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  1. No one. This is directed by David Chase, not George f-ing Lucas!
  2. What the OP feels about Poland is how I feel about the Italian national team. Being of Italian descent and having some family members still living over in Italy, I have always identified with Italy as "my team" in international football. Mancini has everyone going in the right direction, but if they play against Belgium the way they played against Austria, Italy will be out!
  3. My hatred for the Habs runs so deep, I find myself cheering for TB in the finals. Which is funny, as I hate the TB team and they just won last year. I'm just going to cheer for an evenly played, exciting series. I don't think we'll get one, however. TB in 5 or 6.
  4. These idiots are actually going to trade Jack Eichel before bringing in a proven NHL-winning HC, and seeing if that can solve some of our problems. I feared this approach several months ago, but at that time had hope they would not be *that* stupid. Only Terry Pegula would conclude that our problems are somehow related to Jack Eichel--the guy who is, by far, the best player on the team and more than a point a game player when healthy. I wonder if our garbage goaltending is related to our losing? Our complete lack of talent and depth throughout the lineup?
  5. OP is not the right location for the new stadium; it is beyond obvious that it should be in the city, which is why it won't happen. 👎
  6. I really hope lots of players follow Nassib's lead and come out as well.
  7. I voted for him too, but I don't have a ton of faith that he actually will be most improved. What is very refreshing to see is that the NFL is *finally* learning to move on from a QB if he doesn't have it, and they are learning to be honest about the process.
  8. Watching the Yankees flounder is one of life's great joys.
  9. This is a great opportunity for baseball fans living in WNY. I would be trying to get down to every possible game I could. I'm a Red Sox fan so that would be my #1 priority, but I would be excited to see anything. I always thought the game experience in that ballpark was outstanding.
  10. Yeah, that was about as scary a thing as I have ever seen unfold in a live sporting event, and I've seen quite a few things live on TV....Malarchuk's incident, Richard Zednik's incident (also in Buffalo), Ryan Shazier's incident not that long ago on national TV, Ayrton Senna's death (Imola May 1, 1994), countless deaths or near-death incidents in Indycar over the years, Alex Zanardi's loss of his legs in Germany, etc... What I think got a lot of people was when it was obvious they were performing CPR on him after they had already been attending to him for some time. The players wh
  11. "When you're born into this world, you're given a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in the USA, you're given a front row seat." -George Carlin
  12. Another nail in Eichel's coffin... This f-ing team is going to trade him, lose the trade, get a little bit worse, and erase an entire season of losing for the sake of getting Jack Eichel. Around and around we go in circles. We are right where the Bills were for YEARS with Ralph when he got old. Until Pegula sells, expect nothing from the Sabres. Nothing! https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/sabres/friedman-i-think-sabres-dont-want-eichel-back-they-want-to-move-on
  13. People just love to piss on this guy. It's weird.
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