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  1. Excuses...let's go through his video chapter and verse- First play is the center getting a free release into second level. Edmunds stacks him but doesn't shed (not a good play, incidentally, to make the case that Edmunds shies away from contact: he hits the center and stones him but doesn't shed him quickly). This play is a good example of how the defensive line is unable to win 1v1...everyone gets singled and gap integrity is nonexistent. The reason this run succeeds has more to do with Klein not processing the Berrios motion presnap gives up leverage to the tackle who leaves Hughes to get hit by the TE coming down on a wham block. I mean...you COULD ask Edmunds to take on the free releasing center, stack/shed him, and make the tackle (not really that easy to do) but you could also ask one of your defensive linemen to win (much easier) or Klein to stay home (his job). Second play is just Edmunds sticking his head into his gap- run fitting which has been discussed. Here you could say he's tentative and gets moved easily. Not really that bad of a play. Third play is Edmunds getting immediately to his gap responsibility and forcing the cutback. He beats his man to the spot badly...doing his job. Allows Oliver to gain leverage and Edmunds actually makes it back to help with tackle. Just a good play overall. Fourth play is bad initial play by Edmunds, slow to process the handoff which leaves him out of position. Still makes the tackle Fifth play is again fine from Edmunds. Taron Johnson is supposed to force that back inside to him (notice Johnson's hand placement on inside shoulderpad of defender, technique was ok but result was terrible) but he peeks inside, doesn't commit to leveraging his defender, and loses contain. Edmunds can't quite make the tackle. Sixth play...Edmunds is clouding middle. That's usually his responsibility when RB leaks out to opposite side. I guess you can fault him for not being able to keep up in coverage with a slot receiver? Still slows him and you have to realize you are being mad at MLB for not being able to prevent 5yard dig to slot WR...that's more a credit to Edmunds' abilities than an indictment against his play. Seventh play I already discussed upthread but this is again Edmunds immediately playing his run fit and Milano doing a poor job of scraping down the line to get to his gap. Very simple concept if you understand what you're looking at. Eight and ninth plays missed INTs...that's why he plays LB not TE lol Correct
  2. Apparently Geno Atkins may be available as well
  3. Tampa Bay's whole front 7 has been near best in the league for the last year+
  4. I am telling you that you don't understand what you're watching
  5. I realize you are just using broadcast footage but your analysis of Perine first down run from the 45 @00:58 is almost comically wrong Edmunds fits for run and Milano just doesn't scrape...that's what happened with that play. Very basic concept
  6. Correct, the Perine TD Edmunds played his responsibilities. Not sure how the Berrios dig is somehow 'bad' Perine run fit immediately after is actually Milano's gap bad analysis OP
  7. He is a McDermott player to the core. Very similar to Lotulelei in that respect. People love the Jordan Phillips splashy plays but don't understand or appreciate how important doing your job is. That the defense has been down statistically this year exacerbates the issue and fans look for people to blame...usually in the wrong places.
  8. Pretty much everyone who analyzes Bills film this year agrees on Edmunds fwiw
  9. Majority of people watching the games or 'following a player' don't understand what they're seeing re: a player's responsibilities and role
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.buffalorumblings.com/platform/amp/2020/10/23/21527770/all-22-analysis-buffalo-bills-lb-tremaine-edmunds
  11. Patriots are a bad team, just get used to it
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