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  1. Enjoy the fun while it's here. And continue to pray Josh picks up where he left off as a MVP candidate.
  2. Remember when Chris Simms was just a garbage QB trying to make it in the NFL? Since when are we supposed to care about what he says, one way or the other?
  3. Eichel and Reinhart cannot be traded before we acquire a real HC. Staal, Hall, Risto, and lots of other guys can go first. He's not bad. He is pretty much untradeable. His confidence right now is totally shot. And he continues to be grossly misused by a stubborn coach who doesn't have a clue what he is doing. If a real HC comes in here in the next few days, I would pray the first thing he would do is resurrect Skinner's game by putting him back with Eichel and Reinhart. That line worked and it worked very well. Olofsson ca
  4. As of a few days ago, he literally had the worst +/- of anyone in the league. To say his development has not gone according to plan is an understatement. He was supposed to be the next Bobby Orr. Right now, I think we have seen enough to know he will never be a Norris Trophy candidate. He's just not that caliber of player. I hope he proves me dead wrong.
  5. I feel like I know him somewhat from having seen him on TV a million times over the years. Sorry to hear this news!
  6. No it never came out what happened with Patty La La. The rumor at the time was that he was exceeding the boundaries of his job in an unauthorized way. GMs were calling the team inquiring about the availability of Ryan Miller during the early rebuild. Pat was telling them "He's not available" and ending the calls, despite the official position of the organization being that they were interested in moving him. That whole thing was weird. I think Pat was too independent in his thinking for Pegula, who seems to like to surround himself with a cocoo
  7. But the small army of drunken belligerents in the parking lot before, during, and after games will remain. 😂
  8. Lots of rumors floating around right now that the Sabres may be for sale or are in for a restructuring. Other sources say no. Where there is smoke there is fire; something gave rise to all this stuff today. Perhaps the Pegulas are thinking of restructuring how the team is run.
  9. Flacidia Can't Raise the Main Sail Wet Noodle Ping Pong
  10. Skills contests to help decide team sports are a bad idea.
  11. Pegula has had success with the Bills for 2 huge reasons. First, he got lucky hiring McDermott, after making a series of bad hires. Second, Pegula doesn't consider himself a football expert so he stands back and let's McBeane do their thing. With the Sabres, it's totally different. Terry thinks he knows something about hockey so he is constantly meddling with what they are doing. His wife is running the organization, despite having no experience of any kind doing something like that. Some believe the Pegulas are the de facto GM right now, with
  12. Those are asking prices. Do a "sold" search...this card has gone for as little as $2,000 and change. It can be had all the time for a few grand more than that, apparently. I don't even know what this is! LOL
  13. You can see why they made a wholesale termination of the entire scounting department not long ago. Our top picks year in and year out just don't hit. Mittelstadt is a bust too so is JJ. Risto is terrible and always has been, and you might consider him one of the successes. Hell, Reinhart was a miss! Should have taken Draisaitl instead. And Reinhart is one of the few good players on the team. Last night in the post-game show, Paul Hamilton went off on a tear basically stating the team does not have anything close to the talent leve
  14. This is super common in Germany. The culprit is usually what Germans call a Marder. Or what we would call a Marten. One of these little bastards left me without a car one year down in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria.
  15. Disagree that Arizona is not a competitive team. SB? Maybe not, but they aren't that bad! I totally believe the coaching scouting report, though. What would his motivation be to lie? JJ never liked the coach? For these types of reasons (and money) I'm glad he didn't come here and it's why I never wanted him. Highly paid big name prima donnas past their prime are not the stuff of championship teams. To be honest, I am disappointed the Bills were as interested in him as they obviously were. I thought Beane was
  16. One of the best posts I've read here in a long time. Filled with so much that is right. I'm sure it will be somewhat unpopular here! 😂
  17. Buffalo could have offered less, but still been Watt's #2 choice. He obviously was looking for a combination of pay and chance of winning. Sounds like he thinks he got the best combo in AZ, but he considered Buffalo to be 2nd best. That's how I read this.
  18. I find this kind of interesting. Maybe he'll sell the Sabres next.
  19. Thanks for the "Greenland" recommendation. I just read a synopsis, looks interesting. 79% fresh at RT. Will probably watch tonight!
  20. The UM episode is referenced in the documentary.
  21. And the winning team was not one of John Clayton's big three!
  22. Knew he wouldn't end up in Buffalo. This is fine. Glad we didn't give him the big pay day. Moving forward....
  23. 3 Islanders games in a row coming up after Rangers on Tuesday. Will Ralph still be coaching the team at the end of *that* ????
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