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  1. big difference being the Chiefs were able to win SBs before AND after Mahomes contract kicked in
  2. here - One story comes to mind. Take a position traditionally teeming with eccentric personalities. Chad Hall played wide receiver, was much closer in age and — clearly — has a gift for managing egos in his room. The Bills receivers loved Hall so much that they bought him a truck for Christmas in 2020. An objectively touching moment that Isaiah McKenzie shared via Instagram. In the dark, in the rain, you see Stefon Diggs and Andre Roberts lead Hall out to the driveway with a beanie over the coach’s eyes. On the audio, Cole Beasley says that this was originally Gabe Davis’ idea and that they all chipped in. It's impossible for any sane person to watch this heartwarming video and not feel happy for Hall. Obviously, this coach had made a profound impact on those receivers’ lives — why anyone gets into coaching in the first place. But Sean McDermott? Oh boy. Sean McDermott was not pleased. One source described this as “a dark day at One Bills Drive.” Not only was the head coach pissed that players were gathering as a group during Covid, McDermott told his staff he pays them to be a coach. Not a friend. Other coaches could not believe his cold response. They had never seen anything like this in their careers. Not only were the Bills’ wide receivers shattering franchise records. Right here was the ultimate sign of respect. Said one assistant: “I thought it was cool as *****. And he made it into the biggest negative ever. That’s him. He couldn’t take that. He couldn’t handle that. He couldn’t let that be. He couldn’t let that stand. And there’s cases of that more so on the offensive side of the ball than the defensive side. He has zero relationship with the offensive players. Zero. None. Absolutely zero. He’s insecure. He wants the relationship that he can’t have with the players. Because he’s not physically, mentally, or socially able to.” And another: “Sean was pissed. He was super pissed. One of Sean’s biggest things is, coaches that related to the players, it was almost like he resented it. He’d always say, ‘I have to be the bad cop. You guys are always the good cop.’ He always hated the fact that players liked a couple of coaches. It was frowned upon.” This coach cannot help but laugh at the absurdity of such a statement. Multiple sources indicate that McDermott was especially harsh toward Hall and paid him a salary so low it was insulting. Hall declined to comment for this story.
  3. I think for public figures that risk comes w the territory to my reading of it everything pertained to how he and his team perform which would be relevant imo i make no inferences on his character as a result of that article
  4. “Me and Sean got along great,” Smith said. “No one wants the Buffalo Bills to be better. No one wants to do it right more than Sean McDermott. He’s not that guy that’s going to be meeting a player for a beer after practice or after the game. He’s a worker, man. He’s a worker. He’s the boss. He’s obsessed with growing and being great at the boulders and not the pebbles. “The only thing that matters is being consistent, being genuine, and having a damn good locker room.” Added DiMarco: “He didn’t serve in the military, but he has that wrestler’s mindset of just: ‘You’re part of a team, look like the rest of everybody, go out, play your ass off and celebrate and do whatever you want after the game, after we get the job done. But until the job’s done, enough with the cute *****. Go succeed.’ Which you can’t argue with.”
  5. i have to ask how you have such strongly held opinions on something you admitted you haven't bothered to read
  6. He only played w Smith for like one or two seasons iirc Cam had some very subpar wideouts even tho Ricky Proehl claimed otherwise lol
  7. The difference between most folks stock 6 and 8iron is like 20-25yards...that's basically just moving up one tee box and if you're really that concerned over losing 5 yards or so just tee up in front of the box, nobody will care. Courses might even accommodate this when the rule kicks in
  8. You tell em messageboard guy
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