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  1. BigDingus

    11-14: OJ Was on the Tim Graham Show Today

    ...as far as wife abusers & murders go? I'm curious to watch what I imagine is an awful interview.
  2. BigDingus

    Is No. 1 Ranking Legit or a Mirage?

    What does "total defense," even mean? Because according to ESPN, "Total Defense" is yards allowed, and Baltimore is ranked #1 with Buffalo at #7. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/total/position/defense And if I go to any other category, Buffalo still isn't number 1. I guess they use another metric.
  3. BigDingus

    Big Ben Texted Bell Before Deadline-NO ANSWER

    As odd as it may sound, I can easily see the Bills going after him with all that cap money, and the desire to make some kind of move to get fans excited going into next season. Let's also not forget the Bills have an obsession with coaches who come to Buffalo & immediately say they want a run-first, grind opponents down, tough defense team & prioritize RB's more than most other teams. We even went through a cycle where we'd use 1st round picks replacing Pro Bowl RB's just for the hell of it! Travis Henry into Willis McGahee into Marshawn Lycnh (insert Fred Jackson in here as a FA signing) into CJ Spiller. Then we decided to just trade for one with Shady, but now we may go the FA route. I dunno, all I'm saying is I could easily see it.
  4. BigDingus

    McyD a coach of the year candidate?

    Sir. We don't use that word anymore. I believe the correct term now is "dumb as f***k" Thank you, and see that it doesn't happen again.
  5. BigDingus

    Send Jerry Hughes to the Probowl!

    If you're talking about White, no I didn't. There were just too many corners playing much better than him this year. Still playing well, but competition is rough this season.
  6. BigDingus

    Bills Release Peterman

    I get what you mean, but I can argue significant differences & advantages they had over Peterman. And I agree, coaches should not be putting guys out there over & over again if it's clear they shouldn't be, but our coaches not only failed him in development, they failed the team by failing to sign a veteran mentor/place-holder for Allen, and traded away our other QB for nothing before the season started. 1) Mullens started his first 2 games at home against a 1-6 Raiders team (0-4 on the road), ranked 24th in total defense, and followed that up against a 1-7 Giants team at home (1-3 on the road), ranked 19th in total defense. Peterman started his first 2 games on the road traveling across the country against a Chargers team that began the season 0-4, but had gone 3-2 in their last 5 games, with the 2 losses coming against the Patriots on the road (only losing by 8 ) and the Jaguars on the road in OT (only losing by 3), the two teams that were in the AFC Championship game. The Chargers had the 3rd ranked passing defense, and were 3rd best in takeaways. Prior to that, the Bills hadn't won a game at San Diego/LA since 1981, and since then are 3-10 overall against them. To top it off, he also had to face the Bills former Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach Anthony Lynn, who knew damn near everything about our offensive players. To add even more to the uphill battle, he began the game without our #2 WR in Jordan Matthews, our LT Cordy Glenn was out for the 2nd straight game, our starting Guard John Miller was out, Charles Clay was still dealing with a leg injury that had him out for several weeks, and Kelvin Benjamin got injured on his first reception of the first drive & was carted off the field. Following that, his next start was against a bad Colts team at home. Should be the perfect opportunity to show how capable he is right? Too bad it was in a blizzard... And let's not downplay the significance of that weather, it was awful. Somehow in spite of all that, he still managed to be the best QB in that game, but the odds were not in his favor. 2) Tuel only started one game, and he had a very good surrounding cast in his games, quite the opposite of Peterman. Buffalo had the #2 rushing offense, and quite a few weapons. I'm not even sure why you brought up Tuel though, he didn't do well, played less games, and was out quicker than Peterman. Yes, he fits the "random QB that starts a game here or there," but that's what backups are supposed to do. Peterman was outright named the starter for the season, then made to be the scapegoat for the team's failure half way through week 1. That's a weak ass move, and shows the kind of foresight & decision making McDermott has, and now we're supposed to trust him to properly develop Allen into even a semi-decent NFL player? Anyway, all I'm saying is the deck was stacked against him, and it's remarkable just how poorly his career was managed by those in charge. Yes, he failed to execute too, but to expect a 5th round rookie to come in & save the day under those conditions, then follow up the next year by truly destroying any chance at proper development was really unfair.
  7. BigDingus

    Send Jerry Hughes to the Probowl!

    I voted for Hughes, Hyde, Poyer, Lorenzo, and Milano. Although Hyde & Poyer aren't doing quite as well statistically as last season, they're still a great tandem. Likely won't get selected, but figured they deserved some consideration anyway Hughes, Alexander & Milano definitely deserve spots though.
  8. BigDingus

    Send Jerry Hughes to the Probowl!

