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  1. Not for nothing, but when someone refers to the Bill of Rights they're usually only talking about the first ten. Also, minorities weren't 'using it all the time to secure their rights', at least not initially...it was almost 150 years after drafting the damn thing that the courts began enforcing anything even resembling minority rights.
  2. I realize this is getting off topic, but since the rights conferred were applied selectively on the very basis of race I have to disagree.
  3. Are you saying the Bill of Rights isn't related to race?
  4. Seeing you refer to him as Tom Terrific is vomit inducing.
  5. and I answered your hypothetical w what actually happened you're welcome
  6. it's literally right there in his twitter
  7. Apparently the end of Loki was the beginning of the new direction for the MCU? A bunch of splintered universe tangents that they can mess around w each character's story arc unrestricted?
  8. Fans in general don’t have the greatest talent evaluation skills. The ‘tape’ on Edmunds last year was mixed but he certainly didn’t play ‘poorly’ as suggested by poster you responded to.
  9. He's in a professional setting and wants to be referred to by his title. If someone can't fathom how that works I wouldn't waste my time with them either.
  10. Since when is asking to be referred to by your title unreasonable?
  11. Good form and points for wearing the PFD Thats ACOE and @ExiledInIllinoisapproved
  12. Actually the larger point is the endless Brady/Belichick debate. And bringing up Cam Newton 2020 edition is nothing but a deflection from a pretty definitive point in Brady's favor this past season.
  13. EDIT- the fact that we don't understand the relationship between Edmunds' position and responsibilities vis a vis the MLB designation should probably end further discussion
  14. *13th in TDs one behind Joe Montana I believe
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