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  1. Wonder how many of their other games happen to occur around same time she is in tour
  2. well with Diggs and Davis gone need a new player for the fans to get all over their case about. I see Von if not anywhere near what he was and Rousseau since people already claiming BUST
  3. I haven’t caught a big bass in a while must be the damn rod holder 🤣
  4. Could have signed the punt God and we resign this turd of a punter.
  5. Xwnyer


    I think you can delete the entire thread?
  6. As much as I hated Brady as a player his ability to read the defense and his play action capabilities maybe some film sessions would help Josh see the field more.
  7. Use your draft picks for WR, DT,safety,Center, Cb get young and fast
  8. The off-season is on us the childish threads and responses galore.
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