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  1. I really enjoyed the change of pace in that last episode. The episode reminded me what a completely unlikable character Saul is. Kim is so much better than him, and that woman (as portrayed in the show) wouldn't be with a guy like Saul in real life IMO. We all know Kim has to get out of the picture at some point, as she didn't exist in Breaking Bad... But man, I hope they don't kill her off.
  2. Gin? I'd rather drink paint thinner. Which, actually, I think is somewhat related, chemically speaking.
  3. Your thread title made me laugh. What forum are you spending time at? You think Josh Allen gets a lot of hate here?! I would suggest he gets a lot of contrived, irrational, love and support and here.
  4. I'm surprised there is no dedicated thread here to COVID-19 and how it may impact or is impacting the NFL season. No one wants to talk about it right now, and in the league's defense, they don't have to...but I can't imagine the regular NFL season starting on time in early September. So far it has been no big deal as this all exploded early in the NFL off-season. But it's already impacted the draft, and it's going to kill training camps as well when that time comes. Once training camp and the pre-season schedule is impacted, it becomes more problematic to figure out how to get the regular season started. I'm a huge fan of F1 auto racing. Their season was supposed to begin in mid March in Australia. Today the news is that Canada (mid June) has been added to the list of postponed races (meaning it likely won't happen at all). That makes 9 races that have been killed. A lot of folks in F1 circles are now speculating that there won't be any F1 season this entire summer, and people are beginning to wonder if there will be any kind of wildly re-coordinated season for Calendar Year 2020 at all. This whole thing is going to explode in the next few months when NFL-related things need to start happening in order for there to be a normal start time to the regular season--but can't. It's going to get a lot more interesting in the weeks ahead.
  5. The funny thing about these gigantic McMansions is that they often feature enormous hangout spaces that are totally out of proportion to a human scale. So you are in a space that is better suited to the main entrance/foyer at a train station but now it's your living room. It doesn't work or feel comfortable. And the acoustics in such spaces tends to be horrific; like sitting in a cave with reverb all over the place.
  6. I'm not disappointed at all. I am an episode behind though and somewhat cautiously looking through this thread. Don't want to see spoilers. I feel it's right up there on the same level it has been on in past seasons. Saul's girlfriend, Kim, is one of the best parts of the show for me. We know they have to get rid of her somehow b/c she was never a part of the Breaking Bad universe. I'm sure this is creating a dilemma; the show has naturally grown to make her a major piece, yet they need to start moving her away from the storyline. I think she's more interesting than Saul himself. I have been a little frustrated with Mike's character this season. His character is kind of limited in scope and he is turning into a 1 trick pony. The strong silent type who doesn't deal with emotions very well. All of the illegal activity/drug lord stuff has been excellent this season, however.
  7. Huh? To each their own, I guess. This is one of the best produced, most riveting documentary series I've ever seen.
  8. So does the guy up-thread quoting the Bible. That ***** really scares the hell out of me. Thanks for that, but that is some type of artificially created show with a script. Non-fiction is always much better than fiction when it comes to this type of story. You can't make this stuff up anyway!
  9. I love how the OP has already put the Bills ahead of the Patriots. We'll see if Las Vegas does the same rolling into Week 1 of the season, if there is a week 1 of the season this year.
  10. I've seen the whole series now. For all of the twists and turns and surprises, I think the thing that blew my mind the most was when it came out that Joe Exotic's two husbands were not gay. I find that really interesting. John Finlay was fueled by meth, and Travis was into mostly pot I guess. Someone mentioned that he was stoned all day long as a matter of course. But apparently there are people willing to assume a false sexuality and "fake lifestyle" in exchange for a steady supply of drugs. I'm still surprised by it b/c most guys I have ever known aren't going to negotiate over their sexuality. I agree that Carole has to be suspected in the disappearance of her husband. There is something fishy going on there. She is probably the smartest character of the bunch and has done well for herself. I don't know how the producers of the series ever stumbled into this little world, but when they did, they found a vault of solid gold material. I'm ready for "Season 2" even if it means Joe Exotic can only do those telephone calls through the glass window at prison! I guarantee the crazy stuff going on with these folks didn't stop when the cameras were shut off!
  11. Do folks really believe that the Patriots' QB situation isn't going to improve by Week 1 of the regular season?
  12. It's all on Allen. He needs to improve dramatically, and perform on that new level CONSISTENTLY, for the team to take the next step. The surrounding pieces are good enough to make the playoffs and have a shot at doing something in them.
  13. I saw episode 1 and loved it; it's a totally new/different show to what we had last season, though exploring the same themes. Haven't seen episode 2 yet however.
  14. I discovered "TIGER KING" last night by accident. After 5 minutes I was hooked and went on a mini-binge that lasted for the first 6 episodes. Was basically up all night watching that show. I was actually about to create a thread just for this show; it is SOLID GOLD. I love documentaries and am on the lookout for good ones constantly. This is one of the best I have seen, and as has been mentioned, it just keeps twisting and turning and becoming more and more riveting. To an extent, it reminds me of "King of Kong" which is another great documentary, in that the show allows us a peek into a very small community of totally weird, interesting, and outrageous folks, with no shortage of crazy content to keep you entertained. If you are a fan of non-fiction/documentaries, or just looking for something interesting to watch, I can't recommend this highly enough. I still think we could do with a thread dedicated to the series. There's SO MUCH to discuss!
  15. One important feature to look for is two handles so you can hold the saw with both hands. Like this one:
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