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  1. Tanuta looks like bigfoot with that head and neck of his , i like it 💪💪😁
  2. Unless cook is bust its never happening, also never draft a RB in the first unless he is the freak of all freaks.
  3. When he got rid of Ted Washington i knew we were done. You dont get rid of the best NY of all time because he doesn't fit your scheme. So glad we have coaches that can adapt to our players, while still having a base scheme.
  4. Josh Allen next. Reggie White was right up there with how he could physicaly dominate his opponents, Bruce was more finesse.
  5. @Bob Chandler's Hands @PirateHookerMD You guys questioning that i brought down my BP with kidney cleanser ?? I dont recall you being there during my medicals.
  6. Pennies for them but id be stoked getting that right now
  7. Must be annoying see other guys get billions and you get for pennies.
  8. I take kidney cleanser from Global Healing, and lowered my BP 70 points over 6 months and then brought it down to almost normal with meds . https://globalhealing.com/collections/detox
  9. Wow that is some crazy difference between your high and low, usually the bottom end is a lot higher if the top is too. I have kidney disease and my BP can get up to 240/140 but ive brought it down with kidney cleaner and meds.
  10. Mullen, Gallagher and Barnes are the best out of that group. Barnes was also a founding member of cannibal corpse, which was formed in Buffalo, NY 💥💥
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