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  1. Some Bills fans like to hate players and will find ways to justify it.
  2. Dabol needs to put together a game plan that allows for this sort of game. Not sure what the plan was for fins but should have been run heavy and lots of play action. The line needs to provide better protection and the backs need to pick up blitz reads and stay in to block a blitzing CB.
  3. He really has aged in the last year or two. I always mute and listen to the bIlls broadcast even though Murph struggles with facts during the games. Murph is sometimes wrong on down, how much was or wasn’t gained on a play and calling incomplete passes that are caught. Eric Wood is growing into color analysis job.
  4. My thoughts exactly WTF ea h drive stuff is working get to near 20 and get away from it
  5. Absence of Milano on D sure made a difference but also noticed Star was not playing a lot wonder if he was nicked up
  6. Wallace was targeted early and often by Fitz but also covering a very tall receiver
  7. Agree this game scares me big time. I am hoping that coach can keep these guys grounded during prep etc especially since coming off the bye. Really hoping we have a healthy singletary and foster so we can start seeing the offense potential
  8. real reality avoid the damn blocked punt by realizing both gunners uncovered by either throwing a pass to them first down or TD or come back in and block. Prevents 6 points and than Bills kick FG in fourth and game over Bills 5-0
  9. Work of fall garden work reseeed fescue lawn etc
  10. Yikes don’t like that line at all hoping we don’t come out flat and overly confident but I would this Coach will keep them from overlooking fins
  11. No it was an illegal forward pass. Every replay they show clearly shows thrower behind the major line and the pass is caught ahead of the line. Plus the ball is at the line when released and caught ahead of line but had the damn special teams stayed in lanes we wouldn’t be having this discussion.
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