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  1. We don't know what any of it means either way. My personal belief is he's not signing here & is looking for a pay day. He wasn't happy getting nearly $20 million a year, so doubtful he's seriously considering anything less. But look at all the WR's who make that kind of money & compare their production to Hopkins's the past couple years. Our best bet is just play the waiting game & let D-Hop slowly realize teams aren't willing to offer that much for his level of production.
  2. Reasons for Optimism: 1. O-line is improved. Not sure if I'd say it improved SIGNIFICANTLY, but it's definitely better than last year. 2. Didn't waste another 1st round pick on defense. Gave Allen another weapon in Kincaid. 3. Dorsey's 2nd year as OC. Hopefully he'll have a better grasp on what worked & what didn't, and benefit from last year's experiences 4. Our secondary should be better by default. Safeties are back for another year, hopefully rested & healthy. White hopefully shook off the rust from the ACL recovery, and will be good to go, and Elam/Benford will be in year 2. After only getting a few games with Hyde & Poyer together, hopefully the secondary will look renewed. Reasons for Pessimism: 1a. Schedule is tough, with our 3 most difficult games all being on the road (KC/Cincy/Philly). 1b. We're not the only team getting better, the rest of the AFCE is as well. Jets & Phins played us tough last year, both splitting with the Bills. This year they should be even better, so neither will be an easy out. 2. I know everyone was over Frazier by the end of last season, but I'm not so sure McDermott will be any better/worse. Even as a #1 or #2 ranked defense, this unit can't stop elite offenses anyway, so investing so many resources into that side of the ball kind of feels like wasted effort to an extent. In the end, you have to be able to go toe to toe offensively with Cincy & KC. I'm not sure if McDermott will really change much in that regard, and ultimately it could just look the same. Honorable Mention: This isn't something anyone can control, but I still don't think this team is really built to benefit from our home field "advantage" when playing in the elements. Snow/Ice/Rain tend to look sloppy, turnover heavy, and not confident. Can't worry too much about it, but still never seems like it favors us in any way.
  3. Mahomes & Brady were the cover athletes for Madden in 2022. Nothing bad happened to them! And nothing bad happened to the 2023 cover guy, as he was.... well, not alive 🤔 This is silly. How is there "serious hate" and how is 93 overall "somewhat low?" 🤣 That leaves only Mahomes & Burrow ahead of him, which is pretty much how most people see it. If we weren't Bills fans, some people would say he's too high. Jalen Hurts is an 89, ranked below Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson & Justin Herbert. If they rated him any higher, there'd be people raging about how overrated EA has him (which some already do). I don't care about his awareness rating though. He does fumble more than other QB's, and he LEAD THE LEAGUE in turnovers last year for all QB's... He's still a 93 overall! That's not "serious hate" by any metric.
  4. And this is why it doesn't bode well for us, despite all the ways we MIGHT be able to make way for him. Many teams were trying to trade for him, but he wouldn't restructure his contract from $19.4 million. Coming from his camp, he's not willing to take a discount to play for a contender either. He's 31 years old, wouldn't come down from that nearly $20 million number, and now we get to see the bidding war. It's not impossible, but c'mon. We do this every year, and we got our big money star last year in Von. Not sure we'll pull it off again.
  5. I may have missed it, but what if you already have YouTube TV? Do they still do blackouts for local games? I don't have any cable/satellite anymore, so it'll be really annoying to have the service I'm paying for block games.
  6. "The belief was that Hopkins might be willing to take less money as a free agent, but it doesn’t appear that the Pro Bowl wideout is going to do any teams’ bank account any favors." Bingo! Exactly what I thought. People who think he's willing to take a discount to play for a ring are kidding themselves. He got released for a reason, and it was so he could seek more money.
  7. Seems like Josh is the party guy. Never saw any articles or video suggesting she was cheating on him, only the other way around 😂 Then again, can't be shocked a rich, good looking dude is playing the field. Our other best QB in franchise history also had that baggage.
  8. Exactly. I don't think teams in the SB window are the ones that are going to offer the most money. There are plenty of times optimistic or desperate teams overpay for a star FA. Teams like the Bears or Jags who want to show they're giving their young QB help, or the Lions, as you mentioned, wouldn't surprise me. Bills & Chiefs are 2 of the 3 teams with the least cap space, so I don't expect them to sign him. Either way, I'd think the Ravens or even Eagles would have a better shot than Buffalo (even if it'd be kind of a luxury pickup). I'm sure the Eagles would like him next to AJ Brown & Devonta Smith, even if it's not "necessary."
  9. Actually not surprised. I know it sucks to admit, but he didn't develop the turnover reputation for nothing. It's also why analysts (and haters) like to group his TOTAL fumble numbers with his actual fumbles lost. He's been fortunate to have so many recovered by teammates considering how often he's dropped the ball.
  10. This is shocking. Their GM & leadership should be BLASTED for allowing this to happen & getting nothing in return. Great for him though, he'll get to pick his team. Unfortunately, this lessens the Bills chances of making this happen. Sure, he would LIKE to go to a contender, but money talks. Remember JJ Watt? Everyone had a list of contenders he could help, then he surprised everyone & went to the Cards.
  11. Come up with something you can actually use as a logo on the side of the helmet & not just a letter... What even is a "Commander?" Are they all just 53 people of the same military rank? Lame! It's so boring they basically just kept the WFT logo. At least when Washington's other team had to change their name, they got creative with it & went with "Wizards" 😆
  12. I didn't think anyone really cared about the emoji things. We all know it's a good thread
  13. I'm curious as to what feedback was taken from these surveys & what will be incorporated into the stadium. The 2 most crucial things were already decided (location/whether it'll be open or have a dome), so anyone know what else the fans wanted?
  14. Or... and hear me out here...OR is it smart?! Did you ever think of that? Ok, yeah. It's stupid 😅
  15. I clicked the vomit emoji so I could get attention like @Airseven!
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