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  1. Donations for Brazil

    Covert white supremacy infiltration
  2. Always liked him, wish we could have picked him up. Wow! Would love that lineup. Im starting to think their rankings are worthless as many times superior players are rated below inferior ones.
  3. Bring back Bump 'N Run

    Preach !!!
  4. Well that Seals it Josh Allen # 1 over all

    Sarcasm ??
  5. 2019 QBs

    Im with ya, but just sayin ...
  6. 2019 QBs

    If we don't get one this year we might be looking at these guys. "Drew Lock is every bit as talented as any quarterback coming out of school," Trent Dilfer told 590 The Fan in December. "Josh Rosen. Sam Darnold. Baker Mayfield. Any of them." http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2765375-a-way-too-early-look-at-the-potential-2019-nfl-draft-qb-class
  7. The Backup Plan....

    Rudolph in the second
  8. Bucky Brooks Scout's Notebook: Stop Overdrafting Quarterbacks!

    When QBs become like RBs then we will stop overdrafting them.
  9. Michael Bennett - warrant out for arrest

    Piece Of S#!t How dare you insult Cox like that !!!
  10. What would you rather have?

    I Agree , which is why I said top 3 meaning Mayfield, Darnold and Rosen. If however we don't get one of those guys then we shouldn't draft one this year. There is that Lock kid from Missouri in 2019 really haven't looked into that class yet.
  11. Listening to these guys At The Allen Pro Day talking about how Gms draft traits and not stats tells me why so many QBs fail.
  12. What would you rather have?

    If we don't pick one of the top 3 there is no point in drafting a QB this year when we already have McCarron and Peterman
  13. What would you rather have?

    Option Mayfield