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  1. My guess is labrum versus rotator based on split he is in.
  2. Best of luck shoulder surgery is painful as hell or at least the recovery afterwards. But a lot had changed in PT ow than when I had mine done 14 years ago.
  3. Not sounding like the kinda guy McBeane is gonna want around suprised they didn’t discover this me me me attitude in interviews before the draft
  4. hard to imagine a player mouthing off like that at a bar about his own team mates. But his look at me attitude after big plays does make ya wonder how much is true
  5. Agree that Tenn needs to lose to someone like you never will get over the forward pass. I will take KC vs SF or Seattle and root for the NFC team.
  6. The referee signaled TD watch the replay
  7. but all scoring plays are reviewed are they not? or just those that are close?
  8. Difficult to take you seriously when you call the head coach McClappy. I don’t understand fans issues with a coach that claps,on sidelines for his players. Yes he is too conservative at times but if so wouldn’t he have reigned in the pass happy Dabol in second half?
  9. than we wonder why players dont want to come to r stay in Buffalo eve if it was one stupid jerk but look at the comments on this board every week not surprising
  10. agree especially now that some bozo on sideline came in versus going with ruling on field TD and tossing it to Replay officials since it was a scoring play. On further review play would have stayed TD since they rules say the guy must do two things and he only did one of them.
  11. plus if edmunds picks up ball and starts running instead of just falling on it might have scored who know. Would have, could have, should haves alot of those and what if penalty not called or called.
  12. San Fran or Seattle. If chiefs win this board will fpgomnuts with the should have taken Mahomes chants and posts
  13. I think the fact they both hot him from opposite sides actually helped him stay balanced. To bad some bad tackling cost us.
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