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  1. When I was 18, it would have taken 50 years to get sick of "That." LOL.
  2. Anyone else find the way the Bills have handled this injury to be BS? He has been out for weeks now, but the injury was never reported as being the type of thing to keep him out for weeks. It has been "we'll see how he is in a few days" for a long time. It's BS, and it's not like they are reserving some sort of competitive advantage by adopting this approach.
  3. Your assessment here is not really accurate. Schopp and Bulldog adopt a "this is how it is" approach to the team, and for most of the last 20 years, that has meant "The team sucks." Can't fault them for calling garbage "garbage." I know this is strange to the vast majority of posters at this forum, which functions as a Bills Cheerleading Club and where posters choose to pretend it is all always going to go well as a form of religion, a few steps removed from reality. The team and organization, right now, are standing on the firmest ground they've seen in 2 decades and more. I think Schopp and Bulldog's comments/optimism simply reflect that. I am actually surprised they are not more vocal/critical of Josh Allen, who is far from a proven commodity, but for whatever reason, they have chosen not to go that route and have maintained a "so far, so good" approach with him. Maybe that is more of what you are talking about. It does feel like they have been told to take it easy with Josh Allen so as not to alienate all of their listeners. A thread starts up here about once a week bitching about Mike Schopp, basically disliking him because he is rude to callers. He is rude to some callers--the really idiotic ones, which doesn't bother me at all. Once in a while he gets a sharp caller who is informed, actually knows the correct names of the players/coaches he speaks about, and has something intelligent to say. Schopp goes out of his way to praise such callers and is not rude to them at all.
  4. There's still a few left. Not many.
  5. Not the hottest, but I would personally foul her all day long.
  6. What the hell is wrong with this kid? He "had enough?" Sounds like he had a nice little relationship going with sex on demand with a former model. Sure, she's probably crazy, but that usually adds to the excitement with this sort of thing. Kid must be a total *****.
  7. Fair enough! My point is that games of that type are boring, even when we are on the right end of the final score. I was much more pumped up for the Patriots game. I prefer the anticipation of a difficult challenge to the expectancy of an easy win. Right. We all express our personal views in pretty much every post on this forum. I thought that was implied.
  8. Not sure how old you are, but we did a lot of that sort of thing during the Super Bowl years and it gets old pretty fast. I was at a game in those days against the Jets. Kelly threw 3 bombs, and at the end of the first quarter we were ahead 21-0. That part was really exciting and fun. The rest of the game was a boring affair as everyone in the building knew who the winner was going to be that day.
  9. The design immediately reminded me of this:
  10. I have confidence that the game won't go that way, but I guess it could. Maybe Fitz will be inspired. What I meant was that an easy win in which we are in control from beginning to end is a boring type of game and I'm not really looking forward to watching that, even though I'll take the W all day long.
  11. That does sound really good. I would also replace the feta with crumbled goat cheese or crumbled Maytag blue...each would be quite good but different. I am going to try this this upcoming weekend! Thanks for that one! This video shows how to grill watermelon and then he actually threw on some feta and balsamico at the end!
  12. The design is artistic, but it's difficult to figure out what's going on, especially for someone who doesn't pay much attention to "super fans." I'd say go back to the drawing board!
  13. I am having trouble getting excited for this one. We are expected to win, win easily, and win in dominant fashion. I'll take an easy win no doubt, but games where the winner is decided in the first quarter are boring. Anyone else feeling a little "down" about the game in this sense?
  14. Don't make jokes. It is harder and harder to find teams that have been around as long as the Bills and Sabres that have not won a championship. The Blues winning the Cup last year didn't help.
  15. Looks like the sort of thing he will regret when he gets a bit older.
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