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  1. Peerless Price definitely wasn't "one-hit," but he certainly had only one truly standout season back in 2002, where he had 94 receptions, 1,252 receiving yards, 9 TD's & a 63.5% catch%. He played opposite of Eric Moulds who had nearly identical stats that same year with 100 receptions, 1,292 yards, 10 TD's & a 55.6% catch%. Unfortunately for him, he never was the same again after that season, while Moulds had a productive career before & after 2002, especially considering the crappy QB's he was anchored with. But yeah, not a "one hit wonder," but definitely a dude that flashed greatness, then disappeared.
  2. I mean, if he can continue playing even close to how he is now, absolutely. Even if he only has a couple years left, the chance at a single Super Bowl is more than worth it. Doesn't matter if we can't build around him or create a dynasty, if we won a Super Bowl none of it matters. It'd be like the Toronto Raptors & K. Leonard. Even if he was gone after a year, he still helped get them a Championship which is more than they ever had in their entire franchise history, so money well spent.
  3. Aside from a handful of plays, Tre looked great against OBJ. And considering how great a player OBJ is, keeping him from having a huge day is big enough. Don't have to hold him to 0 catches to have been successful in the matchup.
  4. I'm still guess 9-7 but wouldn't be surprised to see 8-8. Honestly not trying to be a downer, but it's hard to see this team hitting 10 wins the way we play. The AFC Wildcard spots are looking more competitive too, so playoffs aren't close to guaranteed either.
  5. "Our D played great but when it counted most , failed pretty badly." "The problem is Frazier and the d-line." "...he’s one of the worst in the league." "I keep hearing these names and it's always bad news for the Bills!" "We need more." "Daboll needs to go." "He just look washed up. Is he this years’ Tolbert?" "They always seem to find themselves in close games even against lesser opponents." * * * * * * * These are just a handful of posts, though many more echo these sentiments. At least we know the problems are everything but Allen. I mean, even though Allen has shown all year he plays his absolute best when he stays in the pocket and has all day to throw....Conversely, he has shown he is not reliable when escaping the pocket and slinging it. People think because on an extremely rare occasion he escapes a sack & makes a great play almost no other QB could make that THIS is who Josh Allen is, while conveniently ignoring the many, many, MANY more plays he tried the same things with horrid results...Whether it be fumbles (currently at 11!), taking a bad sack (often knocking us out of FG range), throwing a pick, intentional grounding, sailing it way over someone's head, getting the ball batted down, taking a big hit instead of throwing it out of bounds, forcing it into double or triple coverage & being lucky it wasn't picked off, etc. But yes, just "let Josh be Josh"... People get mocked if they bring up his inability to throw for 300+ yards..."Stats don't win games!" they say. Too bad stats are a byproduct of successful QB play, and even average QB's who are asked to throw 41 times in a game luck into 300 yard games out of sheer volume passing....but not Allen! So unless people are advocating Allen just go back to playing a glorified RB, letting him run around & loft up passes is the WORST thing you can ask of him. * * * Allen in the 3rd quarter - 6/11 for 56 yards, 0 TD's, 1 sack, 1 rush for 2 yards. Total of 3 drives leading to 3 punts. Defense held the Browns to 3 points & scored 2 of their own with a Safety. Know what we did after that Safety? First play, false start. Ok, so now we're at 1st & 15. Singletary run, but wait, holding call... minus 10 yards, so now 1st & 25. We run with Singletary again, 6 yards, then pass to Knox getting a lot of those yards back. Now it's 3rd & 3, Allen makes the decision to throw deep to Beasley who's got multiple Browns defenders all over him and sails it... But I'm sure it's Daboll's fault for not forcefeeding Singletary staring down 1st & 25, and Daboll's fault for throwing an awful deep pass to a covered WR. * * * And on all those failed 4th down plays? Allen throwing bad passes again cost us. But sure, it was Daboll's fault. Allen lacks timing and touch. Pretend Mayfield isn't a special talent all you want, but he showed everyone how great he is with timing passes, and also had many perfectly placed passes dropped right where only the receiver could catch it, often times even when that WR was well covered. * * * Anyway, the mental gymnastics will continue all season as the defense force comes out & blames everything & everyone but Allen. If any player makes a mistake, or a single play call isn't perfect, THOSE are the reasons we struggle. If Allen makes many mistakes, can't hit a deep pass to save his life, makes bad reads, can't hit wide open passes and disappears for long stretches of the game, it's just a natural part of his development... All we need are 3 first team All-Pro WR's, a star TE, the best O-line in football and to feed Singletary the ball every play regardless of context, and call the perfect game.......only THEN can we fairly evaluate Allen.
  6. What about the easiest open deep look he ever could've gotten that would've put another TD on the board? Wide. Open. Allen, as per the usual, overthrew him 7-10 yards. If you can't even hit that deep pass, you can't be expected to hit any. EVER.
  7. I don't know what to say anymore ... If what you have seen from Allen makes you happy, you will be thrilled with having most any QB in the league.
  8. Anyone who watches the games and lives in reality knew the Bills weren't going to roll over the Browns. Vegas knew it, the media knew it (but hey, "wAahhhhahah the media doesnt give us the respect we deserve!!!!!" 🤮 that thread was ridiculous) but the big shots on the board thinks W/L record translates into actual good play on the field. It doesn't. And we shouldn't be large favorites against Miami either. Wouldn't be surprised if Fitz and Co. play their best game of the year against us.
  9. Pile on the kicker who missed 2 FGs, but forget that Allen's MISSED A WIDE THE F OPEN EASY TD that would've given us the same amount of points and a win... Only he was drafted in the 1st round and paid more money to make those passes, yet he whiffed on several including a guaranteed TD. But yeah.. he's only our franchise QB... it shouldn't be expected that he complete a single deep pass, let alone a wide open freebie TD. The kicker on the other hand, now that guy is the cornerstone of the franchise! How dare he have a bad game! Wait... didn't we win 2 games because opposing kickers failed to make FGs? Funny how those missed FGs didn't matter, and Josh was the reason we won, but now that the shoe is on the foot, it IS the kicker that matters, not the QB.🤔
  10. But definitely not Allen. Nope. He was a great RB today, so he did his job.
  11. Called it. This fanbase is so predictable. I'm also predicting there will be 5 times more blame Daboll threads than Josh Allen ones. Because obviously he should put more trust in the 3rd round RB than the franchise QB. All Singletary all the time! .... but Josh is still great, just give the ball less please!
  12. Dont worry, we can all blame the kicker now to avoid criticizing the QB. Silver lining.
  13. Didn't realize pick position determined how good you play. Figured Lamar Jackson, Mahomes and Deshaun Watson would be inferior to Allen then right?
  14. Lose. There's not a single playoff caliber team this a Bills team can defeat. None.
  15. It's possible we win this, but our offense has to want to show up.
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