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  1. Watched Episode 1 of the HBO series "I'll Be Gone in the Dark" last night. It is slow to get the story moving. Focuses too much (IMO) on Michelle McNamara as a person and how/why she came to be interested in this case. Doesn't tell enough of the actual story to really suck you in. I'll watch all 6 episodes though; it should get a lot better. I found a book club chat forum last night where users were discussing McNamara's book the HBO series is based on. I was surprised to see many negative reviews with reports that the book was poorly put together and disjointed. Apparently McNamara died from having high levels of 3 or 4 anti-depressants in her system at the same time, combined with some sort of heart condition; she died in her sleep. I guess she suffered from anxiety. Some readers suggested her state of mind while writing may have contributed to the poor flow of the book. She also never finished the book, and it was finished by her husband and several other writers. Obviously that must have played a role as well. Episode 2 will air Sunday night at 10pm. If anyone else is watching, please chime in with some comments! It's interesting that the perp in this situation was an ex-cop, familiar with law enforcement principles, which is why he went so long without being caught. He seems to have quit committing the crimes right around the time he would have learned of the existence of this new thing called DNA testing as a crime solving tool. He knew he left his DNA at all of the crime scenes. What makes the case interesting is the manner in which the DNA data was used.
  2. And another 1/4 can type, but don't know how to spell. No, I'm not talking about you, Ridgewaycynic2013. There are about 10 million similar sorts of observations that render a flat-earth theory wrong in under 20 seconds. Doesn't stop lots of folks, particularly in the gold old USA, from believing in it, though. You gotta love that. Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of the average American.
  3. I just finished watching "The Confession" on Netflix about Henry Lee Lucas. Interesting and highly recommended for those who haven't seen it yet. Makes me wonder if this guy Joseph Deangelo really did all that killing or what. I'll watch out for "I'll be Gone in the Dark." Thanks to KD in CA for mentioning that. I'm always looking for new good documentaries! That's kind of interesting. I think a lot of people in that situation would opt for the reverse situation--find a way to end it early and avoid years of living in a maximum security hellhole.
  4. All pro sports in N. America are made up of a handful of smart, driven franchises that do all the winning, a giant middle group of teams that live around .500 and are just there to play games and deliver wins to the elite teams, and then a minority of truly horrible organizations that can't get it right. During BB's tenure in NE, the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins have been 3 of the worst run organizations in football and have lived in that 3rd segment of organizations that can't get out of their own way. So this list shouldn't come as a surprise.
  5. Do you see a lot of evidence to contradict that statement? If so, I'd be curious to know what it is. McD is 0-6 against BB. I guess if he plays enough games he has to win one of them at some point. Or does he?
  6. That's certainly one possibility. I'll be surprised if games happen on time, if at all. I see the AAA baseball season has just been terminated. We are heading into Round 2 of Covid 19 and its a lot worse than Round 1. The trend is to move away from sports this year, not move closer to playing them.
  7. Is his name "Bass" pronounced like the fish? Or like the 4 stringed musical instrument?
  8. No, we're just going to need to find a new QB. This is nothing new and has been brewing for several seasons. It all comes to a boiling point this year, if there is a "this year." If not, it will come to a boiling point next year.
  9. People love to make fun of certain locales in this country, but this crap can happen anywhere. A friend of mine was teaching at a public high school in a NOVA suburb of Washington, DC about 5 years ago. She said one of her students was being pimped out by the student's mother to help support her drug habit. I made a crack about what do you expect from Virginia and my friend laughed, having taught at other schools on Long Island, a suburb of Syracuse, and then the school in NOVA. She was like "believe me, it's the same everywhere." She said she is delighted if her students actually stay awake in class and seem to be vaguely aware that she is teaching. She doesn't expect them to know the right answers. 😂 China is licking its lips getting ready to take our job as leader of the world. It's coming sooner than people think.
  10. The fun will begin when she starts talking into that headset. She has already become a meddling, micro-managing menace in the Sabres organization. Only a matter of time before she is doing similar stuff with the Bills.
  11. Looks like quackery to me. I'm surprised these leagues don't heat up a branding iron and sear their logos into the flesh of the players at this point. They are like slabs of meat. Highly paid meat. 😂
  12. He's right about a few things. 1: Josh Allen is definitely not the answer. That will be obvious as this year unfolds. 2: New England is definitely not going to crumble 3: It will be surprising if McDermott can find a way to actually beat Belichick in a football game.
  13. The NFL won't be determining attendance at games this September. States and the Federal govt. will. We're headed into wave 2 now, and it's going to be much worse than Wave 1. I've said this here since March and I'll say it again now: I'll be shocked if the NFL is playing real football games in September, as planned.
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