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  1. Allen in his first year had the worst deep ball accuracy in the entire NFL. This past season, he threw for the 3rd or 4th most passes over 20 yards, and was similarly ranked in the top for most inaccurate on those passes (don't feel like looking it up yet again). A good number of these passes were to wide open targets that had nothing but empty space ahead, while also playing against the easiest schedule in the NFL, and possibly the easiest schedule he'll ever see again. But go ahead & pass the buck off on every other aspect of the team instead of the QB, but give him all the credit for the stuff he does do. Makes total sense. Also, Cousins was more accurate all around, and had a 111.8 passer rating compared to Allen's 85.3. Let's not pretend they're even comparable passers yet. It's also amusing you pretend the way this article measures deep balls means they're pretty close... "Allen completed just 18 of his 68 deep-pass attempts and had an abysmal passer rating of 64.4 (29th). Cousins went 24-of-61 on deep throws with a passer rating of 119.7 (third).Allen completed just 18 of his 68 deep-pass attempts and had an abysmal passer rating of 64.4 (29th). Cousins went 24-of-61 on deep throws with a passer rating of 119.7 (third)." 64.4 (29th) compared to 119.7 (3rd) is a pretty wide gap by NFL standards.
  2. Just sad in 20 years it wasn't the Bills that brought him down, but free agency.
  3. The idea that you are already anointing Josh Allen as a franchise QB is absurd. Franchise QB's are those like Brady, Mahomes, Manning, Rivers, Wilson, Roethlisberger, Brees, Watson, Ryan, Rodgers, etc. Throwing for 3,000 yards, 20 TD's, 9 INT's, and under 60 completion % is NOT a franchise QB yet. That's closer to Tyrod Taylor than it is Drew Brees. That was against the weakest schedule in the league too, so let's not pretend he's already there.
  4. If Allen can't perform with the tools he has now, this trade might really haunt us. We thought it was bad trading a #1 to move up for Watkins, but this draft is loaded with WR's, and we just gave away a ton of pics for one (albeit a very good one). I'm cautiously optimistic, just hoping our easy schedule last year is understood in proper context by the coaching staff.
  5. If you look at costs of other stadiums built in the last 10-15 years, I don't see why it HAS to hit $1 billion in expenses unless it's just extremely expensive to build anything in NY. The Cowboys' stadium cost $1.15 billion when it was built, and at the time was one of the most expensive stadiums ever constructed. Granted it's been like 10 years since then, but that thing is a MONSTER of a stadium, seating 100k people, has all the luxuries and amenities anyone could ask for and is loaded with extra attractions & state of the art facilities. Inflation hasn't skyrocketed to some absurd amount since then, and the Bills would likely go for a more humble & reserved approach, so I'm only left with the explanation that NY is just insanely expensive? Otherwise, we really should've built a new stadium years ago instead of kicking the can this far down the road. AT&T Stadium (Cowboys) - $1.15 billion 2009 - ($1.55 billion 2019 cost) Lucas Oil Stadium (Colts) - $720 million 2008 - ($843 million 2018 cost) Levi Stadium (49ers) - $1.3 billion 2014 - ($1.4 billion 2019 cost) Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Falcons) - $1.6 billion *projected after additional renovations* 2017 - (But with $900 million in sponsorship sales) MetLife Stadium (Giants/Jets) - $1.6 billion 2010 - (1.88 billion in 2019 cost) but that's with/for 2 x teams contributing State Farm Stadium (Cardinals) - $455 million 2006 - ($577 million in 2019 cost) US Bank Stadium (Vikings) - $1 billion 2016 ($1.065 billion in 2019 cost) I feel like the Bills could get away with a sub $1 billion, 60k-65k capacity stadium with a modest setup...something between Lucas Oil & US Bank Stadium. Unless it's just a given that they have to build up a bunch of shopping centers, bars, retail outlets, etc. around the stadium like the big dogs did (Cowboys/Rams), is it unreasonable to aim for $800-$900 million? Maybe it is, and maybe NY state just makes that impossible. But seeing prices from years ago when renovation/new stadium talks began kicking around really irks me. Colts & Cardinals got away with domed stadiums for great prices, and if you go back further, teams like the Steelers were able to build new venues for what we've spent in renovations over the years.
  6. He probably would've made it regardless, but this just confirms it. It also once again should shut people up who try to dismiss Mahomes as just a product of Andy Reid's system & having good players around him. Andy Reid has had a TON of teams with a huge amount of talent, yet didn't win a Super Bowl. Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia, Michael Vick, and Alex Smith never won him a Super Bowl, nor put on the performances or throw up the numbers Mahomes does. Mahomes is just doing what he did in college, only now with playmakers worthy of his skillset & a coach that caters to his talents. And that's also why I think Reid is a HOFer regardless of the SB win. He knows how to cater his offense to his QB's strengths. His teams will only go as far as the QB's ability though, and lucky for him, Mahomes' abilities are nearly endless.
