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  1. If anyone listens to Locked On Bills, Joe Marino had Ross on, he explained his position. I understand some of his reasoning but some of his "facts" don't add up to me. He gives credit to Kevin Stefanski for making the playoffs and winning a playoff game with a lesser roster. Most of the reason for the low ranking was 1) lots of good coaches in the NFL, he considers McDermott a good coach, 2) playoff failures is the big driver to him, he made the point that McDermott has one of the best 3 QB's in the AFC and the Chiefs are in the AFCCG/SB routinely, Bengals in the AFCCG last two years and one SB and the Bills have one AFCCG appearance, no SB's to speak of. I can listen to that to a degree, I think the 13 seconds debacle and lack of adjustments for field condisions vs Cinci deserves a lot of criticism. However, I also think the overall body of work shows he should be ranked much higher, but it is clear what needs to happen for him to be considered a great coach. He challenged Bills fans to consider if McDermott is a problem and most of us probably have some blinders on. Some of his weaker arguments was the "Bills lost to the Jets" that cannot happen. This is nonsense, all teams lose games in the regular season and against teams they should beat. He gives Daboll a 8 ranking for a 9-8 record, he like McDaniels and he was 9-8. McDermott took a crap team to a 9-7 record with Tyrod and made the playoffs....he did say that is the "best argument for McDermott", but he admitted recency bias is strong with his approach. He thinks the coach in Atlanta would have won more in Buffalo and McDermott would not have gone 7-10 with Atlanta's roster, this is a joke. In conclusion, he made some good points and some in my opinion awful points. I believe McDermott is strong in his position, the seat is not warm and he has done a great job of building this team, they need to take the next steps. I think McDermott has evolved a tremendous amount since taking the job, he was so conservative early on, and now one of the more aggressive coaches in terms of down and distance, going for it etc. I believe he is going to make the D more aggressive now also. I am all in with McDermott even though I know not everyone feels that way.
  2. What happened to all the question marks in the title? This thread is nothing without them
  3. I like Leslie Frazier but I don't think there will be a lot of opportunity for a HC position given his age mostly Not that he cant do it, just if a team is trying to establish something you would have to consider how long he will be around for. The fact his expertise is D and not O also works against him. Maybe if a team needs an interim coach or something he can get an opportunity.
  4. I was looking for the catch. Gonna try to get my money back. I am surprised the nfl purposely deceived like this. Maybe I should. It be but I am
  5. It was &10 for the year so I am giving it a shot.
  6. The Chiefs traded Hill and won the SB. You have shiny object syndrome.
  7. I could make some arguments on some of these but this is highly subjective. It appears you are going mostly with coaches who have been in or won the SB which is something McDermott does not have. I don't think we have seen enough of Daboll or McDaniels to put them in the same category as McDermott. We can list reasons but McDaniels lost the division and in the playoffs to McDermott and that is his one year. Daboll had a nice season, but ultimately accomplished not that much.
  8. Hoping they use him enough to take some rushing yards from Josh and provide a little more of a physical offense at times.
  9. Only the Chiefs have won more games the last three years. And guess what, even they lose close games (sometimes to Sean). He deserves criticism for 13 seconds and strategy in the snow/ice vs Cinci. But he is not 22, I like Ross but he is way off on this.
  10. This is just meant to rile people up....I believe one way JA gets "better" is by keeping his output while reducing turnovers. Lets see the win/loss records in those games, I think that is important context. He is also probably #1 in overall turnovers the last three years and while that is not good, the overall results are outstanding. They are not losing because of his turnovers at any kind of a concerning rate.
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