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  1. i really like the kid from Clemson , Tanner Muse 62 231 , to fit in the LB/S role. Fast and big.
  2. Yes the doctors , who are saying this will pass just like any other virus, trying listening to something else besides main stream media. glad to see @MJS can think for himself. Here is some good news for those who have been overwhelmed by the media
  3. They could but will they?? I really doubt it as Bill wants to prove he can win without Tom. Maybe if they just suck they go for it at the end.
  4. i loved him in college, Cincinnati has a way of holding players back, would definitely kick the tires.
  5. Me! although im sure you're jesting, i hate their rankings. They constantly rank worse players above better players because of stats which apparently they misinterpret.
  6. NFL knows this virus wont last years like the henny - pennys are proclaiming. It will run its course and life will get back to normal.
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