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  1. Can we get Star to come back?? Letting Jordan Phillips go was a mistake.
  2. Wonder what Schopp thinks of Josh's completion percentage now
  3. For sure, but i believe McDermott will find a way.
  4. It is but you cant go from shutting them down to running free.
  5. The screwed us with the fake interception call, which was actually worse since they dont take the lead without it.
  6. Refs screwed us the interception ( which should not go against Allen) Made up for it on the interception. Allen is great but needs to get rid of the ball sooner, also needs to run more when given the opportunity. Pass blocking is trash again, hopefully Beane addresses this in the offseason. Defense is missing the big DTs to stop the run. Also tackling is horrendous and can we tighten up on the WRs a little bit ??? Woods embarrassed us out there.
  7. Allen nothing but treasure ( with a little more polish need )
  8. They thought he was another incognito, so they made two mistakes there.
  9. Where were all the restrictions for bird flu, swine flu, sars, ebola, etc??? But now its making a difference??? Medical facilities are not overwhelmed, they show old news of filled hospitals and proclaim the world is overwhelmed when in reality nurses were laid off because of nothing to do, try looking at other media besides the mainstream media.
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