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  1. This guy is so over hyped. He couldn't stay healthy, and he didn't even play defensive line. He was purely in "get a sack" mode at all times, often jumping out way wide leaving enormous holes on the line so he could get his personal glory. Guys like this have almost NO translation to wins in my opinion. Spend the money on Offense.
  2. Is the photo altered to be funny? What a lard ass. Remember when OLmen in the league were lean, mean, super strong, and athletic? And they could actually pull and run? These guys are so bloated up now to get over 300...it's a joke.
  3. Beane is a genius with the cap. Find some way to dump all the money we pissed away on Knox, and use it to buy this guy. We need a new loophole.
  4. That's like saying if humans had wings, we would all fly high.
  5. What a garbage comment! PUKE! The "McDermott is here forever" crowd has a loud voice at this forum, but you better believe his ass will be out the door if this team doesn't get it together AT SOME POINT. When that point is, only Pegula can say.
  6. She was so sure of herself too! LOL
  7. Ha! Classic Bills fan off-season enthusiasm. I think we are in for a mild regression this year. We'll see.
  8. An "all inclusive" in the "DR" isn't my idea of a good time, but I can't fathom that people would spend their money on a football game instead of something like the trip you outline! And I'm a Bills fan! And for those of you planning on going to the game in England: if you actually get there, for God's sake, don't waste your precious time over there watching a frigging American football game! Go see some stuff! The Bills will be waiting for you when you return back to Cheektowaga.
  9. I'm looking forward to the day when I don't have to keep running into these Tom Brady car rental commercials, particularly on Youtube. Can't this guy go away already?
  10. To the OP: I think we did just spend our first pick in the draft on a TE. No? Was that not enough strengthening for you?
  11. Christmas is what you make of it. Has corporate America tried to exploit the holiday as an excuse to make money? Yes, for about a century. But that is to be expected, as greed is America's national pastime. Well that, and mass shootings.
  12. I think our defense will look just about exactly the same as it has looked since McD was the head coach.
  13. Yeah, lately. Historically, not so much. They are historically the "other" team from Manchester...the bad one that no one cares about.
  14. I was just listening to a podcast with Andrew Fillipponi, and I believe he said he personally has Buffalo as the 6th team in the AFC right now. That's not that far off, IMO. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/bills/have-buffalo-bills-missed-their-window-to-win-a-super-bowl
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