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  1. This is a far more accurate breakdown than just trying to compare some stats for a single year - https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/09/this-statistical-comparison-should-have-bills-worried-about-josh-allen People can make whatever reach they want to build up Allen in their minds, but it's pretty clear he has some fundamental issues that aren't ever going to change. Russell Wilson on the other hand had already shown both in college and the NFL that he had real potential without the game breaking flaws that Allen has.1
  2. Don't worry, in 2019 Josh Allen will be an MVP candidate. I read in it a lot of threads 2 seasons ago, then again this past season when they were bumped because he would sometimes throw for 2 TD's in a game. Almost as good as getting to the Super Bowl. I'm sure in 2020 he'll be an MVP candidate for sure!
  3. Replace Dabol with Allen, and yes, you're right. He was making some of the most boneheaded plays he's made all years, failed to capitalize on countless opportunities, couldn't hit easy passes, and totally shrunk in the big moment. Had absolutely nothing to do with Dabol, but I knew going into this game that if Allen played like he usually does Dabol would get the blame, he always does when Josh plays bad.
  4. The coaching staff really tried to give Allen as many chances as they could, but he wasn't able to deliver. 46 pass attempts, 52% completions, still only 264 yards. And we still had a chance to just get us in FG range in OT to win the game, even after botching multiple drives before then. Just a sad showing when it mattered most. Oh well, here's hoping next year he'll improve dramatically.
  5. Man, when you complete those short passes, it's crazy what people can do in open space if given the opportunity. Wish we could do that.
  6. But I'm sure people will just blame playcalling again, even when the signs are practically slamming them in the face through the TV
  7. This has been all Allen's chance to shine the past few drives now, and especially this one, but everything feels so unnatural & hard for him no matter what he's doing.
  8. Josh caused us to lose the coin toss! IS HE JUST TRYING TO THROW AWAY THE GAME?!?!?!! 😂
  9. Wait, what?! He's had AMPLE opportunity today to prove he's who people want him to be, but it's entirely on him this entire 2nd half for crumbling under the pressure. The turnovers, the bad passes, the sacks taking us out of FG range....hell, the toss with 1:03 left for no reason that could've cost us the game was proof enough the pressure has dramatically affected his mentality.
  10. Thank you Hauschka for doing your job! And thank you defense for even giving us a chance to erase our previous screw up.
  11. Can we just get it over with & go for the FG? I'm more worried about Allen...
  12. Crap, I'm more stressed having Allen back there than just going for the FG & getting it over with
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