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  1. BigDingus

    Would you take this bet on Buffalo sports?

    That's actually not true. They are called 9 time AFC East Champions. Just as the 90's Bills are always referred to as having won 5 out of 6 AFC East championships. Hell, just google any articles that discuss those teams, or the Bills franchise achievements as a whole. Here's just the Wikipedia page of the Bills - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Bills It even notes "Conference Championships," and "Division Championships" to go along with League Championships. In record books, in documentaries, in discussion, and on banners, division & conference championships are certainly referred to as "Championships," not "wins." Also, your comment "A championship requires a championship game or games where the tow best teams play" isn't true either. There are conferences in College Football that don't have a championship game, yet have a designated champion. The NFL already officially recognizes both division & conference champions...here's even more proof (in case you didn't want to read any articles, watch any videos, or listen to any broadcasts that specifically reference division champions) - You were right...don't worry. I just posted proof in case he wants to keep arguing...
  2. BigDingus

    Would you take this bet on Buffalo sports?

    I'd easily take that $200... We know the Bills aren't winning the Super Bowl, let alone the AFC East crown, so the only way I'd be at risk of losing $10,000 would be if the Sabres somehow go from dead last in the league to Championship in one shot. I guess it's possible, but would any non-homer bet the Browns would go from dead last in the league to winning the Super Bowl this year? Hell, even though I'd only make $200, I'd take that bet with 50 separate people & still feel safe. Then I'd come away with $10,000 anyway, even if I did just risk paying $500k
  3. BigDingus

    ESPN: Ranking NFL's Best Offensive Arsenals (#29)

    His first year in the league, he had 1,631 rushing yards, averaging 5.1 yards a carry, and 15 TD's (in 15 games). Shady's BEST year, 2013 with the Eagles, he had 1,607 rushing yards, 5.1 yards a carry, and 9 TD's (in 16 games). Shady has been in the league 9 years, and Elliot's rookie season was arguably better than Shady's BEST season in his prime. Elliot isn't even in his prime yet, so it's crazy to think what he can do in the future. Unfortunately, Shady's best days are behind him, even if he can stay productive a couple more years. Zeke missed 6 games last season, and STILL had 983 rushing yards & 7 TD's...Shady played in all 16 games and had 1,138 rushing yards & 6 TD's. Zeke had 269 receiving & 2 TD's while Shady had 448 & 2 TD's. Again...he played 6 less games. And the Bills had the #1 rushing offense in 2015 & 2016, and was #6 last year, so let's not act like we haven't had ample blocking, or that somehow our scheme doesn't suit runners as well as Dallas. We both have a top tier RB, and both teams focus on rushing. Lastly, Zeke is 22 years old, Shady is 30. I'd take Zeke over Shady easily. Shady is still my favorite RB in the league (unless the accusations prove to be true), but in terms of production & potential, especially the next few seasons? Zeke every time.
  4. BigDingus

    ESPN: Ranking NFL's Best Offensive Arsenals (#29)

    Lol I think it's about right, although based off those metrics, it kind of makes sense. They're not counting QB's or offensive lines, so that's how we're somehow ranked ahead of Dallas. We have Shady, they have Elliot, so they technically edge us out there. But at least we have ONE above average WR, while they have nobody. Also, at TE we have Clay while they lost Witten, and as the article says, the 4 TE's they have vying for his spot have a combined 94 career yards 0_0 Soooo, in terms of just talent at skill positions, we're at least ahead of 3 other teams
  5. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24045670/ranking-nfl-best-worst-offensive-arsenals-weapons-2018#buf How they ranked them: These rankings are attempting to consider a team's skill-position talent without including the impact of the quarterback, offensive line or scheme. These rankings don't include contract value. I'm solely considering how these players will perform in 2018. The arsenals are weighted more toward receivers. Top-level talent wins out over depth. Didn't mention everyone. 29. Buffalo Bills "Knees are the concern with the Bills' weapons. Tight end Charles Clayhas spent the majority of his Bills career battling through knee issues. Top wideout Kelvin Benjamin was traded to the Bills in part because the Panthers were concerned about the long-term health of his knees. Second-year receiver Zay Jones, who was the worst starting wideout in the NFL last season by most metrics, underwent knee surgery in May. Shady McCoy saw his yards per carry drop by more than a full yard last season, although that was likely due more to an ill-fitting scheme than any significant drop in McCoy's own level of play. After the soon-to-be-30-year-old halfback, though, the Bills will be relying on players with a track record of injuries to catch passes from first-round pick Josh Allen (or AJ McCarron or Nathan Peterman). This is another team likely to be shopping for receivers next offseason." Soooo...the only teams ranked lower than us are the #32 Jets, #31 Dolphins & #30 Cowboys. I find it amusing that 3 of the bottom 4 teams in terms of offensive capabilities are AFC East teams. As if the Patriots didn't have it easy at the top of the division the past decade & a half, the other teams in their division can't seem to ever find a way to put together a potent offense. Granted, if either us or the Jets hit at QB this will change significantly (regardless of what the metrics used say, QB relevance still factors in to subconscious opinion), but it's just a problem that's plagued this division for so long now.
  6. Between OJ Simpson, Travis Henry, Marshawn Lynch, and LeSean McCoy, the Bills have had a pretty interesting lot at RB. Granted not all are interesting in a criminal way, just interesting in a drama way.
  7. BigDingus

