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  1. I'm taking the Bills I think. I believe over the last 10 Phins/Bills games, we would have covered a 17pt spread 3 times iirc...which is pretty amazing. Miami isn't going to score a lot of points against this defense and this season they would be 1-4 ATS if they were getting 17 points every single game thus far which includes 3 home games...the line is pretty good if you ask me. OK just talked myself into it I'm taking Buffalo happily here lol
  2. It was also the fact that he scored 45 TDs and led the #1 offense in the league after losing his top wideout for the season.
  3. I like chili and mayo And broccoli and peanut butter
  4. Having sort of a down year so far but easily the best wideout in the game for me. Thanks for the story
  5. McVay feeling desperate? I thought they blew their wad in FA last year lol...still need to pay Fowler
  6. You said he had better passing numbers than Allen as a rookie, but used a 2019 statistical category that Allen was superior to Jackson in during their respective rookie campaigns. Adjusted for games started. What world are we in to question Allen's opponents and not Jackson's? Have you seen the teams he's put up his big numbers against? MIA, Arizona, Browns (sort of), Cincy...Those are the 30th, 31st, 32nd, and 23rd ranked defenses in the league. When he went against even an average one in Pitt, his numbers go 19/28, 161 yards, 1TD/3INT. Allen, meanwhile, has played the number 1 defense (Pats), the number 8 defense (Titans), outplayed Jackson versus the same team in Cincy, and played one average defense in the Jets (and imo played MUCH better than Jackson did vs a comparable defense in Pitt) and one bad defense in the Giants (and played very well imo). Jackson has had the easier go of it thus far by a longshot. Edited for incorrect comp%
  7. Either this year against the 8th ranked Titans defense, or last year against the 4th ranked Vikings defense. Honest question- do you see at all how including 2019 pass yards/game as proof of Jackson's 'far superior numbers' this year and claiming that he had 'better passing numbers than Allen as a rookie', while somehow neglecting to mention that Allen's yards/game were better than Jackson's in 2018, is pretty much the absolute pinnacle of bending the statistical analysis to fit your notions?
  8. Where? All my sites have him at least 10th back.
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