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  1. would have definitely have made the playoffs in 2014 2015 as well
  2. that's my point tho MVP is team dependent...I don't think the Bills will be in the running for top seed this yr
  3. id save you money tbh he was excellent last season w the 2seed and only got 1 vote its a team award at this point
  4. what should worry you about the mcdermott may become reid argument (aside from the litany of logical fallacies and statistical inconsistencies) is all the people making it are looking at it from McDermott's side and not the Bills' reid didn't win anything in Philadelphia
  5. going to ask again are we dropping the drought era coach into the 2024 bills or are we dropping 2024 allen into the drought
  6. It's not a lack of discipline that's responsible for that INT adot, at least not primarily imo I can think of several that were deep on third down... basically punts
  7. I don't have any issue blaming the Jets loss on allen in its entirety
  8. i don't care about the jets game...at this point i only really care about the playoffs. in that sense i give credit to McDermott for creating the environment for higher expectations. under his leadership we now have a consistent winning culture and that's no small achievement. the reason i asked is because in our recent eliminations our defense minded HC has presided over some absolute capitulations. i'm talking worst defense in the league type outings. the fact that it's been happening w such regularity on his side of the ball is why i'm out on McDermott and have been for some time now. he's the tua tagovailoa of HCs- great stats, can't get it done when it matters.
  9. playoff game/super bowl on the line do you want the offense or the defense on the field last?
  10. If you like I can pull up the numbers again They do not support it
  11. I think that's very optimistic tbh considering we very nearly missed the playoffs this past yr w a better roster
  12. Depends Do they get the same AFCeast sans Brady that we currently enjoy? If so I would say about as well as we have under McDermott
  13. yeah the whole argument doesn't fly w me anymore. bengals defense doesn't have any trouble slowing down the chiefs in the playoffs. neither did the ravens or niners. we are the only one that just implodes in crunch time
  14. the conceit is that 'well Mahomes and the Chiefs are in the way, so of course we can't win' which disregards the extent to which we routinely get abused on defense in the postseason. Even a mediocre defensive performance in either 2021 or 2023 would have been enough to get past the Chiefs twice...supposedly McDermott's area of expertise
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