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  1. I love Williams but this horrible, especially to the jets. Never trade up in the first round unless its for a QB or are a SB contender. I know we traded up for Edmunds but we could have gotten other great players.
  2. Patriots get Trevor Lawrence when he comes out Or both
  3. 4rth sounds fair What position was he there ?
  4. really liked him in college, no idea how he has done as a pro.
  5. im sure but Two stud TEs and a tackle with solid defenders would be fantastic.
  6. Lol those guys are idiots. Id put last years top 3 above this years
  7. Thanks for all the comments, you're really keeping this topic relevant Thank you. YAWN !!!
  8. they should have last year but i dont think the quality of QBs in this draft is worth it, it will be better next year or if they are bad enough the kid from Clemson in 21 Man, you really do love the Giants, you should join their forum instead
  9. Or that me neither but i was tired of rehashing every Bills scenario relentlessly No this is a football forum as well.
  10. Not a QB this year. I really believe Gettleman when he says they believe in Eli and i think they go QB in 2020. They probably go Q Williams or Allen.
  11. Maybe your board but just dont see it happening we can get rushers in 2-4 rounds. We draft many players that didn't visit. Dabol knows Williams well and the FO probably didn't want to waste a visit on guy that they have inside info on. There is just too much reporting of Williams to the Bills, doesnt have to happen but it seems likely.
  12. Jonah Williams. A LOT of mocks and reports have Williams going to the Bills which gives me confidence it will happen. Im hoping for Hockenson and OT Kaleb McGary in the second.
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