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  1. Because they don't allow contact anymore in practice
  2. We won but giving up 30 yds or more on runs is unacceptable. Josh should have run when there was no option to throw instead of forcing balls in there. Overall solid performance but need to keep their intensity up for the whole game not just the first half
  3. Josh being reckless, needs to run when there is nothing open
  4. Josh should have just run it a couple times on that drive
  5. They didn't look good against us, they got really lucky, we should have blown them out of the water
  6. I want this team to win every game by at least 3 touchdowns and then ANNIHILATE Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom brady 70-0 in the Superbowl. I want this team to be the most dominant, best of all time, no longer the 85 Bears or the 2000 Ravens, but the unquestioned 2022 BUFFALO BILLS.
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