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  1. Couldn't disagree more with the "statue" concept. A QB's ability to read a defense and accurately deliver the ball through the air will always keep him in the league and very successfully, too, regardless of running ability. All the athleticism in the world won't overcome an inability to that, and the QBs who get by on athleticism more than passing are always going to be on the edge of losing their starting job. Lamar Jackson is a great example...check back in with his career in a couple of years. It may not be where you think it's going to be, based on his first year.
  2. My reaction to the whole thing was to wonder who the hell this cop is and why is he poking around and seemingly giving orders like he's running an interrogation line at the airport or something. Redneck Nazi southerner cop...another great reason to avoid the South.
  3. Risto is still the same old Risto. He has benefitted from slightly reduced and more sheltered minutes, however. Still think he fits prominently in trade planes, if Botterill could ever put a deal together.
  4. Who's going to throw them the ball? Or are you proposing a visionary new offense in which the wideouts throw the ball to themselves?
  5. BUT TSW tells us all the time that Daboll is terrible! Why the interest?
  6. LOL. Yes they are. And I don't mean the ones voting for Democrats.
  7. I love good documentaries and this one sounds intriguing. Thanks for mentioning it. I'll watch for sure.
  8. I noticed in both the playoff games today, both NBC and CBS were using Rush music when they would go to a commercial break, usually featuring some amazing moment from Neal Peart. Classy touch from both networks, I thought.
  9. And each team has a QB several tiers better than Allen. Cousins DVOA = 10th; DYAR = 7th JG DVOA = 11th, DYAR = 12th Allen = DVOA 27th; DYAR 27th
  10. When Beane says Brady would be a backup, what he means is that the Bills have absolutely zero intention to pursue him in any capacity and he will never be a Bill, at which point, it doesn't hurt to blow some sunshine straight up Josh Allen's &#*.
  11. I think Houston gets smoked in this game.
  12. Guys' been knocking down high 6 figure salaries for years and years. Yeah, what a loser.
  13. In the context of these types of online discussion forums, I never need to see the following again: "Narrative" "Hyperbole" "Sample size" "Agenda" "Hater/Hate" Technically speaking, I believe "Process" is a term meant to suggest that what is being attempted by the front office/coaching is complex, difficult, and by definition, requires time. Therefore, it is critical that those implementing the Process are allowed time to effect change. I.E., it's a job security campaign for the guys in charge; they are making top dollar and may not see this level of job again. Gotta keep that pay check coming in while you can.
  14. Is Tre White a top CB worth top CB money? Yes. Does that mean it is wise to invest THAT kind of money in a CB and retain him? That is more debatable. What would he get by the time his K is up? $17 or $18 million a year?! That's a lot of cash.
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