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  1. KC should win and win easily, which is why I am going to be cheering hard for Cleveland. Maybe some lightning will strike like it did in Pittsburgh and Cleveland will get a free 14 point head start.
  2. My assumption is Mahomes will put up 30 against us and it will be on us to match. We might do that but we have struggled to get the offense really flowing these first 2 playoff games. I'd rather play Cleveland. The home field thing could present a benefit too, just in terms of the team feeling comfortable and being in familiar surroundings, being able to sleep in their own beds night before game, etc. There is no competitive advantage for home teams over the last 2 years in the NFL, despite people talking about the "home field advantage."
  3. BROWNS AT CHIEFS (-10) CBS staff predictions (taking point spread into account!) Pete Prisco: Chiefs Jason La Canfora: BROWNS Will Brinson: BROWNS Jared Dubin: CHIEFS Ryan Wilson: BROWNS John Breech: BROWNS Dave Richard: BROWNS Jamey Eisenberg: CHIEFS
  4. I usually wear no underwear, or if I do, it's something in a mesh or bikini.
  5. On his INT, my thought progression was: 1) INT! Thank God Baltimore gets zero points here! 2) He is going to give us good field position 3) I think he could go all the way, maybe 4) He is definitely going all the way, I can't believe he's scoring a TD! LOL
  6. It's not too early to discuss this game. Is there any way Cleveland can win?
  7. He realizes we have been in the playoffs recently. He was trying to say that teams that have been down for a while are suddenly alive in the playoffs and it's fun to watch. Tampa, Cleveland, Bills. He didn't do a great job of saying it.
  8. I think the OP may have been trying to be facetious, but didn't do a very good job of portraying that.
  9. Yes, maybe not in the traditional sense, but it was tight, tense, close, and a defensive battle most of the way. I don't think either QB ever really got in stride, but that relates to the defensive battle going on.
  10. At this stage of the game, it's not really about entertainment. It's about finding a way to claw and fight for wins. And we now have 15 on the season. 2 left to go.
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