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  1. Differing players are at differing levels of development and similar ages. Mittelstadt would carve up the AHL, face little diversity, and not grow as a player. So he's in the NHL. Nylander is not ready for that yet. So he's in the AHL.
  2. Nextmanup

    Walt Coleman retires

    Yep, and he's probably going to be around a long time, too!
  3. Nextmanup

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    No one ever did a damn thing to address that.
  4. Nextmanup

    Startling Star statistic

    Absolutely. Try to quantify his value in terms of making a difference to the win/loss total. It's hard to do, I admit, but it's probably close to zero.
  5. Nextmanup

    Out Of Divison Rivals

    I really don't see us as having any rivalries these days. It's a function of a variety of things. First, player movement is such that teams don't stay together so it's tough to develop bad blood over a period of time among a specific group of players. Second, we have been pretty irrelevant for a long time, which means the game or losses just aren't that important, so it's harder to build a hatred for a rival. Third, the nature of the game has changed over the years and the players don't really see each other as competitors, but more like work colleagues, even the ones on other teams. If I had to come up with one rivalry, I guess I would go with NE, simply b/c they have owned us for so long now. I will guarantee they don't see Bills/Patriots as a rivalry, however, which means its not really a rivalry.
  6. Nextmanup

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    Let's see, off the top of my head: McDermott Beane Star Lotulelei Kelvin Benjamin Kaelin Clay Dean Marlowe EDIT: And now Farwell. You think it's pure coincidence about the connection to Carolina? McDermott is doing what he does best: calling his old buddies to get recommendations or vetting a prospect and then going with what he knows and trusts. Is this guy the best candidate available? Or he is the best one available who McD could discuss with personnel in Carolina?
  7. Nextmanup

    Say No to drugs

    While watching, I was thinking "What is this? An old commercial from 1981, when large roller rinks like this were probably starting to die out?" Then the owner comes on screen and says "Open since 1999." LOL. Reno, NV, huh? This entire video is caught in a time warp that is like 30 years behind the times.
  8. Nextmanup

    Do you let your pet sleep in your bed?

    I wouldn't let a pet exist in my home! Don't know how so many people love this type of thing. It's gross.
  9. Nextmanup

    Prostitution arrest: Myrtle Beach style

    If you were a meth addict who might be homeless, you'd probably look bad too. I'm sure an arrest is just what this woman needs to get her life in order.
  10. Nextmanup

    Report: Joe Philbin has interviewed with Bills

    Can't see us hiring Philbin as he has no professional connection to the Carolina Panthers.
  11. Until you are watching a press conference with Tom Brady crying and announcing his retirement from the game of football, assume he will continue to play as QB of the Patriots, assume he will be playing on a superior level, and assume the Bills will not be able to beat the Patriots or win the AFC East. It's that simple. Anything else until then is noise.
  12. Allen's accuracy issues are not a "narrative". They're real! Wait 'til next year when the honeymoon ends and expectations rise.
  13. Nextmanup

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    The way McBeane love to hire people they already know from Carolina appears sophomoric. I have no idea if this guy is any good; I guess we'll find out.
  14. Nextmanup

    How long to close the competitive gap?

    IMO next year is the make it happen year from Pegula's perspective. A lot of folks at this forum seem to think McD is comfortably our HC for several more years. I disagree with that. If next year is solidly disappointing, and we'll all know what that looks like if/when we see it...McD is gonna be gone. Pegula has shown several times already that he isn't afraid to pull the termination trigger with big names if performance does not match expectations, even in situations where popular fan opinion stated that the name getting terminated was comfortably safe within the organization.
  15. Nextmanup

    Baldinger on Josh Allen's Elite Athleticism

    Discussing Allen's "athleticism" is code for "he's not a very good passer." Who the hell talks about Brady, Manning, Rodgers, or Brees in terms of "athleticism" ???