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  1. I would say probably related to the Ravens having by far the worst defense in the league.
  2. I think Jackson would be on IR if they thought he would miss many weeks. No idea about this week but maybe there is a chance?
  3. I think it has to do with injuries and preparedness. Its not that a guy is not professional enough to snap the ball into his butt. Its about reps with the guy receiving it, it needs to get worked out. I get you don't like the answer but the guys who do this for a living probably understand it better than you seem to realize.
  4. Not reading everything just here to say the NFL is making defensive holding a point of emphasis this year.
  5. This is just wrong though. Eric Wood (a professional center) immediately said the Bills will be in gun now with Mancz in there. He would know vs some guy who never played center or QB going on instincts or intuition. Any center can and does snap a ball over the QB's head just like any center can have a bad exchange under center. It comes down to skill set, probabilities and what have they practiced together.
  6. That is great but it is not the rule and just your opinion of what you think the rule should be. I and I a am sure other disagree.
  7. The game yesterday was controlled more by player execution than by coaching (unlike the KC playoff game) 1. Davis catch in end zone - player execution 2. Center QB snap - player execution 3. Block FG - player execution 4. Missing McKenzie on 4th and one - player execution 5. Not catching an obvious pick six - player execution Any close game you can go and find "calls" that did not work that you can pick on and criticize, some might deserve it. But the loss was due to execution vs coaching at the end of the day. Lack of execution could be explained by the weather.
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