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  1. Don't you think the quality of opponent impacts the analysis? The 3 home losses this year have come to Philly, NE, and Baltimore, arguably the 3 best teams we have played. The 2 best teams we have played on the road are (maybe) Cleveland and Dallas. We beat one and lost to one. Rather than focus on venue, I would suggest the rule is more that we beat bad teams and lose to good ones.
  2. LOL. The last pass of the game was Allen's THIRD TD left on the field because of his accuracy problems. If he leads him a bit more it's a catch. He threw it slightly behind and pulled Brown back into the defender. Accuracy matters at this level.
  3. They also gifted us a 15 yard flag for a phantom unnecessary roughness penalty on Allen in that scrum and gave us a free shot at winning the game on the "PI" call against Beasley. He just took a dive on that. Folks here love to B word about the refs. It evens out for the most part.
  4. Yeah, it looked like overhead photographs of the field taken from up high. They are shooting and printing those throughout the game to show players on the sidelines what's going on schematically.
  5. I think this is correct. We have done very well against teams "we should beat" and I think Pittsburgh goes in that category.
  6. Let's put it this way: I think the Bills would be better helped by New England winning. Doesn't mean we have to root for them! And of course, as always, I am hoping for an injury to Brady on the side.
  7. A Bills game, even to a Bills fan, can be excellent even if we lose. Super Bowl XXV was as good a Super bowl as has been played. It was also probably the most painful Bills loss I can recall. That's part of the epic stature of that game in history.
  8. We have heard that throughout the season, but continue to see the same faults. For example, I thought Allen was now beyond those panic lame duck lob throws he made late in the game. He was under extreme duress in the pocket and threw a lob up for grabs out of sheer panic. Should have been an easy interception but harmlessly fell to the ground. If he shows he doesn't learn from this stuff I don't think it can be called a learning experience.
  9. He missed a couple easy TDs today by YARDS. Please!
  10. I disagree with your second sentence. This game, Philly, NE, are what the playoff game is going to look like. Allen will struggle against good teams and only good teams play in the playoffs. Folks read too much into the Dallas win. It was a big win for the franchise as a whole, but don't draw too much from Allen's performance. Dallas is not a good team and will not be in the playoffs.
  11. It's absolutely bizarre how people here want to talk about every possible topic OTHER THAN THE QUARTERBACK. Allen straight up left 2, and very possibly 3 TDs on the field today! Had nothing to do with how much protection he got from the OL, had nothing to do with how fast or tall the WRs are, or how good the defensive opposition was! Had to do with Josh not being able to put the ball where it needs to go. Until THAT is solved, the results against good teams are going to be about the same. We struggle to get to 20 points and that is not enough to beat most good teams most of the time.
  12. The biggest problem with the roster today was at QB. Not sure the QB is a year away from making us a serious contender. Unless you are thinking about drafting another or making a trade for one of the big names that are likely to come on the market this off-season.
  13. Around here, Daboll bashing is code for "Allen had another bad game." He was HORRIBLE today.
  14. Eric Wood on the radio just said this was as bad as the offense is capable of playing.
  15. A QB capable of generating some small amount of offense against good teams would also be great.
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