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  1. I wouldn't mind that draft. I think we need another RB. Zinter a good get.
  2. Definitely DT. So Bills don't have to hit the free agent market for one next offseason.
  3. My guess ... draft route. Don't know if Bills want to hand out a big contract to Aiyuk or Higgins when they can hopefully get a good rookie for 4 years on the cheap. But stay tuned, who knows what lurks in the mind of Beane.
  4. McConkey's numbers from Georgia pro day per The Athletic: Georgia’s event this year was highlighted by standout WR Ladd McConkey’s agility scores. McConkey ran a reported 3.97-second short shuttle with a 6.72 three-cone. Both are elite times, particularly the short shuttle, which would have been the top time across all positions at this year’s combine. McConkey’s tape shows his terrific short-area quicks. It also shows that he has great speed, which he confirmed with a 4.39 40 at the combine.
  5. Just speculating ... wonder if this is related to the report a few weeks ago that he filed for divorce, then vehemently denied it, even though the papers were filed. Wonder if his lawyers told him he'd owe the wife a stack of money if he divorced her without a pre-nup, prompting the denial. This latest incident appears to be the result of her refusing a sign a post-nup.
  6. Joe Buscaglia had this to say about Brown in his review of the Chiefs game: "ever since the Bills returned from their bye week, Brown has been the best player of the starting five and one of their best players, period. He put together another impressive performance against the Chiefs, controlling his one-on-ones and proving to be a force as a run blocker. Since the bye week, Brown carried a 3.29 GPA over the final seven games. He went from having the lowest season GPA of the offensive line at 2.67, to passing left guard Connor McGovern and nearly passing both right guard O’Cyrus Torrence and center Mitch Morse for the year with the post-bye stretch. With how he finished the season, he’s a clear building block for the offensive line moving forward and should he have a good beginning in 2024, he likely will be a consideration for a long-term extension by the team." Here's the link to full Athletic article. https://theathletic.com/5230370/2024/01/26/buffalo-bills-offseason-chiefs-playoffs-stefon-diggs/
  7. Three of TBD's favorite whipping boys, Harty, Sherfield and Rapp, made critical plays for the Bills. Plus Spector's pinch-hit for Dodson. Good for them. Good for us.
  8. Post was a subtle attempt at humor.
  9. Bills have kept him under the radar. They'll spring him on Miami in week 18.
  10. Was hoping the Titans would do a mock celebration in end zone after the 4th down stop. Guess they had too much class for that.
  11. See page 17 of "Patty is not happy -- boo hoo" thread. A view from high up shows Toney's foot clearly ahead of the ball.
  12. I don't think Diggs is a big fan of those screens. The drops could be a result of him taking his eye off the ball to see if a DB or LB is going to knock his head off.
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