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  1. You hit on an interesting thought. IF we would be assured that the Bills WILL WIN A SB with McDermott as the coach, Beane as the GM, Josh as the QB, and Diggs as a WR (i.e., reasonably soon), I would be happy to have the big win come as late as possible. It will make it sweeter when it gets here, it will fit the narrative tension of the plot better, and I'm telling you guys, once we win it all, you will forever be changed as a fan, including in bad ways. You won't live and die with the team the way you do now. Delay the huge win as long as possible I say, as long as we get it in the end. Kind of a weird thought, but there it is.
  2. I have noticed these Tom Brady car rental commercials more and more and more lately. That company needs to be careful! I think a lot more people hate Tom Brady than respect or admire him, and why would you want to associate your name with someone like that? Every time I see one of those ads, it makes me hate Brady a bit more, and the car rental company as well! Brady is a great QB, but he is such an unlikable person, and it seems to come very naturally to him. Snubbing a guy like Fitz after you lose to him? What an outrageous A-hole!
  3. Vomitory---see my reference to the colosseum up-thread! Vomitorium---not the place where you go to puke, the place where people are "vomited" out of the stadium, i.e., the EXIT. They say the colosseum could be emptied of its 50-75,000 fans in 15 minutes. You seem to be an architect or structural engineer; I don't have to tell you how much of the internal design concept of EVERY modern stadium is ripped off from the colosseum, b/c they got it right back in 80AD. Everyone should try to get to see it in Rome once before you die; it's gotta be one of the most remarkable structures on the planet.
  4. If you want to complain about obstructed views, check this out! LOL Grandstand Section 23, Row 2, Seat 17 at Fenway Park This is a great article chronicling 17 of the worst views in sports... https://www.businessinsider.com/17-of-the-worst-views-in-sports-2015-10
  5. Fitz was the victim of a post-game Brady handshake snub more than once! https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/bills/ryan-fitzpatrick-details-tom-brady-being-a-sore-loser
  6. I didn't immediately think of that, but now that you mention it, Sellers in DSL could easily be considered a top 5 acting performance of all time. He nailed 3 highly distinctive characters perfectly, and each was totally unlike the others. That dude was an acting genius.
  7. But he didn't have to travel 200 miles to find his targets. When I heard what he was doing and where he came from, that was the first thing I wondered about. Why go all the way over to Buffalo to do this? He's from the Binghamton area as I understand it. Go to Syracuse, to name one of many possible destinations. or Scranton, PA, or....
  8. Aside from what anyone thinks about this particular story, or Jay Cutler, or whether his affair was right, wrong, good, bad....your statement about monogamy is 110% correct. Guys are programmed by nature to want to have sex with as many diversified partners as possible---and for good reason. You can't argue that point.
  9. Before you do, figure out what "proceeds will benefit the 5/14 fund" actually means. Like is 100% of all revenue going to the charity? If not, just directly give the charity money and forget about the t-shirt.
  10. That's just an artist rendering; not sure that structure really existed. The funny thing, too, is that those are really "good" seats down there. There was a hierarchy as to who could sit where. The worst seats at the top were reserved for slaves...and women.
  11. You would think that at some point in the design stage, the entire stadium, field, seats, hallways, all of it, would have been digitally rendered so you can move around it anywhere you want to go. And that a problem of this type would have been discovered. Seems like someone dropped the ball. And yet another reminder of how damned smart the Romans were!
  12. Great post. Says it all. Not much more to say on this topic.
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