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  1. BJs in Fredonia are the best
  2. Be wise you are automic renewal
  3. actually the coolest thing they could do if offer ST via streaming and you choose network announcers or team announcers you want to hear. very doable technology ! Y=Its one of the great things about MBL and NHL is you get to choose the broadcast ya want!
  4. Did that two years ago got ST free, 100$ off for 12 months and a 250 visa gift card
  5. Locast carries local channels on firestick only channel,in Buffalo area is Scranton PA a and Cleveland likely neither will be carrying a Bills games. No Buffalo DMA channels. Wonder if like radio streams would shut down non local streams but a good VPN may allow .
  6. NO PLEASE Imagine red crush with red helmet yikes
  7. NC State was having a cinderella season and was well positioned in the CWS. They were to face Vanderbilt yesterday and because of COVID positive tests 13 players were not available and they lost 3-1 and were to face Vandy again today ( They had beat them earlier in the CWS). The NCAA has decided that they will forfeit game due to 13 positive test cases so now their magical season is over. I would hate to see a player or multiple players on any team reluctance to get vaccine and follow safety protocols cost their team a championship.
  8. Have a friend Subscribe to NFL ST and use a VPN and other methods to make your device look like it’s at the location of the VPN server and watch
  9. Just need to try to stick key on forehead if it doesn’t stick must mask up
  10. However fro TJ being drafted by Bills I got tons of free gear from his Dad who was my Fedx driver 🙂
  11. Well it will be type written and have numbers and $$$$$
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