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  1. It shows right there in the article that the Rams are one of the few teams to have success with the Rush-Rush-Pass pattern. They have the 2nd highest success rate (2nd to Pittsburgh), succeeding 60% of the time and actually have a positive EPA (+0.28).
  2. This article is mostly breaking down how Rush-Rush-Pass sucks for NFL teams, and they're right! We've seen that year after year in Buffalo, as coaches are stuck trying to hide whatever QB is behind center's flaws & rush as much as possible. Last season with Tyrod it was miserable, as it resulted in us leading the league in 3 & outs, yet it seemed like the coaches felt it was still better odds than Tyrod throwing the ball. Rushing the ball on first down seems to only be effective if you've got creative play calling, where the opposing team genuinely doesn't know what you're planning on doing, and with play action being a viable threat. Anyway, interesting article, and good information.
  3. A player survey was conducted by The Athletic in which they polled 85 defensive players over the last six weeks of the season on “our most pressing quarterback questions.” The article is from a paid site, so feel free to request any additional info that I can share. https://goo.gl/ns4eVW Among questions & answers that relate to the Bills, here are a few notable ones: 1. Which Quarterback would you MOST like to face in a big game? Answer: 1) Tom Brady - 18%, 2) Nathan Peterman - 15%, 3) Aaron Rodgers - 10% (Apparently to pad stats) 2. Who is the most impressive rookie quarterback? Answer: 1) Baker Mayfield - 60%, 2) Sam Darnold - 21%, 3) Lamar Jackson 7% (No votes for Allen at all) 3. If you could replace one NFL quarterback with Colin Kaepernick, whom would you pick? ***(Previous question asked "Should Colin Kaepernick be on an NFL roster, with 95% "yes" votes)*** Answer: 1) Blake Bortles - 20%, 2) Nathan Peterman - 18%. Others receiving multiple votes: Eli Manning, Josh Allen, Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton, and Josh Rosen. Multiple players also voted for the collective quarterback rosters in Washington and Buffalo. 4. Which quarterback would you least want as your teammate in the locker room? Answer: 1) Cam Newton - 14%, 2a) Jameis Winston - 11%, 2b) Ben Roethlisberger - 11%. Also receiving multiple votes: Blake Bortles, Philip Rivers, Josh Rose, and Nathan Peterman. There were quite a few other questions, but these were the only ones where players voted on Buffalo related QB's. None of this is all too surprising, as outside of Buffalo people don't think much of our QB's. What I did find interesting was that Cam Newton was the top pick for who they'd least want as a teammate. Another interesting one was "Which QB would you least like to face in a big game?" to which the top vote receiver was easily Tom Brady with 52% of the vote (next closest was Rodgers at 32%). You might think "duh, who else would it be?" but I think this could partially play into Brady's continued success. Players already have this mentality, though they normally say "we don't care who we play, blah blah blah," when in reality they're hoping to avoid Brady & the Pats. When you already have that mindset, it's easier to let that manifest & affect your play. Anyway, just thought I'd share.
  4. BigDingus

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    Yeah, I understand that. I wasn't trying to disagree with you, I was only elaborating a bit further on the capacity statement. I stated the "regular operating stadium capacity" can be under 70,000. If the Bills built a new stadium, it could have a 63k-65k capacity & be just fine to host a Super Bowl (though as we know that won't happen anyway). Every stadium is built with the ability to expand capacity for certain events, it's just they don't operate that way on a regular basis. If a stadium like the Jones AT&T stadium in Dallas has a capacity of 80,000 but can expand to 100k, that doesn't mean that on a regular basis they have 20,000 empty seats just sitting there. And when they expand to 100k for an event like the Super Bowl, they don't build onto the thing, they implement other things to increase capacity (usually by manipulating available space in a more efficient way). So yeah, if the Bills built a new stadium there's no doubt it would be built with the ability to expand seating capacity if the need arose. But just as your link explains, there's a laundry list of standards the Bills & Buffalo would have to meet in order to host a Super Bowl that at the moment they definitely cannot meet.
  5. BigDingus

