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  1. Hines gets like 4.8M and has no dead cap. He could easily be a cap casualty, I dont think the Bills can afford a 4.8M kick returner. With the cap situation I see Cook, a vet on a min deal such as Duke Johnson and a late rounder/UDFA, possibly another low priced vet.
  2. Shocking. I wonder if he though better of it and just broke some bones in her face instead.
  3. That works both ways, the market value thing is just not very accurate.
  4. I don't see the Bills paying Hines 4.8 million next year and I dont see them paying Singletary 5.5M or anywhere near it. Not saying they are not worth that but decisions have to be made. I think you will see a late round or UFA and a vet like Duke on a min deal along with Cook.
  5. Agree with everything but the bolded. He has like the highest fumble rates in the league.
  6. Every off season there are threads where people try to find parallels to the 90's teams. Who really wants that to repeat itself? History does not have to repeat itself, there are countless ways good teams go through their lifecycle and just because you remember one from 30 years ago, it has zero bearing on any current one. I live in NE and here everyone is alwasy thinking they have the next Brady, last year it was Mac, this year it was Zappe coming off the bench after an injury like Brady did. Enjoy the ride is what I say....part of sports is it is unpredictable, there are no guarantees but I will take my chances with 17. Not saying the OL can not be improved but what about the running game was not decent? The only thing I can say is they don't do it enough, it is very successful when they actually run. I think they should run more but this team has scored the most points the last three years so it is hard to argue it matters.
  7. 9-8 playoff record for Payton, 4-5 for McD. Payton had Brees the whole time and every resource to do whatever it took yet he got to one SB total. Not saying he is a bad coach but Payton is a tad bit overrated IMO. He helped run that team into the ground and the are still digging out.
  8. Both of those were within 24 hours of the game for one and sample size of two means very little
  9. Not me, not even a little....he will likely suck which will be fun. If he is good we will have to listen to him for the long term...... I dont have a need for him on my TV at all for any reason.
  10. Every team has to decide where to spend their resources. The GM has to decide if giving piles of money to good but not great players is the right thing. They can decide not to and then have more resources. Teams with the best qbs have been winning the Super Bowl with the system as is. Yes you have to make decisions on players like trading tyreek hill understanding what that really means to your chances of going to the Super Bowl.
  11. Need more details but I don’t get what problem this solves. Would qb have no cap? what does a carve out mean? That basically eliminates the cap which is already able to be manipulated significantly. Depending on the details I ca not see the owners interested. Revenues are split 50/50. What would the new ratio be? qbs have always had a bigger percentage of the cap. Has the qb as a percentage of the cap gone up? The unintended consequence is the rich owners would have the best qbs. Guys would force their way out like Watson did in Houston. Why not just eliminate the cap?
  12. The 11M came from Spotrac which has a market value on some guys. I watched that last year for a bunch of guys and they are way under what guys actually sign for in free agency. If they can get him for that, you have to try and make it work, but I bet he gets way above that.
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