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  1. You put into words exactly what I've been most frustrated with and kept me away from being sold on Allen for so long. It's like he reads the boards, watches all the talk around "big" games, then flounders when the moment comes. Against teams we are expected to beat, he goes out and has fun. And yeah, only 4th quarter comebacks are from games we already had been winning, yet let slip away from doing nothing in the 3rd/ most of the 4th.
  2. Thank you. Criticizing players isn't the same as being a fair-weather fan. As long as you're not actively rooting for them to fail or only watching when times are good, you're still just as much a fan as anyone.
  3. We need a Ted Williams/Sam Adams fat boy in the middle right now. Hell, I'd take failure draft pick OL Mike Williams' fat a** to just stumble into the center at this point.
  4. Yup. Was obvious last year, and just as glaring this year. Even worse is when you know the opponent will come out making the appropriate adjustments, and the Bills will take the quarter off.
  5. Nope. He's good, and he put us in great position all game again today. Defense just couldn't capitalize.
  6. Frazier can coach a defense. Been saying it since day 1, people underestimated Star's importance to this line, and our defensive draft picks haven't panned out.
  7. I think you need to rewatch the game... I knew people would just forget the actual context of the game & go back to HC/OC blaming as soon as we started losing. The opening drive was indicative of the ***EXECUTION ON THE FIELD*** throughout the game. Good play calls, failure to connect. If Allen threw better passes, if receivers caught the good passes, if we didn't do dumb things like false starts on crucial downs, nobody would've complained. McDermott doesn't make people drop passes or overthrow receivers.
  8. I swear, people get SO sensitive about such trivial things. They weren't biased, nor were they saying Allen was a bad player. They brought up the questions surrounding his accuracy throughout his entire life, then he continued his poor play of last week into this week. Were they supposed to just ignore it? Stay quiet on all the open passes that were overthrown? See his 9/21 for 66 yards passing middle of the 4th & not talk about him not making passes? It's like people are so used to only following the news that repeats their own opinions, follow sites & outlets that echo what they already believe, and now expect sports commentary to reflect that too. I also want to hear great things about Allen, and guess what? That's 99% of what we were hearing for the first 4 games!
  9. These overly sensitive posts never age well... "wHy wE dOnT giT mOaR ReSpekt!?" Because consistency matters in the NFL, and people aren't going to believe in you if you show you're not up to the task. Oh no! The DL's manhood was questioned! And? It should be, and she was clearly right to do so.
  10. Bingo. Bass didn't go 3 & out or fail to move the ball. He didn't have anything to do with the offense that couldn't capitalize on the few stops our defense DID make. And he surely wasn't 9/21 for 66 yards mid 4th quarter... We were lucky to even get that turnover in the last seconds of the half. Even if he nailed it, nothing would've changed considering how inept the offense was & how bad our defense was manhandled.
  11. Ugh... I wasn't worried after last week, but this game has me really concerned about Allen. People screaming about him being the MVP & not getting enough respect were obviously overcompensating, but I still thought he made genuine growth as a player. Now it seems like he forgot all that, or just let it go to his head.
  12. NFL should give the option for a 3 point, drop kick play after TD's, just for the extra excitement factor 😉
  13. They already called them for it once. KC has been much more penalized than the Bills today. Our penalties all came right at the end, and were all very blatant themselves.
  14. The way our ST has played tonight, that would just cap it off.
  15. This is why Mahomes was an MVP. He almost always makes the right decision in every situation. He can make mistakes like everyone else, but there's just a calm confidence wit him where you can feel he's going to make it work out. It's way more than just the numbers he puts up.
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