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  1. So basically Lee Smith(if it’s Atlanta’s 7th) for Case Keenum??
  2. Hodgins might be your new slot receiver. Davis #2, McKenzie the #4 motion, keep the D off balance guy. They’ll also go with ALOT of 12 personnel with OJ in the fold
  3. This is funny…. I have a friend that always says: “I’d eat the corn out of her sh*t”
  4. I was there. Wild and fun scene on the field after the game. If I remember correctly, the weather for the game was somewhat mild compared to the Jets game a few weeks prior
  5. Maybe it’s a paycheck thing(in Duke’s situation).......he’s obviously a very hard worker, just a tough and talented lineup to crack. Could be as simple as a playoff paycheck for all your hard work.
  6. The sad thing is, Jay Gruden basically lost his job over this P.O.S. Haskins and now it’s revealed that Gruden was right all along. He didn’t want to draft him when he was head coach but was overruled by the front office and ownership. Gruden wasn’t a bad coach and is known to be a fairly decent guy. Hopefully he’ll get a shot to coach Lawrence next year.
  7. If you’re referring to my post, it’s not that I don’t think Josh doesn’t have what it takes, it’s just in this day and age, Josh is a tad too pale for what the media is looking for and using in marketing at this time. Josh doesn’t fit the media narrative. Maybe things will change but I don’t see that happening anytime time soon.
  8. Diggs or Tre, yes. Both are very personable guys. Allen, No. He doesn’t fit any media/marketing narrative at this time. Maybe something in the Western New York area but definitely not nationally .
  9. The morning guys are a bunch of whiners about everything. They have become totally unlistenable and it’s time for Simon to retire so he can live the rest of his life in his basement worrying about the corona virus. The afternoon guys are pretty much the same way, except Schopp doesn’t whine but the other guy needs to just go away with his incessant whining and crying about everything. The other shows that they have are probably their best ones because you get actual sports with some entertainment mixed in. It’s time for GR to start purging some of their morning and afternoon staff.
  10. Ike Boettger,, first start, one job to do!! The outcome doesn’t matter
  11. Seriously, show up with 2,000 people, call it a peaceful demonstration, and nothing happens. All you have to do is scream BLM, F**k the cops and everything is cool
  12. Loving people equally as a response didn’t work out so well for Brees. He’s still apologizing because the world has turned upside down and backwards
  13. The bigger problem, other than Booger and Tess, is that ESPN is producing an unwatchable broadcast. It doesn’t matter who is on the broadcast, it’s still another liberal abomination production from ESPN. Sports is not their main focus anymore, and it’s a shame. Their main focus now is making sure they have checked every “minority” box, talked about every boo hoo story and eliminate the basic foundation of what they’re broadcasting......the game of football and everything that it entails. ESPN is about entertainment, not sports. They need to cover the liberal agenda and not the basics of the game.
  14. In a heartbeat because thats all I might get with her.......she might be crazier than him and he is f¥<king crazy
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