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  1. Part of the reason the board looks so bad after a loss is in part due to this very thing. Many regular posters avoid the place, leaving room for all the rage-filled, game-day-only, sky-is-falling posters to emerge & rise to the top. I will respond in a few specific threads, but I rarely will start a topic. But yes, I avoid TV, sports radio, sports news outlets online, and discussion forums/boards after Bills losses. They just add insult to injury.
  2. Is this a trick question? Because I feel like this is a trick question... Ok then, I'll answer. Yes, yes it's what I want dammit!
  3. But if you look at the comments under any video breaking down this game, half of them are from Steelers fans saying the refs allowed the Bills to hold all game & should've called 3 times more holding penalties than they did. We actually got flagged for some holds, but in reality I think the refs tried to let both teams play as much as possible. Seriously though, all over any video or breakdown I watch, it's just Steelers fans whining about the lack of holding penalties called on the Bills O-line.
  4. Rewatching the game, can someone please just show Josh how to hold a ball if he's going to take off running? He's already fumble-prone when he's just scrambling to avoid a sack, but holding the ball away from your body with just one hand is asking for a strip. Anyway... I'm pretty sure he was just amped up too much. A lot of the supposed pressure was really him creating it for himself. His pocket presence wasn't great, and he stepped into defenders instead of away from them quite often. Also, Next-Gen stats basically has proven the most successful QB's get the ball out of their hands in under 3 seconds. If Josh holds onto the ball past 3 seconds, it's likely the pressure gets to him regardless of anything else. O-line needs to help him, but he needs to help them as well.
  5. The simple solution is for Buffalo to just double or triple in size... More people = more tax revenue = easier stadium funding = more money for the Bills. Just force all your family, friends & loved ones to relocate en masse to Buffalo, at gunpoint if you have to. And if that doesn't double the city's size, we just start taking in refugees from every war-torn country. Easy peasy!
  6. Leading receiver on the Ravens was Sammy Watkins. Game winning TD was Zay Jones. And hidden among the former Bills stars is the greatest Bill of them all... Nathan Peterman holding that clipboard somewhere!
  7. I won't be surprised to see a good chunk of people picking Miami next week tbh
  8. Thank you for owning up & taking responsibility like a man. Eat one bowl of decades-expired Flutie Flakes & watch 3 x Music City "Miracle" replays as penance.
  9. Back to blaming the OC every time the offense (and QB) play poorly... 💩 Predictable.
  10. I made a post about this before the season (either on here or reddit, don't remember) where I basically thought this exact same thing. It seems Josh gets as amped up as the fans, and the more pressure leading into a game, the more erratic his play is. I kept half joking in the GameDay thread about sending the fans home, but at this point it just seems he plays better without all the added hype. Then again, he knows all the people are still there, noise or not. And opposing fans are going to be extra loud, especially during away games. So I guess we'll just have to hope he can find ways to calm down and tune out the noise.
  11. He has more than enough weapons... a lot more than most QB's in this league. Even if he had another one, it wouldn't matter if he plays like he did today. Far too inaccurate, and even a lot of the caught passes were thrown to bad spots which didn't allow the receiver any room to move or run after the catch.
  12. Well you could tell every big game the past couple years (New England, Baltimore, Tennessee, KC, etc.) he gets as amped up as the fans do & plays differently. This being the home opener, 70k fans back in the seats, Super Bowl expectations & people calling him a possible MVP front-runner...and against a conference rival, yeah, he played like 2018-2019 Josh Allen again. He wasn't the only guy who played poorly, so we're not saying it's all his fault, but this team's success lives & dies by Allen. If he plays like this going forward, we'll be lucky to get a WC slot.
  13. Hats off to the defense though. They held the Steelers down the majority of the game, and allowed only 17 points with only 1 TD (3 FGs). If not for a blocked punt returned for a TD, we'd be in OT right now.
  14. The offense really needs to work on timing in practice. When prepping against teams with good pass rushes, when the clock hits 3 seconds, they should just call the ball dead & go again. Allen appears either unaware of the pressure or just doesn't process it fast enough.
  15. The pass rush really hasn't been bad, Ben's a veteran & just knows to get the ball out quickly.
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