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  1. 2 Ohio State guys in the top 5 WRs available in the draft? That's amazing.
  2. No athletes, in any sport, on any team, have ever "tanked" in this sense. Tanking does mean "players try to lose." It means management assembles a team maybe including coaching that, trying its best every game, is not very likely to be successful.
  3. I think a lot of fans agree with this, but I think it's actually possible, this year. Not highly likely, but possible. How the season ends will play a role.
  4. Dude, how many posts are you going to make saying this is an old thread? Let it go man! Let it go.
  5. What? Are you trying to make some sort of political statement here? I have idea what you are trying to say. BTW, we don't study ethics or philosophy at St. Joe's. I did in undergrad though! 😘
  6. Yet another indictment on coaching. No player on the team should interact with the fans, and they should all know that because the coach has made it clear.
  7. He's "Cleaned house" many times in the past! Lots of mistakes to make go away! That poster is talking about the current Bills regime.
  8. Well, they have a fortune invested in that guy and a lot riding on the success of his K. They have a major conflict of interest with that. Not unusual in sports.
  9. Not really; Von Miller and Knox, alone, make things difficult.
  10. Time to find the guy who knows how to take a good team and make it a championship team.
  11. And yet how many people here, since FOREVER, pissed on the suggestion to move on from a coordinator, especially in season.
  12. His drafting has been terrible. The 2 huge Ks to Knox and Miller are both proving to be big failures that will cripple this team going forward from a cap perspective. He's done a lot of good as well; I always liked him and supported him, but his record is far from excellent.
  13. I would pray to God he isn't leaning on his wife for advice on a coaching hire. How about doing what everyone does in life? Farm the work out to professionals who know what they are doing. I would keep Beane and have him find the new HC.
  14. If works on his foot speed and gets a sprinting coach, it might be possible for him to throw the ball high enough that he can run down field and catch the ball as well. It's about all that is left that he can do which is he not doing. I suppose we could also have him play both ways, like in the old days. Get him out there on D!
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