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  1. Seems logical, but a lot of folks seem to attend games simply because it's something to do. I'm not sure the on-ice product matters a lot to that demographic. And of course you have the opposing team fanbases who are interested in buying tickets depending on who we are playing. You also have the Canadian demographic, many of whom are not Sabres fans to begin with, but who enjoy being able to easily and cheaply watch NHL hockey. Will be interesting to see how ticket sales are affected. God Knows the atmosphere in the building can't get much worse. CAN IT !?!???!?!?!
  2. Another loss in Carolina, good for our 7th in a row. 59 point season pace since the 10 game win streak ended on November 27th. Botterill and Housley both need to be terminated at season's end.
  3. Nextmanup

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    I agree; I think the draft will see some OL men too.
  4. Nextmanup

    What is your favorite soup 🍜

    Funny there is a topic on this, as Exiled in Illinois and I were discussing this recently. Apparently Gugny's favorite is anything from Thai cuisine, and in particular, he loves Cream of Sumyunggai.
  5. Nextmanup

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    I think Morse will prove to be a solid addition; the rest are kind of solid depth players. They'll probably prove to be improvements over what we had last year but that's not hard to do.
  6. Just played 5 times. First 4 times, we stayed at 8 or went back to 9. Fifth time we shot up to #2! That'd be fantastic if we cold pull off another high lottery pick this year.
  7. Nextmanup

    Hot for Teacher: Georgia style

  8. Nextmanup

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    He kind of looks like an owl, doesn't he?
  9. Nextmanup

    Tannehill traded to Titans

    I've been waiting for that rust to start forming for about 3 or 4 years now. Unfortunately, Brady seems to be made of zinc coated stainless steel.
  10. While I totally agree that Q. may not want to come to Buffalo and that we would have a tough time recruiting him here, it is worth noting that this is one area where Pegula's $$$ can make the playing field uneven in our favor. There is no salary cap on coaching compensation. Pegula can straight up pay Q. double what he would get anywhere else, for example, and dare him to walk away from the money. He can also offer ridiculously long term, all the while knowing that if it goes south, he can break the K and pay Q his money for doing nothing. God knows Pegula has gone that route many times already. That has to have some type of impact on the process. How much, I'm not sure.
  11. Nextmanup

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    I do not believe he's anything close to a franchise QB and I think that will become more evident as the season unfolds. A lot of the excuses made in support of him last year will not be available this year with much better OL, better WR targets, etc. PS: I don't think anyone is questioning his heart, commitment, or even leadership skills. But those things are not necessary to be a good QB in this league, and they are not nearly enough to overcome Allen's deficiencies at the position.
  12. I will never understand the mentality of "sports fans" like you. For some reason, your ilk makes up about 90% of these online sports discussion forums. In real life I never seem to stumble into people like this. Not everyone here is a casual sports fan looking for a cheap "feel good" thrill watching their team win. Some of us have an interest in the team that transcends having a casual good time, and want to discuss that team no matter what is going on with it, good or bad. Life is about ups and downs and if you are a fan, you have to take the good with the bad. If Buffalo sports fans weren't thick skinned and in it for the long haul, there wouldn't be any left! These are 2 of the historically worst run franchises in N. American sports history. If you just want to have fun and enjoy watching a good team win, why in the world would you choose to root for sports teams from Buffalo? I don't understand you at all.
  13. It certainly seems like they have quit on the coach. We've lost 6 in a row now. Saturday night we play in Carolina, then home against St. Louis, and then Toronto at home next Wednesday night. What if we lose an ugly one to our rival the Maple Leafs on home ice, and it is our NINTH LOSS in a row? Will that get anyone fired around here?
  14. Something else that the "we have improved" crowd doesn't acknowledge is that this year's team is not the same as last year's team. If you want to show improvement, you have to try and compare apples to apples. I.E., the simple addition of Dahlin to this year's team, even if we ignore all other factors, is probably good for a slight bump. Or to put it another way, had Dahlin been on last year's team, that team would have done a little better than it did. So the difference between last year's team and this year's team is narrower than some claim. You also have to adjust for the arrival of Skinner, who is on pace for easily achieving a career goal scoring year. Again, put him on last year's team and that team ends up with more points than it had, also narrowing the gap to this year's team. It' kind of like adjusting for inflation. Adjust for added talent this year, and overall team performance in all other areas may actually be considered worse this year.