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  1. Unlucky, huh? Well, if you support all things Buffalo Bills at all times, I guess you would write that. Others might suggest there were hugely foreseeable and easily avoided mistakes. Knox never looked like the real deal and dumping that huge money into a marquis pass rusher at the end of his career was ALWAYS going to be a folly. Always WILL be a folly. Kind of like throwing giant money at the biggest named FA on the first day of FA signings. The best GMs don't do that crap.
  2. Choice 2 is obvious. With Allen, we have all we need to be in SB nearly every year and win it a bunch of times. If we are not doing that, it is because the people around him are not getting the job done. That all falls on GM (talent acquisition; team building) AND OF COURSE COACHING. It will be more interesting NEXT OFFSEASON when we end our season at about the same point AGAIN. The chances of McDimwit getting booted will be their best so far.
  3. It won't be long before 5 entities OWN EVERYTHING IN THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY. Enjoy!
  4. 6 seems really low to me. I'm at about 9.5. They are the new Patriots and get used to the winning SBs while Josh ages with none.
  5. The moment SF failed to get a TD and only got the 3, I knew the game was lost. Why didn't the coach? I don't get paid as much as he does!
  6. I don't particularly agree with you, but I am always ready for a new reason to hate and fire McDimwit! BTW: anyone reading this who thinks our coach is going to take down Reid and Mahomes any time soon is insane. What is supposed to be different, "next time?"
  7. I like Beane on the whole, but man, there is a LOT of stuff he doesn't get right.
  8. The QB of equal caliber has been beaten by Mahomes 3 of last 4 seasons in playoffs. You're just whistling past the graveyard man.
  9. As soon as SF did not get a TD in OT, I knew they would lose. I knew KC would get a TD on that drive. F-ing Mahomes.
  10. If we draft DL with our 3rd pick, I'm going to officially hunt down McD.
  11. That is HORRIBLE. You are never going to get black to work with our red/white/blue theme. I would LOVE an "alternative" look that we wear once or twice a year, at home, where we play with the color scheme and logo and go with an evil black-based look. Assuming there isn't some rule preventing that.
  12. In other words, if there is absolutely any way the team can get away with retaining him without public outrage, they will. Agreed.
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