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  1. Did they change the rule? I think that's PI
  2. Not exactly. I do think Gore is more likely than McCoy to be on the roster come week one though.
  3. smdh gatekeeper...if you're gonna go obvious and put a Bob song in here it might as well be one that's actually related to the topic...
  4. Don't blame this on anyone else. You broke this thread now you fix it
  5. Right but how often do you put pickles in a salad?
  6. Some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.
  7. Oh ok, so that can of paint isn't red, it just becomes red when I put it on the wall. #factzsohard
  8. The Broncos defense was being interviewed concurrently with just a cloth divider separating the two rooms. Not exactly the environment for a great interview.
  9. He might be in a lot of trouble then
  10. Without a warrant I don't understand why they were able to enter in the first place.
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