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  1. Really interesting...I think it would be even more enlightening if they were able to track where pressure is coming from and compare ratings again- even if just broken down into two categories (A&B gaps vs C/D gap). If you're getting consistent pressure up the middle it's much harder to deal with than outside pressure where you know your center and guards are solid and you can step up and deal...this is another one of those stats that would be a lot more insightful with just a bit more detail.
  2. Speaks to his character imo, it really seems like he took his time on PS to heart. I’m rooting for the kid.
  3. GoBills808

    What’s your definition of an alcoholic?

    Truth right here.
  4. I never draft an RB w/ a top5 pick. Don't care how good he might be. Value isn't there
  5. GoBills808

    I want no part of Tyrell Williams

    I still like him.
  6. GoBills808

    Black Monday Is Coming: Which Coaches Get Fired?

    Hopefully not Bowles or Gase
  7. Officiating has had too much of an impact on the outcome for my taste. Some very timely marginal calls all in favor of Chiefs
  8. I guess Mahomes just doesn't get called for intentional grounding then...
  9. Chargers are legit. Win or lose tonight they are going to make noise in the playoffs.
  10. GoBills808

    Is Emma Stone attractive?

  11. GoBills808

    What’s your definition of an alcoholic?

    It's in my genes, pops has multiple drinks a day, his dad drank himself to death before 50 but back in those days they didn't know any better...I used to drink but once I started I didn't stop. Definitely have a problem w/ booze but I just try not to drink anymore. Real answer is the very first time it crosses your mind that you think you might have a problem, you have a problem.
  12. GoBills808

    What’s your definition of an alcoholic?

    I dunno but it's probably something along the lines of when you start asking strangers on football messageboards for alcoholism advice.
  13. GoBills808

    Is Emma Stone attractive?

    Are we just quoting things that are wrong now?