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  1. I think that sucks having to be perfect every week, too many good teams out there just to have 4 spots. It gives no incentive to teams with two losses or more to keep trying.
  2. Never be worried about RBs They should play together, just need AB to complete it.
  3. Will be this weekend. Pittsburgh has always given us fits but this is a new team and Steelers are going down.
  4. not sure why they are benching him, maybe he's not impressing in practice, only the coaches know. Hopefully we can it rectified.
  5. because playoffs are fun and more teams would be more fun, It also allows good teams to have a chance. By your perspective the NFL should just take the top three teams plus one and call it good. Every sport has a real playoff to determine the champion, not this dog and pony show.thre Dont worry full playoffs will happen some day and then we will all enjoy a great tournament and wonder why this wasnt done sooner.
  6. Im not drafting a back to be a pass blocker, that ups to the line to do a better job. Disagree about Singletary, he is most definitely a feature back and this season has proven it . The point i was making to the other poster is he cant be the only one making plays we need better weapons at the receiver position.
  7. I like our WRs but i don't love em. Talent is there but need better hands and in some cases better route running. We need guys who can fight for the ball and make adjustments to Josh as well.
  8. i cant hate on tough gritty players, even if they played for the cheats.
  9. Saw Wes Welker on the 49s staff always liked him as a player, hope he does well as a coach.
  10. seriously!? What the hell is wrong with you people. How we did against the steelers in the past has nothing to do with this team and this regime. WE ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS Maybe you should learnt proper grammar.
  11. Did you miss the previous 3 games ?? And how did Josh do josh do in the biggest primetime game of the season on thanksgiving?? coke Oooh 300 yds You related to Mike Schopp??
  12. I believe we win but im concerned about our Oline holding up against the blitz . We also need to get back to Josh running the ball more, that didnt happen against the ravens, but was prominent in the three weeks before.
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