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  1. That definitely sucks when it happens, but at the same time it's impossible to simulate a player's REAL accuracy in game by just pressing "X" when you see a player open... The game simulates your player's movement, trajectory, arm strength, fatigue, speed, awareness, etc. against the opposing defensive scheme, defender's stats, and soooo many other factors... and all we need to do is flick an analogue stick or tap a button. Plus, in reality there are plenty of times Allen, Tyrod, and other QB's sail a pass 10 yards short/over an open WR, or don't see them at all. Sometimes they just get the ball batted down, sometimes they throw a horrible wobbler or just launch it into the dirt. There's only so much a game can do with all the real life variables, so they have to factor in a group of stats that include awareness and accuracy, where sometimes the RNG just isn't in your favor. It sucks, but if it didn't exist, all QB's would essentially handle the same.
  2. Yeah... I never understood when people got mad prior to the season about rankings, because if we prove to be good, our in-game team will be updated to reflect that! So what if you think they got worse ratings than they deserve? If those players end up playing how you believe they will, the game will then fix that too! Problem solved! At the same time, it is kind of fun to see what non-Bills fans think of our team & players. It's not like these guys are just guessing either... It's not an exact science, but believe it or not, they do spend an extensive amount of time researching players. Of course not EVERYONE can get the same amount of attention, but they're not just throwing out random numbers because they don't care about accuracy.
  3. That's fine. I enjoy reading various writer's opinions on the Bills, regardless of where they work. And if the breakdown is as thorough as it is with the Colts, then I'd definitely like to see what there opinion is of the organization going through the next 3 years.
  4. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/27124949/nfl-future-power-rankings-projections-all-32-teams-next-three-years They're talking about it on ESPN Radio right now, but because I don't have ESPN+, can't see the entire thing. All I've pieced together from their discussion & other articles is: 1. Colts 2. Patriots 3. Eagles 8. Rams 9. Browns 10. Chargers 11. Bears 12. Vikings 14. Cowboys 21. Lions 27. Redskins 31. Giants 32... Dolphins lol So if anyone can share what they discuss regarding the Bills, I'd be very interested. They go pretty deep with the breakdowns instead of the typical one-liners used for weekly power rankings, evaluating everything from their drafting to the front office, so I'd definitely like to see how they see the future of the Bills.
  5. That field is under ground level, just throwing it over the stands is pretty incredible. On top of that, he did it from the line at the endzone.
  6. Exactly. I went through and looked at a lot of teams' players, and they look down overall. It's not like they overrated a lot of players this year either. Allen being a 74 is actually pretty generous considering the numbers got lowered overall. Ed Oliver being just 1 point off from being the top rated rookie is pretty favorable too.
  7. Why can't it be like that for Brady? At least each year I'd have some hope, even if he did return each time. As of the past few years, he has been firm on his position that he's not retiring until 45 or some dumb s***. Can't he just be happy with I dunno.... SIX FRIGGIN SUPER BOWLS?! You already surpassed everyone with 5, the hell did you need a 6th one for? And why are you still going for more?! Just to make other people miserable? Eat a bag of...well you know.
  8. Doesn't matter what anyone wants to say, all that is 100% certain is that it was an idiotic decision to bench your year-long starter who lead you to the playoffs in favor of an unproven backup for the Wildcard game. Never happened before, never will happen again. Doesn't matter if Johnson didn't lose us the game, it was a stupid decision. Fact.
  9. There can be plenty of tense moments without low scoring games... And there were big defensive plays made too... Something like 6 or 7 turnovers forced by defenses that kept putting the pressure on the other to go separate themselves. When offenses are that good, it's hard for anyone to stop them. The whole idea that people don't play defense in basketball is also a big myth... especially for those that think college basketball is somehow superior due to better defense than the pros. It's not like all those great defenders in college suddenly forgot how to play once they got to the NBA. However, they suddenly started playing against the best athletes in the world instead of random amateurs that have no offensive capabilities & aren't freakishly talented/athletic. But that's not the point... Those were 2 AMAZING offenses with huge talent on both teams that provided difficulty for almost every team they faced the entire season.
  10. Even if he throws it 10 mph, he still has won 2 more Super Bowls than the Bills have even been to, and nobody would be surprised if he won another... The a**hole just won't ever retire.
  11. I don't even remember the hype surrounding it. I just remember the enjoyment I got from watching it live. It was really awesome to watch two prolific offenses battle it out. Was not disappointed.
  12. Like the Chiefs vs Rams game this past season. It was amazing to watch those 2 offenses duke it out, and the defenses did come through with some great turnovers too.
  13. All this discussion of "all we need is 10 years of winning tradition, and we'll bring in more revenue!" like it's easy or something are just kidding themselves. That is never a given, and we fans should know that better than anyone. We nearly have 20 years of losing "tradition" right now, and 10 years of sustained success is pretty damn difficult. We know in a literal sense that 10 straight years of winning isn't likely for anyone aside from the Patriots, so who else fits the bill of 10 years sustained success? Here are each team's winning season/losing season records the last 10 years: 10 Winnings Seasons: Patriots 9 Winning Seasons: NONE 8 Winning Seasons: Packers & Steelers 7 Winning Seasons: Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, Seahawks 6 Winning Seasons: Bengals, Colts, Chargers, Eagles, Saints, Falcons 5 Winning Seasons: Broncos, Cowboys, Vikings, 4 Winning Seasons: Titans, Lions, Cardinals, 3 Winning Seasons: Jets, Redskins, Giants, Bears, Panthers, 49ers 2 Winning Seasons: Bills, Buccaneers, Rams 1 Winning Season: Dolphins, Jaguars, Raiders 0 Winning Seasons: Browns So you have a total of 13 teams with more winning seasons than losing ones, but IMO only 3 of those teams have truly had sustained success (Patriots, Packers & Steelers), while 7 total could really be argued as having a "winning tradition" over 10 years (when you include the Ravens, Texans, Chiefs & Seahawks). To get 10 years of "winning tradition" behind us, we'd have to do what pretty much 25 other teams in the league could not do, and we'd have to hope the "build a new stadium" drum the NFL is beating slows down to even allow that to happen. That's not likely either, and as a business, the NFL is constantly looking for ways to generate more revenue regardless of how profitable they already are. With the Bills being the least valuable of 32 teams, it's not enough that we simply make more profit than some other markets. We're not generating enough cash for the league overall, and that does matter. Our ceiling isn't very high at the moment, but with a new stadium that will allow for some more growth. And if Buffalo continues to improve in actual city development, a new stadium can profit from that growth too. Not saying taxpayers would benefit from pumping their money into it, only that a new stadium will help Buffalo pull more of its weight from the NFL's perspective.
  14. Splitting Carrie's? That sounds like something OJ would look forward to... 😯
  15. https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/player-ratings?i=1&s=ovr_rating:DESC&=undefined Here's a list of all of them. Oliver has the 2nd overall ranking out of everyone, only 1 point behind the Jets' Quinnen Williams at 80.
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