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  1. He’s always been a willing tackler. If he improves his coverage skills he’d be a Pro Bowler.
  2. In hindsight I think you might be correct, but in the moment I didn’t have an issue with throwing. They were getting yards there too, Garoppolo and penalties were just leaving points on the field.
  3. I agree that his playcalling cost the Falcons a Super Bowl but the other one was a different story imo. The Chiefs were COMING, it was clear the Niners defense had given everything they had and they (Sherman especially) was going to get beat at some point. 20 wasn’t going to be the winning number, they had to try to score again. No problem with how he called that game late for me.
  4. I remember it pretty well tbh and by my recollection it came down to those two big plays, the blown coverage on Hill and the deep miss to Sanders. The rest of the game was a pretty good effort from the Niners defense and managing the game on offense when they had the ball…Garoppolo was throwing behind guys, having balls tipped, missing reads etc. I thought it was about as close a game as could reasonably be expected given the talent disparity at QB. I guess if there was to be a complaint about Shanahan for me it would be that he didn’t go to Kittle enough.
  5. What was the gripe w Shanahan? Not telling Saleh he should maybe try covering Tyreek Hill 50 yards downfield?
  6. No. They were a missed throw to Sanders iirc within winning against the Chiefs. They lost that game because Garoppolo isn’t a good QB, it had nothing to do with Shanahan. He called a great game.
  7. Or if they ever were, when they were given out for free.
  8. For TV you got to have Woody Harrelson/Matthew McConnaughey season 1 of True Detective.
  9. Correct. Here’s a good article on their strategy you articulate: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-rams-love-trading-early-draft-picks-how-much-value-do-they-find-in-the-later-rounds/amp/
  10. The choice in that case is obvious, yes. It’s the Rams hands down.
  11. I think he’s a top HC. Unquestionably. I know this topic is about Beane but wrt the Niners- they’ve had arguably better results without a top QB. I know we like to ***** on Vrabel but until proven otherwise he’s McDermott’s comp, not McVay or Shanahan.
  12. They beat the Packers and Cowboys last year and Packers again the year they went to Super Bowl.
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