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  1. Well put, although I'll add that if you can find reason to believe last year's performance was unduly influenced by bad luck or chance, you can make the case that significant improvement isn't unreasonable. I don't really have anything that supports such a conclusion but I do think they'll be a good/above average defense, especially if Edmunds continues improving and they are 3 deep at CB with 2 of Wallace/Johnson/Gaines behind White.
  2. Other than Bills Niners have best kits
  3. https://streamable.com/y162d Raps fans outside JP after injury...Cousins confirmed fans inside building behaving similarly. Bad look.
  4. I kinda agree...everyone knew the guy was carrying an injury, and he decided to risk his health and a ton of potential $$ for his team. Cheering him going down after knowing what he did, how he probably shouldn’t have been playing and rushed back to help his guys is pretty low if you ask me.
  5. Are you pretending to have a stroke to win this argument or something? Since when was the age appropriateness of various canines a topic?
  6. Did you know that knives, while representing only 4% of kitchen implements (alongside spoons, forks, tongs, spatulas etc) are responsible for over 90% of cutlery-related fatalities in the US???
  7. I have owned these types of dogs (pit bull mixes, usually w/ some sort of hound like Catahoula thrown in) for the last 10-odd years off and on. No issues whatsoever. So our personal experiences notwithstanding, my point about the graphic was that there are probably in the range of 6-1 pitt bull-rottweiler in the US population...which would account for the percentage of fatal attacks. If we're talking overall...you're about 200x more likely to be killed by over the counter aspirin than a pit bull.
  8. Could that possibly be because there are so many dogs in the US that would fall under the 'pit bull' category? It's like saying Toyotas are more dangerous than Ferraris because they're involved in so many more crashes.
  9. That chart is pretty useless in determining ‘most dangerous dog breeds’ without accompanying statistics on the specific amount of dogs per breed listed in the US.
  10. I put the study in the thread to make my point about the fallacy of certain breeds being more likely to attack humans, which was my point throughout. People can make their own choices about acceptable levels of risk or danger, obviously. Cars, for example, are easily 50x more dangerous to humans than airplanes. But when you crash in an airplane, the chance of death is almost 100% whereas it's significantly lower in a car.
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