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  1. I agree and have started some threads on him, but i just dont care anymore, hes a dick and is never going to change, moving on.
  2. Coaches see more than us , trust the process.
  3. works for me, who cares how long it takes. More than likely by that point he will have figured it or switched positions, which is what i said in my first post.
  4. If i played fantasy i would definitely have Allen. Why? Singletary looks good.
  5. maybe Why keep him, he would just sit on the bench. Lots of teams traded their backups for big picks, we should too.
  6. This is 3 years old but I happened to catch the story on NHL network. Pretty wild how they snuck around dodging Russian agents getting him out of the Soviet union.
  7. The ingenuity and flexibility of Dabol are going to maximize Allen's talent. Cant wait for this season to start, i believe we are going to tear it up this year.
  8. Its worth keeping him around. If he develops we can trade him for picks or assets. If not maybe a position change.
  9. well that is down from the 70 bucks i was paying for PPV. Thanks for the link.
  10. My kids are grown, already have Netflix and Amazon so will probably go with just ESPN. Should have gotten it tonight to watch Stipe Miochic win back his title, probably will for the next ppv. Wonder if the PPVs are cheaper with the app or do they screw you twice?
  11. i know, but the league doesn't care. Less preseason more regular equals more revenue.
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