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  1. Buffalo Barbarian

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    I hate to admit it but Mahomes is pretty good. Although so far he is only QB out of the air raid system that has been any good. Keenum is solid but will never be great.
  2. Buffalo Barbarian

    What is your final straw?

    I watch every game no matter what. My final straw will be if the offense isn't addressed this offseason.
  3. I'm with you but we are the minority. everyone wants an instant fix and aren't willing to wait for this regime to remake this team and when it doesn't happen immediately, temper tantrums ensue.
  4. Sorry Thurm wish we had a better team, the best we can do is be competitive. this team was good under Wade Phillips.
  5. Buffalo Barbarian

    Let the Fire Sale Commence

    Dawkins, Allen ... Wait til next year
  6. Buffalo Barbarian

    Let the Fire Sale Commence

    why is this a concern? They chose to focus on the defense (which I would not have done) and didn't upgrade the offense besides OC. The offense is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to improve during the season. We are going to have to wait till next year for the offense.
  7. Buffalo Barbarian

    Let the Fire Sale Commence

    Why wouldn't Hughes be part of the long term. DEs can play for a long time. If we can trade Benjamin and McCoy I would. Yes White, Dawkins, Milano, Edmunds, Philips, Taron Johnson are all terrible and Allen could be the best of all When we put an offense around him.
  8. Vague original post
  9. Buffalo Barbarian

    Dion Dawkins will tell you where to put your negativity!

    You tell em Dion
  10. Buffalo Barbarian

    Todays game is a good ex to not pass on Oliver if avaiable

    Rather have DT Dexter Lawrence from Clemson, who can actually stop the run , which hasn't been the greatest. Our interior pass rush is fine, can't have 7 sacks every week. Haven't seen "it" from Oliver either.
  11. Buffalo Barbarian

    Picking Mcdermott over McVay

    The plan that is currently working in Kansas City, Philadelphia and Carolina. That is what Sean is doing here so be patient and let them work. We aren't winning this year so get used to it.we need next offseason to rebuild and then time for those players to develop.
  12. Buffalo Barbarian

    Why do new coaches overhaul rosters?

    because if the old players don't buy in they have to be shipped out. We still have Kyle and Shady and others but those who didn't are gone. Also guys who didn't fit would need to go too, this is painful but if we hang in there McDermott will turn this around.
  13. Buffalo Barbarian

    Picking Mcdermott over McVay

    Obviously you can't see they are setting up for next year and the future but keep on whining like spoiled children.
  14. Buffalo Barbarian

    Picking Mcdermott over McVay

    You people are pathetic , boo boo we won last year but aren't now so let's just B word , piss and moan about this season and cry until we start all over again. and when that doesn't work you will do it all again.