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  1. ^nothing says definitive statement like a double negative
  2. Lol i enjoy watching wilder but the fight everyone wants is fury/aj and now that’s off for at least a year and possibly not happening fury would have to have a rubber match clause in there for protection. He’s won like 95% of the rounds between himself and wilder
  3. Fury/Wilder 3 confirmed Should be a great fight
  4. Not to worry, they still got a starting left tackle, starting WILL, and All Pro corner
  5. Yes I am completely emotional asking you questions you cannot answer while bemoaning the unfortunate circumstances of poor Rosen.
  6. So you judge QBs by their wins, then? Because I seem to have read a novel's worth of complaining from your account re: Allen's stats.
  7. Exactly. Having a top defense will often depress a QB's statistics. I find the 'defense is good' argument funny coming from a poster who routinely uses statistics to make the case against Allen.
  8. What, exactly, does the defense have to do with a quarterback's 'situation to grow in'? Can you explain that one for me in detail?
  9. I wonder if people remember the reasons they passed on QB in the first round 2017
  10. I think he might retire tbh His dad is the OG gypsy king...before the first Wilder fight he cautioned Tyson saying he was coming back too soon from rehab/not mentally or physically at his peak, gets sloppy and loses easy NC to a draw from knockdowns before the last one on Saturday he told his son it would be the easiest fight he'll ever have
  11. Wilder wasn’t right the whole time and even though Fury was clearly the better man you could tell Wilder was off from early on He mentioned his leg in the interview, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was injured in camp leading up i also think a third fight would be pretty special but I’d rather see Fury go for unification vs AJ, next 30 days is the window for Wilder to option third fight...if that happens no Fury/AJ in 2020
  12. Kellerman said it best- Wilder can fight, he’s not a boxer Also the right that turned the fight was illegal and additionally no ruptured eardrum, was just a cut
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