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  1. So let’s see we drafted edmunds in first and ya thinks 3rd rounder is his staring replacement and play caller
  2. Maybe they removed the 5G transmitter
  3. yeah head scratching for sure. draft a guy like Cook and Shakir and barely use them to catch passes SMH
  4. where is all this losing Diggs stuff coming from?
  5. The OL needs fixing but the dunce of an OC needs to get his act together. he needs to learn how to exploit a defense and get his offense into rhythm. he seems to have no plan with his play calling
  6. my hope is First Bills SB than Sabres hoisting cup. Just worry will never see either happening 😞
  7. Wow now I am convinced Dorsey is a terrible OC a he got Lee Smith endorsement
  8. How can anyone say Dorsey improved during the year? The offense went to a deep sleep after the KC gaame and ran vanilla predictable plays.
  9. correct it was a big splash signing and a big contract yet we brought in a cheap OG. Look how bad the Eagles Defense looked against the Chiefs. They kept them off balance all game with quick hit passing and very good running plays.
  10. Draft needs to great however a balanced attack with a threat to run and an imaginative offense play calling is needed. I have serious doubts about the OC being way over his head with no idea how to design an offense to own a defense.
  11. he is still in Batavia scouting land for the stadium
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