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    In regards to stadium capacity, you can have a regular operating stadium capacity below that & still host a Super Bowl. State Farm Stadium in Arizona has a stadium capacity is 63,400, and they're just fine. Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis has a capacity of 67,000, and they're fine to host too. Even Minnesota's stadium only has a running capacity of just over 66,000. Granted, even with a great stadium it'd be unlikely Buffalo would ever host a Super Bowl, simply because it doesn't have the infrastructure to support an event of that magnitude.
  6. BigDingus

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    I guess I've got a different mindset than many on here, as I'd much rather pay more for a better product than not have to pay much at all for what we have. I think it's just my generation though, as the business landscape has changed dramatically to accommodate this line of thought, especially in service & restaurant industries. Fast casual dining chains used to be huge, but now people are ditching those places in droves & opting to pay more for a better experience & higher quality food/service. For live sporting events I'd rather have to pay a bit more for a cleaner, safer, more comfortable experience...otherwise I'd rather just watch for free in my home with a better view, better food, better smells, etc. Sitting on crappy bleacher seating next to a bunch of drunks that smell like balls, cussing up a storm, in crappy weather, having to pee in a trough next to a bunch of other men crammed side by side, all while having to pay for it and spend a ton of time driving home isn't exactly appealing anymore. PSL's suck, but there's improved ways to do it that don't feel like such a ripoff (look into how they're doing them for LA's stadium). Buffalo has dragged its feet with building a new stadium for years. All the other rust belt/mid-west regional cities recognized the need for a new venue have long since built new stadiums. 1. Cleveland - FirstEnergy Stadium: 1999-Present (Cost Adjusted for Inflation - $426 million) 2. Cincinnati - Paul Brown Stadium: 2000-Present (Cost Adjusted for Inflation - $662 million) 3. Detroit - Ford Field: 2002-Present (Cost Adjusted for Inflation - $696 million) 4. Indianapolis - Lucas Oil Stadium: 2008-Present (Cost Adjusted for Inflation - $808 million) 5. Minnesota - U.S. Bank Stadium: 2016-Present (Cost - $1.06 Billion) 6. Pittsburgh - Heinz Field: 2001-Present (Cost Adjusted for Inflation $398 million) With the amount we've already spent to patch things up several times, we could've been on our way to having a new stadium by now. It's time to stop with the band-aids & just go for it now before it gets even more expensive in the future.
  7. I just want a WR with great hands, route running & situational awareness. Speed & size can be whatever as long as the guy has the ability to be where he needs to be play after play, and be able to find a way to get open when the pocket breaks down & the QB begins to scramble. With Allen being a running QB first & foremost, our WR's need to figure out how to adjust when he rolls out or starts to scramble, as he'll be looking downfield if he can't find a path ahead. Being able to improvise will be invaluable to our QB.
  8. BigDingus

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    So you don't think anyone is even a "Potential All-Pro?" I have a feeling SOMEONE out of this class will prove themselves to be an elite-level talent, I just have no idea who.
  9. BigDingus

    Kingsbury finalizing AZ HC deal

    As a Texas Tech alumn still living in Lubbock, I am SHOCKED by people's interest in this guy... He hasn't done squat as a HC, and even had talent like Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes. He's a good recruiter and has an eye for talent, so maybe teams feel that at worst he'll leave them with a bunch of great pieces when he eventually gets fired? People have always been enamored with him because of his looks & his charisma. But the fact that Texas Tech wouldn't even keep the guy says a LOT. He was on nobody's radar as a HC candidate the past couple years, now suddenly when Texas Tech plays even worse this season losing the last 5 games of the season after starting 5-2 (not even being bowl eligible) he's NFL HC worthy?!?! 😑
  10. I'd like to beat the Patriots at home in the Conference title game. Then for the Super Bowl I'd have the Bills beat the Giants on the foot of Steven Hauschka, nailing a 50+ yard FG straight down the middle to close the game. It can be a clip forever played next to "wide right," with accompanying videos of all our players & fans jumping for joy celebrating instead of falling to the ground or hanging their heads in misery. ***BONUS*** If we could somehow beat the Titans on some jank gimmick play in the last seconds to eliminate them from the playoffs, that'd be a great feeling too (though it couldn't happen in my above scenario).
  11. BigDingus

