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  1. Pound for pound? What's his pound to greatness ratio compared to OJ's pound to greatness ratio? I DEMAND TO KNOW YOUR NUMBERS AND YOUR METHODS!
  2. I always hate predicting 10 wins with the Bills as long as Brady is around. Because the Pats have had our number for going on 2 decades now, you may as well predict the Bills as going 10-4. We're almost certainly going to lose 2 games to the Pats every year, so that means you're predicting we're going 10-4 against the rest of the field. I find that really hard to believe that we'll be able to do that, but I hope I'm wrong. Or as the poster above said, Allen doesn't improve. Edumnds needs to improve as well, but if Allen doesn't improve over last year's performance, 6 wins or less is very likely.
  3. I mean, we had countless people on here prior to this past season saying "we made the playoffs last year, how could we possibly go backwards by improving this year?!" only to have reality hit like a ton of bricks. I think our low position is a clear sign that Allen is still seen as a project QB who is more likely to bust than to become a franchise QB. Everything will change if he proves doubters (myself included) wrong, but until then, expect most people outside of Buffalo to be very low on us.
  4. I think it's because Coy has gotten some pretty decent face time/exposure on TV the past couple years, as he's a news host/anchor on some morning show now (and does sports stuff for CNN I believe). I don't even remember the name, but my wife always turns on the same morning news show every day when she wakes up, and I quickly recognized him. I asked her if he was a guest commentator or something, and she said no, he's one of the main people on air. Good for him though, found some success after football.
  5. Josh Allen was always said to be a "project" QB, with a raw skillset but the physical attributes and athleticism that made him worth drafting on potential alone. Great size & arm strength were constantly noted, as were accuracy issues. On the other hand, Tyree Jackson is said to be the liked for the same reasons. Great size and athleticism, fantastic arm strength, but also inaccurate. They both also faced similar criticisms for facing inferior competition throughout their collegiate careers. Josh Allen is 6'5 and 240 lbs. Tyree Jackson is 6'7 and 249 lbs. Josh Allen's hand size is 10 & 1/8 inches. Tyree Jackson's hand size is 10 & 1/4 inches. Josh Allen's arms measured at 33 & 1/4 inches. Tyree Jackson's arms measured at 34 & 1/4 inches. Josh Allen ran a 4.75 second 40 yard dash. Tyree Jackson ran a 4.59 second 40 yard dash. Josh Allen had a 33.5 inch vertical jump. Tyree Jackson had a 34.5 inch vertical jump. *************************************************************************************************** So in terms of physical attributes, size & athleticism, they both are extremely similar in every way. Now to break down stats a bit: Josh Allen's Completion Percentage his final season - 56.3% Tyree Jackson's Completion Percentage his final season - 55.3% Josh Allen's YPG his final season - 164.7 yards Tyree Jackson's YPG his final season - 223.6 yards Josh Allen had 16 TD's, averaging 1.45 TD's per game his final season. (28 TD's in 14 games the the prior season) Tyree Jackson had 28 TD's, averaging 2.0 TD's per game his final season. (12 TD's in 8 games the prior season) Josh Allen threw 6 INT's, averaging 0.54 INT's per game his final season (15 INT's, averaging 1.07 per game the prior season) Tyree Jackson threw 12 INT's, averaging 0.85 INT's per game his final season (3 INT's, averaging 0.38 per game the prior season) Josh Allen rushed for 204 yards on 92 carries, averaging 2.2 YPA his final season. Tyree Jackson rushed for 161 yards on 55 carries, averaging 2.9 YPA his final season. Josh Allen rushed for 5 TDs his final season (12 TD's in 2 seasons). Tyree Jackson rushed for 7 TD's his final season (16 TD's in 3 seasons). Josh Allen was 8-3 as a starter his final season, 8-6 the prior year. Tyree Jackson was 10-4 as a starter his final season, 5-3 the prior year. Josh Allen's Passer Rating his final season was 127.8, and 144.9 the prior year. Tyree Jackson's Passer Rating his final season was 136.7, and 148.8 the prior year. *************************************************************************************************** Again, awfully similar in most every category. One of the only other factors to consider is whether you value playing in the MW Conference or the MAC more. Wyoming finished with a 4th overall W/L record at 8-5 in the MWC in 2017, with Allen not leading in a single statistical category in the conference. Buffalo finished with a 1st overall W/L record at 10-4 in the MAC in 2018, with Jackson leading in several major statistical categories in the conference (Ex: Most Passing TD's and Most Passing Yards). He also finished the season as the MAC's Offensive Player of the Year. Anyway... TL;DR - What differences between them were so huge that it lead to a gap in draft position as massive as A) being a top 10 pick in the 1st round and B) being passed over by everyone & signing as an Undrafted Rookie FA? I'm not saying Tyree is as good as Allen, and I'm not saying he's even worthy of being an NFL starter. I just can't see how one is worth the risk based on physical attributes & flashes of great talent, while the other has equally impressive physical attributes and also shows flashes of great talent. I mean, at least he should be worth a pick in the 4th round based on where Allen was drafted right? At worst, a 5th or 6th rounder... Can you imagine if Josh Allen fell to the 5th or 6th, or simply went undrafted? "Intangibles" can be thrown around to fill in for whatever explanation that doesn't exist for such a weird difference in draft stock, but that should only cover so much. On the other hand, I don't know if Jackson had any legal troubles or character doubts that I haven't heard about, but from what I know there wasn't anything noteworthy. So how did one guy profit so much his physical skillset while the other was written off for a very similar one?
  6. So I guess this is just one of those "high motor" and "high character" guys? Averaged a whopping 19.5 receptions and 302.5 yards the past 2 seasons, with a combined total of 0 TD's his entire college career.... I know stats aren't everything, but nothing screams "this guy won't be here by the time our next pick rolls around, better trade up now!"
  7. 0 TD's in his entire career at Ole Miss? That's an interesting player to trade up for...
  8. And with this recent run on WR's, we may have missed the opportunity to pull the trigger on one of the better ones.
  9. Never thought his production warranted being a first round pick like so many were projecting, but to see him still on the board now is kind of curious. It might be a work ethic/attitude thing or something, as most teams would normally be thrilled to snag a WR this athletic & with so much potential at this point in the draft, yet they're not biting.
  10. Just remember saying that later this season if Allen is still looking poor, not hitting targets and taking too many sacks. Not saying you specifically will be one of these people, but if Allen starts to struggle, it won't be long before 1) the OC gets blamed, 2) the O-line gets blamed, and 3) the skill position players get blamed. But we've invested quite a bit this offseason into O-line, so it really looks like that's one less future excuse.
  11. I stated before the draft that if we spent every pick on an O-linemen just to get us that much closer to finding a solid starting 5, I'd have no complaints. Even with the Free Agents we picked up, drafting young, talented linemen is still extremely important, so I love this pick. Anything to give Allen a better shot at standing upright.
  12. Hopefully is decline in production this past season isn't indicative of things to come. Granted he was the obvious focus of opposing teams & double teams, but he'll be facing that in the NFL too.
  13. I really hope not...as much as I'd like them to go offense
  14. Well Ed Oliver is available...guess this is where we'll find out where McD's priorities lie...
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