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  1. Heard an add yesterday for nflstreams.tv that claims live games. Didn’t seem to have anyway to sign up . Found it odd that an illegal site if it is would advertise on SiriusXM
  2. Damn I must be one of those kids that got an Allen jersey. I am only 64 and it’s first jersey I have ever bought!
  3. if the app provides real I've access like DTV does along with SiriusXM I am in. I can always send my iPad to appleTV
  4. oh ok I have had DTV since 1996 I believe I am grandfathered in that I can get ST without any other service from them. Considering the DTV stream now so dont need to install a dish in new home
  5. you had sunday ticket without Directv other charges service?
  6. T mobile gives me my MLB a for free and free apppletv so maybe they will add in free ST!!!!
  7. Would actually be great since I am moving in October n can’t put a dish up until HOA approves likely 2 months after move in
  8. i hate sudden death overtime rules. Play quarters alternating who gets ball first and if still tied after quarter on to the second one.
  9. Hate the schedule 4 of first 6 on road and multiple evening games . At least first MNF a game is 715 versus 830
  10. Can you forward to others so we can claim we received it in case they don’t send it to us
  11. Same here been with DTV since 1996 much more fun sitting at home with a few friends and synching Bills SiriusXM radio broadcast to the video feed. Wish we could choose a broadcast that had audio of team ya want like NHL a and MLB have with each team having own broadcast.
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