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  1. His value is greatly overrated in this thread by this board, but that's par for the course.
  2. This is WONDERFUL for me...they made a thursday night game a Miami game...so I will get to see it on TV for free down here in FL. I WILL NOT PAY FOR AMAZON to watch a football game! Or anyone else. The problem is a lot of idiots will.
  3. The moment we drafted Kincaid, I said "knox on his way out long term" and I got TONS of thumbs down and negative responses from the Brain Trust here. You watch! Knox is one of the worst Ks in the game, it is untradeable, and he is now the highest paid blocking TE in the league. We will cut bait and move on from him the moment we can.
  4. Toledo, Akron, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Windsor, Ont., there are a million places like Buffalo all over the country.
  5. I would say I am. It's a really complex thing, isn't it? Being nostalgic. Try to program that into an AI robot and you'll see what I mean.
  6. I want both guys from Miami, but I don't think Miami will want to play ball.
  7. Lots of people have suspected for a while that the whole master plan here was to bring up Appert to the big team, and have him be tutored by Lindy for a year or 2. Then Lindy retires and Seth is named the HC of the Sabres. Appert has done really well in the AHL and this may not be a bad thing at all. With this news about Appert coming to Buffalo, I have no doubt this was the plan from the beginning, going back to Adams' PC announcing the firing of Granato. Right then, he KNEW he would hire Lindy as the HC, tutor Appert, and then segue to Appert longer term as the HC. Continued failure will see Adams fired anyway, and then anything he has planned will go in the toilet when the new guy comes in, so this is no big deal. Now we have to see if it will actually work! On a related note, I watched the Boston/FLA game last night. Boston is light years ahead of the where the Sabres are now as a gritty, structured, defensively aware playoff team...and they are just straight up getting outclassed by the Panthers. We have SO FAR TO GO, it is kind of daunting.
  8. Interesting comments from Brian Ballinger on rookie minicamps in general, and how immediately you can tell who is a bust or not. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/baldinger-you-know-right-away-if-rookies-can-make-nfl-team
  9. Watched the whole Amerks game last night; a boring, disappointing affair. Syracuse has a veteran team of older minor leaguers and it was too much for the kids in Rochester. I thought Levi performed well though, given the goals that were scored. Oh well, losing in WNY is what we know how to do! I took this one squarely on the chin and will keep going.
  10. Lots of people will tell you this is incorrect. Most chefs would season 15 minutes or so before you cook. Salt draws moisture out of the meat and it will be too dry if you salt it forever. Use crushed sea salt; any other type of salt is just a scam. I would NOT buy meat "infused with bourbon" or whatever it is you have there. You can't control that and if you want to soak meat in bourbon, do it yourself where you can control the process and the quality of the bourbon. The key is to crank up the heat really, really high, and sear the sides to build up a crust that will seal in juices. I'm guessing you have a thick cut of meat there, once you have a good crust lower the heat and finish cooking so that you have medium rare at the center, which is the ONLY way to enjoy a gorgeous steak especially if thick. One of the most important parts of the process, totally ignored by most backyard grillers, is to let the meat "REST" for a solid 15 minutes especially if it's a big thick steak. It relaxes the meat and all the juices go back into the tissue of the meat. Makes each bite noticeably more juicy and delicious.
  11. We don't have endless seasons to piss away with Josh in his prime, you know. The window is closing as I type. Not this year, not next, but it's closing.
  12. Interesting analysis, Mr. OP. Further evidence indicating why we'll be looking to move on from McD and possibly Beane, hopefully at the end of the upcoming season. I've always liked Beane, I think he's a solid guy. But if he is going to emphasize the wrong positions and neglect receiving in 2024, and can't even consistently get us to an AFC championship game, move on! So far Beane and McDermott have drastically underperformed given that we have a difference maker only a few teams have. They'll get it just about right...but not quite...in the last solid year of Josh's career. LOL.
  13. This has been widely reported for several days now as being imminent. The more interesting thing will be if Shanahan gets dumped too. He's scheduled to publicly speak tomorrow with the other guys, so maybe he's going to survive. It's always a joy to watch chaos consume Leafs Land! 👍
  14. I was anxious to watch that video clip to see how well he is doing. I was kind of surprised as he's clearly very functional, but it's still not good. So given that this news comes as a result of his poor health, it's sad. Having said that, from a purely professional perspective, moving on from him is a huge improvement. Although, the guy who has been filling in (Greg Brown) is getting rather annoying with his deliberately over-the-top high pitched squeaky proclamations. "And it was CAUGHT by Stephon Diggs for a TOUCHDOWN. He sounds like he is deliberately mimicking real announcers as he plays announcer. Time for Pegula to pony up some coin for a real, permanent, play by play guy with some talent.
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