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  1. Hey I received a lot of free Bills gear because of Zay his Dad was my UPS a driver and I had lots of Bills gear show up at my front door!
  2. It’s was my favorite combo we wore this many times at home in the 1970’s. OJ had many great games in the white and blue.
  3. We used to complain playing in Miami late in season because Bills were going from cold to warm humid Miami .
  4. Ya mean the guy who,signed on with Tampa and retired because he no longer has it????
  5. my buddy and I mentioned they still had 19 seconds nd when ball went up in air we both said oh f*ck thinking Borwns guy was getting it and stinging to end zone
  6. Easy to sync. With DTV pause your video for about 10 seconds if listening to OTA Sirius if streamed radio feed about 1 minute 15 seconds. I pause game right about when kicker makes contact and listen for thump on radio feed. Bend doing this since 2003!
  7. Agree but rather listen to him and wood versus TV announcers.
  8. He fumbled snap in endzone, throws a terrible pick to end game why does he not get blame?.
  9. Those routes are open but Josh has been looking for deep ball last few games not taking what defense is giving. Back to Rookie Josh
  10. golfing as well but will be home in time for the game
  11. Wore bills shorts instead of bills pants and no socks
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