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  1. He’s a read option QB. There’s not a lot of sustained success in the pros but if you think he’ll be the guy who breaks the mold good on you. I don’t see it myself.
  2. You think Jackson played well I take it
  3. Two blown coverage one shovel pass fans two from inside the 5...saying he was decent because he threw 3tds is like saying Allen was decent because no picks. jackson is a very limited passer of the football
  4. Correct. Also 4th down and 8, your read is for the end zone against that defense. Just came down to winning your battle and Peters beat Brown. That ball is never going anywhere else.
  5. Went toe to toe w the best team in the league and people complaining gtfo
  6. Great game. Offense was out of synch. Defense is for real.
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