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  1. Dont forget that Chuck Norris provided the deciding vote that let the Average Joes compete in the finals of the American Dodgeball Association of America's final match
  2. I think I read somewhere from somebody who tracks such things that Allen's TD throw to Diggs was the fastest ever recorded running quarterback where the completion went xx yards downfield. It was almost all arm that chucked it 50 yds because he never really set. Some other analyst who diagrammed the the play said most quarterbacks would have been happy just trying for the underneath receiver. To say the throw to Diggs was underthrown shows a complete ignorance of the game by the author of the article. Somebody should take away his keyboard.
  3. My dad had season tickest the first couple of seasons at Rich Stadium, and my memory may be off after fifty years, but I seem to remember end zone seats being $5.50, Club Level $7.00, Upper Deck $8.50, and the red seats protected from the overhang $13.00...so I guess the concessions prices are all relative.
  4. Maybe not a huge poster, but a huge Bills fan. My dad took me to my first game at the rock pile in 1970, as well as the very first game ever at Rich Stadium. To clarify my point, I think the Bills to have the best talent across the board in the AFC this season..but there isn’t a big gap between us and everybody else..especially the Chargers. The best thing the Bills have going for them is a weak division, and the prospect for playing their playoff games at home.
  5. So there has been a lot of hype around the Bills and their prospects for a great season based on the talent on the roster. But how much separation is their between the Bills and other favorites in the conference at the skill positions? QB - Herbert may not have the dual threat capabilities that Allen has, but some would argue he’s a better passer. WRs - Yes, the Bills have Diggs and Davis, but the Chargers have Allen and Williams, who some people think is the best receiving tandem in the NFL. Shutdown Corner - Well, when he’s 100%, the Bills have White, but the Chargers made a big splash in free agency with J.C. Jackson. Safeties - Hyde and Poyer?….They have All-Pro Derwin James. Big Veteran Disruptive Pass Rusher in Free Agency?…Sure, we picked up a great one in Von Miller…but don’t forget the Chargers signed Khalil Mack….oh, and that other guy already on the lineup named Joey Bosa. And all this there is still D Tackle Sebastian Joseph Day they got from the Rams. If nothing else, these rosters were built very similarly, but not that sure we are THAT much better, especially if the injury bug hits.
  6. I think it’s real hard to put out and definitives at this stage of the off season. Probably more questions than answers. We should see a better pass rush than last year. They may be a mismatch nightmare especially with Knox and a renewed OJ Howard + the original compliment of wide receivers. But the questions, that I don’t think anyone can answer, include: 1.) Love him or hate him for the outbursts, but Beasley was a great outlet receiver, and excellent at finding the soft holes in a zone defense. Will Crowder develop a similar chemistry with Josh Allen? 2.) How good will the interior of the line be? Looks like the Bills will be missing 2 starters from the interior of the line. It was playing very well and the end of the season. Remember earlier in the season when Allen seemed to be running for his life on every drop back, and the RBs were getting hit in the backfield? Most people wanted to run Ford out of town, and now he may be penciled in as the starter again. 3.) BOTH previous starting cornerbacks may not be there on opening day. Who knows what the recovery time for White might be, and at what level he can play at when he returns. Even if current players on the roster can fill in, what kind of depth to you have at that position for nickel and dime defenses (not to mention injuries) 4.) Any of the rumors about Diggs being unhappy true? Could affect his performance and the atmosphere in the locker. We may not get they answers to a lot of these question until the clock shows zeros on the first game. But we certainly won’t know here at the end of March.
  7. …And I failed to even include the most obvious, Aaron Donald..
  8. Agreed…other teams have that guy on defense you have to plan around…a disrupter that can at the very least blow up some plays on a consistent basis, or even take over a game. The Watt brothers, Bosa brothers, Mack (when healthy) Von Miller or Ray Lewis in his prime are all examples. Even from Bills history we have Schobel, Phil Hansen, and of course Bennett and Bruce Smith. There is a reason no one went to the pro bowl this year other than White…we don’t have “that guy”… free agency and recent drafts have shown that……….but we could use him.
  9. Interesting comment by McD during presser...when asked a question about a squib kick, he mentioned execution vs the special teams play call...did Bass just kick it too deep instead of popping up the kickoff??
  10. I dont know how in the world you give Kelsey a free release on that last play...I would have doubled him and Hill and rushed 3...coupled with a real kickoff its game over.
  11. This game will come down to whether there was success in free agency and drafting by Beane in the offseason. At the end of the AFC Championship, it was obvious what areas the Bills needed to improve in. Did they? This is probably the best quarterback-receivers combination the Bills will have seen all season. And this time the Bills dont have Trey White. I guarantee the secondary wont be right on the hips of Pringle, Hill. Kelce et al on long developing pass plays. The will NEED sustained pressure on Mahommes to not let those plays devellop..without letting him run wild as well. Results of the experiment this Sunday night.
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