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  1. Was at that game we had the goal posts in our hands before they exited the stadium. Freezing rain and fans never left and when players all,came back,onto the field what a celebration
  2. Amazin how a not for profit entity like BCBS can end up,with naming rights ???
  3. He was doing local radio in the pinehurst area of NC in his retirement days might have even hosted a polka show if I recall.
  4. Dabol may manufacture some very interesting new plays
  5. Agree I keep Directv for one purpose ST. Customer service was great than ATT bought them and outsourced it all. I just dropped ATT wireless their retention people kept offering me more expensive options
  6. He will never play again too many concussions
  7. 1000000000000% agree the current all white, white with blue pants and blue with white pants are the nest the damn navy blue is gone back to royal
  8. Maybe they should go back to marching bands!!! Many colleges have some damn good talent plus the show would be as good as the music
  9. Maybe the NFL should not have helped Brady so much no one wants to watch with him playing. GB a s Bills would have been a bigger game from my view
  10. I am POd that the NFL all year let defenders especially KC clutch , grab and hold and than decide to do so in the super bowl against Brady
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