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  1. So glad to see WR's NOT at the top of the list which is the correct answer. They should use a day 1 or 2 pick on WR, maybe another on day 3 and get a vet or two for depth and special teams at WR. I assume they will sign one or two moderate contracts on the DL because they are so short numbers there. Hopefully they can identify a safety at a good deal like they did with Poyer 7 years ago.
  2. By save some cash do you mean lower the 2024 cap hit and increase the cap hits in figure years?
  3. This is where I am also, I think the Bills overall odds of winning don't change that much with or without Diggs and Miller. However I don't see the team doing this. The benefit is not 2024 or even 2025 but it allows you to reload with younger talent and get healthy cap wise.
  4. The bolded probably assumes no restructuring to create cap for 2024? Because when you do that, the 2025 numbers get worse. Anyway I am just assuming he is on the team for the foreseeable future. Sure they could move on but it seems like a low probability event because of the contract.
  5. Allen's restructures are built in and just executed by the team, he may get some money sooner but the overall money is not changing. That is not the same as with Mahomes. It really does not change much, their contracts were up and they are free agents. During FA, they can sign with any team, including the Bills. I expect Hyde to retire and Floyd has said he wants money.
  6. Yeah, his agent will talk about AAV and he is correct https://www.nfl.com/news/chiefs-qb-patrick-mahomes-agrees-to-terms-on-restructured-contract
  7. Anyone talking about a new deal for Josh? He is way underpaid at this point. Mahomes gets his deal redone fairly often.....I expect something for Josh at some point.
  8. Also, this was sparsely used before covid. People think the Saints did some magic and proved the cap does not exist. However look at their page and look at all the void money they have in future years. They ran that team like idiots and never got anything for it after their one and only SB. You dont have to spend like a drunken sailer to win the SB.
  9. I love when McDonald's scores, they do the Shamrock Shake
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