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  1. F*** yeah he would. At least once in each game day thread I end up remembering "damn, Star is really missed right now." His presence was highly underrated by fans.
  2. If it weren't for the hurdle he provides for the Bills, I LOVE Mahomes. If it weren't for the fact they already got their ring & were so dominant, I'd have no problem pulling for the Chiefs in the post season (if the Bills weren't in it). But damn are they going to be a pain in the a** for years to come... It's only natural to start hating on the guys that have the most success, and that's going to be the Chiefs for quite a while. Except this time Jordan is on the Pistons (Chiefs), and he's already won a championship. Gonna be hard learning to beat thes
  3. Well yeah, going into this game I saw a stat that only 1 team in history managed to make it to the SB averaging this few rushing yards from RB's. You don't have to be great, but you need to at least have the ability to field a rushing attack at all.
  4. As I said in another thread, I'm just thankful for the success we had this year & finally getting to see Allen play at a high level in the regular season. Most QB's aren't Mahomes & don't just instantly play like HOFers. Most teams don't just become SB contenders overnight. So the fact we won the AFC East, had the best WR in the league, had a Pro Bowl QB, and won 2 playoff games makes me happy. Next year I'd want better, but this year was awesome to experience while it lasted.
  5. We need more than speed. We need a strength, size & power on the lines. Being able to collapse the pocket, stuff the run, pressure the QB, etc. would in turn help our secondary. Our O-line has played great all year, but reinforcing that group & giving them a stud RB would make us less one-dimensional. Aside from that, it's about execution. I've been a broken record on this for years when people b*****d about our Offensive Coordinators, but when you don't execute on the field, it doesn't matter who's calling the plays. We've seen it in many games where the playcalls have been perf
  6. I want everyone to really remember the great times this season & hold onto that, because there's ZERO guarantee we'll be back any time soon. It's easy to just think "oh we'll only get better from here" and keep improving, but that's not a certainty. And even if we do improve, there's 31 other teams in the league also working to improve, and success isn't a given. Every team that makes a Conference Championship isn't a shoe-in to go back, nor is making a Super Bowl something you can just expect to happen. Allen may or may not get better, the defense may or may not get better, the divi
  7. I wish the Bills played first so I could really have a rooting interest. If the Bills win, I want the Bucs to win so we can have a shot at cleansing the Brady demons by defeating him in the Super Bowl. BUT...if the worst happens & the Bills lose, I'd rather the Packers get in. Chiefs vs Packers would be a fun one.
  8. People breath out their nose, so if you've contracted it, it's still going out right in the same place... You do realize that's why everyone else, including those in the medical field, cover both right?
  9. Side note, why where a mask at all if you're just gonna have your nose uncovered? 😂
  10. Man, I wish I had that same belief, but after seeing great QB's come away with none, or all-timers like Brees or Rodgers come away with only one, I'd be happy just seeing ONE SB win. He's taken a big step in the regular season, but he hasn't come out & dominated in the post season or anything. Football is a massive team game. Allen could play like Brady or Montana, and if he doesn't have exceptional coaching & the supporting cast, winning multiple SB's will be damn near impossible. There's just so many things that have to go right. That's why people like Joe Flacco or Eli Manning ca
  11. You guys are looking & taking offense to just the Josh Allen thing. Look at the entire point. Get off Allen's balls & assess the rest of the situation. No run game. Defense allowing opponents in the redzone a lot, yet getting lucky with them coming away with no points. Larger crowd. Offense not looking like it did during the rest of the season. Let go of your Josh Allen fanaticism & see the rest of the situation for what it is. Lastly, it wasn't "my post," or my points. It was Cowherd's & Wright. I was just reposting it on here -
  12. I'm more concerned about what Cowherd said during the segment. It makes a lot of sense. We have no running game. The Ravens & Colts made it to the redzone 8 times & came away with 16 points...Chiefs won't come away with an average of 2 points per redzone attempt. They gave the reigns to Allen in the Ravens game in the 1st half & said "we're putting it on you!" (due to no running game) & we came away with 3 points. Our team doesn't looks like it did in the regular season, and playing the Chiefs is going to be a huge challenge. To me, it looks like Allen plays a bit more h
  13. Nah, he doesn't really expect the NFL to move the game to fit Mahomes' schedule, that would bring rioting in the streets for the countless other teams that had to play through injury. He just wants to see the best 2 young QB's battle it out, as most of America would prefer to see.
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