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  1. Buffalo Barbarian

    Sal Mairano = the new Jerry Sullivan

    Thats my take of him and thats only from reading the headlines which prevented me from reading the article.
  2. that was the worst, so pissed!
  3. Buffalo Barbarian

    Best Christmas Present You Ever Received as a Kid?

    dude thats awesome, literally laughed out loud. Showed it to my wife ( who hates football and this site) and she loved it. those were the best, those were the days
  4. Buffalo Barbarian

    LA Rams at Chicago Bears on SNF

  5. Buffalo Barbarian

    LA Rams at Chicago Bears on SNF

    this and Josh is a way better prospect
  6. Buffalo Barbarian

    LA Rams at Chicago Bears on SNF

    So its an offensive league now ya say Schopp says the cold doesnt effect throwing.
  7. Buffalo Barbarian

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Hell yes and we have a vet in Barkley. Get a developmental QB down the road once the team is built. Ej was the most inconsistent thrower ever and not even close in talent and leadership. Josh is the franchise.
  8. Dawkins ain't great either. they really should have traded him. I think they are too loyal to players which is bad when they are past their prime but it makes for harder play from the players and is part of the culture/family they want to develop. It may not be the best personnel policy but i think the trade off is worth it.
  9. Cant believe no QB has ever ran for 100 yards in a row since 1951. That is pretty impressive on our boy's part.
  10. Agreed, Allen has been pretty good avoiding turnovers but it got him today, will teach him sometimes its better to throw it away. Haven't seen Darnold much this year but heard he had some clunkers but as you said its a learning experience and supporting casts need upgrades.
  11. Buffalo Barbarian

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    Thank you, was thinking the same thing!
  12. Buffalo Barbarian

    For the trade down club.....

    Da Bearzse!!
  13. I will take Allen all day and i was huge Darnold fan his freshman year. Even though Allen had more picks it was clear from watching the game he is the better QB. I hope Darnold turns out good so we can have a good rivalry, cheers.