  7. Technically it wasn't only the Bills that passed on 2 MVP QB's. Many teams did. I agree with the sentiment that it was asinine, especially considering how desperate we've been for a good QB the past couple decades, but unless Doug Flutie also cursed dozens of other teams, it really has nothing to do with being cursed lol. But passing on QB's like Mahomes is why I still question McDermott's ability to mold Josh Allen into a solid QB (not even good or great, just consistently solid). How can I have faith he knows what makes a good QB when his ability to evaluate QB talent has been abysmal? Let's not forget 2018 when he thought we were set at the position with Nathan Peterman (who he also drafted) starting & a "project" rookie as our only 2 QB's. No veterans, 1.5 games of starting QB experience between them...and confident enough to trade away AJ McCarron because we definitely wouldn't have use for someone that's at least been on an NFL roster for more than a year. But yes, he drafted the correct QB & will mold him into someone worthy of a high 1st round pick. Side Note: I still love Sean McDermott otherwise. Glad he's our HC.
  8. The problem is not just that he could've been our QB...we've passed on tons of QB's in the past that have made us look stupid. The problem is that we sat there at that spot, took the time to evaluate it, then traded that EXACT spot to the team that then used that pick to select him...all while desperately needing a QB in the first place. If he was taken 5 spots later, it's bad, only not quite as bad. But literally handing that spot to the team that selected him feels like we said "Nah, he's not good enough for us, but here ya go, you take the guy!" Then he goes on to throw for 5,000 yards, 50 TD's, become an NFL MVP, win a Super Bowl and become a Super Bowl MVP...after only 2 years as a starting QB. Ouch.
  9. This post season, he had 14 receptions, 288 yards & 1 TD, which according to the graphic in the video above, is the most yards in Chiefs franchise history. He's right, had his ups & downs, and he never really panned out the way we wanted, but the Bills have a history of over thinking things & making the wrong pick in the draft. We traded 2 x 1st round picks for him when we could've just stayed still & taken 2 far more productive WR's, just like we opted not to take Patrick Mahomes, took a bunch of picks & traded up to take Josh Allen the next year (when we could've just stayed in place & taken Lamar Jackson if anything). Amusingly enough, now they're both on the same team. Hell, we eventually realized our offense sucked so bad after trading him away that we lost even more draft capital trading away a 3rd round pick for Kelvin Benjamin hoping to fill Sammy's spot....that worked out even worse. So I don't really blame Sammy. Not happy with him when he talks smack about the Bills, but the organization wasn't exactly known for doing their research or making the smartest moves.
  10. I think Jimmy G can still improve quite a bit. If you think Jimmy G cannot improve any further whatsoever, that fine. But if I'm to believe Josh Allen can suddenly start playing like a top level QB when he still plays the exact same way he always has, how can I not think someone who's been far more consistent like Jimmy G can't also improve further? Also, let's say for arguments sake Jimmy G can't improve. He's playing at 100% capability right now. Shanahan can still take them father than just a SB appearance. This is the NFL after all. Mahomes could've been injured at any point in that game. Next season Mahomes could get hurt again, or a team besides the Chiefs could reach the Super Bowl & be a great matchup for the 49ers. You never know how a season will unfold. If he can get them to the Super Bowl, he can just as easily win the Super Bowl under the right conditions. The Titans could've won the AFC Championship game this year. The 49ers may have matched up well against them. Next year the Ravens could make the Super Bowl & the 49ers could blow them out like the Titans did. Basically what I'm saying is the cliche "any given Sunday," scenario. I could just as easily see the 49ers winning as I could any other Super Bowl contender, even if this is all Jimmy G has to offer.
  11. Lol hey now, we also got extra picks to trade up for a QB of our own... Though he's nowhere near the level of talent Mahomes is, maybe a once in a generation defense could propel him & the Bills to a Super Bowl, and then that DB will get a game-winning pick-6! And though Mahomes & Co. are likely to dominate the AFC for as long as he's playing, even getting just ONE Super Bowl, even with a mid-tier QB, would be the best thing EVERRRR. I don't care how we win it, but just a single Super Bowl win (then fading back into obscurity) would make me so incredibly happy.
  12. This is a far more accurate breakdown than just trying to compare some stats for a single year - https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/09/this-statistical-comparison-should-have-bills-worried-about-josh-allen People can make whatever reach they want to build up Allen in their minds, but it's pretty clear he has some fundamental issues that aren't ever going to change. Russell Wilson on the other hand had already shown both in college and the NFL that he had real potential without the game breaking flaws that Allen has.1
  13. Don't worry, in 2019 Josh Allen will be an MVP candidate. I read in it a lot of threads 2 seasons ago, then again this past season when they were bumped because he would sometimes throw for 2 TD's in a game. Almost as good as getting to the Super Bowl. I'm sure in 2020 he'll be an MVP candidate for sure!
  14. Replace Dabol with Allen, and yes, you're right. He was making some of the most boneheaded plays he's made all years, failed to capitalize on countless opportunities, couldn't hit easy passes, and totally shrunk in the big moment. Had absolutely nothing to do with Dabol, but I knew going into this game that if Allen played like he usually does Dabol would get the blame, he always does when Josh plays bad.
  15. The coaching staff really tried to give Allen as many chances as they could, but he wasn't able to deliver. 46 pass attempts, 52% completions, still only 264 yards. And we still had a chance to just get us in FG range in OT to win the game, even after botching multiple drives before then. Just a sad showing when it mattered most. Oh well, here's hoping next year he'll improve dramatically.
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