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  1. BigDingus

    Bills Make National Headlines Consistently

    Wait, was he really? Never heard that until now
  2. BigDingus

    This Year's Bears = Next Year's Bills?

    There's a lot of differences between the Bears & Bills... The Bears already had a very good pass rush & solid overall defense last year, then inserted the best defensive player in the league into that team. They also have the same coaches & schemes from the prior year, while we do what we likely will do what we always do & blame the OC for everything, fire him, and start again (speculation obviously). They also have a better O-line, and more talent at the skill positions. Trubisky also didn't turn the ball over much, and we do. On the flip side, he wasn't throwing TD's very much either, so there's that. But with all that being said, there could be a slim chance if our QB & O-line can work together in figuring out how not to get him killed, and get some valuable experience & legit lessons. Then when we get that $90 million in dead cap money freed up, we have a chance at landing some great talent though we may have to overpay. And if McBeane can nail the draft, we have a shot. It could happen, but a lot has to go right.
  3. BigDingus

    The positive of Mayfield being good

    Since when is Cleveland the franchise you want to point to for lessons in successful roster management or drafting? lol How many fails did they have first? Allen being their other choice could mean they finally bucked the trend of picking poorly by not selecting him. They could go for the guy who produced at an elite level for many years against great competition but was considered "small" by QB standards, or they could pick the guy who LOOKS the part and has that great arm, yet did nothing against inferior competition in college. If the Browns took Allen, this board would be sitting here laughing their asses off about what fools they are, and how they picked the unknown with POTENTIAL over the guaranteed production. Then again, it's still the Browns & they could just as easily ruin Mayfield. You never know.
  4. BigDingus

    Bills Make National Headlines Consistently

    Don't forget, table slamming being banned, and now the Bills Twitter not knowing where Minnesota was.... Things are going to get more ridiculous soon, I can feel it lol
  5. BigDingus

    Micah Hyde's San Diego wife loves Buffalo

    It's funny, I lived in (and still live near) Dallas for 15 years now, and as much as I enjoy it, I still loved the times I went to Buffalo. I constantly hound my wife about taking another trip, and really think I'd enjoy living there. But who knows, maybe it's one of those places I'll love visiting, but moving there I'd have a different opinion.
  6. BigDingus

    2019 draft class qbs look ok

    Why? The Vikings are FAR superior to the Ravens, and the Ravens were 44 points better than the Bills. If the line was Ravens favored by 20 points, would you have thought that was absurd? Not to mention the Vikings are definitely the best team we've faced this year, and we're playing them in Minnesota. 17 points seems generous all things considered.
  7. I just assume they must be from some old, bygone era where nobody cared to look into the psychology & mindset of anyone. You know, the same camp of people that used to point the blame back on a woman who was sexually assaulted, saying it was her fault because she wore short shorts, or her belly button was showing. She may have even winked at the guy. How was he ever supposed to control himself when she clearly set herself up for it? And yeah, Ray Rice's good nature was not why his wife stayed with him. Just like most women, they feel they either need to stay to protect the child, or have a legitimate fear for their life & what would happen trying to leave.
  8. Why would she ever need to come out and publicly say "LeSean is a great father and would never hurt our son!" Unless her son or her were showing signs of abuse, there's no reason to go on record saying those things. Also, it's pretty well known by now that victims of abuse often cover for & defend their abuser, as they fear retaliation and are afraid to leave them.
  9. BigDingus

    Will tonight’s game delay Darnold’s HOF ceremony?

    This thread is ridiculous... Please, point to where the media is annointing him a HOF player, or singing undeserved praises. Unlike our first round QB, Darnold actually played at a high level against good competition, put up good numbers, and was on of the best in his conference. Did you post a similar thread for Josh Allen in regard to the board? Something like "Will tonight's game delay Allen's Wall of Fame ceremony in Orchard Park?" or "Will fans let Allen make it through training camp before proclaiming he's the best QB from the draft?" Wreaks of jealousy & pettiness. What are you going to say about Mayfield getting all the praise he's going to get this week? You going to get upset that players, pundits, and all the "experts" talk so highly of him & praise what he was able to do for Cleveland in his first game, when an established veteran like Tyrod could not? Darnold is a damn good player. Sorry you never paid attention to him enough to know that.
  10. BigDingus

    Browns are going to the playoffs

    Can't wait until Allen wins a game...Bills 2019 Super Bowl Champions predictions will skyrocket!
  11. The fact the Browns had the 31st ranked passing offense this season, similar to the passing offense the Bills had under TT, is also sheer coincidence. He's a good QB guys, geez! He just doesn't have the weapons around him! You could throw Aaron Rodgers fused with Tom Brady out there, and they wouldn't have done any better in these conditions! Wait.... a rookie seeing his first NFL action mid-game played better? Uhhh...obviously that's the Jets one weakness, everybody knows that, duh!
  12. BigDingus

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Shocker. The passing game suddenly looked decent, and the Browns win their first game since 2016 when Tyrod goes out.... It'd be nice if those who argued how good Tyrod was for all those games last season would step forward & accept defeat. Just because he doesn't throw interceptions, doesn't mean he's good.
  13. BigDingus

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I've been saying this LONG before the season started, and how it'll be (and was in reality) a huge mistake. People kept trying to dismiss it on these boards saying it wasn't important, or mocked veterans like Josh McCown trying to laugh it off. Meanwhile, all throughout the draft & afterwards in interviews, players & coaches would say the exact opposite. But what do players and coaches know? The fans on the board clearly think a veteran mentor/leader/guide/person to sit behind while they learn the ropes doesn't matter...just like they made themselves believe that Allen was pro-ready & would excel as a rookie at the NFL level day-1, even though we all knew prior to the draft that Allen was the most raw & risky QB of the "big 4." We knew he was a project, we knew he'd benefit from sitting behind a veteran who could help him get up to speed, we knew his stock was so high based on size & arm strength rather than on-field production, ability to read a defense, or monster stats. Yet because the Bills took him #7 overall, everything we knew to be true got thrown out the window & replaced with excitement & hype, along with the unfair & unrealistic expectations that do Allen a disservice. Now we're going down an all too familiar route, and we're seeing the same bad management & poor decision cliches beat for beat. Soon, we'll see the outcries for firing the OC, which will set Allen back even further. And if it keeps going this way, expect to see the coach feel extra pressure to save his job due to finishing with such a lousy record, leading to him finding that veteran QB a year too late, and putting him in a "QB competition" withe Allen through training camp. Then we'll have another Kelly Holcomb/JP Losman situation, where you're swapping back & forth between the 2, leading to the loss of confidence the QB & his teammates for him. All of this was so easy to avoid, and you could see the issues from miles away. I only hope McBeane recognize they're heading down the wrong path, and to avoid the typical course corrections so many others tried that lead to even more failure.
  14. BigDingus

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    Poor thing. I really hope her family is ok. Condolences and prayers for her & her loved ones. Losing someone at that age must be devastating.
  15. BigDingus

    Report: Bills Will Work Out OT Matt Tobin

    At least it might trip someone up lol I mean, I knew going into this season it'd be hard to watch going in, but Groy specifically has been brutal. Even knowing what to expect going into the season, he still manages to find ways to get me riled up.