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  1. Brienne all day, I'll climb that tree
  2. Just take mocks and grades from amateurs with a grain of salt. It's in fun, and nobody's job is at stake. The amount of information and time the guys who get paid to do it have available just isn't comparable to a non-professional. It's the difference between an occupation and a hobby.
  3. Yeah...I'm just speculating but that would be my guess as well. Tragedy.
  4. Either that or just a regular construction snafu, like a generator exhaust on some rags or something. It sounds like there was some work ongoing.
  5. It's very, very nice for your stats when you can count on your halfback for 90 catches/720 yards.
  6. Pretty much my feelings...if you want it to last forever sans major earthquake/war, build it out of stone. Once you start introducing wood, glass, plaster etc, yeah it's pretty but you're building in a shelf life too. Some report mentioned they were lacking funds for the restoration...anyone happen to know how much fire insurance they had on it?
  7. 2013 was a good year for him...the whole marriage thing was bad, but the injuries from 2014-2017 would have been the real death blow
  8. I think Brown set the market for Jones, this scenario is an overpay imo.
  9. He’s been playing well lately, wasn’t sure he’s be up for the Masters but I was thinking he could rattle off a couple...now he’s probably going to crush the record
  10. Nobody happier than USGA right now
  11. Stick this Nice and safe In fourth gear...didn’t think we’d see it again
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