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  1. He's going to be the first ever player to hold out for a roof on a new stadium. What a community guy!
  2. I know it's unimportant, but that thread title... "fairly significantly," maybe probably annoys me 😅
  3. I almost hope they have to rely on Baker Mayfield after completely burning that bridge, then he goes on to have an MVP type season just before peacing out on them 🤣
  4. Definitely a bold prediction. Feel like I should bookmark this in case you're right, as I haven't heard anyone suggest that. I'm more in line with media "experts" suggesting the AFCW could have all 4 teams in the postseason lol In reality, I don't think that'll happen unless the rest of the AFC just underperforms significantly, though 3 teams seems doable. I think the East, West & South get 2 teams, the North gets 1. I don't have much faith in the Browns or Steelers, though if I had to pick 1, I'd still pick Tomlin to figure it out over the Browns. The Ravens could be fighting for the division too, but that's all dependent on Lamar staying healthy. Cincy would still be my favorite. So there's my way too early, not very bold prediction 😆
  5. One of the bigger reasons I really wanted a covered stadium of some kind... I'd LOVE to see what Josh's stats would be if he had a guaranteed 8+ games in a dome. I feel like this version of the Bills would be like the Greatest Show on Turf 2.0.
  6. With the way our schedule starts off, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bills be comparable to the 2021 Chiefs. They had a rough stretch of games & hovered around .500, with people constantly talking about how underwhelming they've been. But then they quietly started crawling back in, eventually finishing as the #2 seed after some were predicting they wouldn't even make the playoffs. I hope that doesn't happen to us, just that a few early losses during all these tough games wouldn't be shocking. Even if it happens, I wouldn't in any way count them out or think they couldn't run the tables from that point on though.
  7. Glad to see one of the posters on this board with "insiders" (or at least connections with some reliable people) can be trusted Was very happy to see your predictions come through. Thanks for sharing it with us & will be looking forward to anything else you share in the future!
  8. The Bills/Ravens Thanksgiving thing sounds fake to me. Bills vs Rams opener sounds awesome, so I hope it's legit.
  9. What gets me is that they really only took 10 seconds off the clock... the final 3 were just the FG kick. They did all their damage & moved the ball into FG range in only 10 seconds... against the #1 defense 😢
  10. Still can't believe there were people advocating for us to take a punter in the first 3 rounds... Glad we have professionals like Beane & not fans (me included) running the show 😂
  11. Probably. Per ESPN Pre-Draft Scoring : Bernard: Grade - 62 / OVR Rank - 145 Shakir: Grade - 71 / OVR Rank - 102 So yeah, before the draft Shakir was definitely considered an overall better talent & graded as 3rd round type of prospect. Bernard was viewed as a later round pick. Fans would've likely been ok not knowing who a 5th round player even was 😅
  12. I thought I misheard that! Hopped on here hoping to confirm since I wasn't paying attention... Wow.
  13. Ok, that was the most amazing draft guess speech I've ever heard! Please, bring him back EVERY year! 🤣
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