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  1. Seems like a good thread for this ; i think with Justin Zimmer 's size and athleticism he should be used as a short yardage back. Im not saying every time but on plays were both teams know what were doing then it would be a good time, especially when Allen was getting shut down for the most part in games like last night. Also trick plays could be designed off this setup so its not obvious all the time.
  2. If they called the holding of Poyer on the long Henry run we win the game
  3. Frazier will likely never be a HC again, he had his shot in Minnesota and doubt he gets one now that its been so long, some guys are just better as coordinators.
  4. The play action really got us last night, something i wish we had more of.
  5. I think sitting Epenesa and Basham was a mistake, we got no passrush from the outside. I would have sat Addison and Cody Ford. Smith ?
  6. when i rewatched it looked good to me, i think it was at least worth a challenge.
  7. Thats our problem overall, we dont match up well with physical teams. Not sure if this can be fixed this year but should be addressed next year. 11, we did score a FG on the first score they took away, but definitely those calls cost us the game.
  8. Why didn't McDermott throw the red flag when Beasley was tackled at the goal line. The ball was clearly over the line when he went down.
  9. I wouldn't have on 4th and short on that last drive. I wanted to on our last field goal attempt though.
  10. Offensive line isnt physical enough. Dline could be more physical too but its not too bad its just teams like the titans that give us a hard time. Next off season we really need to upgrade the interior offensive line and Brown and Dawkins need to get in the weight room. Hard to fault Brown being young so im sure he will get better, really love his aggressiveness.
  11. Josh doesnt slip we win, lets not forget the 2 touchdowns they took away
  12. Its the right call but Josh slipped We will get them next time
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