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  1. I don't really see what the difference is! Looks pretty much the way Bengals jerseys have pretty much always looked. I don't really remember the details! LOL
  2. I would be attracted to large markets and warm weather. The reverse of that would be the stuff I'd want to avoid.
  3. Short and pop songs go together like salt and pepper, ham and eggs, cream and sugar.... There are about 10 million of them.
  4. There is a great, long interview done by Peter Bogdanovich with Chase on Youtube. Definitely worth watching for fans of the show or those interested in film. It's one of the more intelligently coordinated discussions on directing I've ever seen actually. There are now also quite a few fan-made videos on Youtube dissecting the final episode, some of which are really well done. Here's the Bogdanovich interview; I can't imagine a big fan of The Sopranos not loving every minute of this:
  5. Jason Peters protecting Josh Allen's blind side would look pretty good on this team, this season.
  6. I will never understand the pre-draft hype and all the mock drafts and so on. Interest in the draft entirely hinges on what real teams actually do on the day. None of us will know any of that until draft day gets here. So in the meantime, why not go catch up on your gardening or something? Maybe these are the same fans watching 12 hours of pre-game garbage on Super Bowl Sunday?
  7. The team is playing much better under Granato. Last night was probably their best game of the year. For whatever reason, the Caps came out flat and had an off night, but we still played really well. Something that can't be argued, also, is that team motivation is way higher now than under Krueger. By my count, there has only been 1 game where the team looked disinterested under Granato. Coming out ready to play and stringing competitive periods together is now more the norm. Krueger is probably the worst HC in franchise h
  8. I feel quite strongly that Tony gets killed in front of his family by the guy who went into the bathroom. David Chase is like a surgeon with what he shows you and why. The evidence is all there. The decision to cut to credits without actually showing it was simply an artistic choice and I think probably the best way to handle it in the end. Even if it made a lot of viewers unhappy at the time.
  9. Edmunds should be getting ridiculous tackle counts based purely on where he plays and how he fits into the D. The fact that he doesn't should signal a problem.
  10. I said all last year that the lack of crowds should have helped every offense in every game. It also kept games relatively quiet, which can only help the nerves of any young player. I personally think the lack of a crowd would have helped me personally if I was out there. But the question is how much of a factor was it for any specific player. I don't think it should be regarded as overly important, whereas your co-worker seems to be hanging his entire argument on this single aspect of the game.
  11. "We threw a rod." Just watched the video. This is great! I hope the driver did it simply for the thrill and was crossing something off his bucket list. LOL
  12. Never move up! Why would you want to do that? You have to remember, no one knows who the good players are, the great ones or the busts. It's not as simple as the guy being rated highly. NFL teams get it wrong all the time and more often than not. More picks are always better. *Unless you are making your move for a franchise QB near the top of the draft and need a franchise QB. Otherwise, always a bad strategy.
  13. Not wild at all! It was all fueled by greed. He was telling his investors not to look too closely at how he was doing it, but that he could bring huge returns and that was all they needed to hear. Some of them were giving him like $500 million in one chunk! Greed is what this country was built on and what fuels it on a daily basis!
  14. Every time this topic comes up, I mention the fact that I have always been amazed at the number of people I see at a "pass out" level of drunkenness, BEFORE THE GAME STARTS. Without question, a fairly large percentage of "Bills fans" are at the games to get drunk and forget about their problems for a few hours. Don't know what that number is, but it's not insignificant.
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