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Exactly. This is way more than just about football for him too. Something like this can get you jail time. And when the prime of his career is dwindling, it's not like he has long for this life as it is. Better to spend it on your terms than locked behind concrete walls & eating slop 3 times a day.
  8. BigDingus

    LeSean McCoy allegations

    Listening to Dallas radio right now. They said this is worse than Greg Hardy, Adrian Peterson, Alex Rodriguez and Michael Vick combined... Beating gf, child, steroids, and animal abuse... holy hell. Hope she's ok, but hope he's not responsible.
  9. BigDingus

    You Won't Like This Gronk Spike 😞

    1. Is his girl from Buffalo/a Bills fan? 2. If you put a Bills hat on a Pats fan (or vice versa), of course they're gonna do that. Put it on a player for that team, and what else do you expect? 3. I've thrown my Bills hats across the room/on the floor several times too. They definitely have that effect on people sometimes.
  10. BigDingus

    Sports Parity

    NBA for sure right now, but typically college football ranks up there for least parity. Especially since you can pick & choose your opponents, and the top teams get top recruits, and the cycle goes on & on & on. Alabama has won how many Championships the past decade? And how many other D-1 schools really have a legit shot? About 1% or less...
  11. BigDingus

    Adam Schein Ranks Divisions by Quarterback

    I don't like the Wentz comparison. Wentz & Co. whooped up on their competition, winning the FCS Championship in all his years there. He also finished as a senior, graduated with a 4.0, which just shows how mature & developed he was. He definitely had a better completion percentage, and didn't have the troubles Allen does reading a defense (and was a better runner). On the flip side, Allen is more naturally gifted, and according to some research others have done, NDS's opponents had 56.45% SoS compared to Wyoming's 60.79%, so Allen was playing slightly more difficult competition. I don't think he's a sure-fire bust, but he definitely was more of a risk.
  12. BigDingus

    ESPN says we overpaid for Star

    If by "last legs" you mean still far and away the largest, most popular and followed sports media outlet, I guess?
  13. BigDingus

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    How every year we're at least 10-6 or better? lol
  14. BigDingus

    Top 16 All Time QB's According to Gil Brandt of NFL.com

    I'm not sure where I'd rank everyone, but I agree with quite a few things others have posted. Brady is easily #1. Aikman wasn't "better" than a lot of these QB's, but if it's based on sheer winning, sure, he belongs (same with Bradshaw). Rodgers definitely belongs in the top 10 already. Kelly deserves a top 20 spot, but as Bills fans, we definitely think higher of him than others. He averaged 21.5 TD's & 16 INT's a season, which really isn't much to write home about. His impressive accomplishments come from him basically calling his own plays, being that actual field-general, and being the QB of a stacked team that went to 4 SB's. He had 3 seasons throwing for more/same amount of INT's than TD's, and only broke 30 TD's once. But then again, compared to his peers, it looks better. John Elway averaged 18.75 TD's & 14 INT's a season, while Steve Young averaged 17 TD's & 6.5 INT's a season for the 49er's. So he had averaged more TD's, but also more INT's, and was in the middle with yards. Some give him more credit for the SB streak, some give him less due to the talent around him. Some also take away credit simply because he never won any of those SB's. So I see both sides, but when it comes to definitive "greats," he's somewhere in the top 20-15 range.