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  1. They were the second best offense in the league. Not a ton of room for some big leap
  2. Yes there was Black Keys and Auerbach also
  3. I am neutral on the deal, I don't see the potential to which you refer
  4. Henry over the last two years has pretty much identical production to Knox Yes I missed this comment but exactly
  5. I thought he was talking about the observer effect and quantum decoherence. Rainbows exist regardless of an observer. It's like saying if you close your eyes your reflection in a mirror doesn't exist.
  6. How does a rainbow literally not exist without an observer?
  7. If you need something to think about re infinity, you can try to wrap your mind around the concept that there are sets of infinities and some are bigger than others
  8. People usually tend to put money on what they think is going to happen
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