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  1. I would think it would be easy to squash it and say it’s not true if it is not.
  2. FIFA...yep the Jets are in Jersey...oooooooooooh what a big deal
  3. I agree this is the best of times in terms of Bills QB play. Is the 49% really historic, in that chart KC is 0.7% off the pace. It definitely could be with all the modern rule changes. Having said all that there is room for JA to reduce turnovers, it is ok to say he is the greatest thing to ever happen to this team and he also has an area he could improve. All his INT's are not arm punts. The other great QB's of today also have higher INT% than from a few years back...even Mahomes has just a few less than Allen in recent years...the 2 high shell has had an impact.
  4. Honestly I watch a lot of the talking heads and I don't remember hearing this. Too many turnovers(in the regular season)? Yes, hear that all the time. Many dont actually know how different the stats are. That game is way up there in terms of good Bills memories. Living in NE for the Patriots run was an awful experience, that game buried that regime whether we knew it or not at the time. The stat I like to think about with that game is that the Bills gained 100% of the yards possible given the number of drives they had. They literally could not have gained another yard...hence perfection.
  5. Van Miller and RJ had enthusiasm. Raising your voice is good, CB literally screams which is not just enthusiasm
  6. The screaming sucks, along with his stupid phrases. This is a terrible choice.
  7. So now we have to listen to his corny sayings indefinitely? "now we are cooking with gas"....maybe Wood can just punch him in the face once in a while?
  8. Fundamentally this is the thing that actually causes all the division. You are all being manipulated like puppets….both sides
  9. With my nest egg if I live to 53686 years old I will be able to buy an nfl team assuming certain growth numbers.
  10. I would not have voted for Terrell Davis based on the very small volume and the fact he played behind a great ol with a staff that really pushed the boundaries on blocking styles.
  11. Not going to argue about when Josh's best season was but the offense is near the top of the league with Allen and whoever the OC is. At the same time, there are times they struggle and that happened under all the OC's including Dabol. There were routine "fire Dabol" threads......
  12. It is crazy how much the legacy of Dabol is impaced by how his era ended with the playoff run culminating in 13 seconds. The Bills scored, 6, 10, 13 and 14 points in 4 of their 16 regular season games that year. They struggled badly at times and had to work through it. Dabol was very stubborn about going to the run, see Jags and Steelers games.
  13. This was obviously the right thing to do.
  14. Been waiting all day for this thread since seeing it on NFL.com
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