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  1. Rob Johnson (looked like a d-bag, played like a pansy) Willis McGahee (we use a 1st rounder on your injured a** while having a pro-bowl RB already...then you gonna crap on the city?!) Tyrod Taylor (not personally, just how he played the last season & a half...made Trent Edwards look like a gunslinger!) Marcel Dareus (take the money & do nothing...yay) Kiko Alonso (fine his 1 season that he played here, then became a cheapshot artist) Marcus Stroud (big hype around his signing, got an extension, then did nothing)
  2. Well, as an 11-13 year old kid, I spent more of my time on the old version of the Bills Message board arguing with adults about Doug Flutie being superior to Rob Johnson than hanging out with friends or focused on real life... That doesn't make me the most dedicated, but it did show where my priorities were in life
  3. "We" the Bills & Bills fans. It's pretty normal at this point in conversation to refer to your team as "we." But if it bothers you, just replace it with "they," and the point is the same
  4. What about the last time we picked at 30 when there were at least 30 NFL teams? I could Google it...but c'mon, why do it the easy way?
  5. In 7 years, it'll likely be even more expensive to renovate. It's just crazy to look at how much it cost teams like Arizona, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, etc. to build their stadiums...yet we'll be paying half a billion jsut for renovations. If we keep pushing it back, costs will just soar even more out of reach. When you think about it, Jerry World was the crown jewel of the NFL & treated like a crazy attraction. By the time we start building, we'll probably be paying more than Jones did. Sinking another half a billion dollars into renovations just feels like a huge money s
  6. When I was a kid, I wondered why teams didn't just draft QB's in every round until they found the good one lol. Figured if they needed one so bad, just use all 7 rounds to keep grabbing them until one pans out.
  7. Every year we wait it just gets more expensive. Another round of renovations being half a billion dollars? Teams spent that much a decade ago building entirely new stadiums. Also, I laughed at this last line - "As the NFL’s only New York-based franchise, the Bills in 2013 were estimated to generate $20 million annually in state taxes." I mean, it's not nothing but it's hardly something to point to for why the state should pony up a ton money lol
  8. Tre answering the phone the way he did made me laugh the most. Then his response "Why TF you call me then!?" was even better 🤣
  9. ***This response isn't to you specifically, just the one mindset you pointed out since I've heard it many times*** Making him out to be a villain or bad for taking what he's worth is unfair. Implying he's not a high character or team-first guy for taking a normal deal for a QB of his talent is messed up. I think it reflects poorly on fans who are acting like he'd be doing us dirty by getting a FAIR deal. It's his job to play his best & be committed to winning. It's the organization's job to pay him what he's worth & his agent's job to figure out what Josh wants.
  10. I know it's not a FA signing, but I'm just excited to have Star back next season. Why am I saying that on this thread? It's 5:53 am & I'm just saying whatever comes to mind dammit
  11. No matter how good a prospect is, a dumpster fire organization can destroy their chances. The Bills would've ruined Andrew Luck or Patrick Mahomes under previous regimes. Darnold is pretty unlikely to suddenly emerge as a great QB after what he's been through, but he could at least turn it around into an Alex Smith-like career under better management.
  12. Now that Dak is getting $40 million a year, Josh's agent won't let him take less regardless of how much he likes the city.
  13. Wish we could just see it without factoring in the AFCE. All 4 AFCE teams are in the top 6. Of course, Brady & the Bucs manage to get #1 despite winning the SB.
  14. I haven't commented on this thread yet because I'm still so bummed. Can't believe I'm this bitter over replacing a punter, but dammit I am!
  15. If something gets downvoted or any generally negative reaction from the community, does it still tick up the reputation score?
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