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  1. An informed citizenry is clearly the problem, we are much better served by law enforcement not knowing the law is.
  2. I actually think the majority of stats point to Allen being a mid-tier starter on the upswing. The extreme takes on him both positive and negative are pretty hard to justify statistically imo
  3. The part where you think an empty beer can somehow contain an alcoholic beverage Officer Schroedinger
  4. How tf in this day and age do people not know their rights
  5. The drinking of alcoholic beverages, or the possession of an open container containing an alcoholic beverage, in a motor vehicle located upon the public highways or right-of-way public highway is prohibited.
  6. You mind if I refer all further questioning to you? NO RETAINER
  7. Imagine my chagrin upon learning that an officer of the law didn't actually know upon what grounds he can and can't arrest someone.
  8. I got pulled over the other day for doing my civic duty collecting beer cans on the side of the highway and putting them in my cupholder so Ed and I are pursuing a class action suit as we speak
  9. You'll notice it went from 'if you don't commit a crime you can't be arrested' to 'if you don't commit a crime you can't be sentenced' almost immediately.
  10. I’m sorry that you, much like Ed Oliver, were unlawfully detained.
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