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  1. The difference between raw QB metrics that purport to address accuracy and a detailed examination of what actually happened on a per-play basis is literally the entire point of the whole thread. If you don’t like it, that’s fine and entirely your prerogative. But misrepresenting what’s being discussed isn’t hilarious, it’s dishonest and unproductive.
  2. Try reading: he’s looking at interceptable passes, not INT ratio.
  3. GoBills808

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    I've only had standard vehicles since driving age so I'm biased but I have to think if you know/knew how to do it you could relearn fairly easily. I mean, I had to drive a little right hand Toyota diesel the other day, shifting w/my left hand...now that is a task. Still managed though, pedal configuration was still the same re clutch brake...like riding a bike imo.
  4. GoBills808

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    7% seems ridiculously low, cite your sources asap. I can drive a damn rig w/a 16 speed gearbox, who are these 93%ers who can't find 1st?
  5. GoBills808

    Social Anxiety Disorder

    How’d things work out?
  6. GoBills808

    Superstars Leaving A Team Question

    The thing with Wood got kind of weird too iirc.
  7. GoBills808

    DK Metcalf Workout

    Yeh...Dez was actually really smooth imo.
  8. GoBills808

    Happy 50th birthday Jennifer Aniston

    Never did it for me tbh.
  9. Nobody is questioning anyone’s ability to change. If he HADN’T changed we definitely wouldn’t be having this discussion. The question is whether not being able to play professional sports is an appropriate punishment, and my answer is an unequivocal yes. That’s not a ‘lifelong social punishment’, it’s simply an opportunity he wasted. Happens all the time.
  10. Right. I'm not trying to 'help' or 'make the world a better place' because I'm too busy pointing at everyone else. Never mind the fact that we actually hire directly from the inmate furlough program, which is a resocialization/condition of parole for both violent and nonviolent offenders..ie exactly the kinds of people and situations relevant to the topic at hand. In other words- not only do I have firsthand knowledge of recidivism rates, assault related charges, difficulties finding employment as a convicted felon...I actually AM the person giving second chances, either to meet requirements for the parole board, to qualify for the halfway house, etc etc. Sooo...when I say that losing out on the chance to play in the NFL isn't going to ruin this guy's life, it's because I've hired people who just did 5 years for first time promotion charges because the judge was in a bad mood and his PD didn't show up to court and literally just lost 5 years of their life. I've hired guys convicted of assault and attempted murder who've been incarcerated since they were 16 and lost a hell of a lot more than a shot at playing pro football. So spare me your sanctimony...when I say I believe in second chances and rehabilitation it's because I AM people's second (and often last) chance and rehabilitation. I also know that there are consequences to people's actions, and being held accountable is how things work for 99% of us. Not being able to play in the NFL is so far down the list of consequences people suffer after assaulting someone it's downright laughable.
  11. Let me guess...you have an undergraduate degree in psychology. And that’s being generous.
  12. I'm almost afraid to ask...exactly which people are you talking about?
  13. Laughable. I'm not 'minimizing the outcome' at all. The outcome may be that he doesn't play in the NFL. If anything I have too much empathy being that I also do not play in the NFL. The major difference in our respective career paths with respect to professional football player is that my lack of employment with the NFL is due to genetics, whereas his will potentially be due to being videotaped repeatedly punching a woman lying on the ground.