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  1. GoBills808

    World Cup 2018 Thread

    Credit to a very deserving Mexico for putting in one of the most courageous performances I’ve ever seen against a heavily favored squad. Germany just looked totally out of ideas. Might be a sad ending for their golden generation.
  2. We wouldn’t have needed to, he went undrafted 🙂 He’s not terrible but I don’t consider him special at all. Benjamin is the superior wideout and it’s not really close imo.
  3. Have to disagree. Benjamin put up 1000 his rookie year, 900+ straight off injury, and was well on his way to another 900+ yard season before he got traded to the pass-averse 2017 Bills. He’s only been in the league 4 years...he’s 27. Don’t see how he’s on the downslope at all. Also, ‘separation numbers?’ Anderson was a nice one year story, much like McCown, and I expect him to fade into the same level of obscurity. Legal issues notwithstanding, I feel confident saying Anderson probably will never match Benjamin’s rookie numbers in his whole career, much less play at an ‘elite’ level.
  4. GoBills808

    Mindset and QB accuracy

    Yes, but that was a team that had gone undefeated the season prior. If anything it showed that going from Cassel to Brady is worth about -5 wins, not that Cassel did an admirable job or anything.
  5. GoBills808

    2018 Slogan Contest

    Accuracy is overrated
  6. GoBills808

    Shaw66 update

    I am actually a drum machine.
  7. GoBills808

    Which of Buffalo's 258 Points Were Your Favorite

    I always love when we play the Pack. Don't you think our franchises are similar. I think it will be a close game and whichever team scores more points will win but good luck to Green Bay because their fans are classy and it should be a great game.
  8. GoBills808

    SI article predicts a 2-14 record

    Not sure Groy is penciled in as Wood's replacement yet. But I agree that 2-14 is a stretch...I would give anywhere from 5-11 to 11-5 as being reasonable.
  9. GoBills808

    518 lunch will be June 22 at Ripe Tomato.

    I will attend in spirit. And I'll have whatever's most expensive.
  10. GoBills808

    All NFL Contracts Should Be Performance Based ...

    This. Too many injuries and career- (and life)threatening hits. These guys are if anything underpaid by US professional sports standards.
  11. This is the reality of today's NFL imo, a third round pick (especially a team like Cleveland's) is roughly equivalent value to a bridge/interim starter like Taylor. You add in the fact that the new FO was looking for their own guy and the McCarron decision makes a ton of sense.
  12. GoBills808

    Picture/Photo Help

    This is by far some of the best advice I’ve ever seen, ever.
  13. Can you clarify 'points' and maybe 'well over half the QBs in the league' too, because if you're talking about total TDs scored Taylor was 17th among QBs in 2015, 18th in 2016, and 24th in 2017. He was and is a limited below average QB overall, his rushing ability (and Rex Ryan) is really the only reason his tenure in Buffalo lasted more than a season.
  14. I think you're referring to 2016: iirc in 2015 Taylor missed the Bengals and Jaguars games which we scored 21 and 31 points respectively...that year we scored 379 points total which was good for 12th at 23.68 ppg. Those two games actually brought up the average, if you project Taylor's games to 16 it actually takes the scoring offense from 12th to 15th I believe.
  15. GoBills808

    Rank Drought Uniforms

    I was thinking of ranking drought team mottos yesterday, but this is slightly better.