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  1. The morning guys are a bunch of whiners about everything. They have become totally unlistenable and it’s time for Simon to retire so he can live the rest of his life in his basement worrying about the corona virus. The afternoon guys are pretty much the same way, except Schopp doesn’t whine but the other guy needs to just go away with his incessant whining and crying about everything. The other shows that they have are probably their best ones because you get actual sports with some entertainment mixed in. It’s time for GR to start purging some of their morning and afternoon staff.
  2. Ike Boettger,, first start, one job to do!! The outcome doesn’t matter
  3. Seriously, show up with 2,000 people, call it a peaceful demonstration, and nothing happens. All you have to do is scream BLM, F**k the cops and everything is cool
  4. Loving people equally as a response didn’t work out so well for Brees. He’s still apologizing because the world has turned upside down and backwards
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