late, so I followed that one up with "ICARUS" on Netflix about the Russian athlete doping scandal. That is a very well done documentary that I'd recommend to anyone.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll watch this tonight and report back. It's not on Netflix but seems to be on Youtube for free in its entirety.
  7. I assume they mean surgery on a muscle that is in his "core" or torso area. No?
  8. WGR broadcasts like a solid 5 minutes behind real time. You can start to record the game on TV, pause it, and then start playing again when John Murphy comments on the kickoff or something like that to try and synch the 2 broadcasts. I have tried that many times and it doesn't work either...I found myself slipping in and out of synch all the time and it was just a pain in the ass.
  9. Last night I saw a pair of good documentaries on Netflix. "Perfect Bid" about a guy who memorized all the prices for items on the Price is Right; kind of a fun off-beat documentary that gives some insight into the world of a TV game show. In overall flavor, this one reminds me of "The King of Kong" in some ways, which is another fun, really well done documentary. "Killer Legends" was a completely different sort of film. It is creepy and explores several popular urban legends by going to the places where stories or alleged stories occurred, talking to key people, and researching the various stories the best they can. Both definitely worth viewing but completely different sorts of documentary.
  10. She looks like a freak with that puffed-up collagen filled face. Very hot woman in her day though, no doubt.
  11. What this limitless group of stories tells us is that love will find a way, and knows no age boundaries!
  12. There's more than a few of them in this league. True story.
  13. This is interesting news. Mark Kelso was outstanding at his job as color analyst and I have no idea why he is not in coaching. He sees things most analysts don't and explain them to the viewer/listener. Having listened to Eric Wood talk a lot on his weekly GR-55 spots, there is no doubt he is quite intelligent and well spoken, way beyond the norm for a pro football player. I think he'll be good, but I question if he truly understands the X and O side of the game on both sides of the ball the way Kelso did. Kelso's old job of free safety set him up well for his color analyst gig; but Eric at center is not bad either. I wonder if Kelso decided he didn't want to do it anymore. I can't imagine he was replaced out of a desire to improve the position. EDIT: So Kelso wants to spend more time doing NASCAR stuff huh? I'm glad he left on his own terms, though I'll miss him.
  14. You're basically saying you don't care that Allen is inaccurate, as long as he can somehow magically transform into an accurate passer when it matters most in a game. It doesn't work that way. Of course Allen has a ton of athleticism and did some impressive things on a football field, mostly with his legs. I'll give you 2 guys he reminds me a lot of: Tim Tebow and Collin Kaepernick. Did anyone ever accuse either of those guys of NOT being tremendous athletes? And while we are on that topic ever notice that Tom Brady does NOT appear to be a tremendous, natural athlete? It ain't just about athleticism, brother!
  15. Yes he is, but this forum will try to find plenty of excuses for him anyway. The one I anticipate the most will be "So much turnover on the entire roster in just a single off-season. The team didn't have time to "gel" and build "chemistry". (Keeping in mind "gelling" and "chemistry" are fan created fictions). For whatever reason, these online sports forums attract mostly a certain kind of fan. They are the kool aid drinkers and just want to feel good about their team and the hell with facts. They are hear to say "rah rah" and nothing else. The real world isn't like that; it's easy to go out and find Bills fans who offer intelligent, objective discussion of the team. Not totally sure what that's about.
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