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  1. Jerk we can think whatever we want, its the team that needs to not overlook anyone. That said we're the best and they suck 😜😜
  2. not sure what people are seeing but Josh isnt yoked. Maybe he's a little bigger but he looks the same to me. He's still the best QB in the league but thats a different topic.
  3. Just needed a year of TB12 and he's all set. screw that, never say die, and keep fighting as long as you can. HELL YEAH !!!
  4. i would say the data doesnt add up so ... at this point whenever i see PFF i tune out because even if somehow they are accurate it doesnt correlate to how good the player actually is.
  5. That explains a lot. he only paid 40,000$ Doubt he went out his way
  6. Yeah this seems odd on their part, they should draft 34 outside LBs and make them ends
  7. heard Greg Rousseau got jacked, wonder if Basham did to ??
  8. For a guy that went in the 5th round , a lot of teams really liked Shakir, seems like he would have been drafted sooner.
  9. I didn't think he liked Allen either 😆
  10. FUBAR My comment wasnt about stadium design but site and area development. Watched an Eire county politcian saying were aren't developers but would support any business trying to move there. That gives me zero confidence , which is the norm for NY state government.
  11. So all the rumors of we wanted McDuffie were false ? Also how is he not our type ?
  12. after watching that makes me wonder if Vonte had mental health issues ?? Potato , patahhto
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