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  1. I love how many people on here think Dabol sux but the players, coaches and other teams think he is great, which confirms what i already know is that he is great. The only thing i would like him to do is be more balanced, other than that glad he is back.
  2. thats a lot of juice up there 😘 i always mute it then play Death Metal and pretend they sing it lol
  3. Rather he didn't, no need to risk injury. they just need to do away with the probowl and just name the players to list and call it good, would be like winning an award.
  4. freaking love that guy, he fights for every catch and yard, hope we get him too.
  5. Im hoping for Shenault and Gandy Golden. or we pass over him like DK Metcalf
  6. Watching the interview , he claimed he was not fast enough anymore which im not buying at all. He clearly doesnt want to retire and i do think Rivera leaving did effect his decision.
  7. Hes just positioning himself to come to the Bills
  8. He's just short, very powerful and thick legs, hes a shiftier Maurice Jones Drew. No, Burrow is unlucky, Bengals ownership blows, so i dont expect much from poor Joe there.
  9. Lol, and they already beat the chiefs this year.
  10. Titans Power running game , tough defense, and the QB i wanted years ago.
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