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  1. BigDingus

    Allen seems to want to lead this team

    Heart, commitment and leadership skills are traits successful QB's have, but they aren't traits that are indicative of successful QB's. Allen can have the willpower & determination to be great all he wants, just as he can work his butt off & study all the film in the world, but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to actual play in games. We can hope it translates to better performances, but just because he wants it, doesn't mean it'll just happen.
  2. BigDingus

    John Miller gets nice contract with Benglas

    Well last year we took their leftovers with Bodine, then realized quickly why they dumped him. Only fair they take our leftovers this year.
  3. Man...would've been an amazing pickup if we could've grabbed him.
  4. BigDingus

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    You know, the other good thing about these front-loaded contracts is that they serve a second purpose. In the unfortunate scenario where we once again fail to become a decent team, the next regime that comes in to fix the mess won't have as much crap on the books & have more cap space to work with I know, I don't want that to happen either, just saying...
  5. BigDingus

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    If he's our #2 WR, probably. If he's our #3 option, I highly doubt we'll pass the ball enough to have our 3rd WR net that many yards. Lately it seems our RB/TE will get more receptions & yardage than most of our WR's.
  6. BigDingus

    The AAF Thread

    After seeing how this is going, I have even less hope for the XFL. There's some things they could learn from the AAF, but there's also a foundation-level decision that's going to work against them IMO. Even though the advantages they could have by all being owned by Vince, having negotiated TV deals well in advance, they already have a multi-million install base with their streaming service, and can advertise to a large audience free of charge, the key mistake they made is the location of their founding teams. Instead of picking smaller cities in regions with more passionate, loyal fans who would probably be thrilled to get a chance at a pro football team, they went with established big markets that not only have NFL teams, but have countless other pro sports teams & things to do in the spring instead of going to XFL games. If they picked markets like the AAF targeted, then used their advertising and marketing connections to their advantage, I have a feeling it could turn into a more financially stable AAF. But going with cities like New York, San Francisco and Dallas (they did hit up St. Louis so that's one good choice) will get you ignored worse than the Chargers in LA.
  7. BigDingus

    Happy Daylight Saving Time

    Just a friendly reminder for those who aren't paying attention, time to set those clocks forward 1 hour! Well...I guess it depends on where you are. Some may have already done so, but either way, hooray for losing an hour of sleep!
  8. The Bills are in turmoil if Allen looks bad this year... Let's not pretend we're even close to well-off or anything. We have a strong defense, but Brown is 31 and clearly wants to enjoy his last years, and Vegas would be a place to do that, not Buffalo. I'm sorry, but if you need any more evidence just look at his reactions to this trade announcement and all things leading up to it. Look at his posts on social media. Look at how genuinely happy he is about it. Now flash back a couple nights ago & how did he react? Polar opposites. There's a reason the Bills trade for AB fell through, and it's likely not because they just suddenly stopped wanting a great WR. He didn't want any part of this team, a ton of money guaranteed or not. The Bills probably pulled out after his dissatisfaction was made clear to save face & not waste picks. We had an abysmal offense last year. And yes, it looked a little better at the end of the year, but we all KNEW that would happen. In fact, before the turn around I made a post about that very thing. We had the EASIEST final 6 games of any team in the league, which just so happened to coincide with us suddenly being able to eek out a few decent games. So we beat some crap teams, big deal, we're still going to be bad until Josh Allen proves he can play in a way he's never played before (which would be asking a lot of anyone to do). Reason enough for Brown to stay away, especially when this is likely Shady's last year (if he even makes it to/through the season).
  9. That's your opinion, and that's fine, but I don't think many young players would agree with you. There's a LOT to do, and it's not all like the brochures want you to think. Believe it or not, you can do stuff in Vegas other than "heathen" things. And I don't want to get into it, but there are many, MANY negative things people can say about Buffalo, but we heard enough of it two nights ago I don't feel like retreading that garbage.
  10. BigDingus

    Brandon Beane's Most Impressive Move as Bills GM

    Trading a 3rd & 7th round pick for Kelvin Benjamin, then a year later letting go of Benjamin for nothing. Assembling the least experienced QB corp in the NFL heading into the 2018 season with McCarron, Allen & Peterman, then trading the only guy who had even a semblance of NFL success. Going all-in on the one QB who was said to be the biggest risk & "project" player of the group, then surround him with a wretched offensive line & no weapons. Oops. ****** Ok, but for real... the best benefit of having Beane in charge is that we get first dibs on all players leaving Carolina. That's an entire farm system for castoffs exclusively for the Bills, tell me that ain't a great deal!
  11. I honestly think it was just a matter of location for AB. I have no issue with Buffalo, but when you may be playing in Vegas soon, what player wouldn't be excited about that? Plus Nevada is another state like TX with no income tax, so players tend to like that.
  12. You mean when we make a massive offer to Dez Bryant for no reason, then everyone does a 180 & says he's got more potential than Brown anyway since he's 4 months younger?
  13. I think the opposite now. I believe last night we genuinely were, but then Brown started getting blasted on social media by thousands of people & all around the sports talk world. Then he caught wind, threw out his disapproval, and the Bills realized if Brown felt this strongly against coming to the Bills, this probably wasn't a battle worth fighting. And even if we somehow coaxed him to sign by throwing a ton of money at him, it's still not going to make him enjoy the city or buy into the team any more than before, so why risk him taking the cash & settling for the bare minimum?
  14. BigDingus

    Screw Rotoworld's Buffalo Bashing

    To be fair, that's VERY tame compared to what the 2 analysts tonight were saying on ESPN radio when the news broke. I mean they went on & on & on & on tirelessly bashing Buffalo. I understand the team not getting respect, but the actual jokes & trash talking of the city was really surprising to me. A joke here & there I've grown accustomed to, but they made it out like Buffalo & Pitt are polar opposites when it comes to climate, as if it never snowed in Pittsburgh & Buffalo was Siberia. They kept saying the Steelers intentionally picked the Bills to punish & banish Brown, and to have fun with Allen lofting balls 10 feet out of bounds over his head. Then they started throwing Game of Thrones jokes in there about Brown going "beyond the wall" and fighting the white walkers in Buffalo. I mean this went on for at least an hour. They kept laughing too, because one of the hosts kept saying "no offense to Buffalo" right before he threw out another insult, and the other host called him on it. Too bad that just made it even funnier for them as they then began talking about how everyone from the Raiders to the Lions are a superior place to go compared to Buffalo.
  15. The real question is why didn't we grab Keenum for the sweet deal the Redskins got him for? Swapping late round picks & splitting that yearly contract with the Broncos? That's no risk, all upside for someone with that experience.