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  1. You always get as many points as you can, there was over 2 minutes in the half and we were down, that is not the time to burn clock. Only time you do that is at the end of the game.
  2. i hope not . Defense wins championships but sitting on the ball does not.
  3. they are but thats what DVR s are for, fast forward that stuff
  4. and you wont see any games either No thanks i pay enough for tv as it is.
  5. Dont you guys realize that the adds is where the NFL makes their money. Not happening
  6. which is making the game longer. Refs aren't going away.
  7. crazy how the deep ball isnt there this year. I think they need to practice more on this and was hoping they did during the bye but doesn't look they did.
  8. we have the speed they just need to practice throwing deep to get their timing down.
  9. Still watching the game but don't see why there is complaints about Allen , played his best game today.
  10. they seem to do this every game and its a bad strategy , especially when you're behind. not familiar gdt?
  11. every one wants Brady and Rodgers but forget that those guys have been playing for a LONG TIME and Allen has just over a year of starts. No i was referring to his comment to promo
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