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    If they do it like the Rams are doing it, you actually get every cent of your money back in X amount of years. Other PSL's may as well be explained as "paying for the right to pay for a seat." So just because you buy a PSL, doesn't mean you have actual tickets.
  12. BigDingus

    Marijuana to treat CTE in NFL players

    Yeah, it's not magic. It's science. Your post is the one that is problematic. Simply casting doubt on something doesn't make you correct. There's a plethora of medical & scientific research showing an overwhelming amount of positive health benefits obtained through marijuana. No, that doesn't mean simply smoking pot just cures everything. Many of the benefits come from the compounds extracted from it, and the delivery method isn't inhaling vapors & smoke. But the source of those substances is still marijuana, and they help a variety of ailments (and have proven to be much SAFER than alternatives currently available). So just saying "it's not a magical plant dude" is pointless. Cars & trucks aren't "magical" transportation, but they sure are quicker & make traveling more convenient than just walking. Guns aren't "magical," but they sure are more effective & efficient in killing people compared to a spoon...I mean, you could technically kill someone with one, but the gun would work a lot better. Blankets aren't "magical," but they sure are more efficient at keeping you warm & retaining heat than trying to collect a bunch of tiny kittens, covering them over your body, and hoping they stay in place. You could certainly do that, but if there's a better option like using a blanket, why go for the kittens (which also may have unintended side effects like allergies, scratches, noise and defecating on you)? Sometimes, people trying to dismiss marijuana may as well be asking you to tackle your problems by the kitten method. Sure, popping a bunch of highly addictive pain medications that destroy your liver and body CAN help ease some issues, but if there's an alternative that's more effective while simultaneously being less dangerous, wouldn't it be wise to explore that option?
  13. BigDingus

    Can we be the 2018 bears in 2019?

    It's possible, but it can't be understated how important an addition Mack was to that team. And though Trubisky had accuracy issues, he wasn't nearly as bad as Allen...nor was he as mistake prone as him. Even last year it looked like Trubisky could at least be an effective game manager with the right pieces around him, and had a decent grasp of opposing defenses by the end of the year. Allen on the other hand looks like his only hope is to grow into the deep passing/home-run threat he was touted as, with mobility being his other primary source of offensive success. That way, his accuracy issues that have plagued him his entire career, and his issues recognizing defensive schemes will cover up the other general inconsistencies allowing us to eek out a few additional wins.
  14. Glad we traded even more assets to move up & grab him... The 2018 draft has the potential to be one of our worst blunders in years if Edmunds & Allen don't pan out. The amount of draft capital spent on getting those 2 could've netted so many pieces and set us up for years to come. Hopefully it doesn't turn out that way, it's just not looking good right now.
  15. Yeah...this is why I don't see him ever becoming more than what he is. He's been this way his entire career, so how will McDermott of all people be the one to change that (and at the most difficult level no less)? This is the same HC that championed, then yanked around, Nathan Peterman to the point he became known as perhaps the worst QB in NFL history! The same coach who said Peterman was what was "best" for the team, then benched him half way through game 1 of the season...naming Allen the starter the following week claiming that he was now what was "best" for the team... He also thought it was great to go into the season by cutting our 3rd QB & going with the most raw rookie QB of the draft group + a 5th round pick with 2 starts under his belt...no veterans whatsoever, leading us to panic grabbing Derek Anderson & thrusting him into the starting a month later (and on a week of practice) and eventually deseperately snatching up Matt Barkley out of a park to be our starter for a game. This guy may be a great motivator, a great defensive coach, and have the players support, but he sure hasn't shown he has any idea wtf to do when it comes to managing NFL QB's, much less developing them.