    I hate the new Pro Bowl setup. No more NFC vs AFC, just an amalgamation of people from everywhere with no rhyme or reason, with many of them declining to go anyway.
  9. BigDingus

    Bills Release Peterman

    Best of luck to him in his future endeavors. Few QB's have been thrown into a crappier position, and few have been as respectful and classy through it all. From being thrown to the wolves in their first game starting, to being made the scapegoat and getting yanked half way through the first game of the season, it's clear the coaching staff did him no favors. And for someone to have their lifelong dream turn into a national joke, it's an unfortunate thing to experience. Being witness to it is one thing, but actually living it must be excruciating. Not saying he never had opportunities, only those opportunities were marred by issues outside of his control. And to see fans celebrate your career's end must be exceptionally difficult after all the effort & work spent to get to this point, and after truly embracing the city when you arrived here. To think last April he was probably elated to even be selected to play in the NFL, and think at worst he'd have to sit a few years & work his way up by default of being a 5th round pick. Now, a year and a half later, here he is likely done forever...partly due to his own performance, and very much to do with the misfortune of being drafted by the Bills. That 5th round pick also happened to be a result of a trade with the Cowboys. I'd imagine if Peterman was selected by the Cowboys, his career would've gone much, much differently. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to Peterman for giving his all and embracing the city, and I'm sorry for the way fans treated you and the way your career ended. Best of wishes.
  10. BigDingus

    Who has the best stadium in the NFL?

    I don't know, but I will say this: Going to Houston's stadium blew my mind. I was at club level, and it was a fantastic experience through & through. Prices were cheap, everything was clean, the bathrooms all had stalls (lol) , the atmosphere was great, etc. Overall, just a much better experience than I ever imagined (and I've been to the Jerry World a ton of times). And holy s*** it got loud. At one point I leaned over to my wife & yelled "imagine how loud it'd be if the Bills had a dome like this!" to which she said "WHAT!?" Lol then I practically lost my voice trying to repeat it an inch from her ear. I never knew Houston fans as that passionate, especially since it wasn't entirely sold out. Yet the crowd roar on 3rd downs was louder than any Bills home game I've been to, and you could tell it wasn't artificial or anything. The fans got seriously into it. But if we had a stadium like that, it'd be even better. It'd be impossible for opposing offenses to hear anything, and would probably result in quite a few false starts/delay of games each Sunday.
  11. BigDingus

    Friend wants to go to a home game..... I ask why?

    Yeah, I'm sure many teams have better atmospheres for openers & early in the season, but even when the Bills are looking like they'll lay another egg for the season, the fans & stadium are usually awesome. Like many have said before, it's far more like a college atmosphere than a pro one, and I'm saying that as a guy who went to Texas Tech with some of the most rowdy fans in the Big XII (side note: why the actual f*** is it still the Big "12?" Ten teams...c'mon guys). But when the weather is bad or just too cold, combined with the offense being dismal to watch, I've noticed the fans in the stands are much less motivated to invest in the game, and are also quite a bit more agitated & irritable. Not nearly as supportive as some may lead you to believe, but I don't blame them either. I hope your experience is great though! Enjoy, and bring them some good luck
  12. BigDingus

    looks like torn achilles for Dez

    Agreed. Even though I dislike him personality-wise, he's still a human being with his own goals & dreams, and to have a great opportunity ripped away from you like this, potentially dashing all the dreams, really makes me sympathize for the guy. Millionaire or not, I don't like hearing stories like this.
  13. BigDingus

    looks like torn achilles for Dez

    Actually feel pretty bad for the guy. Yes, I know he's made plenty of money, but the man's only 30 years old and is looking to be finished with the profession he's dedicated his entire life to up until this point. Crazy to think he's got another 40+ years ahead of him with the unknown ahead of him. I can't imagine being done working at 30, especially if I had 1 craft that I spent my life becoming proficient in.
  14. BigDingus

    Pegulas mentioned by name in Eric Reid story

    But sports is the place where fans typically side with Billionaire owners who look for handouts over their millionaire employees who actually risk physical harm for their money, and who have a much shorter window to make that money. It's an odd situation that doesn't mirror how most people view other professions.
  15. But isn't it amazing how so many analysts still claim QB's like Mahomes aren't pro-ready because colleges are doing them a disservice by running so many spread offenses? They seem to miss how the NFL is leaning more & more into running college-style offenses. Yes, the spread offenses in the NFL aren't quite as pronounced as some of the more flagrant examples in college, but Mahomes comes from my Alma mater which is typically one of those "air-raid spread" offenses that get brought up as incompatible with the NFL. The guy threw for friggin 734 yards in a single game in 2016! SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR! And it wasn't even against some D-2 or D-3 school, it was against the ranked Oklahoma Sooners. Oh, and he managed to set the FBS record with 819 yards of total offense in that game too. People see numbers like that & end up just disregarding the person & calling them scheme-players. But when smart coaches evolve with the game & work a player's strength into their schemes, you put players in a position to succeed. Even though Andy Reid was working on his system before this year, you can bet your ass he was closely examining the college game and the dominant spread offenses, and evaluating who the best player for the job would be. There's a reason they were willing to give up an extra 1st round pick to take the guy...they knew damn well the strengths he possesed & identified Mahomes SPECIFICALLY for the job. Now they're reaping the rewards.