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  1. A penis found in the parking lot of a gas station. That's nice.
  2. Never saw any of this in my high school hockey playing career. I graduated in 1989. This stuff grows worse and worse around the country all the time now, apparently. People scare the crap out of me.
  3. The thing is, we didn't lose the Bengals game on a twist of fate. We straight up got our butts kicked on the field and were grossly out-coached/out-schemed. There's no room for nuance there. This team will be slightly worse next season, and I think it's unrealistic to expect more success in the playoffs. Less success is more likely. Maybe 1 and done, maybe we get to 2 games and out like this year. At some point Pegula is going to have to ask what he's looking for, and determined what is good enough.
  4. I continue to hear from "experts" who talk about this stuff for a living that Edmunds is going to get north of $15 million per, and it might even be $17 or $18 million! I pray to God we don't re-sign him. Any FAST LB can slot into that role in our system and achieve similar results.
  5. Not sure what you mean by this. Why are you glad he didn't fire Frazier? Because it takes away that scapegoat for McDermott and allows pressure and heat to build on him specifically going forward? Or is just that you think Frazier is a good DC?
  6. I agree about a change being healthy for this team, but here is my prediction... I think NOTHING will happen this off-season (I don't count the change at safeties coach counting for much) and the same problems will repeat next season. After a similar season next year, probably slightly worse than this season, the changes will THEN come, perhaps as ordered by Pegula. So we are on the brink of wasting a season and another year of Josh Allen's playable career. And his window is going to be smaller than most at his position, b/c his legs are such a big part off is game, and those are going to go years before his arm does. How much screwing around are we going to do?
  7. I agree, but can't we all agree on something? The consensus around the league and among NFL fans, for quite a long time prior to the current era, was that the "best of all time" was Joe Montana. He had that mystique as a multi-SB winer, the guy who could always mount the last second comeback, and was very calm and smooth under pressure. Like during the Bills SB era and later, people talked of Montana as the non plus ultra of quarterbacks. Then a whole bunch of really good ones emerged and now it's more of a conversation.
  8. Dan Marino is probably the best pure passer of all time! Dude was miles ahead of Jim Kelly.
  9. On some interview I saw years ago, he straight up said that if it wasn't for his wife, he would have been dead some time in his 20s (I think). May have been slightly later than that. He was lying around passed out drunk for days in an apartment (I think in LA) with empty pizza boxes on the floor and for some reason, his wife took interest in him and kept him going.
  10. Sounds like your "Sabres fan friends" aren't really Sabres fans. Which is perfectly fine! But I think almost everyone actually interested in NHL hockey and the Sabres are back and have been so for a long time. Some of us never left, as ugly as it was! Downtown Buffalo was a ghost town at noon on work days when I was down there wandering around every day working in the mid '90s. And it was nothing new then. WNY is a community of little rural towns and suburbs. Amherst has been bigger than Buffalo for a long time. I'm sure some are hurting, others are not; I don't think it's a money problem. It's an interest problem and a trust problem. Pegula has been the most inept owner in the NHL for a very long time and that has done a lot of damage.
  11. What is this, the never-ending Tony Romo hate thread? Just what this place needs!
  12. The NFL would grant exclusive rights to sleep with its mother if the price was high enough.
  13. There is almost no basis for a comparison between the two. Totally different quarterbacks. The guy playing in Cincinnati is a much better comp for Brady.
  14. Quite possible! And the same fans who are mocking and laughing at your response NOW are the ones who said we beat the Bengals by double digits in our recent playoff game. I.E., clueless.
  15. Brady isn't out of this thing either. They were talking about his situation this morning on the radio with Howard Simon. The conclusion was (for what it's worth) that his agent is likely seeking out San Fran (home town team) and Miami (where his family lives now) and asking "Do you want Tom?" If the answer is "NO" at both places, he quietly remains retired and that's that. If either says "yes" that's where he goes. Brady in Miami and Rodgers in NJ are enough to make me question if we win the division next year. Let's hope NONE OF THIS HAPPENS.
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